This memorial website was created in memory of our dear father, and loving husband S K Prasad, who passed away at the age of 79 due to post COVID complications.

He is survived by his wife Mrs Chandrika Prasad, sons Sivakumar and Naveenkumar, daughters-in-law Beena and Sharmila and grandchildren Simran, Namrata and Shravan.

Dear Acha,

You are our role model and source of strength and inspiration. As a father you've instilled the best of values in us, courage in our hearts and fortitude to endure any situation in our lives. You were a fountain of knowledge and wisdom that we could always come back to anyday.

As a husband, you showed unwavering love and dedication to Amma, and was her pillar of support for 52 years.

To your sisters, brothers and extended family you were a dear elder brother and a father figure everyone looked up to.

As a technocrat and an engineer your merit was unparalleled and widely respected all your life.

You've touched countless lives in your extremely fruitful life, exemplifying your favourite line from Lawrence of Arabia, "I am a river to my people"

We love you and miss you dearly, and are incredibly proud to be your family.

For those who would like to donate in his memory, our charity of choice is Adhi Raksha Welfare Trust who are a small charity run by our friends, who are doing very good work. They are currently focussing on distributing food packets to the homeless and needy and packs of provisions/vegetables for others who are able to cook at home, but have been financially impacted by the pandemic. They are also involved in a number of other charitable activities unrelated to the pandemic situation.

Beneficiary Name: Adhi Raksha Welfare Trust
Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd
Account Type: *Current A/
Account No: 219005000932
Branch: Korattur, Chennai, 600080
IFSC code: ICIC0002190


Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2, Verse 13


dehino ’smin yathā dehe kaumāraṁ yauvanaṁ jarā
tathā dehāntara-prāptir dhīras tatra na muhyati

Just as the embodied soul continuously passes from childhood to youth to old age, similarly, at the time of death, the soul passes into another body. The wise are not deluded by this.

With immaculate logic, Shree Krishna establishes the principle of transmigration of the soul from lifetime to lifetime. He explains that in one lifetime itself, we change bodies from childhood to youth to maturity and then to old age. In fact, modern science informs us that cells within the body undergo regeneration—old cells die away and new ones take their place. It is estimated that within seven years, practically all the cells of the body change. Further, the molecules within the cells change even more rapidly. With every breath we inhale, oxygen molecules are absorbed into our cells via the metabolic processes, and molecules that were heretofore locked within the cells are released as carbon dioxide. Scientists estimate that in one year’s time, about ninety-eight percent of our bodily molecules change. And yet, despite the continual change of the body, we perceive that we are the same person. That is because we are not the material body, but the spiritual soul seated within.

In this verse, the word deha means “the body” and dehi means “possessor of the body,” or the soul. Shree Krishna draws Arjun’s attention to the fact that, since the body is constantly changing, in one lifetime itself, the soul passes through many bodies. Similarly, at the time of death, it passes into another body. Actually, what we term as “death” in worldly parlance is merely the soul discarding its old dysfunctional body, and what we call “birth” is the soul taking on a new body elsewhere. This is the principle of reincarnation.

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2, Verse 25

avyakto ’yam achintyo ’yam avikāryo ’yam uchyate
tasmādevaṁ viditvainaṁ nānuśhochitum arhasi

Translation: The soul is spoken of as invisible, inconceivable, and unchangeable. Knowing this, you should not grieve for the body.

His life exemplified the following Thirukurals amongst many:

திருக்குறள் அதிகாரம் : ஊக்கமுடைமை, குறள் 596:
உள்ளுவ தெல்லாம் உயர்வுள்ளல் மற்றது
தள்ளினுந் தள்ளாமை நீர்த்து.

மு.வரதராசன் விளக்கம்:
எண்ணுவதெல்லாம் உயர்வைப்பற்றியே எண்ண வேண்டும், அவ் வுயர்வுக் கைகூடாவிட்டாலும் அவ்வாறு எண்ணுவதை விடக்கூடாது.


திருக்குறள் அதிகாரம் : இல்வாழ்க்கை, குறள் எண் : 45

அன்பும் அறனும் உடைத்தாயின் இல்வாழ்க்கை
பண்பும் பயனும் அது

சாலமன் பாப்பையா : மனைவி பிள்ளைகளிடத்தில் அன்பும், தேடிய பொருளை நட்பு சுற்றங்களுடன் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளும் அறமும் இருந்தால் இல்வாழ்க்கையின் பண்பும் அதுவே; பயனும் அதுவே.


