This website has been created to honor High Prince Milton Paul Ohwovoriole SAN: 
The Akpohor & Akpile of Olomu Kingdom;
The Patriarch of Ohwovoriole Dynasty;
Irrepressible Defender of the Kingdom;
Past President, Urhobo Social Club, Lagos and Chairman, Nigeria Bar Association, Lagos. 


    Date:   Monday, April 5th, 2021 (Easter Monday)
    Venue: Ugbenu Alaka II Palace, Agbon Olomu, Ughelli South LGA, Delta State
    Time:  11:00 AM prompt

  • All COVID-19 protocols will be strictly adhered to, during the meeting; including the provision of hand sanitizers and face masks, at the venue.
  • Please be punctual.
Posted by Enevo Onomivbori on June 15, 2022
Today we would have been celebrating you but you in a better place.
Keep resting in the bossom of the Lord .
Posted by Arute Oyinbo-Wole on June 15, 2022
Happy Post Humous Birthday Dear Dad. I love and miss you. May Perpetual light shine on you.

My One and Only Stainless Dada
Posted by Ojaiye Adoghe williams on May 22, 2022
Sweet dad hmmmmm, a year already. Continue to rest in the bossom of your father in heaven. Still miss you love and tender care . Yur words of encouragement will ever be in my memory. Engraved in my heart forever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by Otubure Akujobi on May 22, 2022
1 year looks like yesterday Daddy, some days the thoughts of loosing you overwhelms and the tears pour freely, but am told I shouldn't cry,You will forever be in my heart Dad,I Love you.
Posted by Arute Oyinbo-Wole on January 7, 2022
It's a year today since you left this world, I miss your hearing your voice, your beautiful smile and your fatherly advice. Love you so so so much my Dearest Dad.

Sleep on in the Lord's Bossom till we meet to part no more
Posted by Enevo Onomivbori on June 15, 2021
My beloved unforgettable brother and Patriarch of Ohwovoriole Royal Dynasty.
Just like yesterday we celebrated your 80th birthday via Zoom worldwide due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and were looking toward to having a physical 81st Birthday celebration with you. Little did I know that when I yielded your call that you desired to see your simblings' at Agbon( your home that you loved so much) in September 2020, that it would be the last time I will set my eyes on you
Am always happy I did, to see your that your smile for the last time. Though you said it in plain language but I refused to hear it because you were too good to leave us.
My Great joy is that today the heavenly Angels are celebrating your soul singing alleluia, Hosanna in the highest. I miss your rips cracking jokes.
Sleep on my sweet loving Brother, The Courageous, Fearless, Irrepressible Defender!!!
Your sister
Enevo Onomivbori ( Nee Ohwovoriole)
Posted by Prince Augustine Ohwovori... on May 13, 2021
A letter to My Brother, High Prince MPO: 
Brother and Godfather!
You showed the way and I tried to follow. it is a long time since we exchanged post-marked missives, the old-style mode of our correspondence until the dawn of electronic communication . But now I need to do it as long hand again.
I need a new address. I find it very hard to believe that there has been a change of address from, among others, Police College, the Congo, Oremeji Street, University of Ife, PO Box 293 Yaba, Panti Police Station Dopemu Road terra firma to celestial realms. And the change is for good!. 
Together were we for literally ages . Yes more than 70 years, a period of intimate bond with our own special coded language . Decades of uncommon care And moments of hilarious hyena, courtesy the Lord Papa. as we bantered at the front room meant for us in the walled palace.
Yes, we shared the times: at Agbon, Ephrotor, school days, your abodes at Ife, Lagos days etc. Indeed, we shared the times; be they good, challenging, or moving frontiers. Remember, when we won, and when we lost or appear to loose. together.. Yes, pyrrhic losses, for the final laugh was ours through you!
Your profuse empathy and evident love in those trying moments; but you were always there, not just for me but for us all including the Lord Pa. . Little could we pay you bac k in the coins worthy of you. . You gave me so much, yet appreciated too much for the little we could offer you, even that Vaseline body lotion , you were appreciative to a fault. It was just in your DNA.  Those your exploits on behalf of the common good of our society will remain unmatchable.
And your sense of humour, extraordinary. Courageous yet retiring.
How we wished your life could have been paused . Parting is most painful., more so between the 2 The end is inevitable , but just that when it comes it could be challenging and seems like a thunder bolt out of the blues even though as Christians we think we were ready for it.
The dynasty and all of its royalties appreciate what you stood for in our lives and the greater community :nthe family pillar, defender of our heritage and values, the carer of the poor and under privileged , . Now where is the defender ? A vacuum is created; an unfillable void .
But you know what you did. Ensured that no vacuum is left to stand. You showed us the way. Ona yen odo na re dje now. , In the Dynasty pride, cubs are no more cubs, having passed through the crucible. Now they are fully certificated lions and lionesses.
Yes, tears we shed , freely flowing . And we should, for the bible decrees so. . We assure you , we will do the needful ; you often talked about. White handkerchiefs on display on a rainy day. Whether it rains or not. The handkerchief will be on bold display as we weep for a motley of reasons.
Yes, I hope you are seeing the unprecedent show of affection and appreciation from the Dynasty, the community, colleagues, our little Palace church, the Queen Ayonron Foundation…the families , name it! .
I am confident  you know. to me you are not just the brother but a father, friend, leader, defender, the custodian of charity, and all the other virtues rolled into one, MPO at his best! 
As you join the family at the other side, those of the ancestors of whom you are now one, take greetings and respects to the great ones and the immediate pasts, the Pa’s: Aghomi, Lord Pa, Ogru, Uncle Ojite with impeccable hand writing, Numbers 1 & 2; and the Ma’s :Ileleji, Omotege Ichibe, Iminaka; Akpofure, and the ones I cant remember immediately but sure Sister Brother Matriarch would know.
Receive this note written by me and endorsed by all the dynasty royalties.
Adieu Brother, DV, till our meeting in heaven as we pray that you and all of us head for there
Me vwe, Doctor.
13th May, 2021
Posted by Orode Oyiki on May 13, 2021
My first encounter with my uncle, father,mentor, great educationist and legal luminary was as a child at Ovwor Olomu. He paid his aunt, my grandmother of blessed memory Ichibe Oyiki nee Ohwovoriole a visit on his way to Agbon Olomu. I looked at the giant of a man that he was in size. When he was leaving he gave me N5.00. That was a generous gift then in the late 1970s. I used it to buy “An Anthology of Poetry” that was recommended and we were using in secondary school then.

