Let the memory of The Prisoners of War be with us forever

This memorial is for the brave men that were The Prisoners of War
They will always be rememebred

Posted by Virginia Allgaier on 13th December 2012
These brave men & women are not forgotten.Every day we live in peace we owe to them..Their sacrifice was the ultimate one-we owe them everything.
Posted by Trista Grindrod on 3rd December 2012
These man fought bravely for their countries and peace during World War Two. These couragious men had laughter in their hearts and never gave up on what was right. We will never forget their loyalty to each other and their families they left behind.
Posted by Trista Grindrod on 3rd December 2012
Every waking hour is spent with the memory of a loved one who is a prisoner of war or declared missing in action. The legacy of these heroes will not be forgotten. We pray for their safe and quick return and for the families of those who've lost loved ones. We will never forget their service and sacrifice.

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