This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Prof Benedicta Oladimeji, 70 years old, born on November 22, 1950, and passed away on April 21, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Alfred Omojole on May 27, 2021

Our wonderful In - law Professor Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji, how are the mighty fallen, you are a woman of peace, understanding and patience.
We from the Omojole family loves you but Jesus loves you more, we are short of words but we rest our hope and believe in God.
May your gentle soul continue to rest perfectly in peace in the blossom of Lord Almighty. Amen

Dr. Fred Omojole and Family
Posted by Wonderful Ezra-Oderinde on May 27, 2021
A tribute By Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists (NACP) Edo State Chapter.

As the sun sets
We remember in awe
Your pleasant memories
Your uncompromising commitments
Your doggedness and the professionalism you demonstrated
Evidence by those who worked closely with you and Sure to be transferred to Beautiful ones yet unborn

70, some will aspire to live!

But yours was IMPACTFUL.
The success story of the NACP is incomplete without you

In the pages of NACP is your name inscribed
All who read will testify
that yours was an Impactful 70'
Sleep on Prof.
Rest on Mama IMPACT!
And let your Works Speak on!

Your NACP Edo State Family will greatly miss you!
Posted by Adedoyin Folake on May 26, 2021
Prof.Benedicta Oladimeji ,mama Oladimeji as I called her in school when I was in OAU for my postgraduate,she is like a mother to me,a teacher and understanding person, even when it was rough for me,she still encourages the four of us in my set.I will come to her house in osogbo and put me through for my thesis...forever in my Heart mama oladimeji.
Posted by Racheal Togun on May 25, 2021
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

Tribute to my friend, Yetunde.
What a comfort that you are resting in the Lord where there is no pain, no sorrow, just perfect peace. Now that the battle is over, you are more than a conqueror. What a friend! Quiet, gentle, kind, loving, faithful, giving, confident and very loyal. You loved Jesus and served Him. The hope of eternal life sustained you through it all. I miss you so much. Your friends in Wonderluv Sister's , Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, love and miss you much, but we know that God loves you eternally. Rest in perfect peace until the Resurrection morning when we shall all meet to part no more.
Posted by Dupe Akin-Deko on May 24, 2021
Prof, Mama, My sister; you carry so many appellations because of the roles you play so naturally and gracefully. Thank you for being you. I remember meeting you almost 40 years ago in Ife as you bravely resided in Health Sciences and I in the Psychology Department, going to Ilesa to attend the clinic with Prof. Makanjuola. I remember how you so graciously embraced me when I returned to Nigeria in 2014 after almost 30 years and helped in my re-entry to the system and profession in Nigeria. I take time now to remember your smile, so constant, your dedication and perseverance inspite of all physical difficulties. Your passion to establish the profession and mentor the younger colleagues and students cannot be overstated. Neither your humility in your interaction with all others, even in this Nigeria system. Well done and rest in perfect peace on the bosom of our Father in heaven dear sister.
Thank you for your love and dedication to your husband, children and grandkids, to the profession of Psychology in Nigeria and to friendship. Adieu.
Modupe Akindeko-Owolabi, Ph.D.
Posted by Elizabeth Agbetile on May 23, 2021
We thank the Lord for bringing you into the Oladimeji family. We thank God for all that you did in our family. Who are we to question the all knowing God? To Him be glory, honour and power in Jesus name. We miss you but God loves you more.

Mrs Folake Agbetile (nee Oladimeji).
Posted by Afolabi Aroyewun on May 23, 2021
Tribute to Prof. (Mama) Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji by Dr. B. A. Aroyewun

Mama, "many woman do noble things but you surpass them all"
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fear the lord, honour her people and does not abandon nor manipulate her own is to be praised.
Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate (Prover 31: 29 - 31).
Mama, ever since the day I met you, I never have any reason to regret the day I met you or regret ever knowing you.
Mama, thanks for being a mother and a confidant to me,
Thanks for being a teacher who teaches and correct in love to me and to as many that come across you,
Thank for being my president; a President whose focus and heart desire is the unity of the Association and progress of our dear profession without any hidden agenda.
Adieu mama
Sleep on and continue to rest in the blossom of the almighty till the day we shall meet at the court of the almighty God with the song of victory in our mouth.
Bye bye mama.
Posted by Gbemisola Oyegoke on May 21, 2021
My Aunty my friend my iyale, how very sad you’re gone. You were such a peace loving logical accommodating person. We hit it off as friends from the very first time we met, despite the age difference, you treated me as equal in all things. Your humility has no comparison. You loved and trusted me so much that you don’t hesitate discussing your beautiful intellectual girls with me. We were soo comfortable in each other’s company. You invited me to join same church society as you. you encouraged me in a lot of ways. You always gave me sound honest sisterly advise. You were very forthright in your very quiet easy way.
I shall surely miss your smile.
Sleep on my dear sister till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Andrew Tunade on May 21, 2021
Prof. You have fought the battle, you have won the race in the history of Psychology. You will always be remembered by scholars and professional psychologists. Adieu mama psychology.
Posted by John Njokanma on May 21, 2021

Growing up in my early days, there was a great pull to read, memorize and recite prose and poetry. In particular, I enjoyed reading books by William Shakespeare especially one of his more popular ones, Macbeth.

