Let the memory of Dcn. Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole be with us forever.
  • 70 years old
  • Born on August 26, 1949 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on September 4, 2019 in Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dcn. Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole 70 years old, born on August 26, 1949 and passed to glory on September 4, 2019. He is survived by his loving wife, two sons and a daughter-in-law.

He will be Forever in our Hearts.

Burial Details:

Evening of Tributes - Sunday 6th October, 2019 at 3pm @ 35 Social Club Rd., Abule Egba, Lagos

Service of Songs - Monday 7th October, 2019 at 4pm @ New Heritage Baptist Church - 17/19 Femi Adebule St., Fola Agoro, Shomolu, Lagos

Lying in State: 8.30am
Commendation Service - 9.30am - 11am on Tuesday 8th October, 2019 at New Heritage Baptist Church, Shomolu, Lagos

Wakekeeping Service - Thursday 10th October, 2019 at 4pm @ 1 Taiwo Adewole St., Camp Young Area, Ede, Osun State

Burial Service - Friday 11th October, 2019 at 11am @ First Baptist Church, Oke Apaso, Ede, Osun State

Reception - Command Day Secondary School Ede, Army Barrack Rd, Off Ede-Osogbo Rd, Ede, Osun State

Posted by Ruklyn Nikky on September 23, 2019
My mentor,you left without telling me, I don't believe you have gone. Daddy was a kind person to me and my family. We met when am nobody, you change my life completely, am still dreaming I never believe you have gone Daddy. May your gentle soul rest in peace
Posted by Adebisi Adejayan on September 23, 2019
That is what I will remember,
Your bravery and your love
That caring wise and watchful eye
Which now peers at us from above

Adieu sir...
Posted by Sade Ogunsola on September 23, 2019
Adieu to a Gentle man.
Professor Adewole was a gentleman in the real sense of the word, he was courteous, kind, helpful, humble and wise. Our age difference was never a barrier and this was how he related with everyone. I will miss him. We met about 20 years ago and he became my friend. He always had my back and even when we did not see each other for years we always picked up where we left off. He was a family man, a good friend, a kind man and honest. We have truly lost a gem, we have lost an angel. Sunre o Egbon. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Samuel Oyewole Fifo on September 22, 2019
No expression of words can ever serve to capture and convey the meaning and value in tribute I have for you in my heart. It is honestly a tremendous understatement to say that it has been so hard for me to believe and accept that you have left us and departed from this world.

I am thankful and eternally grateful to God for the part of my formative years He allowed me to pass under your care as one of my fathers and the purpose for which He allowed that to serve in His glorious will. Thank you to you and your wife for taking me in as your own and making me feel perfectly at home. I will never forget your expressions of love, support, encouragement and discipline as well as your zealous work ethic, admirable diligence, interest in the good and wellbeing of others, jovial countenance, and keen adeptness in always seeking out a way to form connections. “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”, as you used to always say is a lesson I still carry till this day.

I will forever miss you and I know it will take time for God to heal and comfort my heart in the days ahead as with all who are mourning your passing. Truly, only God can reward you for all you deserve in your labour of love. It was an honour to have you in my life and that of my family and loved ones. You will forever have a place in my heart.

In all this, I am continually exhorted to plead with the Lord for my life as in Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should.” - Living Bible. May the Lord grant grace for us all to discover the purpose for which we came into this world and walk in the wisdom of applying every day we are given towards the fulfillment of that purpose of Him who has given it. In the name of Jesus amen. I hope and pray to see you again in eternity in the bosom of the Lord. Till then may your soul rest in perfect peace in the name of Jesus amen.

With eternal love and every blessing in Christ,

Wole Fifo
Posted by Adesoji Olasoko on September 22, 2019
Tribute to Professor Taiwo Adewole – A man of Great Impact

Professor Taiwo Adewole touched many lives and left indelible marks in the heart of many. He ministered in different capacity to different people, his impact was simply awesome. He was lively, caring, committed, always ready to listen and eager to go the extra mile to ensure delivery of a solution.

As a leader, he was humble; as a Medical Doctor, he not only cared but provided a platform for several of us to access great care in times of need; as a devout Christian, he not only showed concern for our well-being but sought after the welfare of our extended family members – he always cared to ask after them; as a father, he delivered on the responsibility of guidance beyond the children that came naturally from him.

His commitment to the Church Building Project (that was completed, in line with prophecy, in 52 days) was splendid. His joy at every testimony of progress was inspiring. He upheld integrity, simplicity, love for the brethren and remained unique in his style of being jovial, connecting with both old and young.

Professor Taiwo Adewole -

Tender –hearted








Well – informed




Sleep on, rest well till resurrection day.

