This memorial website was created as a legacy in the celebration of the life our dearly beloved one, Prof. Folayan Ojo. He was born on November 12, 1938 and went to be with the Lord on March 9, 2021.  He truly will be forever missed. We treasure the memories we hold of him and have shared many photos and a few videos of him doing what he loved - dancing.
The details for the celebration of the life of Professor Folayan Ojo are as follows:
Requiem Mass - St Benjamin's Catholic Church, Olowora Road, Kosofe, Lagos.
Monday April 12, 2021. Video available at

Service of Songs - 24 Science Road, Unilag Estate, Magodo Phase 1, Berger, Lagos.
Tuesday April 13, 2021. Video available at

Lying in State and Wake - Keeping - 3 Prof. Folayan Ojo Street, Odo-Osun, Ijero Ekiti.
Thursday April 15, 2021. Video available at

Funeral Mass - St Peter's Catholic Church, Ijero Ekiti. 
Friday April 16, 2021 10:00 AM GMT/West Central Africa

Copies of Professor Folayan Ojo's crowning  achievement - Volume 3 of His Autobiography are now available. Please contact Folarin at 0909 966 2177 (+234 909 966 2177) if interested. Copies of volumes 1 & 2 are also available.

Posted by Tamaratare Masah on March 13, 2021
Grandpa was a great man of pleasure; he was my mentor and my teacher. I miss you so much Grandpa, thank you for the days.
Tamaratare Masah, Tare baby
Posted by Tope Aboloyinjo on March 13, 2021

Rest in power Daddy, Prof. Folayan Ojo.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 - “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:2 - “... a time to be born, and time to die,” ...

Religiously proved and philosophically ascertained, all humans are mortals.
Relying on the biblical assertion in Genesis 3:19b - “for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”, Prof. Folayan Ojo, we submit to the will of God on your demise.

Baba Folayan Ojo, though you have gone to join the saints, still, reviewing and remembering your fulfilled sojourn on earth leaves us with nostalgia.

Highlighting your indelible touches in life may take decades to actualise, as such, submitting to the will of God that enabled you traversed thus far will be our faithful solace.

I knew you in many ways and your worth all through is enviably emulative.

Reading many testimonials of your helpful, selfless, patriotic, academic, iconic and ebullient dispositions while you lived is another pointer that you lived well.

On your transition, I pray that God Almighty rests your soul eternally.

You will be sorely missed here but rest on till the resurrection day, when we shall meet and part no more.

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!
Posted by Ebunoluwa Njoku on March 13, 2021
Dear Daddy,
I just can't believe you are gone, when Kemi called me to break the news, i just kept my cool but for several days my heart has been heavy but i know the Lord will comfort your family and everyone that loved you so dearly.

You were indeed a Great Daddy and A Great Person. Meeting you through Kemi years ago was truly a honour. Working on some of your briefs, working with you and getting to know you is knowing that truly you were an Extraordinary Gentleman. You were very Kind, Thoughtful and Truly Good to me Daddy. A Very Considerate Client, you made my work very easy and never complained even when i was late for a meeting

You will be missed Daddy Ojo, Rest in Perfect Peace
Posted by Akinwale Ogunlola on March 13, 2021
It’s difficult to accept but very true. It is difficult to understand but very real. Daddy, it’s hard to believe that you have gone to be seen no more in this world. I never dream of your death so near, the blow was hard and the shock was severe. Prof. I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing, but if this is the last time I have to say goodbye then, I will do so with the knowledge that I consider myself fortunate to have engaged with you.

Daddy, as I fondly called you, your death left a big vacuum, especially when I remember Mummy (Your wife) with your aged mother-in law and imagine what pain goes through both of them missing lovely husband and a great son in law, and how I wish someone will reassure us that all is rumour. However, while we mourn, we also take comfort in the fact that your mission here on earth would have been fulfilled, but we feel it’s quite too soon. But then, such is life and we had to accept that God had decided to bring you home.

Daddy, I know it is the will of God and we have no authority to question Him. Though, you might be physically gone, your thought shall never depart from my mind, neither your place in my heart be replaced. The fact that you are no longer here with us is painful, I think of you every day in silence, I often speak your name but all I have is memory, your memory is a keepsake from which I will never forget forever in my heart with each passing day filled with memories of times shared.

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, may you continue to rest in perfect peace of our Lord whom you served till will meet again to part no more as you enter your heavenly home

Rest on Baba Omo and continue to sleep in the bosom of our Lord till we meet to part no more, amen.

Steve Akinwale Ogunlola
Posted by Omoniyi Aboloyinjo on March 13, 2021
How can I write a tribute to Professor Folayan Ojo without mentioning some of his incisive, decisive and absolutely significant positive interventions in my journey of life. Professor Ojo and my biological father late Pa Olayinka Aboloyinjo were first cousins. But Professor Ojo played actively the fatherly role in my development.

Right from my childhood as a primary six pupil, he recognized perhaps intuitevily, my academic abilities, he encouraged my father to put me in boarding school when i gained admission to DMGS with promise of regular funding in that regard. My father did not eventually put me in boarding school because I was helping him in his farm and business. But my father was always encouraging me to do well in school in order not to disappoint his cousin. He would always remind me of Prof promise to take me to Lagos to further my studies if I came out well in my exams. The strategy worked well. I did well in my final exam.

Few months later Prof fulfilled his promise, he came to Ijero to pick me up for upward journey to Lagos. The few days during the preparation for the trip and the actual journey were most joyous moments of my life.
Professor was full of life, happy through out the journey, though driving, he was singing and dancing to Ebenezer's melodies.
At arrival in Lagos, he quickly enrolled me for Jamb lessons, ensured I secured university admission and assisted my father greatly though out my university program.

During my NYSC program prof already started feverish efforts at securing a job for me . Immediately after my National service, I visited him in Akure. After our usual father and son exchange of familiarities , prof brought out his call card and wrote to Regional Controller, Nigerian General Insurance Plc. On the card he wrote "Dear Madam, I have discussed with Mr. Awopetu, the employment of The bearer. Kindly assist." The following day I took the card to the office and resumed work immediately. My appointment was normalized a month later.

That momentous event was a defining moment of my illustrious career in Nigeria insurance industry where I later rose to top management positions.

Time and space would not allow me give full highlights of others significant contributions of Prof to my progress and development. I also wonder if I ever thank you enough for the huge impact you had in me but have solace that God will reward your soul with Eternal Goodness in recognition of your kindness to all that crossed your path.

Obviously, In Professor Folayan Ojo, I lost a loving ,caring and affectionate father who God sent to me as my earthly guardian.


Posted by AJOJE BAMIDELE on March 13, 2021
Thank God for a fulfilled life.l think enough has been said about Prof. but one thing l cherish about Prof, and for which l continue to live with is the word; "l am sorry Sir"no matter the level of your offence,Prof, will forgive. A man with a Large Heart. That's the kind of person Prof,his.
We are missing him already but we take solace in the fact that he lived a life worthy of emolution.Rest on Daddy.
Posted by AJOJE AYODEJI on March 13, 2021
I will continue to miss you my confidant. You were always there for me even when at crossroads in life. You put smile on my face. Where should I start  from? is it when I joined you in Ozolua road at Unilag staff Quaters? You accommodated me and stood by me and my siblings including my mom, your younger sister not to feel much of the absence of our father you were always there for her as a father, husband and a good brother. You always put my mom first in your mind.. Daddy my children will continue to miss you . We will all miss your dancing steps .we love you but God loves you more than anyone. We shall all continue to celebrate you as a role model, father.. I pray to God to grant you eternal rest prof Folayan Ojo. Rest in peace
Posted by Ikus Masah on March 12, 2021
Grandpa, as my kids called him , was a man of honour. His word was his bond and he was an epitome of a good man with a caring heart and a gentle soul. I never saw a man so organized. His attention to details and his memory of events, names and dates was profound.

Though he was my father in-law, we shared a bond like father and son, ikus-ikus he called me. We often discussed  just about anything while taking our "usual " (drinks) , sometimes, late into the night.

