Her Life

My personally written Obituary

I Priscilla Ann Levine was born on September 26th 1959 at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn New York to, Alfred A Levine and Maude Mary Keys-Jones.

However I  was raised by my father Alfred Levine and his wife Bessie Mae Levine along with Debra M Levine and Joan Levine-Stewart ( now deceased) until my father's death in July 1972. From these two adopted sisters I have a neice Faith Christian Williams, Andreas A Levine, Deanne Stewart and Sable Stewart.  Two great niece's Brooke-Lynn Williams,(whom I named)  and Blessing Arvette Levine.  One great nephew,Juelle Williams

I was the 4th and last child of  Maude Mary Key-Jones (whom I did not have the opportunity to meet in life). I had 3 older siblings from Maude Mary Keys-Jones Sister  Doris Jones-Caradine Baltmore, Maryland, brother Emmett L Jones, Washington, D.C. and brother Alexander Jones, Washington D.C. (which proceeded me in death). 

I was initially baptized at the age of twelve and attended the Emanuel Temple Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn New York until the age of twelve years old.

At age 12 after moving to Queens, New York to live with my best friend and god sister Starlett Attmmore.  I attended Zion Tabernacle Deliverence Church in Brooklyn, New York where Pastor George  and Pearl Attmore were instrumental in rearing me during my teens years. There at Zion Tabernacle I met and married Kevin E. Jasper of Brooklyn, New York.  From that union was born Pamela C. Jasper (Lazos). 

I use to always say "I have one of the most eventful and interesting lives of anyone I know".  "There are so many mysteries and unanswered questions".

I also had many love interest as well as talents.  I loved all people and would give the shirt off my back to help anyone.  I loved music, especially Gospel, Classical and Jazz.

I played the viola in the orchestra while at Andrew Jackson High School in Queens N.Y., sang and directed choral groups in both school and church.

My first and foremost love was piano.

My extensive work history was as colorful as I was.  In 1979 I attended Empire Technical School. I completed a Certificate in Loss Prevention and Security afterward I worked in Law Enforcement as an Undercover Investigator, Auxillary Police Officer,  Internal Affairs Investigator and  Security Officer for the City of New York.

I eventually became State Certified as a Nurse Assistant, took those skills and created PAL Business Enterprises LLC where I worked as well as employed  Professional Personal Assistants to the elderly and Hospice patients.

I was always was very curious and always wanted to explore something new.  I was very creative and had a wide variety of ever changing interests, talents and jobs all of my life.

Everyone that knew me well knew that I loved to roller-skate. I also enjoyed skiing, rode bike, played tennis, loved to travel and enjoyed the beaches as often as I could.

During my lifetime I lived in New York City, Richmond, Virginia, Atlanta Georgia and Durham,North Carolina and Florida.  I always said North Carolina was my very favorite state because the people were so nice and genuine and there were so many beaches.

I lived to enjoy my two grandson's Jordan Partridge,and Jacque Partridge from my God given son Royal Partridge and my grand-daughter Victoria Isabelle Lazos daughter of Pamela Jasper-Lazos and son in-law Joe Lazos.

I leave a host of family and friends from all over the country and wish that my memorial service be online.  Here you can leave messages and notes.  My daughter Pamela has access to this site and can upload pictures if any of you have any to share.

My requests to all my loved ones is that you enjoy life to the fullest and do not tell people you love them everyday but instead show them with your actions.