Posted by uma sasi on June 4, 2022
Not even a single day passes through without thinking about Prasad etta especially when we travel from Coimbatore to Chennai. His warm welcome and make us in comfortable zone surè to get only in next birth.
Posted by Naveen Kumar on January 2, 2022
It’s the first time the new year day has just been a new year day!
Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. It would have been your 80th birthday this new year day. Can’t think of many who have had such a busy 79.5 years! Worked all your life doing what you are passionate about, never wanting to take a holiday. Hope you’ve finally found peace and rest where you are! Om Shanthi!
Posted by thirunavukkarasu A N on January 1, 2022
It's really heartening to say on this birthday of our leading light Shri S. K. Prasad , iam mourning his absence instead of wishing him as always i used to do on this day of 1st january.....
It's really a tough miss for everyone who are connected with him in many ways like emotional, sentimental, religious, general knowledge, attitude, courage, " nothing is impossible" thoughts, technical, etc...
Born genius and guide is being missed miserably...
Posted by Devi Chandra on October 17, 2021
Dear Prasad uncle,

U r loved deeply. I've been trying to bring myself to write a note to u and finally getting down to it, more because I just couldn't find the words to pen down my feelings and the special bond I had with u. Even now, I can picture u sitting on the other side of the room, eyes gleaming, reassuring with conviction that I will be able to deliver it... Just like u wd at my attempts at singing during family gatherings. It was not like we were in touch other than those occasions when we met up as a family, but it never felt like u were far away from my heart. "How r u Ponnumole?" would be ur ready response to my "how r u uncle?" I was ur Ponnumole and I don't exactly remember how u started addressing me so, but as far back as I can remember, I was always Ur Ponnumole :) . Ur warm smile and love would remain with me till my last as my blessings forever.

Dear Prasad uncle, u r loved deeply.

Posted by Sivakumar Krishnaprasad on July 29, 2021
Siva no words to say what you will be going through ! He was such a strength to you and your closest friend as far as I know !

Thanks to your dad we both got to meet again after our school days and I still cherish that day

Not many known MR. Prasad’s passion for Tamil and his work on Tamil ! I had the rare opportunity to discuss that and I still have his hand written notes on various tamil words he had put together for engineering field

I always admired his sound technical knowledge in his field and his modesty / humbleness and above all his positive attitude which was so contagious .... he was a inspirational many and so was he to me may his soul rest in peace

It’s a big loss to the society at large and I do know how big a vacuum he would leave behind in your life

May you have all the strength to handle such a irreversible loss and take forward his social technical legacy he has left behind--As conveyed by T. Jeyanath, Friend and Classmate.
Posted by Naveen Kumar on June 20, 2021
Fathers Day 2021

Its Father's Day, an invention of the west to honour our fathers/fatherhood and displace some of the guilt of not doing so the rest of the year.

The usual routine was to call him on whatsapp on this Sunday morning to say 'Happy Fathers Day' from our breakfast table, with Shravan in the foreground. "What fathers day! Don't believe in these things. Every day is a fathers day", he used to say.

Indeed, is there a day when a father is not a father? Unlike mothers, a father's role is always underplayed. Subtle. Always present. They drive you to your classes, play football/chess/cricket, read you a story, teach you your math, or just plain simple working hard even out of sight, just so you can get the best. They don't need chocolates, flowers or a card on a special day. The just love to know they are loved and respected. In the same subtle way as they express themselves.

My first one ever where I can't clik on the video icon on whatsapp to talk to him, but will have to do with the mental version of him in me. Miss you Dad, Good night!

Posted by Ramanathan Sundaresan on June 20, 2021
We are next door neighbour to Shri. Krishnaprasad family. We know them since 2015, when we moved to Madras after my retirement, from north. We remember him as a perfect gentleman and soft spoken. Till date, we couldn't reconcile to the sudden passing away of Mr.Prasad. One day prior to his sudden hospitalisation, I spoke to him over phone. He informed that he was fine . Two days before he tested positive, I saw him going to get some essentials and we talked about covid situation. I found him well dressed as usual, with a bright tshirt. We talked about taking life on day to day basis and to thank God.
When I was admitted in hospital for Covid positive, everyday they asked my wife whether she needed anything and got those items promptly and delivered at our doorstep.
I should definitely mention his culinary skills. Right from Kozhukkattai, gulab jamoon, coconut burfi, sakkarai ponngal, hot pakoras, vazhaippo vadai, murukku,we have tasted everything as soon as Mr. Krishnaprasad made them. I think after offering to God, whatever special items he used to make, were promptly , lovingly sent to us.
His demise would have come as a great shock to his family especially Mrs. Prasad. We pray to Lord Guruvayoorappan to give strength to his family members to overcome this irreparable loss.
R Sundaresan, Kalpana and family.
Posted by Mohamed Abdul Wahab on June 19, 2021
He was my good friend, partner and well respected person. We met each other early 90s in Germany and then in India. I still remember, our first business was with KCP India Ltd. At that time Siva and Naveen were small kids. Then after years, I introduced Miss Vadivelu, our best family friend from Trincomalee/Sri Lanka, to Prasad family which led to Naveen/Sharmi marriage. I am so proud that I am part of the family. My wife Jezmina and I there for ever for Prasad family so long we are alive. We love you guys and miss our friend.
Posted by Vasantha S on June 19, 2021
Treasuring his memories !!!