He was a family man who loved his wife, children and grandchildren very dearly. 
He lived a life without frills and loved to laugh and to dance. My kids always looked forward to visit him because he always spoilt them with gifts.

Thank you daddy for all your love and support, we love you but God loves you more. I still can't believe I am writing a tribute to you . You were a good man with a good heart and a gentle soul
Till we meet again in heaven, continue to rest in perfect peace daddy.
May God grant you eternal rest and bless your soul.
Posted by Dipo Ayilola on March 12, 2021
I want to start by thanking you for everything you have done for your family and your community. You have always been a pillar to Whom we can always seek wise counsel. You've been there for me since the beginning, helping to raise me and teaching me the fundamentals that I've kept with me throughout my entire life. I've always looked up to you and try to follow your lead as my older brother. I'm happy that I've been able to make you proud of what I've also accomplished.

Even though losing you hurts, I will always cherish the numerous memories that we've had throughout life. In this season of mourning I know God will get us through it.

Your legacy continues to live on in bot only our lives but the lives of everyone you have touched. I can and will never forget you brother. I will continue to strive for the best as you would have always wanted. Thank you again for everything you have done. May your soul forever rest in peace and may you continue to watch over all of us here.
Posted by Toyin masah on March 12, 2021
Dear Daddy,

Words fail your "T" for Toyin. My father was the symbol of love, emphathy, simplicity, humility, integrity and hardwork.

i still cannot believe i am refering to you in the past tense. You were selfless, always assisting anyone who needs the help you can give.

You were always time conscious, never late and the most organized person i have ever known. Your attention to details was second to none.

How can i forget that you were the life of the party with your hearty distinct laughter while enjoying yourself and the unbeatable, unique dance steps?

I thank God for the opportunity of knowing you. Moreover, i also thank Him for the priviledge of being your daughter

Thank you Dad for being the best Dad i could ever ask for. Thank you for the endless love you showered on my mum, brothers and sisters, in-laws, grandchildren and the entire family.

You will surely be missed greatly. I love you Dad! Dance with the angels in Heaven till we meet to part no more.

Eternal rest grant him o Lord and let perpertual light shine upon him. Amen
Posted by Kemi Feyisetan on March 12, 2021
Grandpa, I really really really really miss you by Timi Feyisetan
Posted by Abraham Jibowo on March 12, 2021
I met Professor Ojo as Dean at the University of Swaziland in 2006 during the graduation ceremony. His voice when reading the names of graduating students was like velvet. When he suspected that the listeners were reacting positively, he changed his voice to be less endearing. He was such a scholar that could adjust positively to situations. In spite of his great achievements, he was humble in disposition and dressing. He headed important committees with humility and wisdom. He was a rare and talented scholar who never allowed his achievements to make him look down on others. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Prof. A. A. Jibowo
Posted by Odunayo Mathew on March 12, 2021
A man as humble and loving as grandpa will always be remembered by those of us who knew and love him. Although we will miss him, his smile, his gists, love and our usual token. We take consolation in the good feelings of our memories. Grandpa, I and my siblings will always miss you. Though, I have so many wonderful memories to hang on especially you made us to know that electricity supply was extended to our maternal home town Ido Ile Ekiti while you were commissioner with a prove of picture which you gave to mum from your archive. Grandpa, we know you are in a better place. Rest on Grandpa. Oluwapelumi Ajoje.
Posted by Odunayo Mathew on March 12, 2021
Each time I address you as daddy in the presence of my children, they always ask if you are not my uncle. But my response had always been if there is any word bigger than daddy, that's what you should be called. This is to show how important you were to my life and family. I still remember your effort while going to Ministry of Defence at Moloney, Lagos. You would be on queue under very hot sun for me to be enlisted into the Nigerian Navy. Daddy you did not stop there, you were always monitoring my progress and I can still remember in the sitting room when you made it clear that you were proud of me. All I could say was, I could not afford to fail your fatherly effort. My wife which you accepted as your daughter and my children are singing your praises though yet to believe that you are no more. My solace is the fact that you lived a righteous life. Your death actually left a scar in our hearts but your legacy will stand in our life. Adieu Daddy! We all miss you.
Posted by Ayodeji Ojo on March 12, 2021
Heaven gained an angel. However, my heart is filled with joy and gladness that Daddy lived a gracious and fulfilled life. I will miss our conversation and your wise words and I pray I’m half the man you were. My inspiration, my hero and my mentor. Father of many, always full of encouragement and a pillar of support.
Daddy, thank you for laying such a wonderful path for us all with your love beliefs,values and hard work.

I love you daddy. I will miss u dearly
Posted by Agboola Adetoun on March 12, 2021
Heaven has gained an angel
Even though I am writing this tribute with sadness, I am glad that Daddy Prof Afolayan Ojo lived a purposeful and fulfilled life. I will miss so many of his virtues. He was an encourager, a pillar of support, a motivator, and a man filled with so much grace and wisdom. Yes, he was very spiritual too. He fitted into everything I like to talk about.
I pray that the Lord will console all that he left behind and give everyone of us the fortitude to bear the huge loss.
Thank you sir for showing this generation what it means to be loving, courteous, hard working and interesting. I have loads of fond memories. Rest on sir.
Princess Adetoun Agboola
(Nee Adewole)
Posted by Iyabo Olayemi on March 12, 2021
TRIBUTE TO PROFESSOR FOLAYAN OJO.       The death of our Daddy professor Folayan Ojo represent a great loss to the entire family and entire Ijero Ekiti community for his pioneering roles in education, human development family and community leadership.    If you lived for 50 more years,the vacuum would anytime have remained conspicuously a void too difficult to fill.It is a historical responsibility shouldered with courage, passion and commitment one thing in unique that you meaningfully engineer relevance beyond the dogma of university training, you rose through the ranks and file to become an emeritus professor, a legacy that has actually put you and family in the respectable ranking of the elite in the Ijero home and diaspora, see how are mighty fallen! Life is all about rise and fall of human pointing to the extraordinary destination called eternity. Our pride in your pioneer leadership will remain evergreen in us and propel us to move on while you will be missed by we your siblings and the entire Ijero Ekiti community. Rest in peace our dear Daddy professor Folayan Ojo. Elder & Mrs Olayemi O.P
Posted by Yemisi Erhunmwunse on March 12, 2021
Dear daddy,
You were many things to many people, a dedicated professional, a philanthropist, a great dancer, a father figure etc but you were definitely the best daddy I could have ever asked for. I learnt so much from you on how to be good person because you were the best person I had the privilege of knowing. You cared so much about the upliftment of others, you were always willing to learn and improve yourself no matter how old you got, you took other people's problems personally that sometimes I would not want to tell you if I was going through any challenge because I knew you would worry more than me over it. One thing that give me joy is when people say I have integrity, I am generous, impartial, organized and time conscious, I know I got the best parts of you. I also get to look like you :). Thank you for your investment into my life. I miss you but I know you are in a better place
Posted by OLUFUNKE AJOJE on March 12, 2021
Daddy, You were a pillar that held all the extended families (paternal and maternal) together. A father of many parts, your selflessness is second to none. You impacted all lives that came your way. My mentor and role model, you have been there for all of us since our father's demise. You took care of my mother like a baby till you died. No words can describe your person daddy as you were just different. You had a large heart that accommodated all of us despite our shortcomings. You lived a fulfilled life and we are not mourning you but we just wished you stayed with us a little longer. Rest on daddy till we meet and part no more.
Posted by Folarin Ojo on March 12, 2021
When I think of my father I think UBUNTU. Ubuntu means "I am, because you are". In fact, the word ubuntu is just part of the Zulu (South African) phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society. Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

Daddy gave himself totally to the upliftment and service of others. Nothing brought him greater joy, nothing motivated him more, than to help people better versions of themselves. How do we fill such big shoes? How? Where do I start from? I thank you Daddy for all the lessons, for all the godly principles. You have left an indelible mark on my personality, on my existence.  I have a strong desire to continuously improve my relationship with my Heavenly father because my earthly father showed me how to love another as myself. Thank you for keeping the love strong amongst our family and with our extended family members. Growing up was such a joy.