We celebrate you for a great life - a heart of service with a dynamic expression of commitment to family, the Christian faith, friends, professional body, the native community and indeed the numerous people you came in contact with …..

Your impact lives on and continues to motivate several others to do likewise.
Posted by Robert Fifo on September 22, 2019
Tribute to a man of honour : Prof. T.A. Adewole

My bros Gboye,

I am still in shock at your departure from this sinful world; looks like a dream. My family is still finding it difficult to believe. But, we are of the opinion that God loves you more than we do, otherwise, you would still be alive with us.

We glorify God for the life you lived. You couldn't have lived it better. The life of people you touched are too many to mention. No task was too difficult for you to handle with respect to lifting people up or making others better.

When it came to your relationship with your loving wife (Moronkeji Ajike), it was the epitome of a loving relationship. What do I mean by this? The two of you were close and always in agreement. Young couples need to emulate this. So, it bothers me a lot now that you are gone-- the effect it will have on Sister Keji.

Uncle Gboye, you are a dear brother, friend and of course an in-law. However, I never saw you as an in-law throughout our dealings because you were always passionate and highly emotional when helping people.

The late Gabriel Fifo family extends their gratitude for touching many lives. Words alone cannot express your greatness towards humanity.

Usamat and I do say a great thank you for your selfless service and great care for our three children (Oyewole, Morinsola and Adetokunbo) while they were in Nigeria with you and your wife for many years. Prof, you mentored and taught them the way of life. In their schools you were seen as their father and you were always present at every PTA meeting both at R.I.S.S. in Lagos and Olashore in Iloko-Ijesha.

The children are glad that you were alive to see them graduating from top universities across the globe. I remember some years back you commented at one of the the graduation dinners, "I am very proud of my children for achieving great success." How can we forget all these? Your labor was not in vain.

My wife and I were looking forward to your fatherly role at their weddings and many more milestones-- you will be missed. My wonderful Prof, you are a rare gem. We thank God that your life was well utilised while on earth.

Our erudite professor, I salute you for serving God with all your heart. As Apostle Paul said in his writing to Timothy,  Bros Gboye, you have fought the good fight, kept the faith, and finished the hard earned race. With these, God will grant you eternal rest and continue to protect your family.

Akanbi Opo, Opomulero moja alekan, Sun ree o till we meet on the resurrection morning.

Robert Fifo
Posted by Sogo Ogidan on September 22, 2019
  The day I heard that you had passed on was the day that I lost a small piece of my heart and the moment I realized that you were no longer with us.
I was privileged and honoured to have known you for 51years. As a friend,he was always there for me and my family. Very homely,hardworking,kind hearted and loving.
It is just too early for you to leave us. It is difficult accepting the reality of your departure. You will always be remembered every day.
Sir Gboye! good night.

Posted by Toks Fifo on September 22, 2019
I first came to Nigeria when I was 7 years old. I don't remember much, but I remember feeling sad, angry, and confused. I didn't have any friends, arriving in what I thought was a foreign place. But, in no time, I realized that I was home. This is a testament to the treatment I received from you and Big Mommy.

You raised me for many years, dedicating your time, energy, and resources. There's no doubt in my mind that you treated me as your own son. It wasn't all fun and games; parenting involves pushing your children to work hard and achieve things that they can only dream of. But you struck the perfect balance between rigor and leisure. In particular, you always encouraged me to to explore my interests, and gave me the opportunity to do so — in sports, music, arts, and technology.

Most importantly, none of this was special treatment. This is the way you treated everyone, and that's what makes for a remarkable life. Thank you for all you've done to make this world a better place, and may your soul rest in perfect peace.


Toks Fifo
Posted by Niyi Akinnufesi on September 22, 2019
Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember our dearly departed. May the love of family and friends comfort us during these difficult days, my most heartfelt condolences.
Posted by Oludele Olaseinde on September 22, 2019
Our Dear Professor,
The time we spent together at my nephews wedding and my Uncles birthday celebration for his mother was very precious.
Being apart for over 25 years I now found out more about all the good work you have done over the years in medical science.
And the passion you have to make a difference and change lives.
It is people like you with your hard work, research, dedication and honesty that gives us hope for our country. In other words
we need more people like you to make the difference we need.
As a family member you have always been a caring husband and father.
I thank you for all the goodness you brought to our family and our Sister Auntie Keji.
May The Lord Continue To Be With You Always,