I later made the cold call (visit without warning) at his Dopemu family home. This would have been after my final examination in secondary school. It was a full house. He accepted me. I soon realised he was a no nonsense father to my cousins Ovigue of blessed memory, Emmanuel, Ekeme, Iro, Ojaye, Arute, Etito, Dubre, and some little ones I can not remember their names now. His law firm was downstairs at the front of the compound. He could see who was going out and coming in. My first experience of his dexterity and stamina to burn the late candle light was at this office. He had an able typist who took all the deadlines graciously. This was the age of the typewriter. Soon enough he gave me my first legal assignment to read a case and summarise it. There were times he used lantern to ensure he met deadlines for court cases as he was a litigation lawyer. He spoke Yoruba fluently and applied it in consultations with many clients who spoke Yoruba only. The office was a beehive of activities in the evenings when he returned from court, had rested and prepared to meet various clients. He literally laid the foundation for my legal education. But for athletics, I would have been groomed for the highest level in legal practice in Nigeria. I wasn’t surprised when Ekemejero became a silk. The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.
Our superstar had nephews mainly, staying with him then at Dopemu. Peter, George (driver) from his maternal Oviri Olomu. He had a Ghanaian house help, Francis who was loyal, dedicated and served him for a long period.

He later moved the office to Oremeji Street Ikeja near the Kalakuta Republic, Fela’s shrine. Here I met Innocent Ovwagbedia, his brother Benson of blessed memory, Richard Ahonaruogho now SAN, Peter Mrakpor now SAN and AG, Delta State, etc.

I can write volumes of books on my Colossus of a mentor and father. It suffices to say that he was a great man who selflessly assisted those older than he was financially, morally, emotionally and professionally. He was an epitome of uncommon energy, stamina and courage in all that he did. When I was expelled in 1991 after my final exams in Uniben, he was the one that asked his driver to stop along the Benin Lagos Road, Ugbowo when he sighted me walking along the road. How he could recognise me amazes me still. He gave me advice on how to proceed to institute proceedings against the authorities of the university of Benin. He assigned the case to my cousin Peter Mrakpor who was honing his legal skills from his uncle’s chambers in Lagos. He got the injunction against Uniben. Although Uniben did not honour the Court order, the victory set the foundation for the revocation of the expulsion order and my subsequent graduation from Uniben, the Law School and being called to the Nigerian Bar. I did my Law office attachment of course at his office then along Opebi Road.

Chief, as I fondly called him affected my life positively in many ways. I’m thankful to God that all my cousins, his children are graduates and are living independently in self sufficiency before getting married. I’m thankful to God that I have a wonderful rapport with all of them and with their mothers.