For so many years, in Swaziland it was just you and me. I remember always enjoying listening to you and your friends talk and discuss various issues and couldn't believe how much wisdom I was freely receiving. I will always admire your hardworking spirit, your time consciousness, your endearing ability to always to always reach out to family members and your ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, your willingness to always learn. I will miss helping you with your computer and devices. It's amazing how in your old age you still quickly learnt the new tips regarding these tech devices. Working with you on your autobiographies was a great pleasure.

There are not enough words. My mind isn't really settled yet. I didn't want to leave your side at the hospital, I couldn't. You were loyal, almost to a fault. Your have fought a good fight and run a good race. I thank God for your life. I thank God for making you my father. I couldn't have asked for a better role model. Thank you Daddy. Till the resurrection morning... you are forever loved. Your legacy lives on...
Posted by Francis Ojo on March 11, 2021
Time is something that can't be bought time is how we live our life. Growing up as a young boy in the early 70s when uncle had just returned to Nigeria after his studies in Canada, l remember vividly my siblings and l used to visit you at your Akoka Lagos residence. l see you as a role model little did l know that your enviable educational achievements will inspire me so much.
"Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because he or she hasn't developed all those filters which prevent people from seeing things that they don't expect to see." Douglas Adams

After reading uncle's autobiography sometime ago, a much clearer impression of you was formed in my mind which further reenforce a common saying,if you can dream you can achieve even in the face of obstacles. In your words “no pain no gain” you’ve taught us great lessons that nothing good come easy.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that count" Winston Churchill. Uncle you exemplified the words of Churchill. In the last few years, l had the opportunity to get more closer to you and was able to ask questions about my family background little did l know that window of opportunity is about to close. A bridge builder you are Uncle but l know you are resting with your maker. You will be forever missed.

Posted by Foluso Amoke on March 11, 2021
Daddy, I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your passing. Words cannot describe the way I feel , but if this is the last time I get to say goodbye then I know I will do so with the knowledge that I consider myself blessed to have lived this life as your niece and more like a daughter.
You touched so many lives by your selfless and countless acts of kindness and always giving.
You held everyone’s hands most especially my mother who is your sister. We often tease her how you buy almost everything for her. From old newspapers , to cookies jars because you think Ajigbo will always find something to do with it.
You took all her responsibilities without a doubt.
Daddy, you were the first and the only man who took me to the Bar Beach, how can I ever forget how you bought all my coloured pencils, how we struggle to go to your office with you because of the biscuits and bottles of coke we will get?
You chose my secondary school which laid the foundation of my independence which I am forever grateful for. How many more do I want to remember Daddy? I never thought for a second that you would die. No, never in my thought.
Thank you for teaching me how to put my to do list together, thank you for letting me know the importance of keeping to time. Daddy I am sorry I wasn’t close by in your last days. It hurts so bad.
The benefits of your hard work is a living testimony for so many young men and women you took under your wings at a personal and professional level.
Daddy, you were and will always be an inspiration to me.
You have left a void in the family that will never be filled.
We take comfort in the fact that your missions on earth have been fulfilled. We thank the Lord for your life and bid you farewell until we meet again.
I love you with all my heart.
Rest in the bosom of your maker.
Posted by Kemi Feyisetan on March 11, 2021
Dearest Daddy,
Words fail me. Writing this is really hard at a time when I'm really still processing all this. You are a hero of sorts; my hero. You were a steady rock in our lives. You were there at every turn, helping, supporting and anticipating our needs. You stood tall with your principles and integrity, passing them unto us. You touched so, so many lives and spent yourself on behalf of others. You always gave thanks, recognising that you had been truly blessed of the Lord. In your autobiographies, you have left us a golden legacy of who you are and my children will read and get to know Grandpa even more - not from hearsay, but in your own very detailed and very descriptive words. They are indeed a blessing beyond comparison. Thank you for being such a wonderful and truly awesome father. Goodnight Daddy.
Posted by Debola Ojo on March 11, 2021
To my dear dear Prof, my nickname for my loving father, I want to thank you for being a wonderful husband to my mum, father to me and my siblings and granddad to my nieces and nephew. Thank you for the principles and values you instilled in us, the love, support and care you showed us. You are my true hero. I will continue to look up to you and remember my time with you. Your words remain with me. I love you Dad. Your life is indeed a dream fulfilled and we will celebrate you life. ❤️
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Posted by Joe Umo on April 17, 2021

Hello My Great Friend Fola,
It's tragic to learn of your sudden departure to be with the Lord.
We first met at UNILAG as colleagues in early 70s.Since then you had been a super-reliable friend and we had worked fruitfully together, especilally in the academic area of human capital Economics.
On retirement we moved from Unilag campus to Unilag Estate,Magodo where we continued to positively face the challenges of life.
Your departure has left a huge vacuum for both family and friends.
We pray that the Good Lord will hold you in His right hand of Righteousness in Heaven ;and that He will console your wife, children and the friends you have left behind.
We remain strengthened that you left many worthy legacies in several areas of life and in all the communities you touched within and outside Nigeria.
Adieu my Prof,until we meet to never part again
Prof Joe Umo and Family.
Posted by Abaowa Integrated Ltd. on April 15, 2021
Professor Folayan Ojo, the erudite and emeritus Professor of Economics, former Commissioner of Rural Development and Water Resources, former Commissioner of Commerce and Industry, all in the defunct Ondo State between August 1988 and 1991, former Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Swaziland Dec2006 to July2007. He succumbed to the call of the Almighty God in the early hours of 9th of March 2021. Until his death, he was a devoted member of the Board of Trustees of Ijero Development Association, (IDA).

Death is an inevitable end of man. But it is saddened and totally incomprehensible when people who are destined to make the world better suddenly die. Even though, nobody knows the time, the date and when, but what can we do than to accept our faith especially for things we can’t change.
We are mortal and we don't have the ability to stop the awesome powers of nature and death. There is nothing we can do than to accept the reality that Daddy Folayan Ojo is no more.

If I borrow from the famous poet E.L THAYER's poem in 1877
"Oh! somewhere in this favoured land
the sun is shining bright
The band is playing somewhere, and
somewhere hearts are light
And somewhere men are laughing, and
somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Mudville – A bright candle had been extinguished, PROFESSOR FOLAYAN OJO is no more”.

DEATH! DEATH!! DEATH!!! where is thy poisonous sting with which you kill with relish and ease? DEATH! DEATH!! DEATH!!! where is thy poisonous sting with which you kill with relish and ease?

Professor lived a fulfilled life both in academics, community services and in the service of God. Professor, you were a light in a dark place. You were a bridge builder, a man of absolute peace, gentle and noble. Daddy Folayan, you were humble, kind, pleasant and easy going. I could recollect your numerous undertakings in St Peter’s Catholic Church, Ijero. Your enviable roles in the IJERO VISION FOUNDATION (IVF) are very conspicuous and evident. And more recently your distinguished services to IJERO DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (IDA) were glorious. You ensured that the Constitution of the Association was properly tailored and adapted to meet the needs of our community. Your deeds were excellent, and distinct.

Our thought and prayers are with the family of Professor Folayan Ojo at this critical period of mourning. We use this medium to sincerely commiserate with the family and pray that the good Lord will grant them the fortitude to bear the great loss. The Almighty Father will console all the loved ones, the people of God in the Catholic Churches in Lagos and Ijero where he was a pillar and devoted member and the academic community he cherished and gave his best.

The Executive and members of the IDA will miss your guidance, your numerous calls to offer advice. Your mentorship on all fronts including reviews of documents would be solely missed. We would take solace in keeping the tenets of peaceful resolution of conflicts and the advocate of love to all members of the community. We will keep the flag flying and to ensure that those noble efforts and ideals are maintained for the good, growth and development of our community.