Oludele Olaseinde
Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 22, 2019
Any life you came across, while alive you positively impacted.
An intellectual giant in his chosen field and career. Spiritually endowed with passion for Christ and the kingdom of God.
You had an inestimable sound relationship with family members -- nuclear and extended.
You purposely lived a life full of many colorful chapters.
 Daddy, we can't believe you have gone. My wife, Adedoyin (Nee Adewole) is yet to get over the shock of your sudden demise. She is still looking forward to (70+1) celebration of your birthday as you promised, but death will not
allow this to come into reality.
The posterity you left will not allow us to mourn any more, because we know you are with Christ by now.
Good night our dear N.T.A.Adewole as you are foundly called by my wife.
We love you, but God loves you more than we do.
Akinade and Adedoyin Adekunle
Posted by Tatricia Orija on September 21, 2019
From the first day that I met you, I knew you were special. My husband, Seyi, and I had just gotten engaged. You told Seyi you were coming to Houston to meet me and make sure it was true love. I was nervous to meet you, but at end the end of the visit you approved of our relationship and said you’re coming back for our wedding. You were my advocate and would tell my husband that you would beat him when ever he did something wrong. You also stopped a room full of Nigerians from speaking their native language in order for me to be included in the conversation. I felt so loved! My favorite memory of you is when we visited you in Nigeria. It was my first time outside of the United States, and I was very nervous and shocked at the traffic in Lagos. We were crossing the street and you must have sensed my anxiety. You took my hand and guided me across the street. You were my advocate, father and inspiration. I love and will miss you, but I thank God for the short time we had together. Love, Tatricia Orija
Posted by Usamat Olusola Fifo on September 21, 2019
Daddy, I still hear your voice calling me "Shola"...

And after every "Shola", I know there will be a word of advice or soothing greeting. You are one of those in the family who call me by that name... I will really miss that. I will miss your contagious smile that comes either you are happy or sad.

In my academic pursuit in a strange land, you were there to help me and you had all the answers. It was like you knew everything.... you reminded me of a genius.

Your fatherly love to my children and the advice for them to come and live in Nigeria can never be forgotten. The children relied on you and felt comfortable knowing you were there until the last day. You were happy whenever they made progress, especially in their academics and walk with God. You were present at many milestones of their lives.

You and mummy never forget to call each and every one of us for our birthdays and we always look forward to that.You are always appreciative of everything people do for you, even down to the food I cook whenever you are around. You remember all the dishes and would ask of them jokingly.

I still cannot imagine that I would not see you on this side anymore. What a wonderful creature God made! We do not regret any moment of the short time God gave us to know you.

I am grateful that God brought you through my path because I know you were God-sent. I also know to live is Christ but to die is gain, and for those who are in Christ, we know we will meet again one day in the bosom of our Lord. I will miss you dearly!

Love, Usamat Olusola Fifo
Posted by Bolaji Phillips on September 21, 2019
Ambassador called home! What a loss to the Nation, Baptist Convention, the NHBC, New Estate Baptist and the entire families of Adewole/Fifo! Prof Dn Taiwo Adewole was a distinguished academician who doggedly made his way to the top of his profession. He was diligent and unstoppable in his pursuit of academic and spiritual excellence! I remember when, in the early days of the Onítìirí fellowship, he brought a prayer request that God would make him, not only a "local champion" in his field, but also of international acclaim. The Lord granted his requests and his career ended as the VC of a University.
In the church, he will be remembered for his invaluable contributions to the establishment, growth and development of the NHBC. He was one of the first set of deacons appointed after the retirement of the NEBC pioneer deacons. He retired as the chairman of the Board of Deacons. He will be sorely missed by all! May the Lord grant his wife, 'mama mission', the children and the church, the fortitude to bear the loss. God's promise is certain, He will never leave nor forsake them.
Dn Bolaji Phillips (for the Phillips family)
Posted by Titilayo Morolayo Fifo on September 21, 2019
Daddy the news of your passage was a big shock as it was never expected at this moment. We could have wished for you to retire from active service and have more time to spend with every one of us who always looked forward to your mentoring role in the pursuit of life’s fulfilment.
It is indeed painful that you have gone to be with your creator but your legacies are very much alive with us. You have the Magic of love and you have impacted many lives within your sphere of influence during your lifetime. Whenever there was a family function you always showed up even when it was not too convenient. I remembered the beaming smile on your face whenever I greet you.
Your passion for the work of God was incredible and you showed us good examples at all times. Daddy you will forever be missed. May your kind and gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. May God comfort mummy, the children and the entire family. 
Prof. Sleep on till we meet again.
Titilayo Morolayo Fifo.
Posted by Opeyemi Fifo on September 21, 2019
Tribute to daddy, Prof T.A Adewole
It’s been over two decades since you have assumed the responsibility of a father and as my father-in-law. You have consistently and relentlessly showed my family and I an unconditional love beyond measure.
You made me feel very welcome from the first time I met you, my family and I are still trying to come to terms with your sudden departure to eternity.
Your transition to glory has certainly created a vacuum that cannot be filled and things can’t just be the same again.
Also, the wellbeing of my extended family interests you so much so that when the news was broken to my mother who is much older than you lamented, and said “ohh! Prof was a friend! That showed the power of relationship you had with both young and old”.
Your good deeds are immeasurable, and we emulate your act of gentleness and kindness. You are indeed a rare gem who have inscribed the footprints of love in our hearts.
We take solace in God that we will see once again in eternity.
Dad. Sleep well Prof till we meet again.