Veni, Vidi, Vici - He came, he saw and he conquered life.

At 81 years old, before bowing to the dictate of Mother Nature, he lived a fulfilled life. Yet, we mourn because he was never old in the hearts ♥️ and minds of those who truly knew him. It never occurred to me that he was growing old. This could be due to his joviality, his presence of mind and his captivating physical presence. Chief was a thriller, a consummate historian and storyteller. He left many in stitches and cracked ribs.

As you are committed to Mother Earth Chief M. P . Ohwovoriole SAN , please greet our ancestors especially your older cousin my father, the late Aaron Dyoye Oyiki. Earth’s loss, is heaven’s gain. May your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus Christ name amen .
Adieu our legend!
Posted by Oghenevwede Ohwovoriole on May 8, 2021
A Great man and brother

Olorogun Prince Milton Paul Ohwovoriole (SAN), The Akpile of Olomu kingdom, a man who stood for family and the kingdom. He came, he saw, and he conquered. You offered life your best and history will forever remember you for that.

Your contributions to the preservation and sustainance of the customs and traditions of the kingdom will forever stand you out. Okpako iroro

Akpohor R'Olomu, Ochuko R'Uhurie ve Ehianwen me nyerhuwen, nyerhobuwhevi oo.

Goodnight big Brother
Posted by Oro Ebomwonyi on May 3, 2021
Chief you will be truly missed. You were an epitome of a perfect husband to my aunty. You were a loving father to all your children, grand and great grandchildren and to all the extended family. We will always miss you, I will personally miss you greatly.
I learned early from you that education has no age boundaries. Chief, you encouraged, supported and sacrificed greatly for all your children. You were a pillar to all,
you were highly admired . You will be greatly missed.
Fare well daddy
Royal Akpohor /Akipile of Olomu Kingdom
Posted by Olaitan Ajasa on April 28, 2021
Tribute From Jide Kudaisi!

This is indeed a great passage. Chief is never a loss to me cos his legacy and virtues lives within us, for the world to see how great he is.

He is a finest breed among the learned and most handsome from his kindred.

Chief is like a wine, the older it gets the sweeter it tastes. Everyday with him is like a chapter you don't ever want to end.

I will hold dear his warm smile( a smile that could melt the heart of any king).

A detribalised and accommodating man and always ready to give assistance when needed even at odd hour(he never feel inconvenient).

Chief is a man with a big heart who loved every being like his own children(Am a living testimony).

I pray God almighty forgives you all your short coming and grant you eternal rest in his bosom.

May God almighty comfort the family and grant them fortitude to bear the loss.

Adieu chief Milton Paul Ohwovoriole
Posted by Valentina Daminabo on April 23, 2021

You will truly be missed Uncle Milton. You were indeed a loving Uncle to my Mum Late Mrs. Alice Alaka. A pillar you are to all of us. Adieu and good night!
Posted by Ayo Asala on April 14, 2021
Chief, you were a father and a mentor to me within and outside the legal profession. As a role model, I used to admire your carriage, comportment and strength of advocacy whenever I was opportune to watch your submission in courts then especially at Ikeja in Lagos. This was at a distance until opportunity came for me to become closer to you in person through my boss, Prof. A.A. Utuama, SAN., and your son, my very dear friend and brother silk, Ekeme Ohwovoriole, SAN.
I cherish your mentorship and words of wisdom you imparted in me in the course of my deep relationship with you. You always called me “Ayo my son, ba woni”. When I applied for silk and did not make it at the first attempt, your words of encouragement were very consoling and reassuring. I remember the day you saw me after the announcement at the High court premises at Otu-Jeremi and you told me that: “Ayo my son don’t worry you will make it.” At last your words came to pass in the year 2019 when I was admitted to the inner bar.
While myself and my family mourns your departure, we take solace in the fact that you lived a fulfilled life and left endearing legacies worthy of emulation.
May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Ayo Asala, SAN., FCArb.
Posted by Dubre Ohwovoriole on April 14, 2021
R. I. P Grandpa.Never got to know much about you,but the little I heard about you and seeing you for the first time,I know you are a great man,thank you for the prayers you gave me and my wife to be before you left.It's really sad you left this period..from your Son in law to be  
Olusegun James Folarin.                
Posted by Dubre Ohwovoriole on April 13, 2021
According to the word of God in the book of Job Chapter 14 vr 1, says " Man that is born of a Woman is of few days and full of trouble." Baba has done his best when his is in this World now is no more. My prayers for Baba entire family is that Almighty God will uphold the family left behind in Jesus name. (Amen) Mr. Daniel T. Folarin on behalf of Folarin's family.
Posted by SAN Paul Ananaba on April 13, 2021