The Ijero Development Association (IDA) deeply commiserates with the Owa Ajero of Ijero, the Chairman and the esteemed members of the IDA Board of Trustees, members of the Association and the entire Ijero-Ekiti Community. The Almighty God will look down with mercy on the family he left behind and grant succour to the wife, children and the larger community.
On behalf of my family, the Executive and Members of the Ijero Development Association, I wish our Daddy Professor Folayan Ojo a good night, we shall meet at resurrection where there would be no death, no sickness and we would part no more.

Sleep on our beloved Daddy Folayan. Eternal rest grant him O Lord till eternity. Amen

Engineer Olaniyi Owoyomi.
Ijero Development Association (IDA).
Posted by Taiwo babaloghbon on April 14, 2021
May the soul of my beloved uncle rest in peace. He was kind, caring and supportive of his extended family like me.  I am proud of Professor Ojo, his achievements in his life time. The AROJOJOYE ROYAL RULING HOUSE of IJERO-EKITI has truly lost a precious gem. Adieu Uncle, your memory will live on.
his Life

His Life

Professor Folayan Ojo was born the youngest of five sons and eighth of the eleven children that survived his father, the Late Chief Gabriel Olufarati Ojo, the Olokan of Ijero Ekiti. His mother was the Late Madam Felicia Ojimi Ojo (nee Adeoye), granddaughter of the Late Oba Aderuku Arojojoye I, who ruled as the Ajero of Ijero Ekiti (1916-1930).

He attended St Peter's  Catholic Primary School, Christ's Church Anglican Primary School, both in Ijero, as well as St Matthias Methodist Primary School, Orin Ekiti. His secondary education was at St John's Modern School, Usi where he became Catholic and adopted the name 'Emmanuel' as his baptismal name.

He taught primary school pupils for a few years, attending St Augustine's Grade III Teacher's Training College, Ikere Ekiti  for his first formal qualification.  Rising above very many challenges, he was  able to proceed to Canada where he had most of his university education. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Economics at Brandon College, University of Manitoba  and a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Alberta through scholarships he obtained. He later completed his PhD degree at the University of Lagos. He won the African Students Foundation Fellowship, Brandon University Faculty Association Scholarship for “Academic Excellence” and the University of Alberta Fellowship in Canada. 

He commenced his employment at the University of Lagos in 1971, rising to the post of Professor in 1982. He served as the Acting Director, Human Resources Research Unit; He was the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Chairman of the Human Resources Development Board, UNILAG Ventures Management Board and Board of Studies, ASCON, Badagry.

He was appointed a Commissioner in the old Ondo State, 1988-1991 initially for Commerce and Industry, then his portfolio was later changed to Rural Development and Water Resources. There he served as a Director of some State and Odu'a companies and as Chairman of two companies. In this role, he was exposed to the practical aspects of personnel issues and thereby had the golden opportunity of marrying theory to practice in several areas of economic and management activities.

He was a Professor of Economics at the University of Swaziland from 2001 to 2010. While there, he served as Faculty Dean, member of the University Governing Council, Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor (Deputy VC) and Chairman of several Boards and Committees. He was Editor and Chairman, Editorial Board of UNISWA Journal for five years. He served as the pioneering Academic Coordinator of the World Trade Organisation/UNISWA Regional Trade Policy Course for English-speaking African countries. Overall, he had a varied and rich experience in administration within the university system and government.

Professor Ojo was published widely in reputable local and international journals. He was a co-editor of some books, sole editor of some and author of others including those published by the United Nations and Heineman. He served as a Consultant to local, corporate, governmental and international organisations such as the UN, UNECA, ILO, UNDP, UNCTAD, Ford Foundation and the Population Council of New York. He was widely travelled, having visited virtually all the countries in Africa and very many in other parts of the world conducting research, attending conferences, representing UNILAG and the Federal Government of Nigeria. His main areas of professional interest were human resource management and international economics. 

He belonged to several professional organisations, with a lifetime membership of the Nigerian Economic Society and membership of the Economic Association of Swaziland. He was a fellow of two professional institutions; The Certified Institute of Public Administrators of England & Wales and the Nigerian Institute of Management. He was a Justice of Peace (JP) and Chief Asiwaju of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ijero-Ekiti.

To demonstrate his great passion for education, he set up the Folayan Ojo Educational Foundation (FOEF) for the award of scholarships to indigent and academically gifted students. His love for history and flair for writing assisted him in writing his life history in three voluminous editions: "Folayan Ojo My Autobiography", "Autobiography Volume Two: A Dream Fulfilled by Folayan Ojo" and "My Autobiography Volume 3: Manifestation of God's Grace by Folayan Ojo".

Prof. Ojo was married with four daughters and two sons. He has been blessed thus far with five grand daughters and a grandson. He instilled strong ethical values in his children and always emphasised the need to remain close as a family. He believed in honesty and integrity, showing gratitude for all he had been graced to achieve in his life. He always believed it was his duty to give back, as one to whom "much had been given".

He was a wonderful father-figure to several nieces, nephews, younger cousins and family members. He had a Family Connect Policy where he invested a lot of time and effort getting closer to both paternal and maternal members of his extended family.  

He held several positions of influence and was greatly respected among his many friends and colleagues. He left a good name and still enjoys the goodwill of those with whom he worked  at some point or another in different capacities.

He was deeply admired as a great mentor and role model; helping and touching the lives of many more in different ways. His hobbies were music, dancing and photography; being famously renowned for his moves on the dance floor (please see the videos in the gallery for evidence of this). For a very long time, he was partial to Coca cola, cake and ice-cream. He was such a huge fan of Manchester United, rarely missing a match. 

Recent stories

Professional Achievements

Shared by Kemi Feyisetan on March 12, 2021
NAME:                                                 FOLAYAN OJO
PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH:          Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria; Nov. 12, 1938.
NATIONALITY:                                    Nigerian 
PROFESSIONAL STATUS:                Professor of Economics
AREAS OF INTEREST:                      Human Resource Management, Development   Economics and International Economics                                                                                                                                                                                                              
(a)        University Education
1.         University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria                                1972 – 1977; Part-time    
2.          University of Western Ontario, London, Canada           1970-1971                                                       
3.         University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada                      1968 – 1970
4.         Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada                          1965 – 1968

(b)        Secondary/Primary Education
1.         St. Peter’s Teachers Grade II Training College, Akure,     1963-1964                                                            
2.         St. Augustine’s Teachers Grade III Training College, Ikere-Ekiti   1959 – 1960                                         
3.         St. John’s Sec. Modern School, Ushi-Ekiti           1955-1956
4.         Christ Church Angl. Pry Schl & St. Peter’s Cath. Pry Schl; Ijero-Ekiti 1947 – 1954

(c)        Academic and Professional Qualifications
1.         Ph.D. (Econ), University of Lagos, Nigeria                      1977
2.         M.A. (Econ), University of Alberta, Canada                     1970
3.         B.A. (Econ), University of Brandon, Canada                    1968
4.         G.C.E O/L and A/L                                                            1963, 1964 and 1965
5.        Grade II Teachers Certificate                                             Dec. 1964
6.        Grade III Teachers Certificate                                            Dec. 1960
7.        Primary School Leaving Certificate                                    Dec. 1954