Opeyemi Fifo
Posted by Ayodeji Fifo on September 21, 2019
Tribute to a man I refer to as my brother, uncle, father and a very close confidant. Prof. T.A Adewole

It is with utmost sadness that I write this tribute about your demise rather than celebrating your 70th birthday.
You have been referenced as above because it undeniably whom you are, have been, and the role you have played in my life and family.
You assumed responsibility over me at the age of 11 years old, tutored me, mentored me and showered me with fatherly love, a role you played until you were called to glory.
I remember your impact and presence throughout my secondary school education and tertiary education. You thought me the value of life and how to appreciate humanity. It is incontestable that I could not have become a man that I am today without your impact and presence in my life.
Some of my friends still could not fathom the relationship between you, mama Dokun (your wife) and I to the extent that one of them asked me “how could your uncle have married your sister?”. This expression could only be attributed to the love you have showed me over the years.
I fondly remember the time I spent at Moremi High School, Ile-ife where I was always looking forward to my every day lunch money of One Naira from you.
It did not occur to me during our last conversation about celebrating your 70th birthday in grand style where you responded that we should wait a little while, but sadly, the celebration never happened.
As my confidant, it is an understatement that you will be missed, but certainly, you will forever live in my heart and my family.
My wife Opeyemi, and my children miss you, and you have left a big hole in our heart that no one can fill.
Till we meet again where we depart no more!
Adieu Prof.

Ayodeji Fifo
Posted by Eunice Oyeneyin on September 21, 2019
Prof Adewole was a gem & genius. He was a joy to be around with. He was always smiling, jovial, loving and caring. His jokes and fatherly advice will be missed. We love & miss you dearly, but God loves you more. May you continue to sleep in the bossom of the Lord & may your soul rest in perfect peace. Love forever. Mr & Mrs 
Habeeb/Yemi Oyeneyin & family.
Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 21, 2019

Our Tribute
Late Professor Adewole
We have the pleasure of sharing at least fifty beautiful years with you, thank God the Almighty for sparing our lives in witnessing the goodness of the Lord in you. “A well- lived life is long enough”. Though, we would have loved to spend more years with you, but the Almighty God decided to take you home when your ovation was loudest.
Your life reflected your belief that a person is “never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”. You were a firm believer in excellence and you used every opportunity that presents itself to the benefit of your family and others alike.
You were an erudite scholar who touched many students and families with your sound knowledge of Science and Medicine, some of whom are here today celebrating your life.
You were a great man of valor and a visioner of hope in all respect; a very humble spirit in construct, deliberation, and wisdom. Most importantly, you were an inspirator to all, our dear brother, and our bona fide friend.
As we mourn our irreparable loss of our brother, may we continue to gird our loins for the battles ahead, looking forward to the day when sin and death will no longer reign.

