Let the memory of Prof be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Prof Obayan . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Suleiman Barnabas on February 12, 2019
Prof. Aize Obayan didn't die. The Mother Eagle cannot die! Mummy Aizeanta, you are not dead and so this is not a tribute!! I am just writing to let you and all of us know that you haven't died. You are alive!!! No wonder I can still see you in your magnificence. Now I can hear you telling me: "Son, do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die". JOHN 3:16 tells me that you didn't die (and couldn't have died). ROMANS 14:8 tells me that you are alive. If what you have 'experienced' is PRECIOUS to GOD (Psalm 116:15), then you haven't died. You are alive. Philippians 1:21 tells me that you cheated death to "gain"!!!! Now I can tell that you have redefined the meaning of "death" as "gain". Mummy Aize Obayan has "gain"ed. May we all "gain" and never "die"!!!! Live on my Love. Live on my Heroine. Live on my Mentor. Live on my Teacher. You cannot die!!!!!!
Posted by Paul Ehiagbonare on February 11, 2019
Dear Mummy, my wonderful & astute prof. I will never forget how you thought me the rudiments of leadership at the African Leadership Development Centre. Because of your tutelage i am a better person overall asa leader. You showed me and my wife so much love, like you used to say "we are family", you were there for us when my wife lost her father, you encouraged us all the way. I had good thoughts towards you even i held you in high esteem to treat you as a mother to me but death.
The news of your death shook my Christian beliefs, it challenged my very core about life, if left with with questions am yet to get answers to. I hold on to the impact you had on my life, this i remain grateful for.
We miss you mummy, i know for things like this, we know in part but i know time will come for us to know in full.
Enjoy eternity with God. Thank you for being here, making impact, touching lives and making better humans. You are forever missed.
Posted by Nwakobi Christiana on February 10, 2019
THE GREAT MOTHER EAGLE BOWS OUT......                       The news of your death came to me as a huge shock, at first I thought it was one of those rumors, until my fear was confirmed. I didn’t really relate with you that much, in fact I was so scared of you back in school, because you were a disciplinarian, but I always admired you. I may not have related with you on a close level, but I cannot tell the story of my life n times in Cu without calling your name. Thanks a lot ma for the leadership classes, thanks a lot for the TTG classes, thanks a lot for all the books you made us read against our wish, the books made me a better person today, thanks a lot for caring for us and nuturing us to be better people. Thank you for all the positive impacts you had on us, it is highly appreciated. It’s really hard to say goodbye, I can’t believe I’m typing Rip with your name attached to it so soon, but God knows best. Rest In His Perfect Love Dear Mother Eagle. Adieu Prof Aize Obayan.#youwillbesorelymissed#**

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