The loss is there, tangible and real within everyone but Chief Milton Paul exemplified life, love, laughter and an irrepressible belief and faith in everything including loss. My family and I are in grief and affected deeply by this heart breaking news of the departure of Chief Milton Paul knowing that never again will you be seen or heard.
We honor Chief Milton Paul, by profoundly feeling and expressing our loss, but also by remembering him as an amazing person who has played a unique and special role in all of our lives.
It is with a heavy heart but I am constantly grateful to God for the excellent life that you lived, the lives you touched, the dynasty that you led and the love and care you bestowed so selflessly on all who came into contact with you that we have to accept the inevitable.
Chief Milton Paul is the first person to be conferred with the exalted rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria in Ikeja Branch. He was conferred with many reputable titles and ensured he was never found wanting. He was a man who in all respects and by all standards distinguished himself in several ways as a patriot. His constant selfless acts in order to improve the nation the best way he could is an instance. He constantly worked hard to ensure there is an ecosystem where there is availability of developing funding for projects that could improve Nigeria.
Chief Milton Paul was deeply concerned with improving the Nigerian Legal System and he was keen to innovate same. He initiated and implemented much in this field during his stay on Earth.
The world honors a man of many parts whom throughout his journey on earth, in the various places he worked and positions held was never found wanting, he will forever be remembered for the lives he has touched as a prominent leader.
A man is said to have truly lived if he leaves the world better than he found it. Chief Milton Paul has truly lived and has left this world a better place. Indeed if greatness is a man it sure was you!
My family and I extend my heartfelt condolences to the entire Ohwovoriole family. I pray the Lord will continue to grant your heart peace and solace. This tribute is just a drop in the ocean compared to his tremendous impact in life. May your legacy live on through time.
Professor Paul. C. Ananaba SAN, FCARB, FICMC, FNIM.

Posted by Olaitan Ajasa on April 12, 2021
My name is Boluwatife Ajasa and I wouldn't be the person I am today without him. The fact that he's not with us anymore breaks my heart, but the fact that he taught me and our entire family what it means to really love someone will help me heal and go on. I love you Grandpa and may your soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by JAIYEOLA AJASA on April 12, 2021
The beauty about America is that it is a leveler. You are seen as you are. Your title and great accomplishments are something you do not carry along as you enter the country. So I was able to see Grandpa different from what many saw. I saw a nice man. A kind father. A loving grandfather. His visits to the States to see us, was something we always looked forward to. As an in-law to a great man, he went out of his way to make me relax in his presence. He was gracious for everything you did for him. And he was ever so generous, making the painful efforts to stay out of the way of the family. Grandpa was always full of smiles at the sight of his grandchildren. He loved and pampered them. He loved his daughter Iro to death. And that love robbed off me. I stole from that affection. I would forever remember our drives around Durham, North Carolina. The lunch at Chinese buffet. And his insatiable hunger for KFC. "Jaiye, I cannot come to America and eat Nigerian food." Grandpa one on one was fun to be around. His hobby horse was talking politics. He was never a bother during those visits. All you had to do to satisfy him was put the television on CNN. You will see the smile lit up his handsome face. He never wanted you to see him as a SAN. Which he was. He never wanted you to see him as one of the greatest lawyers to ever lived in Nigeria. Which he was. He never had airs of a great Chief. Which he was. All grandpa wanted was to be a father. Which he is. A wonderful grandfather. Which he is. The beauty of my life was that I met a great man. Who also was my father-in-law. And my friend. Your memories are a special gift that I, Iro, Bolu, Oyinkan, Oyinda and Olaitan will always treasure. You lived a life that was full of joy and happiness. Granpa, we will always miss you. But we will think of you with your signature smile on our faces. So long, sir. We love you but Jesus love you more. 
Posted by Dubre Ohwovoriole on April 12, 2021
Grandpa,I really wish I would have spent more time with you though these where my wishes and my words through my mom your daughter dubre.thank you grandpa for carrying me up as a grandpa and always asking of me till the last day .I miss you Grandpa.may the mercy of God encompass you all through your journey ijn.
Granddaughter, Aderiyike Eniola ayonran folarin
Posted by Dubre Ohwovoriole on April 12, 2021
Grandpa,I loved you so much for all you ever gave me and showed and told me that education is the best legacy and that the pen and the paper where your best friends its a pity my dad couldn't meet you but I know he would have loved too.thank you and pray heaven mercy on you in Jesus name amen
Grandson Nana kouamen
Posted by Dubre Ohwovoriole on April 12, 2021
Precious Dad,
     My all after Christ Jesus,irreplaceable Dad,my mentor,my strength, my confidence after Christ,I miss you daddy I really do and will best wishes for you is to make heaven and be at the bosom of Gods hands and heart know what I really love daddy and am glad is the day you blessed my husband and I and ended your prayers on us in Jesus name,I looked at you and marvelled because you took Christ and appreciated him at the end and I know always you did even if you didn't show it.I love you daddy so much tears in my eyes as I write but I know its well.The good legacy you left behind I will always hold on to and never let go,thank you so much for the light you gave me,the wisdom etc ...courage when even if I fall I could stand up and always welcoming hands thank you so much,God bless you and pray Christ mercy intercedes for you.I will miss you none like you and there cannever beer.I remain your beautiful daughter in the bosom of God ijn.amen.
Posted by Irewole Oyinbo on April 12, 2021
Grandpa, I always love the time we spent together when we visit you at the village. I wish we could spend more time together. I wanted you to get well when I saw you at the hospital, but you died. I miss you grandpa.