Our Prasadetta, a legend with a pleasant smiling face and a dignified personality was a binding force of the family. He was more like a father to me than my co-brother. I used to admire his intelligence and also enhanced my knowledge listening to him on any topic of discussion.
Always broad minded, he used to easily gel with people. My two weeks stay in Chennai in 1987 soon after my marriage for my BEd course was so joyful. I had come alone to a new place and it was my first family visit at in-laws place. But the little fear I had vanished the same day I landed from Dubai when I saw a family same as mine. Chechi, Prasadetta and my little brothers Siva and Naveen were so loving and caring that I felt I am secured and one amongst them. We have always felt at home during our visits to Chandri chechi 's place as Prasadetta's whole hearted welcome says it all and he used to create such a lasting impression that while returning we start thinking when can we plan our next visit! Likewise His sons Siva and Naveen have also emerged as Gems !
It's really hard to come out of this grief.
But the show (life) must go on! His blessings and guidance will always be with us!

We will dearly miss you Prasadetta!!!

Prayers! Om Shanthi!

Posted by Suresh Maya on June 18, 2021
Dear Siva, Even though we have not met each other ever after we knew that we are classmates, our friendship grew up through whatsapp & by phone. I knew slowly about your family. I knew about your parents too. At an instance, It was indeed disheartening to know that your Achan had high fever. Slowly I was updated by you at stages of him sinking and Alas.....
He will certainly continue to live in our hearts forever. His life is a message, as he has left countless memories, as a treasure. Achan is very much with you all. He is there to guide you all through the forthcoming times.May His Aatma attain Sadgati. Om Shanthi
Posted by Lathika Sudhakaran on June 18, 2021
Hi, I am Sudhakaran I want to write about my role model prasadettan.prasadetta was more like a brother to me.I went to chennai for the first time he took me arround the city He also helped me so much during my marriage.There is a lot of support I got from him all these years, his loss is really miserable the worst is when u did not even see him one last time.we will always miss you Prasad Etta.May your soul rest in peace
Posted by Prasad SR on June 17, 2021

    In memories of My Brother who was next to My Father........
Here I have few things to tell about him.....,
        Since the day I remember, He was a youngster of age 21 (The First Graduate in our family ) working in HAL Bengaluru. Who use to come home when he gets holidays..
In our siblings, I was the one use to be closer to him. He use to share all kinds of things with me. It can be about our family or work. Every one in our family loves him because his love towards people doesn't change. He is a prompt, hardworking and active person....
    Etta started a small company and developed it stage by stage. I remember once CMD of BATLIBOI AND company (Etta once worked as a service engineer in that company).. Visited your company to appreciate the achievements that you made. There is no need for a CMD to visit his ex employees company. But it happened, that's all because of your hardwork and talent which lead to the enormous growth of your company. You started as a employee and then you built your own empire....
   He thought and proved there is NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN..
"You might be gone from my site, but you have special place in my heart......."
Posted by Neelamegam Selvakumar on June 17, 2021
Heart felt thanks for Prasad Sir and Prasad Nc Machine Systems Pvt Ltd for laying growth path for me. Sir had always been an role model for many people, which includes me too. I joined PNC in 2001 and left after 5 years of services as an entrepreneur. He has recognised my company as partner of choice during my growth phase to till now. Once again thank you for all the support and guidance extending when needed and crises times.
Posted by TRICHUR BHARAT on June 16, 2021
I cannot lay claim to knowing him, except for a brief encounter one day. But know his son Sivakumar who is openhearted, friendly ,tolerant,kind and helpful. Thus I know his father who has to have had a great influence in my friend being what he is today.
I am sure he rests peacefully in God's kingdom still watching over his progeny.
Posted by uma sasi on June 16, 2021
Our dearest Prasadetta, visiting Chennai is always a pleasure for me since you are there to welcome with unconditional love and affection. You took me to so many places of interest during our various trips from Coimbatore to Chennai. Always you treated me like your own brother. Till my last breathe I am thankful to you for whatever good do to us.  