The Ogunniyis.
Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 21, 2019
Tribute to my dear Uncle Gboyega, - Prof T. A. Adewole
Words fail me as i try to capture this piece in honor of my dear Uncle Gboyega.
I am yet to grasp this reality that I will not hear that fatherly and compassionate voice of yours again on this side of eternity.
Uncle, you were a father and a mentor to me and i am forever grateful for your love and leadership.
Your love and support for my family especially my mother, (Madam Mojoyin) of blessed memory is simply invaluable. You were there to guide, encourage and inspire us.
My mother (Mummy French) really valued your brotherly love and the genuine bond you both shared was indeed precious. Infact my mother used to call you “ Akanbi Erin” which means “ giant / elephant of a man”
Truly, you were a giant with a tender heart – You were extremely gifted intellectually and it is amazing how you served humanity with humility. You were courageous and a mentor of leaders in the world of Medicine and the Christian faith.
How i wished God allowed you to stay back and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a well-deserved retirement, but we take firm solace in your Heavenly Father who knows all things and called you home.
Sleep well, my dear uncle. I love you and i will surly miss you.
By-  Akinolu Oyegun
Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 21, 2019
Professor Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole. You came, you saw and you conquered this evil world to the glory of God our creator. Thanks be to God. You were committed to life and impacted the life of those you came in contact with.
You were a Unique father, brother and friend in various dimensions of life.
Your demise to eternity at this time has created a multi dimensional vacuum we believe only Jesus Christ could fill,
console, and support us beyond your unfinished plans for us. Akanbi, Opomulero Moja Alekan.....
Sun un re o! Sun un re o!! Sun un re o!!! Our beloved continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ in fulfillment of His promise. Mrs. Julianah Adewole Abefe-Balogun
Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 21, 2019
I title this tribute “GOD TOOK HIS OWN !!!” What can I say of you, Taiwo Adegboyega Olusola, omoluabi egbon atata, my precious brother? You were a titan, a colossus, a man of deep devotion to God and family. You were dedicated to excellence in your calling as a medical doctor, an astute trainer of doctors, and an erudite clinician and professor. A gentleman to the core, you were so loyal to friends, even the ones you had since your youth, that we regard them as part of our family.
My Taiwo, Akanbi erin, I did not meet your twin sister alive but you used to say that I was not only your Idowu, but also a stand – in for your Kehinde. You looked out for me as older brothers do, and were concerned about my welfare. You fondly called me “Afunmi – joy” Who will call me that now?
In our family, you were a rallying point, a voice of authority, and you loved having family members around you, living in your house. You were also a great philanthropist, seeing to the education and needs, medical or otherwise, of members and non – members of our family. You were very approachable and understanding, and you gave godly counsel and encouragement.
I am truly shattered and distraught by your sudden demise, but I take solace in the fact that you are now safe with the Lord Jesus Christ. God is totally unquestionable, and I know that, by His grace, we will have a joyous reunion on that glorious Resurrection day. Since in life, you and I shared so much in confidence, and you used to explain things to me, (medical terminology included), perhaps, just perhaps then in eternity, you will be able to answer my big question : WHY? WHY DID YOU LEAVE US IN THE MIDST OF THE YEARS?
Deaconess Funmilayo Idowu Ajoke Adewole

Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 21, 2019
Gboyega, Gboyega, Gboyega, o d’abo o. Goodbye for the time being. We shall meet again in glory.
Your senior sister, Mrs. Abiola Adenike Ajao
Posted by Ijaodola Abel Olawaiye on September 21, 2019
A quintessential gentleman of the Medical profession. A model of what we the younger ones aspire to be, A man of gentle nature with a kind heart.
It’s still a dream to learn of your demise, we cannot still put it together that you have left us. Rest in the Bosom of the Almighty God. Adieu Prof.
Posted by Adetoun Salam on September 21, 2019
I couldn't believe it that our Daddy Adewole Taiwo is gone. He is such a grand person that has all encompassing love for all and sundry. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Paul Fifo on September 20, 2019
Dear Big Daddy,
Thank you.
You showed love and compassion whenever you were around me and you carried a peaceful aura. I remember when I fell ill in Ondo, you travelled to help me without a second thought. I will never forget that. I am sure that you are with God enjoying in heaven right now !!!
May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Bisi Fifo on September 20, 2019
Hmmmmmm, Ohhh death, where is thy sting? Ohhh grave, where is thy victory? It's hard to say "GOODNIGHT DADDY"

- Bisi Fifo
Posted by Morin Fifo on September 20, 2019
Big Daddy, it's now that you are gone that I know how much I miss you. Gentleman to the core- ever pleasant and amiable.

But I'm not going to talk about you in past tense because you are still here with us everyday, alive in the legacy you leave behind. You help so many people, care for the less privileged and impact many minds. Even after your passing, many of us still recall your sound advice and words of wisdom and encouragement to keep moving forward.

I don't even know where to begin. You were an exceptional human being in so many ways. A father to many, a leader,  a giver of your time, resources and advice, and you actually cared. I can say these things because I grew up with you. I spent my formative years living with you in Yaba... you are responsible for raising me up. 

First things first, you gave me a solid foundation in Christianity. Growing up as Baptists you made sure everyone in the house was at church at least twice a week, we did family devotion every night and had to memorize a bible verse a day. As a teenager, there was that part of me that felt these were chores (lol) but they helped me. They helped me in my pursuit for my own future relationship I would develop with God. It pushed me on a journey to finding God for myself, and for that I am forever thankful.

Let's talk about your love for music! Especially Baptist hymnals and the piano... you were so passionate about everything from your career to the things you loved! And whatever you  did, you put your everything in it. That taught me an important life lesson; that in all you do, give your all. Whether it was the church or the community or your career, you gave of yourself to everyone -highly devoted and committed to every platform God gave you to serve from.

I remember how passionate you were about medicine and health! I specifically remember a day where you sat my cousins and I down and talked to us about HIV. We went from how to protect ourselves from the pathology, to finding treatments for malaria in NIMR, to just discussing your academic research in general! Everyone knew you really loved doing what you do-- being a doctor and caring for people. 