(d)        Awards and Distinctions
  • Visiting Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex  (Nov-Dec1980)
  • Study Tour of Sweden Award by the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria  (Sept 1980)                                          
  • University of Alberta Graduate Fellowship  (Sept 1968-Aug1970)
  • Brandon University Faculty Association Scholarship for “Academic Distinction” May 1968
  • African Students Foundation Fellowship (1965 – 1968) (Undergraduate Scholarship)
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Nigerian Economic Society (Life Member)
  • Nigerian Industrial Relations Association
  • Population Association of Nigeria
  • Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria
  • West African Economic Association
  • Society for International Development
  • Economics Association of Swaziland
  • Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Management. Conferment took place in Lagos on 30 August, 2012.
  • Fellow, Certified Public Administrators of England and Wales. Conferred by the Certified Institute of Public Administrators of Ghana and the Certified Public Administrators of England & Wales in collaboration with Agency for Good Governance & Social Development; Since July 26, 2012.
Working/Professional Experience
(a)        Teaching and Research
1.         Professor, University of Swaziland, August 1, 2001 to June 30, 2010
2.         Visiting Professor, Ondo State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria (Sabbatical 1987/88)
3.        Research Associate, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan,  Nigeria, 1982 – 1984; 1987/88.         
 4.         Part-time Lecturer, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 1981/82 – 1986/87.
 5.         Visiting Fellow, (Sabbatical Leave), Centre for West African Studies, University  of Birmingham, England, Oct.1980; Jan.-Sept. 1981.
6.         Part-time Lecturer (within the University of Lagos but outside his Department), between the late 1970s and 2001: Distance Learning Institute; Faculty of Business Administration; Faculty of Law; and Department of Political Science.
7.        Part-time Lecturer, Imo State University, 2000/2001.
8.         Professor, University of Lagos, October 1, 1982 – June 30, 2003.
9.         Associate Research Professor (Associate Prof.) (UNILAG), Oct 1979- Sept. 1982.   
10.       Senior Research Fellow (Senior Lecturer) (UNILAG), Oct. 1977 – Sept. 1979.
11.       Research Fellow I (Lecturer I) (UNILAG), Oct. 1975 – Sept. 1977.
12.       Research Fellow II (Lecturer II) (UNILAG), Oct. 1973 – Sept. 1975.
13.       Junior Research Fellow (Assistant Lecturer), University of Lagos (UNILAG), Sept.     1971 – Sept. 1973
14.       Graduate Assistant, University of Alberta, Canada, (1968-70). Responsibilities: Teaching and Tutorials at undergraduate level
15.       Teaching Assistant, Brandon University, Canada, (final year undergraduate studies, 1967 – 68). Responsibility: Grading first year students’ tests in Economics.
16.       “Trained” Teacher (with Grade II Teachers Certificate), St. Francis’ Catholic Modern School, Akure, Jan.-August, 1965.
17.       “Trained” Teacher, (with Grade III Teachers Certificate), St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Ijero- Ekiti, Jan.-Dec. 1962; and St. Columbus Catholic Primary School, Ikoro- Ekiti, Jan.-Dec. 1961.
18.      “Pupil” Teacher, St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Ijero-Ekiti, Jan. 1957-Dec.1958.     

(b)        Courses Taught (Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate)

  • Principles of Economics
  • International Economics
  • Economic Development
  • Structure of the Nigerian Economy
  • Economic Planning
  • Economics of Education
  • Labour and Industrial Relations
  • Labour Economics
  • Manpower Economics and Planning
  • Personnel Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Evaluation
  • Research Methods
  • Public Finance
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Demographic Aspects of Manpower
  • Selected Themes in Demography
  • Structure of the Swazi Economy
  • International Trade and Policy 
(c) Project /Thesis/Dissertation Supervision
Since 1975, he supervised students’ projects/theses/dissertations at various levels and in several academic and professional programmes. These are in their hundreds at undergraduate level, several at  masters level; two, M. Phil and one  Ph.D. The supervision covered the following specific programmes:
  • Final Year Undergraduates in Economics
  • Professional Diploma in Industrial Relations, Personnel Management, and Marketing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Economics
  • M.Sc. Economics
  • M. Phil Economics
  • Ph.D. Economics
External Examiner
  • Department of Economics , University of Ibadan
  • Department of Economics, University of Ife
  • Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan
Other Academic Contributions
1.   Chairman, Board of Studies, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria, (ASCON) Badagry, August 1985 – July, 1987.
2.   Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, August 1985 – July 1987.
3.   Acting Director, Human Resources Research Unit, University of Lagos, Sept 1978 – July 1980; Dec. 1982 – July 1983, March – July 1985.

Review of Manuscripts/Reports/Monographs
He reviewed manuscripts and technical reports for several academic and professional journals in Nigeria and other countries including Ghana, Botswana and Swaziland as well as for regional organizations. 

The Journals, etc. include The Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies; Journal of Business and Social Studies, Education and Development, Nigerian Journal of International Affairs, Centre Point, West African Economic Journal, Research for Development, Social Science Review, Botswana Journal of Economics; UNISWA Research Journal; UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology; while the organizations include Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA); Union for African Population Studies; Nigerian Educational Research Council, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, and (Nigerian) National Manpower Board. 

Assessment of Publications: I assessed publications for many professorial appointments in several universities in Nigeria and Ghana as well as the University of Botswana (from 1984 to date).

Service to the University Of Swaziland

  • Dean, Faculty of Social Science, 01 Dec. 2006-31 July, 2007.
  • Acting Pro- Vice Chancellor (Deputy Vice Chancellor), 01 Jan.-Nov.  2, 2006:
    • Membership of Committees
    • Other Responsibilities
  • Academic Coordinator, World Trade Organization (WTO) Regional Trade Policy Course for English-Speaking African Countries in collaboration with the University of Swaziland, 2008 to August 2010.
  • Editor, UNISWA Research Journal, May 2005 to June 2010.
  • Member, Committee on Guidelines for Masters and Ph. D. Programmes, 2008.
  • Member, University Governing Council (Senate Representative), December 2004 to Dec. 2005; as Acting, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Deputy Vice Chancellor), Jan. 2006 to Nov. 2007; and re-elected as Senate Representative, Jan. 2007- July 2007.
  • Member, Academic and Administrative Staff Promotions Committee, Nov. 2006-June 2007
  • Member, University Senate; Faculty of Social Science Professorial Representative, (i.e. elected member) November 2004 to Dec. 2005; as Acting Pro-Vice Chancellor (Deputy VC), Jan. 2006 to Nov. 2006; as Dean, Faculty of Social Science, Dec. 2006- July 2007.
  • Prepared Comments for the Government of Swaziland on the “Review of the Economy of Swaziland by the African Development Bank”, 2007. 
  • Chairman, Senate Committee on Carrying Capacity of Faculties at the University of Swaziland, 2006. 
  • Chairman, Committee on the Finalization of University of Swaziland Policy on Ethical Conduct in Research, 2006.
  • Chairman, Review of the “Study on an African Union Government: Towards the United States of Africa”, 2006. 
  • Member, UNISWA Research Board, September 2002 to Dec. 2005, and member as Editor, UNISWA Research Journal, May 2005 to date.
  • Coordinator, Final Year Students’ Research Projects, Department of Economics, July 2003 to Dec. 2005; and Dec. 2006 to June 2009.
  • Chairman, Faculty of Social Science Research Committee, Sept. 2002 to Dec. 2005.
  • Member, Post-Graduate Studies Faculty Board, Oct. 2001 to Dec. 2005.
  • Member, Faculty of Social Science Planning Committee, Oct. 2001 to 2003.
  • Member, Faculty of Social Science Research Committee, August 2001 to September 2002.
    • Other Activities
(a) Chairmanship of Committees

  • Deans’ Committee
  • Academic and Administrative Staff Selection Committee
  • Board of Affiliated Institutions
  • Budget Advisory Committee
  • Pension Fund Board of Trustees
  • Housing Committee
  • Housing Loans Committee
  • Links Advisory Committee
  • Non-Academic Staff Sub-Committee on the Creation of New Positions
  • Purchasing Advisory Committee
  • UNISWA Research Board
  • Strategic Plan Implementation Committee
  • Sub-Committee of the Academic Planning Committee
  • Swaziland Mineworkers Student Loan Fund
  • Academic and Administrative Staff Committee
  • Academic and Administrative Staff Promotions Committee
  • Academic Planning Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Administrative Management Committee
  • Building and Tenders Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • General Services Committee
  • Non-Academic Staff Committee
  • Served as Acting Vice Chancellor on a number of  occasions during the absence of the incumbent;
  • Chaired Senate meetings in the absence of the Vice Chancellor;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the establishment of links with some universities.
  • Convener, Sub- Committee on Guidelines on the Supervision for Post-Graduate Students’ Theses, Feb-March, 2005.
  • Convener, Joint Committee of the Department of Agric. Economics and Management and the Department of Economics on Joint M.Sc. Programme. Oct.-Nov. 2003.
  • Convener, Committee on Ways and Means of Organizing Faculty (FOSS) Seminars, April 2005. 