Sudhakaran from Coimbatore
Posted by pushpa menon on June 16, 2021
Dearest Prasadetta
My tribute will not be completed without mentioning how you took care of had so much regards and affection towards her.
Whenever Baby and Ramanujam goes to U.S Amma will be with you.She had come to Cochin also.Few days before her end i knew from Chechi that she fell down in front of the bathroom and you lifted her and took to her bed.God gave you strength and your goodness that was possible.I cried when chechi told this.she had everybody around her at the time of her death including the sweet children Simi and Nimi.Mother told i want to be with Prasad and Chandri when Baby and Ramanujam were travelling to U.S.
Always pray to your good soul to bless the family.
Hare Krishna.
Posted by pushpa menon on June 15, 2021
Our dearest Prasadetta
You were a magnanimous personality,noble,loving to all.
Prasadetta we were in close association for more than 55 years i.e before marrying used to come to our house very often and your presence was our happiness and entertainment.When i was just a small boy we learnt from always imparted positive energy to the people around were not brother-in-law but brother.
Chechi and you were in deep love and chechi would'nt talk to the parents.
Venutta and prasadetta were thick friends that is how the liking started.
One fine day i wrote a letter to Venutta and asked him to fix the marriage consulting Achan..
We celebrated the happy marriage of handsome Prasadetta and our beautiful chechi.
Likewise Prasadetta was instumental for my marriage .prasadetta and his cousin Sivasankaretta met Mohanetta spoke to him leaving to his interest .The proposal materialized.
At the time of marriage Prasaetta was on official foreign tour to then Czechoslovakia
I wrote to Pradaetta after the marriage and he a
Was very much pleased.He replied very elaborate and i preserve it as a treasure.Prasadetta was Regional sales Manager of Batliboi Engineering.
Prasadetta we knew Chennai and you took us to all the places.
We always cherish those days.
Whenever i had training or workshops i had to come to Chennai.
My son siva will drop me and pick me in the evening.
Naveen was small then.
So many beautiful memories the recent event 50 th wedding anniversary.
You enjoyed life with yout sweetheart smart sons
Siva and Naveen good daughters Beena Sharmi sweet grand children Simi Nimi little Shravan.
You remain in our hearts forever.
Seeking your blessings.
Posted by K N Sukumaran on June 15, 2021
Sri.S K Prasad (our Prasadetta) , was a well known person to our family since my childhood, however I interacted more with him after he got the Portfolio of my eldest Brother in Law. So many memories to cherish since then......
My most wonderful experience with him was, when I was posted in Visakhapatnam on board an Indian Naval Warship in 1975. He too was then on a visit to Vizag for an Indian Naval technical project which lasted for more than a month. He was accommodated in a Star Hotel, where I was a frequent visitor, as I used to always feel home sick and craved to be with my family. Amidst my tough daily routine in the defence services, it gave me a great solace to be with him during our free hours. We used to go for outing, dinner and then movies. Interestingly we watched the superhit Hindi movie 'SHOLAY ' for 4 times and crazily enjoyed every dialogue of the movie. What a royal human being he was ! He could Quickly mingle with anyone irrespective of their age or gender. He had an instant solution for every problem and was also an efficient troubleshooter for both man & machine. A human encyclopedia who could deliver his subject knowledge tirelessly on any given topic for hours together.
"Be Practical and move ahead with Confidence & Positive approach" was his success mantra, I believe... but it will remain as my inspiration forever.
On board ship, I could personally experience how much he valued Friendship, business Partnership and Family Relationship. I can see his reflection in his two sons Sivakumar and Naveen Kumar who would accomplish his great vision ahead!
His Unnikoot (as he used to call me) has lost a dearest brother. 'Forever Missed' but he will always live in our hearts.

My respects and salute to our genius personality!