- Master Ireoluwatomi Oyinbo, grandson.
Posted by Irewole Oyinbo on April 12, 2021
Grandpa was a very calm, reasonable and understandable man. He always encouraged us to read and whenever we did, he would smile at us. Even though I hardly talked to him, I could tell that he loved us so much.
One thing I thank God for almost every day, is that He allowed me to see my grandpa two days before his death. I miss you grandpa. Rest in peace.

- Master Ifeoluwapo Oyinbo, grandson.
Posted by Irewole Oyinbo on April 12, 2021
I remembered when I was younger and my mom would always take us to see him at Agbon-Olomu whenever we had vacation. Once we get there and I see my grandpa, it always makes me feel good. He would encourage us to read and perform well in our academics. Whenever I get the news that he's ill, I always pray for him to get well. Overall, he's a very fun loving granddad and I will miss him so much.

- Master Oluwafeyisayo Oyinbo, grandson.
Posted by Irewole Oyinbo on April 12, 2021
Chief Milton Owhovoriole (SAN) was a man with a heart of gold. A hardworking dad, disciplinarian with compassion and philanthropist who touched the lives of his immediate and extended family members positively. Your zeal for education is incomparable as evidenced in you and all your children.

Being around you was always fun and a time to look forward to. You create fun, make people laugh thus passing a message that life itself isn't difficult. We will surely miss your laughter, jokes, encouragement and gentle spirit which brought so much peace and tranquility to our lives.

From my surname Oyinbo, you coined "Mr White" which I so much cherish. No doubt I'll miss that peculiar voice that usually calls out "Mr White" either on the phone or during physical conversation.

Your life may have ended but your legacy of wisdom, hardwork, integrity, honesty and courage will forever live on. We take solace in the fact that you're resting in the bosom of God. Continue to rest daddy till we meet on resurrection day.
Adieu Akpohor/Akpile of Olomu kingdom.

- Mr. Irewole Nelson Oyinbo, son-inlaw.

Posted by Vese David Ohwovoriole on April 11, 2021
Dear Grandfather;
  As you go on your journey in the afterlife you will be missed by all of us both those from the ohwovoriole family and others that you have met
  I am sure you have impacted on every life you have met the same way you impacted on mine with your kind and compassionate heart that always help others and your words of advice that help us to get through though times.
   We will miss you and we hope you enjoy your after life knowing that you have made other people's live better in your time on earth.
     From your caring grandson
  Ohwovoriole David Vese
Posted by Folasade Ohwovoriole on April 11, 2021
Daddy we all miss you.
Your fatherly advise and words of wisdom is unquantifiable.
The boys will surely miss the gift of cash they usually receive whenever they visit you.
Though we grief over your demise,we take solace in the 'word' that you're resting in the bosom of Abraham.
Sleep on Dad,may you find eternal peace with the Lord.
Posted by Kolawole Oreniyi on April 11, 2021
Tribute to a great in-law.
Glory be to God for a life well spent. My heart and thoughts are with the Owovorhioles. I remember your role during the wedding ceremony of Ekemejiro (SAN) and my younger Sister Barrister Shade. You demonstrated genuine love to them. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord till we all meet again.
Mrs Mope Odekunle (USA).
Posted by Voke Ohwovoriole on April 11, 2021
Since the day of your passing,you have been dearly missed by family, friends and those who knew you while you were alive. You were a strict but also kind man. You were a disciplinarian who held on to your ideals. You were a wise man whose wisdom could be seen by those who had met you while you were alive. You brought up your children to be intelligent, hardworking and disciplined. I truly believe that your children and grandchildren will go on and live good lives because of the ethics and intelligence that was passed down from you to them. Rest in peace grandpa.
Posted by Kolawole Oreniyi on April 11, 2021
With deepest sympathy, we the Oreniyi Family (your daughter in -law, Barrister Shade's Family) do share in your grief upon the demise of a great in-law. We still cherish his role during the engagement and wedding ceremonies of Ekemejiro (SAN) and Barrister Shade, and during Shade's swearing in ceremony in 2016. He touched so many lives generously. May the Lord grant his soul eternal rest. Adieu.
Kola Oreniyi, for the family.
Posted by Abavo Ohwovoriole on April 11, 2021
My father, High Prince Milton Paul Enameguolo Ohwovoriole, SAN.