One thing I love about you is that you treated everyone the same. You treated us like your own kids and I could ask you about pretty much anything, knowing that you would take care of me.

You gave people hope, believed in us even when we didn't see much in ourselves and you wanted the best for everyone.

I'm going to miss u a lot. We still had many more memories to share... so much more... But I'm glad for the ones we did experience together and the life you lived. It's not about how long it's about how well. You lived a good life and touched many.
See you in heaven one day, where all the pain of loss will be gone forever. 

I love you! 

~The daughter you never had.

Morinsola Fifo
Posted by Omobolanle Adewole on September 20, 2019
Dear Daddy
In life we loved you dearly
In death, we do same

It broke our hearts to see you go
You did not go alone
For a part of us went with you
The day God called you home

You left us amazing memories
Your love still guides me
Though we cannot see you anymore,
We know you'll always be with us

A chain is broken
And things will not be the same
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again.

Rest in Eternal peace Daddy.
Thank you for all you did for me.
You'll be forever loved, never forgotten.
Posted by Andrew Fifo on September 20, 2019
It was a shocking and sad news when I heard you we’re gone Big daddy, your legacy will forever be in my heart. It was just last year you and big mummy came to Ireland for a visit, when we threw you and big mummy a surprise birthday, your reaction was out of this world. It is definitely sad that we’ve all lost such a great icon. You are a fatherly figure, mentor,hero, teacher of life to most of us, actually to all of us and I’m definitely sure, anybody reading this will say the same. Papa, you’ve left this world but you’re never forgotten. Rest in the perfect peace of God.

From Busayo Fifo.
Posted by Adunmo Godwin on September 20, 2019
Prof A. Adewole, the first time I met you was on the day of my external defence of my Ph.D thesis and of course you are the external examiner. You kind words and advice are still very fresh. The last time we met again was your inaugural lecture and that of Prof Adesokan. At Prof. Adesokan inaugural lecture, you drew me closer and said my son where are you now. Your last word was if you have any difficulty in placement contact me. I never knew that will be the last time we will meet. You have joined the Church triumphant. It is painful to say goodnight Sir,you are one of the finest Clinical Biochemist and Chemical pathologist and a lover of God. Rest on Sir till ressurection morning. Dr.G. O. Adunmo (Unilorin)
Posted by GokeToni Adejumo on September 20, 2019
Precious unto the Lord is the death of His saints. You were a shinning star here sir. We trust you are shinning even brighter up there. May the Lord comfort all your loved ones. You will be missed by all who knew you, us inclusive. Good night beloved brother in Christ...
Posted by Omotayo Fifo on September 20, 2019
Fare Thee Well
Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole
(1949 - 2019)

Words seem to be feeble as it is difficult to find the right words to express how I feel in a moment like this. It was an initial moment of denial, then it gradually dawn on me that my dear Professor, the man I cherished so much has passed on.

Prof. you were a perfect example of a brother in-law. You played significant roles in the lives of your wife’s relatives of all ages.
The passionate interest you showed in justification for higher education and career development cut across boundaries.
You gave your best to God and humanity during your lifetime.

In March during one of our conversations in Ondo, you informed me you would soon clock 70. Unfortunately, you left us abruptly to be with your maker.

Even though you have gone, your memory will linger on forever in my heart and that of my family
May God grant you eternal rest and watch over the immediate family you left behind.

ADIEU my erudite Professor.
Till we meet on the resurrection morning.

Omotayo Fifo & family.
Posted by Ahovey Olowu on September 20, 2019
Daddy. We will miss you. You had such a good heart and you loved everyone so dearly. When i was much younger and i could not decipher relationships, i always thought you and mummy were my moms senior relatives.You cared for every one you met like they were your biological children. Continue to rest in the Lords blossom.
Posted by Taiwo Salawu on September 20, 2019
Dear Daddy,
I am still in shock to hear of your passing..i remember when i spoke to you and mummy few months ago when you came to the UK and wanted to come over to ours but due to time constraints and other circumstances we couldn't see..now i think back..and really wish we met up..little did i know God had other plans for you..rest on daddy..rest on..till we meet again in heaven by God's grace
Posted by Bamidele Ajilore on September 20, 2019

'Baba' (as I used to call you), your death is a great loss and still a rude shock to me. It's difficult to accept that you are no more with us physically. But I can not question God Almighty who decided to call to glory one of HIS faithfuls before time. You were such a great leader. You always advised, guided and protected all the young ones that worked under you as if they were your biological children. This is the reason some of us called you 'Baba'. You saw a replica of yourself in me 10 years ago in UNIOSUN. You always encouraged me that "Bamidele, don't worry, don't mind the obstacles, very soon you will see reason why I asked you to tour this career path". Those were few from your words of encouragement. I am sad that you didn't wait to witness the testimony to the greatness you sowed in me. As a christian, I say "au revoir" since I hope to see you again in paradise.
Posted by Folasayo Oyeneyin on September 20, 2019
Good night my dear Professor Adewole, a good friend and encourager.

