Posted by Konmi Atiba on May 14, 2021
We give the Almighty God the glory for a life well spent of our Caring, Loving and Consummate nephew of our late Mother Mrs Abiola Atiba. Uncle Prof as fondly called was an epitome of strength,love and kindness.May his gentle soul continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord Amen
Posted by Patrick O Odusanya on May 13, 2021
Posted by Omolade Teru on May 10, 2021
Uncle, words cannot describe this difficult moment, but I am truly blessed to have had you in my growing years.Back to memory lane, I remeber your regular visits to my late mother(Olabisi Martins) at Apapa Road.You were caring , loving and accommodating.Your smile...I
Still remember.I adored you and longed to be a doctor like you but it never materialized as I struggled with my Physics.
Thank you for taking care of my grandma(mama Leko).
You took her to your home in Akoka where she stayed with her cast after she broke her leg.
Thank you Uncle.
I didn’t become a doctor , but am glad to let you know that my daughter is a medical Doctor....

May the Lord comfort the auntie Nana, the children and the family now and always.

May God keep us all and grant Uncle eternal rest.
Adieu Uncle
Adieu Prof
Adieu Adieu Adieu

Mrs Omolade Teru(née Martins)
Daughter of Late Olabisi Idowu Martins
Posted by Anthony Charles on May 8, 2021
Tribute to Professor B.O George

Integrity, reliability, and courage are just three of the virtues that come to mind when I think of Professor George. Our loss is a great one. He was an incredibly charismatic leader and mentor. He is widely recognized as an expert in his field of cardiology in Nigeria. He was a man of his word who led by example and action. A man with a strong moral compass who stood his ground and never backed down in the face of adversity. A true role model for anyone in a position of leadership. The friendship between Professor George and our late father was one to be envied, they were more like brothers than friends, and the closeness of our two families continues till today. I find solace in the hopes of a rekindled brotherhood in the bosom of the Lord.

I remember him being part of our lives at all times. My first memory of him was at the age of 4 years when he visited us at home, and he took the time to interact with us. Given the time he spent in Ireland for medical school, he took the time to explain the “troubles” in Northern Ireland as we were about to go to boarding school in Ireland. My sister and I were fortunate to have been medical students at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, and witness his love for medical education and his clinical brilliance. His contagious smile brought such caring, warmth, and compassion to all that knew him. His life will continue to be an inspiration to us. He will be dearly missed. I pray that God gives Aunty Nana, the Children and the rest of the family the strength to carry on. May his gentle soul Rest in Peace.

Professor Anthony Gbolahan Charles, on behalf of the family of the late Dr.Paul Adegbola Charles
Posted by E Bandele on April 27, 2021
I worked under Prof George in the early seventies and he struck me as being very kind understanding and an.excellent clinician and teacher .U had to be in ward round on time because he was always punctual.A very jovial personality who had those jokes ready to be used .A very keen dresser he distinguished himself with his characteristic bowtie.He cared a lot for his patients and would go through all the clinical details.A devout catholic he took his religion seriously and this reflected in the way he treated others.He was also a very good family man and one was usherred in with warmth and kindness.We shall all miss him .Our love and condolence go to the wife and family and may his soul rest in perfect peace amen.
Posted by Wale Oke on April 26, 2021
Egbon, our hearts are heavy by your passing. A generous, gentle, hard working and figure of strength, my time with you was spent in laughter and fun. You lived a life full of joy and no matter what obstacle took place, you faced them with courage and wit. Fond memories of you bring us all comfort during this time. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Alhaji BRANKADEDE
Posted by Annette Ventour on April 26, 2021
"If a man dies, can he live again? I will wait all the days of my compulsory service Until my relief comes." Job 14:14
The patriarch Job was convinced that even if he should die, he would live again. (Job 14:13-15) He used a tree​—perhaps an olive tree—​to illustrate his confidence in God’s ability to resurrect him. “There is hope even for a tree,” Job said. “If it is cut down, it will sprout again.” When rainfall breaks a severe drought, a dry olive stump can spring back to life with shoots rising from its roots, producing “branches like a new plant.”​—Job 14:7-9.
Just as a cultivator longs to see the roots of a cut-down olive tree spring up again, Our heavenly father longs to restore his deceased servants and many others to life. (Matt. 22:31, 32; John 5:28, 29; Acts 24:15) What a joy it will be to welcome back the dead and see them enjoy productive lives once again!