Posted by SASIDHARAN PULLANIKAT on June 15, 2021
For me, he was UNCLE. EVERSMILING,HUMBLE,DOWN TO EARTH and always prepared to listen.
As an army officer coming home on leave for a couple of days and visiting chennai whenever possible, meeting him was one of my priorities. There was an instant connect, may be because of our tech backgrounds and we could talk without preambles.
I had met him a couple of times both at office and home and the first think that strikes you is his calm demeanour. He always had a geniune welcome smile for me and the depth of knowledge he had in mechanical engg was astounding. I WILL MISS HIM.
To quote a famous songwriter, " THE SONG HAS ENDED BUT THE MELODY LINGERS ON............"
Posted by Basheer Ahamed on June 15, 2021
Rip Mr.Prasad
I heard a news which was very shocking and disappointing,the news made me feel very sad and low at same time that One of my best Teacher passes away .He has been very inspiration for me as a owner,teacher and great human being .He infused in me passion for work and relevance in understanding our responsibilities he was very helpful and supporting even to teach anybody the most basic and fundamental aspect of everything. He was an awesome perfectionist and always encourage to strive for excellence with his down to earth attitude. I pay my tribute to this great soul with whom I got a chance to live with and will always try to follow the footprints laid down by him.May God give lot of courage and will to his family members in this situation
Posted by Excel Waterjet Chennai on June 15, 2021
Prasad sir is very good to me,he made the machine for my own taste with my affordable rate,also it's working fine as such german standard.I had many good moment with him and he advised me as a fatherhood. I pray for his family and my gratitude with him always.
Posted by Buvaneswari Ramanujam on June 15, 2021
From Buvaneswari Ramanujam
Memories about our dear brother ( yes not bil)prasad Etta.
very hard to digest the fact our Prasadetta is no more with us.
A super elder brother, A great human being ,an accomplished man in all spheres, technically unchallengeable above all , a most loving person.A person who gave an equal importance to his family as to his work.we were fortunate to have him as part of our family.
We used to be wonder struck about his technical expertise especially in machine building. There is a saying ‘Jack of all but master of none’ but Prasadetta an exception, was Master of all. My husband always will say Prasadetta’s brain is like Shri GD Naidu ‘s brain and we have no doubt about it.
Soon after his marriage with Chandri Chechi he used to regularly visit our parents’house with Chechi. His house was closer to ours and we will wait for their arrival to have some interesting chat( then I was in college,an excuse to avoid studying also)we definitely learnt a lot thro that interaction.
My husband’s family was living close by to Prasadetta’s house in the early years and he used to watch him walking carrying T scale.My Father in law enquired about the course he was doing and that made him to put my husband in Mechanical engineering course in the same college where Prasadetta studied.
He was a great counsellor.Soon after I completed my PG I got a placement offer from Indian Airlines in their Accounts dept.I was also offered a lecturer’s post in a private college.I was in a dilemma as to which should be chosen.I didn’t want to let go the central Govt Job( which I won hard thro written test and interview)So I discussed about it with prasad Etta and he was kind enough to take me to Indian Airlines office at Meenambakkam. He talked about my job prospects with the staff there and then advised me to take up teaching profession which will do me good in the long run.I didn’t repent for that decision at all since I loved my teaching profession.
There are so many such instances to mention about his generosity particularly the role played by Prasadetta and his family in helping to perform sriram’s marriage in chennai
I came across a poem in Sanskrit which suits prasad Etta and so thought I will share with you all
‘ vipadhi Dhairyam, atha abyudhaye kshama, sadhasi vaakpututha, Yudhi Vikrama:, yashasi cha adhiruchi:, vyasanam shruthav, prakritisidham edham hi Mahaat manaam’
It is a beautiful poem explaining the characteristics of great people:
  ‘ In adversity exhibiting courage, in prosperity forgiveness, in an assembly oratory skill, in a battle valour, in acquiring fame a strong desire and in learning, a deep interest’ .
We can find most of these qualities in prasad Etta .
Just as a flower does not keep its fragrance within itself Prasadetta,you have shared your knowledge with so many people and I am sure they are globally spread and you will ever live thro them always
Our pranams to you
Baby& Ramanujam

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Posted by Naveen Kumar on June 15, 2021
"Very sorry to hear the sad news of demise of your brother in law Sri Krishna Prasad.

Yes I do remember meeting him and having an interaction.
A man of great achievement but of equally great humility.
A great loss not only to the family but to the entire engineering community who are putting our industry in the forefront.

Our heartfelt condolences.
And May God give all strength to the families to bear this loss.
Om Shanti."

Shri. Sivasubramanian
Chief Finance Officer (Retd), India International Centre
Former Financial Adviser (Defense) Govt of India

(Message as conveyed to Mr KN Venugopal, his former colleague at IIC)
Posted by Gopakumar Nair on June 15, 2021
In my mind and memory, the only thing I want to remember about him is his smile. He had an aura arround him which comforted and made all at ease. The regret that will remain is that there was a lot more, I could have learnt from him. I wish and pray like that he's in a better place now. Hoping that all his near and dear ones, have the resilience to come to terms with his absence.
Posted by Ondra Steidl on June 14, 2021
Mr. Prasad was first india person which I've met in my life. Very friendly and serious gentleman with deep technical knowledge. Respect to his life and to his amazing family. R.I.P. Mr. Prasad. You will stay in my memories till end of my life...
Posted by Sivakumar Krishnaprasad on June 14, 2021
Mr Prasad was an extraordinary human being in the role of a highly knowledgeable technocrat, a mentor, friend & a guide.We knew each other for over three decades.
On all aspects of machine tool, recondition, retrofit, manufacture, technological upgradation he was like a Dictionary (like Konar notes for Tamil.) He used to come out with umpteen solutions for our few problems.He was always willing to help others by sharing valuable experience and notes available with him (Normally others will not). His involvement in the projects is exemplary. Whenever a new machine is manufactured at his site, he used to invite us to go & see the machine on its performance.In his death, machine tool users have lost a Techno-statesman if I am correct.