Yours was a life well spent and respected by majority of people that we have together.

I cherish your simplicity and hard work and te willingness to say it the way you see it.

God grant your wife and family and us the serenity to cope with your death;forgive you, us and our parents.

Ase ooo Edumare

Again, Good night Prof.

Posted by Aurelia Esiri on September 20, 2019
The news of your passing was received with shock. I had thought that I would be able to visit you in Abuja, but it turns out this was not meant to be. You and Keji were treasured friends through thick and thin. You were always very kind hearted and showed your love for God in the way you lived your life and interacted with everyone you came across. Yours is a loss that is difficult to bear, but take solace that your place with the Lord is assured. A true gentleman and a Christian to the core. My heart truly goes out to Keji and the family, but I will urge them to be comforted and proud of the legacy you left. You will be forever missed.
Posted by Omolara Fifo on September 20, 2019
Dear daddy Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole,
I was filled with sadness and grief at the news of your demise.
How I wished I could tell you I'm not ready to let you go.
But you've already departed, and my heart is feeling so low.
I miss that little twinkle that used to light up your eyes.
And I miss the sound of your voice, your laughter and your sighs.
The memory of how you accepted and embraced me (at my low moment) regardless of your status and position will forever linger on in my heart.
Your love towards me and all that come across you was so strong and real.
May God comfort Mummy, the children, and the entire family you left behind.

Ma a sun Olufe, ko si ma simi,
Gbori le aya Olugbala re,
A fe o sugbon JESU fe o ju,
Sunre! Sunre!! Sunre!!!

Daddy, it is not a "goodbye" but a "goodnight" from here.
Posted by Akinrinlola Boluwatife Or... on September 20, 2019
Big daddy, the only way I called you. It is still a shock to me that I won't be able to hug you again. It is with a lot grief and broken heart I write this tribute. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and save you from whatever caused this. I remember when I was much younger, and all you cared about and wanted for me is to get the best out of education. Well, that goal Big daddy is almost achieved, as I am in my finals in the university. My wish was for you to be there on my convocation to congratulate me, and give me the advice on what's next to do in life to be a great and fulfilled gem like you. I know you will forever be in my heart and the hearts of everyone in the family. I am very sure you are in a better place and it is the wish of the most high. May your gentle and kind soul rest in peace.
Posted by EpignosisWord InfoCentre on September 20, 2019
Life is not actually measured in chronological number but by impact made on others. Prof. Adewole was indeed an impact maker, an encourager, a role model. Everyone is important and of significance in his eyes. May your soul rest in peace daddy.
   Fifo Bosede
Posted by Senami Adepoju on September 19, 2019
A Tribute to Deacon (Prof) Taiwo Adewole.

A rare gem is gone
A child of the Living God
A caring Deacon
A devoted husband
A loving father
A teacher
A true professional
A role model for many
A uniquely humble representative of the Almighty God
Has gone to meet his maker
No man can fill the vacuum created
But we know he is at peace in the bosom of his maker
Rest on dear uncle till the resurrection morning!!!!!
Posted by Shola Fifo on September 19, 2019
Daddy, your passing on has been a big shock to us. Though we don't understand it but we know it pleases The Lord. We can only take courage in how you humbly served Him. The life you lived, how you loved and served have given us many memories. I remember how you took on the heavy task of teaching a village kid on table etiquette. It was a duty you took on gracefully.

Words alone cannot express how much we will miss you. You've have been an inspiration to many of us in loving The Lord and pursuing academic excellence. When you're aware of a situation you journey with the person. I cannot forget your joy when I told you I passed my Viva.

Surely, we will meet again at His feet and what a joy it will be! Till then rest in peace in the bosom of your The Lord.
Posted by Olaniyi Adekemi on September 19, 2019

Time, they say heals wounds, fades scars and takes pain away but to us you will remain unforgettable our beloved Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole.

We are still in awe by your sudden passing. lt was a big blow but we choose to reflect on your legacies of paragon, integrity,
productivity, humility, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, peace, unity, love and strong faith in God Almighty whom you have translated to meet.

Daddy, your exemplary life speaks volume to the world at large even after your passing. You made positive impact in the lives of everyone you encountered. You were specially made by God and we are so glad that our paths crossed on this planet. For all the core values you instilled, Daddy we thank you.