I look forward to meeting you again my father in perfect health. Your daughter Annette (Folake )❤️
Posted by Georgina Bolarinwa on April 26, 2021
Daddy, you will be greatly missed. Your love for the whole family was great.
You are a father indeed. 
Rest in perfect peace with the Lord
The Bible says those that are asleep shall rise up first when Jesus Christ comes.
Sleep on my beloved dad until we all meet again in paradise.
Posted by Lindsay Peter-Thomas on April 25, 2021
Dear Uncle Olu George,
You were a close friend of my late dad, Akin Peter-Thomas ( Gregs Old Boys). You always treated me with respect and kindness. And you had a big heart. I will miss your smile. You are in good company now. Rest in Peace until we meet again.
Posted by Tobiloba George on April 23, 2021
It was great to have you help me understand the value of reading, working hard and working smart.

You had a kind heart to top it all and that is really all that we need in a world so tough.

Keep resting. Love always,
Posted by George Afolabi on April 21, 2021
Tribute For Prof. B. George By Cousin Folabi George.
I received with great shock the sad news of the sudden death of cousin Boniface George on 13th April 2021 at the age of 84 years.
Prof Boniface George was a very generous charming and very religious person. He was highly reliable and dependable a brilliant cardiologist and a family man. I remember how he correctly diagonised the problem with my late son Francis to be hole in the heart, while other doctors gave wrong diagnosis like sickle cell problem and were prescribing wrong and ineffective medicine which worsened the condition. After Francis returned from London with his mother on the recommendation of Cousin Olu his health got better and cheerful. Thank you cousin Olu for your brilliancy. We will miss you a lot. Rest in peace till we shall meet to part no more. Folabi George.
Posted by David Oke on April 21, 2021
People ask me why I chose the path of cardiology today... It was because of the gentle, kind, understanding, amiable nature of Professor Bonniface Olubunmi George aka ... Egbon. 
He was a very quiet unassuming man. A
very religious catholic, committed and dedicated to his duties. He was a man with an insatiable desire to continue to learn, teach and inspire others.
These were some of the qualities that compelled me to follow in his footsteps as Head of Cardiology unit and Head Department of Medicine College of Medicine, University of Lagos and Chairman Medical Advisory Committee of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Here are some the tributes paid to him by a few of his students who are now consultant physicians, professors and experts in their own fields on receiving the news of his passing:

"So sorry Wale about your cousin. He was a soft-spoken gentleman, always jovial and helpful during our residency training period"
"He lived a truly impactful life and his contributions to the field of medicine and cardiology will forever be remembered."

"He was a gentleman and a great teacher".

"He was a great teacher. I still remember one of his lectures, the only lecture on arrythymia I understood which he delivered when he breezed in from Saudi Arabia"

Goodbye dear cousin, you were my inspiration, idol, role model and mentor. You will surely be missed. Rest in perfect peace in the bossom of the Lord.