1.         Chairman, Staff Investigation Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, June – July, 2001.

2.         Member, University of Lagos Strategic Development Plan Committee, Jan. – July, 2001.

3.         Member, Truth and Reconciliation Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, Oct. 2000 – Jan. 2001.

4.         Chairman, Committee on the Review of Profit Sharing Policy for Income Generating Academic Programmes, University of Lagos, Oct. – Nov. 2000.  (Membership included all Deans of Faculties)

5.         Chairman, UNILAG (University of Lagos) Ventures Management Board (for Income Generating Commercial Activities), March 2000 to July 2001.

6.         Coordinator, Postgraduate Diploma in Manpower Economics and Planning, Department of Economics, University of Lagos, 1996/97 to July 2001.

7.         Member, University of Lagos Senate Honours Committee, 1997 – 1999.

8.         Chairman, Human Resources Development Board, (Coordinated University Income Generating Academic Programmes) December 1997 to March 2000.

9.         Member, Committee on Review of Rules and Procedures on Consultancy and Allied Programmes, 1997.

10.       Honourary Secretary, University of Lagos Co-operative, Building and Housing Society Limited, June 1996 to July 2001.

11.       Chairman, Works and Services (Maintenance) Department Study Group, 1995.  
The Study Group submitted a Report on staff rationalization and how to make the Department more effective in service delivery. 

12.       Chairman, Centre for Educational Technology Management Board, 1994/95.

13.       Chairman, Task Force on Implementation of University of Lagos Senate Decisions on Rationalization of Academic Programmes, 1986/87.

14.       Member, University Appointments and Promotions Board, 1985/86 and 1986/87.

15.       Member, Selection Board for the Appointment of Deputy Vice Chancellor, UNILAG, July 1985.

16.       Member, University Ceremonies Committee, November 1984 to November 1986.

17.       Chairman, Election Committee, UNILAG Senior Staff Club, 1982 – 1985.

18.       Member, Board of Directors, UNILAG CONSULT Management Board, July    
           1983 to March 1987.
19.       Member, Fund Raising Committee for the Reconstruction of Chapel of Christ Our Light, University of Lagos, 1997 – 1998.

20.       Member, University of Lagos Chapel Appeal Fund Committee 1973 – 1978.

21.       Member, Committee of Representatives of Christian Community at the University of Lagos, 1972 – 1979.

22.       Member, University of Lagos, Institute of Education Committee, October 1979 to July 1982.
23.       Member, University of Lagos Library Committee, 1979-81.

24.       Elected Member of Senate, University of Lagos, August 1979 to July 1981; Also a member between 1982 and 2001 as a Professor.

25.       Member, Building Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, 1976-77, and 1993-94.

26.       Chairman, Publications Committee, Human Resources Research Unit, 1977-78.

27.       Member, Promotions Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences. University of Lagos, 1977-78, 1981-82 and 1983-84.

28.       Member, Conference Committee, Human Resources Research Unit, University of Lagos, 1976-77.

29.       Chairman, Public Lectures Committee, Human Resources Research Unit, University of Lagos, 1975-76.

30.       Member, Students Petition Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, 1976-77; 1981-82 and 1983-84.

31.       Member, Curriculum Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, 1975-76.

32.       Member, Committee on “Procedure for the Appointment of External Examiners”, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, 1974.

33.       Member, Research Committee, Human Resources Research Unit, University of Lagos, 1971-73.

34.       Member, Editorial Board, The Journal of Business and Social Studies, University of Lagos, 1972-74.

35.       Member, Research Committee, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, 1971-75; and October 1976 – June 1978.


  • Offered financial assistance to some students of Doherty Memorial Grammar School (DMGS), Ijero-Ekiti (since 2001) and St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, Ijero-Ekiti (since 2008)  
  • Donated a Trophy to each school (DMGS & St. Gabriel’s) for Annual Inter-House Sports Competition. 
  • Editorial Board Panaf Publishing Inc., Lagos/Abuja, 2007 to date.
  • President, Ekiti Parapo Unilag Estate, Magodo Isheri, Lagos, November 2011 to date
  • Consulting Editor, International Journal of Educational Research, University of Lagos, 2007- 2010. 
  • “Chief Asiwaju” (Leader) of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ijero-Ekiti, Oct. 1995 to   date.
  • Justice of Peace for  Ondo State of Nigeria, July 1993 to date.
  • Vice President, Ijero Social Elites, Jan. 1986 – Dec. 1988.
  • General Secretary, Ijero Social Elites, Jan. 1978 – Jan. 1986.
  • Assistant General Secretary, Ijero Social Elites, Jan. 1974 – Jan. 1978
  • Patron of several students’ organizations in Nigeria; e.g. Federal College of     Education (Technical), Yaba-Lagos, 1970s; University of Lagos Catholic  Students Association (1970s-early 1980s); Ekiti State Students’ Union, UNILAG Chapter, 1990s.
  • Course Adviser to students at Ondo State University, Ado-Ekiti, and the    Universities of Lagos.
  • Member, Lagos State Manpower Committee, 1994 to 1999.
  • Member, National Network for Employment Promotion and Capacity Building,   Jan. 1996 to July 2001.
  • Member, Technical Committee on the National Network for Employment Promotion and Capacity Building, Jan. 1994 to July 2001.
  • Member, Editorial Board, Social Science Council of Nigeria, 1987-1988.
  • Member, Executive Board of the Social Science Council of Nigeria, 1987-88.
  • Member, Nigerian Federal Government delegation to India, Pakistan and Philippines to study and evaluate the educational systems of those countries, March-April, 1983.  The Committee submitted an Evaluation Report to Government. I was solely responsible for the Social Science content of the Report.
  • Member, National Standing Committee for the Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications (Federal Ministry of Education), Oct. 1981 – Dec. 1988.
  • Member, Task Force on Financing of Health Services in West Africa (West African Health Community), 1980.
  • Member, National Committee on Pan African Institute for Development, 1978-80.
  • Member, National Manpower Research and Planning Committee, 1979-80.
  • Member, Lagos State Census Committee, 1973.
  • Social Secretary, Athabasta Postgraduate Students Residence Association, 
  • Member, Executive Committee, International Students’ Association, Brandon 
  • Member, Canadian/American (Students) International Relations Association,  
  • Member, Ijero-Ekiti Catholic Literate Members’ Association, 1957-1962.
  • Senior Prefect, St. Peter’s College, Akure, 1964.
  • Librarian, St. Augustine’s College, Ikere-Ekiti, 1960.
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, Oct. 1969-May 1970.
University, Brandon, Canada, Sept. 1965- May 1968.
Brandon University, Brandon, Canada, 1966-1968.

Special Public Service
He served as a State Commissioner in (old) Ondo State of Nigeria (June 1988 – Dec. 1991).  During the period, I served as Commissioner of Commerce and Industry; and of Rural Development and Water Resources – with emphasis on the promotion of rural development and small and micro enterprises in both Ministries.  I also served as Chairman and Director of some parastatals. These special public service assignments afforded me the opportunity of marrying theory with practice in several areas of economic and management activities.
The following specific positions were held:

1.State Commissioner in Ondo State:
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry; June 1988 – July 1989.
  • Ministry of Rural Development and Water Resources, July 1989 December 1991. 
2.         Chairman or member of various Executive Council Administrative and Investigation   Committees, June 1988 – Dec. 1991.

3.         Chairman, Ondo State Executive Council Committee for the Launching of the Rural Development Fund in Local Government Areas, 1988.          