To die in Christ is gain and to live in the hearts of those who love you is to live forever. We love you but God loves you best and has taken you to a glorious place.

Rest on Sir till the resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.

May the good Lord comfort our dearest mummy Keji and grant her the grace to bear this irreparable loss.


Posted by Oni Olubode on September 19, 2019
Dear Professor Taiwo Adewole,
Little did you give us any signal that you have to make up this Great Journey so soon; we would have prayed it out and God would have granted our request.
Thank God for your beatitudes of Christ and the transparent fruit you bear, that make your exit so greatly felt. Our consolation is the assurance based on true testimony of your life spent, that you are at the bosom of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
We, the entire Oni Family remember your good relationship, humility and prompt attention to our needs when your Services are dearly needed.
Thank God for you. Please Rest in Peace.
Hon. Olubode Oni & Family.
Posted by Raphael Olabanji Olaseind... on September 19, 2019
Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole
The bitter news about your sudden death, Gboyega, can not easily be taken in. You were such a godly, lovely and an amiable gentleman, so liked and loved by all that had the opportunity to come across your path. 
You were meek and you fitted in where you were.
It hurts to think that you have left us for ever. How are the mighty fallen! You impacted many lives, but have left many devastated.
In your heartthrob's family, no one knew you as an inlaw; you were a son, brother, "egin", or aburo. The vacuum you have left in the family can never be filled.
It is hard to say Adieu Gboyega, but rest in the bosom of your Maker, God Who has chosen to call you at this time. He will take good care of your wife, children, family members and all you have left behind.
Adieu Gboyega, till we meet at Jesus' feet.
R. O. Olaseinde (Brother in law)
Posted by Lateef Agbaje on September 19, 2019
Daddy, with your death, I realised reality is quite different from emotions, most times both doesn't work together, I was always with you in body and spirit, you have been a good father, mentor and confidant to me, we share a lot of things together, u catalyse me to progress, u caution me when going astray, my emotion would have been for u to live as long as you wish. What a world, we can not query God as so many questions runs on my mind without a single answer. May God accepts your soul. Akanbi opo, opomulero moja alekan, omo oba nile soobi, sun ree o.
.... Lateef
Posted by Moses L. Adeoti on September 19, 2019
Prof. Adewole was a trusted and loving friend, a commited and devout Baptist. I was planning and looking forward to attending his 70th birthday anniversary as he attended mine in April. But the Lord had a better plan.
It's not how long but how well, but you definitely had a fulfilled life, touching so many lives and institutions. Adieu my friend. God bless and take care all you left behind. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ekone Evelyn on September 19, 2019


His Journey's Just Begun
By Ellen Brenneman

Don't think of him as gone away
his journey's just begun,
life holds so many facets
this earth is only one.
Just think of him as resting
from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and years.
Think how he must be wishing
that we could know today
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.
And think of him as living
in the hearts of those he touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost
and he was loved so much.


Pst, & Pst.(Mrs) Ekone
Posted by Blessing Omomola on September 19, 2019
TRIBUTE-Dn. Prof. Taiwo Adewole

Writing a tribute about Dn. Prof. Taiwo Adegboyega Adewole is with a great pain. He was used by God to touch our lives and ministry in many ways. Right from the time the church (New Heritage Baptist Church, Lagos) reached out to us to become her pastor until his demise, he was a great encourager, counselor, and die-heart partner and follower. He was a ministry partner any pastor would love to work with, a church leader that made the church healthy and peaceful, a church member who respected and submitted to pastoral leadership and a Deacon who served with absolute devotion and diligence. He was a lover of God, a lover of his family, lover of God’s church and God's servants, a lover of the brethren and all aquitances as well as a lover of the community of people. He was highly elevated in his profession yet humble, graciously elected into top church leadership yet submissive, greatly dedicated to God's work yet amenable, endowed with many graces yet unassuming, advancing in age yet young at heart. He became the first Diaconate chairman of New Heritage Baptist Church, Lagos and served with outstanding commitment for 8 years. We were greatly challenged by his commitment to service when he traveled every Sunday from Osogbo to Lagos just to perform his role as a serving deacon. To the amazement of several, he arrived the church from Osogbo for service before some nearby church members. No doubt, we will miss his love, humility, encouragement, sacrificial service and many other outstanding qualities he was endowed with by God. He was such a blessing to his family, church leadership and members, colleagues and community of people in Lagos and Ede. God's multiplied grace on the family and the churches he associated with in his lifetime. We love you dearly, Dn. Prof. Taiwo Adewole.
*Rev. Dr. & Rev. Mrs. Julius Omomola*
Lead Pastor, New Heritage Baptist Church, Lagos

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