Professor David Adewale Oke.
Provost College of Medicine, University of Lagos

Posted by Bro Chief Emmanuel A Shom... on April 20, 2021
A world renowned Cardiologist I once consulted him at Gloria hospital Anthony Village Lagos, he was as friendly as ever with his computer, always smiling like his father. Indeed a replica of his Dad Late Pa A I George of 59, Campbell street, Lagos ; may their souls rest in peace
. Good night my brother.
Posted by Festus Oshoba on April 16, 2021
I had the great priviledge of knowing Professor Boniface Olubunmi George through my 'mother', mentor and benefactor Dr. Mrs Nana George; the renowned Ophthalmologist. He was the first son of late Papa George of blessed memory. He was a teacher of my own teachers. Gracious, benevolent, erudite and the Professor of professors in the field of medicine. He retired from the services of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and the University of Lagos. He had a sojourn at Saudi Arabia during the military junta of 1984 when Doctors were hounded and tormented. He was joined by the wife and both of them came back to Nigeria.
His generosity was used against him when the security agents employed by him inflicted machete cut wounds on his head. This became a turning point when the erstwhile excellent health he enjoyed began to dwindle. 
He added great value to all those who had the opportunity to interact with him.
He is particularly missed by my family for his mentorship and benevolence. He was a fine and complete gentleman. A doctor of doctors. Quintessential role model who came, saw and conquered the world.
Indeed he is immortal because he lives forever in our minds.
Adieu great one!
Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ until we meet to part no more.
Condolences to all us left to mourn him and espouse his virtues.
Dearly beloved!
We love you but God loves you more.
Rest in perfect peace.
Fondly remembered by the Festus Odunayo Oshoba- a former Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and his family.
Posted by Olumide Adesipe on April 16, 2021
My teacher at the college of medicine, my source of inspiration through which I dedicated myself in medical practice. My consultant with the iconic hair parting and spartan cute dressing with touch of class. May your path be blessed sir. May perpetual Light continue to shine on your soul as your journey forth for further enlighten experiences that would guide your path to the Luminous Kingdom of God Almighty. Adieu sir.
Posted by Abeke Adeliyi on April 16, 2021
I am deeply saddened by the death of my Mummy's cousin, late Prof. Boniface Olubunmi George. He was an exemplary straight forward man, always ready to help and humble.
May Almighty God Jehovah continue to comfort and uphold the whole family at this trying period. May we all be comforted by the hope of the resurrection as found in God's word John 5:28, 29 and Job 14:14,15.
Ehin ti won fisile koni baje titi lai Lai. Amin
Once again, may Almighty God Jehovah continue to uphold us all at this period of time and grant us the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Bose Peter-Thomas on April 16, 2021
Lord Jesus, our Redeemer, You willingly gave Yourself up to death so that all people might be saved and pass from death into a new life. Listen to our prayers; look with love on Your people who mourn and pray for their dead brother, Professor Boniface Olubunmi George. Lord Jesus, You alone are holy and compassionate; forgive our brother his sins. By dying You opened the gates of life for those who believe in You; do not let Your brother be parted from You, but by Your glorious power give him light, joy, and peace in heaven where You live for ever and ever. Amen.
Being a member of G49, a set of St. Gregory College Old Boys, along with my late husband, we became one big family (from different parents). We were always at each other's family events, Birth, weddings and burials. He led a great life and contributed to the development of humanity and the Catholic church. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Onabekun Bolanle on April 15, 2021
Daddy will love you but God love you more continue rest in peace
Posted by Francisca George on April 15, 2021
I met Big Daddy for the first time in 1996 after the birth of my daughter, Tobiloba. Before then we had communicated through letters sent to Grandpa A. I. George.
Uncle sent me a congratulatory letter and money after Tobi's birth; and also visited later that year. Each time he visited from Jeddah was a time of enjoyment! The children worked hard in school, and were always eager to present their report cards to Big Daddy! The reward was always according to the level of pass, although everybody got something big!
Big Daddy was very generous to me! He once told me to let him know whenever I needed help financially; and each time I approached him, he gave me abundantly above my expectation.
I once missed my flight to the Netherlands; and was asked to pay $200. Big Daddy gave me the fine; and a lot more.
There was no dull moment with him. He was full of life and love for all.
Big Daddy called me 'Namesake'. Ever since I became a member of the George family, I saw him as a role model, and worked hard to achieve academic excellence. I was so happy and excited when I became a Professor; and was hoping that he'd one day be the Guest of honor and would lead the entire George Family to my Inaugural Lecture. Alas, that's not to be.
I thank God for knowing you Sir; and pray that your beautiful and loving soul will rest eternally in the Lord's bossom.
Good night Big Daddy.
Prof. Francisca Olubunmi Adebukola George
Posted by Christiana George on April 15, 2021
Our precious and great uncle. I will remember you always as a gentle and loving soul. Rest in peace forever in Paradise.
Posted by Olabode Owoeye on April 15, 2021
I was never opportuned to meet you in person. I only heard the stories of your kind, loving and caring heart. You were deeply loved.
Posted by Patrick Ayanbadejo on April 15, 2021
Our dear uncle Olu as we fondly called him was not just our dad's friend and secondary school classmate, but a loving father to us all. I especially recall our stop overs at grandpa's place at Campbell street Lagos on our way home from school. He was a shinning star amongst his old classmates from st Gregory's college and his loyalty to them was unwavering.

We will miss you and we will also build on your legacies. May God grant our dearly departed uncle "Olu" eternal rest and continue to protect all those he left behind. Amen

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