Life of the party

Shared by Erik Aigner on January 31, 2020
My name is Erik Aigner. Although I havn’t had contact with OJ for over a decade, I feel compelled to leave a little tribute.

OJ and I were in the same Officer Candidate School class. SO we spend a year of weekends rolling in goose poop and beating our faces (doing push ups).  We also spent a few years studying together at UCONN.I want to believe that we only lost contact because I moved overseas.

OJ was one who lived life to the fullest.I can’t remember a time where he wasn’t 110% motivated and positive. We used to cruise around in his old red convertible Chrystler 300 without a care in the world.  Those memories will be with me forever, thank you. He was the life of the party and could shotgun a beer like the best of them.

I remember him telling me about his job with the Blue Angels the last time we spoke, and the pride he exhibited was infectious.He was a great friend, a solid officer, and as already mention, a patriot like none other. You will be missed.  Rest in peace brother.  HOOAH.

Prayers and Much Love to the Ojala Family

Shared by Nancy Lockrhyn on January 29, 2020
Rest in peace Preston. I only had the privilege of knowing you for a few years, but you certainly made an impression! Thank you for always being one of the kindest, most considerate, respectful people towards me. Thank you for helping me survive my first Hartford St. Patrick's day parade - gluten crisis and all - you were the one looking out for me! You chased a Christmas tree down the streets of Hartford that day! Thank you for teaching me about shooting. I will miss laser tag in your living room and target shooting off the deck! I enjoyed our chats around my firepit and watching you with the kids at our cookouts. I think your t-shirt in this photo sums up perfectly what I loved most about you - "I Stand for The Flag, Kneel for the Cross". You were a special man with an infectious smile and a heart of gold. You will be missed. Our loss is Heaven's gain.  Love,
Nancy Patricia

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