Memoirs of Prof AOU!

Shared by Ebienju Olaka on February 13, 2021
I remember the first time I met Prof in Uniport. From where he sat in his Mercedes Benz car he looked at me with such welcoming warmth that my young mind pondered whether he knew me before hand. From then on he adopted me as his own. Prof like a mother hen shielded his children, biological and academic. Oftentimes he would say to me, "Olaka you are just a young man and you won't understand". Indeed he was a blend of the old ways in the new. He maintained such equipoise. Somewhat he evolved from the strict, stern professor to the warm father figure I had in the department of Obstetrics and gynaecology. Prof always had a trick to share. I will not forget how often he used simple penicillin to solve delicate cases that defied the "giant" antibiotics. Need I speak of how he would teach hours on end without any aid and speak so simply that the information is clear to the listener. He would crack multiple jokes to drive home his point.
Oh my Prof, the last time we spoke you asked for prayers. We haven't stopped praying. I wish we could have prayed you back. Our loss indeed is heaven's gain. 

To Charlie-P, Mary-T and Franco, he was always proud of how you turned out. He made that so clear. To Chioma and little Adaeze (BASE O) he beamed with joy speaking of you two. Prof indeed is blessed to have you all.
His legacy will never be erased!
Farewell my Professor, the compendium!

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