Daddy, I am still shocked at your passing away. You raised me to be strong, confident, and to always believe in myself. You raised me with so much love and care.

You were an incredible person, my role model. You always looked to bring out the best in everyone around you. You were always very bothered about caring and providing for your family, loved ones, and your community till your very last breath.

I would always love you, daddy.

I am happy you are in a better place where there is nothing but joy, love, and peace.

I will forever miss your presence daily. I am so grateful for the time I had with you.

Thank you for all the love and tenderness you gave me.

Adieu Daddy.
Posted by Etiena Ohwovoriole on April 11, 2021
My father, High Prince Milton Paul Enameguolo Ohwovoriole, SAN.

Daddy, I am still shocked at your passing away. You raised me to be strong, confident, and to always believe in myself. Your departure left a big void in my heart that can not be filled by anyone. I miss you so much.

You were an incredible person, my role model. You were never okay with only being a wonderful father but also a philanthropist. You were always very bothered about caring and providing for your family and loved ones till your very last breath.

You taught me everything I know about being responsible, independent, and becoming successful. I wish you had more time to see me become successful. I wish you had more time so that I could take care of you and spoil you in my way.

I would always love you, daddy. I can never get used to you not been around.

I am happy you are in a better place where there is nothing but joy, love, and peace.

I will forever miss your presence daily. I am so grateful for the time I had with you.

Thank you for making me the person I am today.

Adieu Daddy.
Posted by AKANIKE JITOBO on April 11, 2021
I don't know where to start,1993 resuming work in the Chambers of High Chief Milton Ohwhovoriele SAN,it was a hit between Father and son ,it was a straight away between us, unforgettable 18years working relationship through thick and thin we stuck together unforgettable moments
High Chief Milton Ohwhovotiplr SAN was a simple Man,many people never understood this because of his high disciplinary posture which he applied both home and office, in his calm moments he was open to me.
It is almost impossible to find him at Ikeja or Igbosrte high court without me ,he groomed me as a lawyer to the fullest, you must come from court with good result else ,SAN will retrieve the file from you, I was lucky and also working hard to grind out results for we eere stuck together,.
SAN was a Royal but never carried it on his shoulders,He was was always ready to make friends with both young and old
I could go on and on but space will allow
SAN,came,saw and conquered.
He was a sportsman and Teacher at the Nigeria Law school.
Adios my great Teacher,my Great SAN,A great Worrior,to say I will miss you is an understatement

Posted by Ekemejero Ohwovoriole on April 11, 2021
My father, High Prince Milton Paul Enameguolo Ohwovoriole, SAN.

It is with a heavy heart but with gratitude to God for the excellent life that you lived, the dynasty that you led and the love and care you bestowed so selflessly on all who came into contact with you that i have to accept the inevitable. It was a few minutes past 5a.m on the fateful day that I received the call of your transition to greater glory. Words cannot describe the void i felt at that moment but with time I have, as you have always instructed, I have tried to pick myself up and carry on the best way i can to sustain your legacy.

You were a legal giant and it was so easy for me to succeed as a family man and in the legal profession by dilligently adhering to your advice. Ohwovoriole family members and cousins numbering in their tens all looked up to you as a role model and today they are legal practitioners within and outside our shores. Your grandson Mobosa has just completed law school and soon to be called to Bar.

Since your passing, the out-pour of love and kind-hearted messages from far and near has to an extent assuaged our grief but we would exchange all the good messages in the world for just a little more time with you. Voke, Vese, Sade and I miss you so much.

We know that you are in heaven and even though not physically here with us, we know that you are still taking take care of us. On our part, we pray God to give us the grace to sustain your legacies. 