P S Narayanaswamy
Retd DGM(Maint)
The KCP Ltd,Tiruvottiyur.
Posted by Sivakumar Krishnaprasad on June 14, 2021
Respected Prasad Guru
To hear you are heavenly abode, equally gives happiness and sadness.
In retrospect, more than your technical acumen, your wisdom was so much value based. Engineering skills were practical coupled with technical precision.
Lots more to recollect……..
“I am river to my people” was not just your favourite line, but creating tributaries to many. I am proud to be one of them.
Gratitude and Thanks are best shown when I emulate you Sir, as much as possible.
May God be with your family ever.--As mentioned by Mr Prabhakar, His former colleague from Batliboi.
Posted by geeta rajeev on June 13, 2021
Uncle was truly one of a kind - the perfect gentleman that he was. People like him are hard to find, they are a rare breed. They don't make such people anymore.
A simple man, always calm, composed with a pleasant smile on his face.
Will cherish all the fond memories that we have of him.
Posted by Kartik Shah on June 13, 2021
Uncle was a great inspiration for anyone and everyone who he interacted with, with a smile on his face. Always left a lasting impression with his profound knowledge - not just technical but in general too. Spent good times whenever I visited Chennai. Wish I met him last year.
Posted by Nambi Chandrasekaran on June 13, 2021
The first time I met uncle was in 1988 , 2nd year of my engineering. I was intimidated by his knowledge and frankly his lecture around "Theory of machines" was latin and greek to me and i was waiting to get out with Siva. After that the next umpteen no of visits to Siva’s home was somewhat similar encounter’s. Then somehow something happened the following year which i distinctly recall and left a lasting impression .Uncle had called Siva and me to his offices in Batliboi and as usual i was excited to get on Siva's RX 100 and have a good time not knowing what was coming. Somehow the topic came to getting serious about college and he gave me advise which still echoes in me. He mentioned that since we don’t have the privilege of coming out of IIT , we have to be lot more curious and learn the nuances of Engineering and develop subject matter expertise at least in one area where we can stand out. The next few encounters at home were on similar advises. That stuck with me throughout and helped get a perspective, which i can appreciate even today... In other words he asked us to better get serious as we were getting close to completing engineering. To build on it, uncle helped us so much in our final year project in simplifying the understanding of what we were trying to achieve. From there on there was no more intimidation but just a flow of wisdom every time I met him at home and of course I always enjoyed the simple food that Aunty made with dal and papaddam and dining with uncle so many times. I always admired his prowess of technical expertise and ability to simplify things and enjoyed meeting him every time during my visits. Though career brought distance and reduced the interactions, whenever i got to see him, it was an instant feeling of warmth and connection. I will always cherish those memories . Love you uncle and glad that i got your mentoring .
Posted by Kala Dhanakodi on June 13, 2021
'A Leader not only shows the ways, but also walks the way with the Team'. You have proved this in real.
Words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful your guidance has been. I learned a lot from you.
Thankyou for being the BEST BOSS , i have ever had.
Posted by Sabapathy Veeraragavan on June 13, 2021
I am blessed to be in association with highly knowledgable person in all the association with him for the past five years both in official as well as in personal inspired me a lot to handle the situation. I pray god to rest his soul in peace. I have a strong belief that his soul will lead us in future.
Posted by Baskaran Krishnamurthy on June 13, 2021
Mr Prasad - There is no one word that describes him enough. He has had an extra-ordinary and multi-faceted career.

I first met him in 2003 when I joined as a trainee engineer in the company founded by him. The company was 12 years old then. He was the MD of the company and I had just passed out of College.
We had so many meetings throughout my stint there and the first thing that I could recollect is his smiling face with so much warmth. I was also amazed by his all-round ability - there is no one thing that he was not special at. He was a great inspiration and role model to all of the team members and to many others outside the team as well.

I founded a company in 2019 (associate company of group Mechatronics) and I was lucky to have him mentor me on several aspects.
During my meetings with him as a mentee, I was astonished by the calm and serene temperament he showcased (especially when the chips were down). He also had an amazing reservoir of energy with which he energises and rejuvenates people around him. One quality of his that I would like to try and emulate is his capability to weather the storm with so much ease.

He was more than a mentor to me.

I miss him. I cherish the memories with him.