4.         Member, Ondo State Agricultural Development Project Executive Committee,      March 1990 –Dec. 1991.

5.         Director, Grenic Nigeria Limited, Jan. 1989 – Dec. 1991.

6.         Member, Ondo State Scholarship Board, June 1989 – Dec. 1991.

7.         Chairman, Board of Directors, Owena Motels, Ondo State, June 1988 – July 1989.

8.         Director, Ondo State Investment Holding Company Limited, June 1988 – July 1989.

9.         Director, Great Nigeria Insurance Company Limited, Jan. 1989 – Dec. 1990.

10.       Director, Nigeria General Insurance Company Limited, Jan. 1989 – Dec. 1991.

11.       Chairman, Board of Directors, Nigeria General Insurance Company Limited, June            – Dec. 1988.

12.       Director, Odua Investment Company Limited, July 1988-July 1989.

13.       Member, Ondo State Raw Materials Committee, 1988 – 1989.

14.       Member, Ondo State Task Force on Small Scale Industries, 1988-1989.

15.       Member, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Feb-Dec., 1991.

Economic and Human Resource Management Consultant

Since 1974, He undertook various consulting jobs (individually and jointly with colleagues and others) for the following national and international organizations.
  • Unilag Consult, University of Lagos.
  • Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research.
  • Nigerian Institute of International Affairs.
  • Nigeria Educational Research and Development Council.
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
  • National Youth Service Corps Directorate (Nigeria).
  • Industrial Training Fund (Nigeria).
  • National Manpower Board (Nigeria).
  • Federal Ministry of National Planning (Nigeria).
  • Federal Ministry of Education (Nigeria).
  • National Directorate of Employment (Nigeria).
  • West African Health Community.
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
  • United Nations Development Programme.
  • International Labour Organisation.
  • Jobs and Skills Programme for Africa.
  • Ford Foundation.
  • Population Council of New York.
  • Some Nigerian and Swaziland Private Consultancy Firms (e.g.)
    • TAWABAT Consultancies Limited
    • International Management Services Consultants Ltd
    • DESTICO Limited.
  • Undertook Consulting Jobs (individually and jointly) while in Swaziland, 2001-2010.
Books Publications and Academic Papers

1.Folayan Ojo: My Autobiography Volume Three: Manifestation of God’s Grace, Panaf Publishing Inc., Lagos 2019
2.Folayan Ojo: Autobiography Volume Two: A Dream Fulfilled, Panaf Publishing Inc., Lagos 2017.
3.Folayan Ojo: My Autobiography, Panaf Publishing Inc., Lagos 2012
4.Personnel ManagementTheories and Issues,  Panaf Publishing Inc. Lagos, 1998.
5.Human Resource ManagementTheory and Practice, Panaf Publishing Inc. Lagos, 1997.
6.With others, (Eds.), Rural Development in Ondo State, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ondo State University, 1987.
7.With  I. Sobowale (Eds.), The Problem of Human Resource Underutilization in Nigeria and Policy Options, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, 1989. 
8.With A. Aderinto & Tayo Fashoyin (Eds.), Manpower Development and Utilization in NigeriaProblems and Policies,University of Lagos Press, 1986.
9.With O.J. Fapohunda, The Costs of Children in Lagos.  Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Limited, Ibadan, 1985.
10.With C. Okoye (Eds.) Manpower Constraints to Nigeria’s Economic Development, National Manpower Board, Lagos, 1985.
11.Nigerian Universities and High-Level Manpower Development, University of Lagos Press, Lagos, 1983.
12.With H. Chojnaka & P.O. Olusanya (Eds.) Population and Economic Development in Nigeria in the Nineteenth Eighties, United Nations, New York, 1981.

(b)        Monographs
1.         Sectoral Brain Drain in Nigeria, National Manpower Board, Diagnostic Studies Series No. 5. 1998 (Monograph).

2.         Labour Inspection Under Structural Adjustment in West Africa, African Regional Labour Administration Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe, Seminar Series, No: 97/1997 (Monograph).

3.         Youth Employment and Youth Empowerment Problems in Nigeria, Jobs and Skills Programme for Africa, Addis Ababa, 1986 (Monograph).

4.         Economic Integration: The Nigerian Experience Since Independence,    
Occasional Paper Series No. 54, Institute of Social Research, The Hague, Netherlands, October 1974, (Monograph). 

(c)        Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Conference Proceedings – All are Sole Publications – Except Nos. 1 & 3

1.         Ojo F. and Dlamini D.F. “The Economy of Swaziland: Recent Developments, Major Challenges and the Way Forward”, UNISWA Research Journal, Vol. 20,  December 2006, pp. 39-53.

2.         “Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Impact of Cross-Border Provision of Higher Education: With or Without the WTO/GATS Regime”, in O.T. Edje (Ed.), Proceedings of a Seminar on African Day and Science Day held at the University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, Swaziland, 10 December, 2004 pp. 64 – 87.

3.         Ojo F. and Lawanson K. “The Demands for and Constraints on Human Resource Development in Africa”, in Nigerian Economic Society, Human Resource Development in Africa, University of Ibadan 2003, pp. 335-367.

4.         Profile of Tertiary Graduate Production in Nigeria: An Analysis of Training and Labour Market Gaps, “in E. Ukpong (Ed.),Bridging Tertiary Institutions and Labour Market in Nigeria.  National Manpower Board, 2001, pp. 29-71.

5.         “The Economics of Education in Nigeria”, in S. Adesina and E.O. Fagbamiye (Eds.), Readings in Educational Administration in Nigeria, University Press Limited, Ibadan, 1998, Chapter 8.

6.         “Socio-Economic Variables as Determinants of Academic Performance in Nigerian Universities”, The African Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 3, No. 1.

7.         “The Effects of Public Job Creation Policies on Employment and Labour Market”, in T. Fashoyin (Ed.), Economic Reform Policies and Labour Market in Nigeria, Nigerian Industrial Relations Association, University of Lagos,1994, pp. 106-119.

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(d)        Manuscripts Completed and Accepted for Publication 

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(f)         Unpublished Papers of Academic Interest

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Consultancy Reports and Major Works of Academic and Professional Interest

  • (With Others), International Distillers Company: Job Evaluation and Job Analysis, Report Prepared on Behalf of UNILAG Ventures, Lagos, May 2001.
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  • (With Prof. Alo and Dr. Chukwujekwu).  Prepared and Submitted to the Nigerian Federal Government a Technical Report on the Evaluation of the Educational Systems in India, Pakistan and the Philippines.  (I was responsible for the Social Science Section of the Report) 1983.
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  • Evaluation Report on Four Years of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme.  Report Prepared for the NYSC Directorate, 135 pp., Lagos, November 1977.
Selected Workshop/Conference/Seminar Papers

He attended scores of workshops, conferences and seminars in Nigeria and other countries where hw presented papers, participated as chairman, discussant, etc.  Below is a list of selected papers presented:

  1. The effects of the Credit Crunch on Sustainable Development, Paper Presented at the Seminar on Sustainable Development in Africa: What is the Role of Higher Education? In Commemoration of the Association of African University Day Held at the University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni,  March 17, 2009.
  2. The Contribution of Multilateral Trading System to Alleviate the Financial and Economic Crisis, Paper Presented at the Workshop Organised by the World Trade Organization, Geneva, 14-15, May 2009.
  3. Education for Sustainable Development: Issues of Gender Equality, Paper Presented at the Conference on Democracy and Education for Sustainable Development Held at the University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, November 25-28, 2007.
  4. Investment in Health for Sustainability Development: Some Critical Issues, Paper Presented at the Seminar on Global Health Security: Invest, Build a Safer Future Held in Commemoration of the World Health Day, University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, April 27, 2007.
  5. Tertiary Educational Reform in Swaziland, Paper Presented at the National Symposium on Education, Organized by the Ministry of Education, Mbabane, Swaziland, November 9-10, 2006. 
  6. Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Impact of Cross-Border Provision of Higher Education: With or Without the WTO/GATS Regime, Paper Presented at the African University Day Seminar on Cross-Border Provision of Higher Education in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges, University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, Swaziland, 10 December, 2004.
  7. An Economic Analysis of the 2003 Swaziland Government Budget, Paper Presented at the 2003 Economics Association of Swaziland (ECAS) Budget Forum, Mbabane, 23 March, 2003.
  8. (With K. Lawanson) The Demand for and Constraints on Human Development in Africa.  Paper Presented at the Nigerian Economic Society Conference on Human Resource Development in Africa, University of Lagos 6-8 August 2002.
  9. The Promotion of Industrial Peace at the Place of Work,  Paper Presented at the Training Workshop for Senior Employees of the Allied Bank, Lagos, October, 2000.
  10. Strengthening Labour – Management Relations Through Collective Bargaining, Paper Presented at the Training Workshop for Senior Employees of Allied Bank, Lagos. October 2002.
  11. Job Evaluation and Management of Reward System, Paper Presented at the Training Workshop on Job Evaluation and Job Analysis, Lagos, 24-25, August 2000.
  12. Managing Conflict in an Organization, Paper Presented at the Workshop Organized by the Senior Administrative Staff of Nigerian Universities, University of Lagos, 1999.
  13. Performance Appraisal, Paper Presented at the Workshop Organized by the Senior Administrative Staff of Nigerian Universities, University of Lagos, 1999.
  14. The State of Arts of Social Dialogue in Nigeria.  Commissioned Paper Presented at the ILO Social Dialogue Meeting Held in Geneva, Switzerland, 13-14 December, 1999.
  15. Manpower Development and Utilisation in the Next Millennium, Paper Delivered at the Workshop on Renovating Our Corporate Management Practices for the next Millennium, Lagos, 18-19 May, 1999.
  16. Productivity:  A Determinant for Appropriate Pricing of Labour.  A Keynote Address Presented as Part of the Activities Marking the Sixth National Productivity Day, Lagos State Chapter.  Lagos, 7 April 1999.
  17. The Profile of Tertiary Graduate Production in Nigeria: An Analysis of Training and Labour Market Gaps, Paper Presented at the National Tripartite Conference of Planners, Producers and Employers of Graduates of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, Lagos, 14 – 17 July 1998.
  18. Sectoral Brain Drain in Nigeria, Report Presented at the National Manpower Seminar on Diagnostic Studies, Lagos, 1998.
  19. The Role of Security Agencies in Enhancing the Attainment of Social and Economic Objectives in Nigeria. Commissioned Paper Delivered at the Nigerian Navy Seminar, Lagos, 26-27 May 1998.
  20. Rapporteur General, The National Conference on Research as Backbone of Sustainable Development, Abuja, 11-15 August, 1997. 
  21. Employment Statistics – Concept, Definitions and Measurement Framework: Issues of Existing National Practices, Commissioned Paper Presented at the (FGN/ILO/UNDP) National Workshop on Employment Statistics, Abuja, 28-30 May, 1997.
  22. Labour Inspection Under Structural Adjustment in West Africa, Paper Presented at the ILO/ARLAC Seminar on Performance Management and Labour Inspection in West Africa, Accra, Ghana, February 17-25, 1997.
  23. Overview of Manpower Planning and Development in Nigeria, Paper Presented at the Inaugural Workshop for Local Government Manpower Units Organised by the Lagos State Manpower Committee, Lagos, March 1995.
  24. The Effects of Public Job Creation Policies on Employment and Labour Market, Paper Presented at the Workshop on Economic Reform Policies and the Labour Market in Nigeria, University of Lagos, February 1993.
  25. Keynote Address Delivered at the Zonal Training Workshop for Manpower Planners Organized by the Nigerian National Manpower Board and the ILO, Ibadan, July 1989.
  26. Entrepreneurship: Concept, Role and Scope, Paper Presented at the National Youth Service Corps Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, June 27- July 8, 1987.
  27. Market Research and How to Identify a Business, Paper Presented at the National Youth Service Corps Entrepreneurships Development Programme, Markurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, June 27-July 8, 1987.
  28. Personal Management: Salaries and Wages Administration for Small Businesses, Paper Presented at the National Youth Service Corps Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Akure, Nigeria, June 1987.
  29. The Problem of Human Resources Under-utilisation in Nigeria: Issues and Policy Options, Paper Presented at the National Conference on Reflections on Nigeria’s Development: Socio-Economic and Political Survival, Organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, Lagos, December 8-10, 1986.
  30. Youth Employment and Youth Employment Porgrammes in Africa: The Case of Nigeria, Paper Presented at the Regional Seminar Youth Employment Promotion in African Countries organized by JASPER/ILO, held in Buea, Cameroon, November 24-28, 1986.
  31. Prospects for Modern Sector Employment Generation for Women, Paper Presented at the Workshop on Women in the Modern Sector Labour Force in Nigeria, University of Lagos, Lagos, March 1985.
  32. Providing Adequate Manpower for the Development of Ondo State, Paper Presented at the Seminar on Strategies for the Ondo State Component of The Implications for Nigeria the Fifth National Development Plan, 1986-90, Akure, Nigeria, April 15-19, 1985.
  33. Manpower Development in Nigeria, Paper Presented at the Seminar on Effective Utilization of NYSC Members, National Arts Theatre, Lagos, 24-25 April, 1984. 
  34. Nigeria’s Experience in the Development of University Education, Paper Presented at the Seminar Organised by the Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators, University of Lagos Branch, April 23,  1985.
  35. The ECOWAS Policy on Population Movements: The Implications for Nigeria, Paper Presented at the National Seminar on Nigeria’s Population Dynamics, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, February 26-27, 1984.
  36. Youth Mobilisation Programmes for National Development: Some Issues of Strategy and Theory, Paper Presented at the National Seminar on Innovative Approaches to Development Theory, NISER, Ibadan, January 23-27, 1984.
  37. Trade Unionism in an Austere Economy: The Nigerian Experience, Paper Presented at the Conference on Third World Trade Unionism: Equity and Democratisation in the Changing International Division of Labour, University of Ottawa, Canada, 24-27 October 1984.
  38. Free Mobility of Labour in West Africa: The Implications for Nigeria, Paper Presented at the Annual Conference of the Population Association of Nigeria, Ahamadu Bello University, Zaria, April 1983.
  39. A New Approach to Solving the Problem of Unemployment – The Policy of Labour Export, Paper Presented at a Staff Seminar, Centre for West African Studies, University of Birmingham, England, May 1981.
  40. National Youth Service as Means of Solving Manpower Problems.  Paper Presented at a Staff Seminar, Centre for West African Studies, University of Birmingham, Jan. 1981.
  41. Migration and Labour Utilisation: A Review of Regional Migration Phenomena, Paper Presented at the Workshop on International Migration, University of Sussex, Sussex, England, December 1980.
  42. Manpower Development Strategies for the 1980’s in the ECOWAS, Paper Presented at the West African Economic Association Conference on Development Planning in the Economic Community of West African States:  Priorities and Strategies, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, April 1-4, 1980.
  43. Providing Adequate Staff for the Secondary School System, Paper Presented at the Conference on Manpower Constraints to Nigeria’s Economic Development, University of Lagos, May 1980.
  44. Human Resource Mobilisation for National Development: The Case of Vocational Institutions. Paper Presented During a Study Tour of Military Formations and Vocational Institutions in Sweden, September 1980.
  45. Economic Community of West African States and the New International Economic Order, Paper Presented at the Conference on the New International Economic Order, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos, Nov.1979.
  46. Population and Economic Development, Paper Presented at the National Workshop on Population and Economic Development in Nigeria in the Nineteen Eighties, University of Lagos, Lagos, 12-14 September, 1979.
  47. The (Nigerian) National Youth Service Corps: Achievements, Constraints and Prospects, Paper Presented at a Seminar on Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1978.
  48. The Urban Employment Problem, Paper Presented at the Annual Conference of the Nigerian Economic Society on Urbanisation and Nigerian Economic Development, Kaduna, Nigeria, July 1977.
  49. Industrial Policy and Employment Generation in Nigeria, Paper Presented at the Conference on Employment Generation in Nigeria, Nigerian Institute for Social and Economic Research, Ibadan, Nov. 2-7, 1975
  50. Nigerian Universities and National Manpower Needs, Paper Presented at the Conference on Manpower Planning and Utilization in West Africa, University of Ghana, Legon, 24-27 March 1975.
  51. Decision Making Exercise on In-plant Industrial Relations, Organized by the International Institute for Labour Studies, Geneva, Switzerland 1974 (Held in Lagos; Awarded Certificate of Attendance).