Adieu Daddy .
Posted by Esther Chris-Esezobor on April 11, 2021
Daddy Milton Owhovoriole, you will forever be missed on this side of the world. You were a gift to mankind, a father to your children and a father to us all. I saw the love you showed your children and to those that had any form of contact with you. Same love radiated through your children and most especially your daughter Arute my bosom friend. You did not allow any one around you to lack as you blessed people around generously. I still remember vividly when you visited Arute in School back in our Uni days. You blessed your daughter and also blessed my hands too. Daddy, may God continue to keep you in the hollow of his hands and grant you everlasting rest. I pray in his infinite wisdom and mercy will take care of the family you left behind IJMN. Amen 
Posted by Obare Princess Dafiaghor on April 11, 2021
If Greatness was a human, it sure was you.

I don't know what you saw in this girl when she walked into your office in search of a job. She was awaiting her law school result and was about to go for the mandatory youth service in less than 3 months. You knew this, yet you employed her as an intern. You paid me my first salary and was ever so patient to explain legal issues to me as well as ensured that I garnered relevant experience. Your jokes, stories, counsel and guidance were abundant towards me like a Grandfather to a granddaughter.

When it was time to leave for NYSC after two months, you went out of your way to organize a send off for me with prayers, counsel and gifts. (Who throws a send off party for a person who interned for just 2 months?). Within such a short time, you were able to inspire and impact my life.

No doubt, you were indeed a trail Blazer and an Icon of greatness. You pursued your aspirations with resilient doggedness and clinched fulfilment. I will wipe my tears now and wear a smile because your resounding legacy lives on in our hearts, our lips, our stories, our lives and our thoughts!

Adieu High Prince and Most Esteemed Learned Silk!!!
Posted by Abiola Ojuolape on April 11, 2021
Dad, we really miss you, never knew you would leave us so suddenly, you were a good man.
You tried your best in helping people I am saddened that death took you away, but God said in all things we should give him thanks.
Posted by Bodunde Onemola on April 10, 2021
Daddy Ohwovoriole, you will be missed on this side of eternity. I have been thoroughly blessed by you through the gift of your daughter Otubure, a friend and sister in a million. I pray that her and your wonderful loving and ever joyful family will receive peace and grace as they carry on without you.

Rest on sir.
Posted by Erute Milton on April 10, 2021
My Daddi like I fondly call you, I will miss you but I Know you are in a better place of rest, your labour of love and discipline on me and my siblings will not be in vain. Rest on Apkohor of Olomu kingdom.
Posted by Princess Mrs Margaret Dig... on April 8, 2021
Our caring Brother. We will miss you forever. Sleep in peace until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Foma Jovi-Usude on April 8, 2021
MEMORIAL to my GIDIGBA,KIND‐HEARTED BIG BROTHER, Brother SAN, Senior Brother, Our Family Patriarch, Our 'Obukohwo,' THE DYNASTY's TIRELESS BURDEN BEARER and A CHEERFUL GIVER, who slept in the Lord, without giving his kid sister, the opportunity to bid him farewell.

When a person you treasure,becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

In line with Prov11: 24 "Some distribute their goods and grow richer; others take away what is not their own and are always in want." ‐ Douay‐Rheims Bible. Little wonder,you were never in want,throughout your sojourn on planet earth. At anytime, t , you always found space both in your heart and home,for everyone; be it in the city, country home or office ‐ regardless of the convenience.
• I still find it difficult to come to terms with the reality that, there's no longer anyone to give me that special warm embrace and ask after my children, as I had been so accustomed to, over the years,whenever I visited; whether at your chambers or home.
You possessed several sterling virtues which only the intuitive could decipher:
• humility
• gentility
• generosity
• philanthropy
• simplicity
• diligence,just to mention a few.
You always had my back; I recall vividly,
the alacrity,which you swung into action,whenever any issue that had to do with me, was brought to your attention ‐ at the shortest notice.

Both time and space will fail me, trying to recount your invaluable contributions to my achievements in life,to date.

Brother, you came, you saw and you conquered!

I know you are in a better place,where there's neither pain nor ache; but a beautiful soul can never be forgotten.

Our God has you in His keeping; but we'll always have you, in our hearts.

Adieu Brother, till we meet to part no more!!!