Posted by Venugopal K N on June 13, 2021
Yes.we met in 1953, two10 year olds in a class room of 40 odd mixed students- how we were attracted to each other-speaking the same language at home . Next sic years three in Middle school and next three in the notorious city municipal high school was just a fun time.God knows how much aimless walking we must have done in the opponakara street Idayar street and RS puram etc- only thing achieved to have a cup of tea and a paruppuvada at least four times a week with the four annas tip and few coins added by me.
The drill was that we walked up to almost near my house and I walk back half way to his house.what madness!!!
Yes Prasad was very fond of books and I ' compromised' to accompany him to RSPuram library. He was a voracious reader of Tamil historical fictions like Ponniyin Selvan etc. Such closely printed pages he would finish 40 or so in two hours until I drag him out. He would recount all those names even years later. What an amazing memory he had.
When we were in higher classes we used to sleep in the Malayala Samajam office for night studying? We certainly planned our clandestine movie trips!!
Once MR Subramaniam (MRS)our HM interrupted near the gate and we retraced our steps towards the class room.Never again cutting classes
After PUC there was a lull.
In 1959 I joined the navy and Prasad I think already in Polytechnic. He richly deserved to be a full fledged Engineering student. But that's we could afford.
There has been no letter writing. I came on annual leaves and celeberations!.
Well I didn't forget my friend in between. Always sent a small MO as pocket money being unemployed!
After 1966-67 our friendship moved towards a strong relationship as alliance between chandri was mooted by me. There were problems. I think the only wise decision I took single handed worked. It was ordained and I was only an instrument.
Chandri who knew nothing beyond the four walls moved to a very affectionate and protective husband there after.
Prasad lead a very success and satisfied life.His sterling qualities of fearlessness- and calling a spade a spade were admirable
He took very strong decisions in the face of stiff opposition. I think he lived by Geeta by doing one's bit without waiting for the fruits.
Lived and passed away with two Gems INTEGERITY AND DIGNITY
Lived life on his terms.
Posted by Vedachalam Ramkumar on June 13, 2021
I am associated with Mr Prasad for 25 years having lived in the same Block . We meet often. Very kind person to move with. His friendly smile is unforgettable. A highly devoted innovative technocrat and he has created a nitche in the field he chose. He never hesitate to accept responsibility for the betterment of our Society in Shanthi Towers. Words are in adequate to express how I miss him. May his ATHMA Rest in the Holy Feet if Sri Guruvayurappan. His sons vshould carry forward his dream and vission.
Posted by thirunavukkarasu A N on June 13, 2021
A genius and a great believer of common sense. That's his strength to master in machine design..
A great confident human who doesn't have the two words "NOT POSSIBLE" in his dictionary..
A great listener and gives respect for any suggestions from any body in his organisation... Master quality required to be a genius ...
His memory power on technical aspects lives in his brain from the moment it gets embedded and never vanished till his last breath. Another quality for a born genius...
His brain's computing speed for any technical solutions required. It's amazing to see his silence for a moment for his brain to compute and within seconds he derives solution ... Another quality for a genius..
I have heard of him when I was working in HMT limited at Coimbatore service center from 1979. After 26 years in 2006, I got the opportunity of my life to be with Mr. Prasad , day in day out and was astonishing every moment that I spent with him till now. Thousands of solutions with 100% success rate ...
Vast knowledge on history of South and always ready to discuss on any subject on any subjects in history, religious and geographical.... Continuesly reading and updating his knowledge...
Very respected person in our family and a very considerate soul...
Born genius..
We miss you....
Posted by S RAJASIMHA on June 13, 2021
i had known prasad since my days with empire machine tools and he in batliboi we used to meet at many tender opening and he was always ready to share the details of the machine a through gentlemen a go getter i really enjoyed my relationship with him i really miss him may be the guiding factor for team prasad and hope will continue to guide the machine tools industry from heaven
Posted by Amarendra Burman on June 13, 2021
Late Mr.Krishna Prasad was a very close friend of mine. Our association started from the worlplace where we used to work in the same company ofcourse he was in Chennai office & I was in kolkata office. We first met at Harihar for our training at Mysore Kirloskar. Since then we became close friend & subsequently we met many a time during our service period. He always used to have sweet smile on his face welcoming each & every one.He was very jovial & had the capacity to make friendship with every one.His Technical & engineering knowledge was unparallel. It is sad that I have lost such a good friend of mine. May his soul rest in heaven.
Posted by Ajay Dhagat on June 13, 2021
He was technocrat who ensured world class digital CNC machine are produced in India. Some of the largest machines were designed by him and manufactured
Passion for technology and quality . He started atma nirbhar bharat 30 years ago
Our due respects to him and he will be remembered always for his work in this field

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Recent Tributes
Posted by uma sasi on June 4, 2022
Not even a single day passes through without thinking about Prasad etta especially when we travel from Coimbatore to Chennai. His warm welcome and make us in comfortable zone surè to get only in next birth.
Posted by Naveen Kumar on January 2, 2022
It’s the first time the new year day has just been a new year day!
Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. It would have been your 80th birthday this new year day. Can’t think of many who have had such a busy 79.5 years! Worked all your life doing what you are passionate about, never wanting to take a holiday. Hope you’ve finally found peace and rest where you are! Om Shanthi!
Posted by thirunavukkarasu A N on January 1, 2022
It's really heartening to say on this birthday of our leading light Shri S. K. Prasad , iam mourning his absence instead of wishing him as always i used to do on this day of 1st january.....
It's really a tough miss for everyone who are connected with him in many ways like emotional, sentimental, religious, general knowledge, attitude, courage, " nothing is impossible" thoughts, technical, etc...
Born genius and guide is being missed miserably...
his Life

Birth and Early Years

His life story needs to be told from the roots. Kamatchikutty of Perumbatha veedu (born in March 1923 in Kuthannur, Palghat District, Kerala) and Sivaraman Nair  ( Vadvannur Pokkunni Madathil ) (born in August 1908 in Kollengode) were married to each other in August 1938.

On the 1st of January 1942, the dawn of the year when India would see the birth of the historic Quit India movement in the middle of the second world war,  S Krishna Prasad was born to Kamatchi Kutty and Sivaraman Nair, at Robertsonpet, Kolar Gold Fields, erstwhile Madras Presidency of British India. His mother, Kamatchi Kutty who hailed from a well off agricultural family, lived a life of simpler means after her wedding, but her genorosity was always her hallmark. Sivaraman Nair was a tailor by profession and a prominent member of the Sathyagraha / non violent Independence movement in India. A soft spoken man of modest means, whose calm and gentle nature, along with his mother's generosity must have been an inspiration to Prasad.

Prasad was the second born to his parents. His elder brother, Sivadas was his guiding force in his childhood. He sadly lost his brother to illness at the age of 12 but fondly remembered him all his life. Prasad's family was large, typical of the baby boomer generation of the time. He had 4 younger brothers  and 3 younger sisters who still survive him today.

Growing up

Growing up in Coimbatore, Prasad offered to work whenever he could at his father's tailor shop earning pocket money of 25p (4 annas) which would fetch him rare treats like a visit to the cinema. Sharing those occasional spoils was his best friend, (now retired Commodore) KN Venugopal AVSM, who survives him today with memories of 70 years of friendship.

He studied at Government Municipal (Middle and High) school in Coimbatore from the age of 6. Though the medium of instruction was Tamil, it did not hinder him gaining mastery over English. He used to say "to learn a language you should learn to think in that language". And so he did! Mathematics was also his forte and in those pre-calculator days, he could work out arithmetic and logarithms faster than you can type on a calculator.

As the eldest son of the family (after the passing of his elder brother), as a growing teenager, he was already the man of the house people turned to for advice

Foray into Engineering

After completing his PUC, Prasad decided to pursue his passion. He got admitted into The Government Polytechnic College in Coimbatore and was offered Telecommunications Engineering. He however, had his mind set on being a Mechanical Engineer. Dressed in his customary clean white shirt and a trouser, he cycled to meet the principal of the college every once in a while, requesting for a place in his area of choice. The principal suggested a good score in Math might help land him the place. Those were the days when you were allowed to attempt bonus questions on a exam paper, so score he did, not a 100, but 120 out of a 100, landing him the admission he sought. And that was a defining moment in his career. He went on to be an extrodinary Mechanical Engineer and was actively designing large machines till the last 2 weeks of his life!

After graduating with a LME (Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering) he started his Engineering career in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore - one of the oldest aeronautics and defence manufacturers in the world. He often recalled HAL as the place that taught him Engineering.
Recent stories
Shared by uma sasi on January 1, 2022
So true that this day passes through with lot of heavy heart. As for all of us, more than New Year , wishing Prasadetta was the most important part on that day. We miss you so much Prasadetta.

Learning work-life balance from a workaholic

Shared by Naveen Kumar on July 4, 2021
This is quite a paradox, how do you learn balance from a workoholic? Technically Dad qualified as a workoholic. He worked 6 days a week all his life, in fact he worked 7 days a week quite often in his 70s too. Work was his passion, you just need to get him started on a conversation on what he's working on!

If you consider this (perhaps unthinkable for our generation) - he had never taken a single vacation of more than 3-4 days at a time in his entire life! Till he made a 2 week visit to the UK in 2009 to visit us (and later there would be a 2 month visit again to ours when Shravan was born).

But he always demonstrated balance in his life, passion at work did not mean a sacrifice in his domestic life. He did not carry work home. You could never see him stressed about work or lost in his thoughts. He had a lot of time for Mom, he would help out with cooking (Mom and him were always together in the kitchen), he would have time for his grandkids and their dance performances, he would make time for books, his favourite TV shows, explore spirituality, and definitely enough time to read the Hindu newspaper upside down, and critically analyze politicians and public affairs.

His last year was his (semi) retirement, at home almost all the time, thanks to the pandemic! Still working a bit, but most of his time was devoted to Mom.

Impeccably dressed

Shared by Naveen Kumar on July 4, 2021
We don't have a memory of Dad leaving home without perfectly ironed clothes. When we think of him, we think of him in neatly ironed (almost always white) clothes any day of the week. Infact he went to the hospital in a well ironed shirt and trouser the last we saw him. His shirts were 90% white, we know for sure, as we went through it all last week. There were a few colours thanks his sons (us) who forced him to add a few coloured t-shirts to his wardrobe.

His brothers and sisters also describe him in his youth in white and white, with a T-scale in his hand.