Posted by Onobigba Ochuko on April 8, 2021
I pray God to comfort & console the family. May the soul of Papa & all the faithful Departed rest in peace. Amen.
Ochuko onobigba, Arute' s friend
Posted by Mary Itsueli on April 8, 2021
I extend my heartfelt condolences to Ojaiye and the entire Ohwovoriole family. I pray the Lord Almighty will continue to be with them. May your dad's soul find rest in the Lord.
Posted by Evelyn Koko on April 7, 2021
May Daddy's soul rest in peace. My heartfelt condolences to the children.
Posted by Ononeme Violet on April 7, 2021
Daddy we miss you and we love you, but God loves you more......Continue to rest in the bossom of God......Rest on papa️✨
Posted by Taiwo Oyebode on April 7, 2021
May Papa's soul rest in peace.Thank God for a life well spent.
Posted by Ndidi Okitikpi on April 7, 2021
Rest in perfect calm and peace. Thank you for the wonderful Children you left behind. Arute and Wole are dear to us and without you there will not be them- Thanks Papa for the legacy you left behind to be emulated.
Rest in calm and beauty.

Okitikpi Ndidi and Ben
Posted by Arute Oyinbo-Wole on April 7, 2021
My Dad Chief Milton Paul Enameghuolo Ohwovoriole was a great man with a loving, humble and dynamic disposition.

A philanthropist always willing to use his resources (money and knowledge) to help others. Dad you instilled care, hardwork, self reliance, truthfulness, honesty and act of giving in me.......these values have guided me while growing up and are still helpful till date.

You cherished us and would create time out of your busy schedule to bond with the family. I remembered you coming back from the office in Lagos, most times, with your car loaded with lots of goodies. A family man to the core.

I recall the song you usually sing for us. Oh Dad who would sing for me now that you are gone? Who will fill the vacuum you have left behind? Certainly no one! Who will tell me "Avwarutomona, just like your name implies, you care so much for me." Who will tell me, "when you are coming to visit, get this/that for me"

When I go home I look at your spot and it's empty. Oh Dad I love you so much but God loves you more. Continue to rest in the Lord's bossom till we meet again

Adieu my Stainless Daddy
Posted by Okieje Mrakpor on April 7, 2021
Our  precious Uncle , Father and Legal Luminary. The world has lost an icon. A gaping hole that can never be filled. You followed in the footsteps of our grandfather King D. G. Ohwovoriole , the Ohworode of Olomu and left no stone unturned. May God grant those of us you left behind, the courage, strength and fortitude to keep flying the family flag and hold it no less than you handed it to us. We will forever miss you. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Ojaiye Adoghe williams on April 7, 2021
Sweet holy spirit, I thank you for the life of Yur son ,my father, I guess he has fulfilled his no of days and his purpose on earth. Is time to meet yur Jesus as u will say give my jesus .All my principles, ideas I got from you. U will always tell me, I was the best among my peers. That I can achieve anything. Yur passion for law which is yur life, u passed on to me. Will miss yur loVing gaze and proud look, u are a kind father, strict but full of love even till the last day. Hardworking, and lover of education, that I have caught. Welcome to the home of Yur father with the 24 elders, worshipping and bowing down before his throne. U will always be engraved in my heart. Love you
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Posted by Enevo Onomivbori on June 15, 2022
Today we would have been celebrating you but you in a better place.
Keep resting in the bossom of the Lord .
Posted by Arute Oyinbo-Wole on June 15, 2022
Happy Post Humous Birthday Dear Dad. I love and miss you. May Perpetual light shine on you.

My One and Only Stainless Dada
Posted by Ojaiye Adoghe williams on May 22, 2022
Sweet dad hmmmmm, a year already. Continue to rest in the bossom of your father in heaven. Still miss you love and tender care . Yur words of encouragement will ever be in my memory. Engraved in my heart forever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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My Brother my Father ( Dadi)

Shared by Princess Aghwemu Uwugiare... on May 8, 2021
My Brother my Father, Olorogun miilton Paul Enameguono Ohwovoriole (SAN)  The Akpohor (Prime Minister) of Olomu kingdom, defender of customs and traditions of Olomu kingdom.   A caring Brother  that stood in place of a father   for us.
When father left us you were there for us as a father. We greatly appreciate your assistance and role. May God bless your soul.                 
We will miss you
Good bye, tode ose
Shared by princess gladys on April 15, 2021
What words can describe you? Your diligence was always mesmerizing, your inclinations is a reference point to your people and country.. watching you in court was simply a delight, there was this special aura, a sight to behold. How painful to say adieu . Fair thy well the Royal Akpohor/ Akpile of Olomu kingdom. Brikins Owumi.
Shared by princess gladys on April 15, 2021
My lovely and caring small Daddy ,my prompt action brother that made me not to feel the absent or loneliness of a fatherless, I will always miss you but i hold you close within my heart and there you will remain until we meet again but not so soon 
Rest in the blossom of the most high God in Jesus name Amen,
Ejodia Brikins