One verse continues to linger in my memory till date, about the ephemeral nature of life.

“Life’s but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

These are wonderful poetic words to keep in mind while yet alive, because ‘one day na one day’, and we too will be no more!

More importantly, it is so natural to grieve when we lose a dear one. In this particular instance, the wife of my very dear childhood friend and true younger brother, only differentiated biologically from different parents. My grief for Yetunde is very deep especially as I vividly recall that day in 1972, when Yetunde and Muyiwa, both schooling in the Soviet Union, decided to consummate their childhood love relationship. They were students at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow.

I was very pleased and honoured, when Pa Oladimeji, of blessed memory, beckoned on me to follow him and family to stand in for my brother, Muyiwa, at the family house of the Elemides in Abeokuta.

I joined to “dobale” so that Yetunde will be our own, forever and only for ‘better’, as we rejected the ‘worse’ alternative! So, to God be the glory, Yetunde and Muyiwa lived together happily, until the cold hands of death snatched Yetunde away from us.

I am grateful to God that my wife, Rita and I, witnessed the wonderful 70Th birthday celebration put in place for Yetunde. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions and organized by Muyiwa, Seyi and the siblings at Seyi’s house, there Yetunde was resplendent in beauty and grandeur. She expressed profound gratitude for the outpouring of LOVE showered on her by the husband and children. It was the last time Rita and I met and kept company with Yetunde. We cherished that moment with her and will never forget her radiance on that day.

Yetunde’s journey of life was beautiful and productive, with wonderful children and grandchildren, plus a successful career, having attained the pinnacle, as a Professor of Clinical Psychology.

The Yoruba pray “ki ojo sina sira”, because we all know that everyone’s journey here on earth is transient. We will all die, it is only a matter of TIME. Yetunde, Rita and I pray that God will show mercy on your soul and keep you in his bosom. From that privileged position, you will be praying for your children and Muyiwa, your wonderful husband, and all of us who love you, even in death. Our Christian faith assures us that we will all meet again, to part no more. May we all meet at the bosom of Jesus Christ – Amen.

John Njokanma
Posted by olu oyeyemi on May 20, 2021

We cannot thank God enough for creating Professor (Mrs)   Yetunde. Oladimeji
A very gentle and soft spoken personality
She played her parts excellently well
On few occasions when you and your husband, Muyiwa came visiting and stayed with us in Ibadan we had the opportunity to know you more closely  Your good and nice dispositions are still fresh in our memories..... your humility, gentleness, caring, friendliness , love of God and many others are part of you
You have played your part very well ,.. you contributed so much to humanity,,,so many universities graduates you have produced in the medical field .....all spread around the globe
We commit Muyiwa and entire Oladimeji family to the mercy of God.
Adieu! a loving child of God

Engr(Chief). +. Mrs Olu Oyeyemi and family
Posted by Andrew Joe on May 20, 2021
Condolence Message for Professor Yetunde Oladimeji

I on behalf of family, I wish to condole Dr Muyiwa Oladimeji and his entire family on the loss of their wife, mother, grandmother and aunty, Professor Yetunde Oladimeji who passed on recently at the age of 70 years. I first met Yetunde with her husband Muyiwa in Cardiff in 1978 while doing my Ph.D. programme. She was such a nice human being whose hospitality knew no bounds. I still remember the sumptuous meals she prepared for us whenever we visited them. What about those lovely children of hers who were cheerful and always welcomed us to the house every time we visited
I lost touch with Muyiwa for a long time until September 2016 when we met again in company of my wife & son at the Port Harcourt International Airport on our way to the UK. I asked about the family and talked about Yetunde and the children who Muyiwa told us were all doing well in the US. Muyiwa even told me that the wife reminded him that I was in Port Harcourt. I promised Muyiwa that I would visit them in Oshogbo for some reunion in the near foreseeable future. I never knew it was a promise I was not going to fulfil in respect of seeing Yetunde alive.
My consolation is that Yetunde lived a well fulfilled life, rising to the pinnacle of her profession (Professorship), raised descent and well educated children and most importantly a very dedicated wife who took care of Muyiwa so well even under the most trying circumstances.
We shall all miss Yetunde, a quintessential woman who positively touched the lives of many.
May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Prof Andrew Igho. Joe
University of Port Harcourt
Posted by sevasti egbuta on May 20, 2021
My heart breaks with you at the loss of your mum,mummy Oladimeji

May her soul be at peace with our Heavenly Father. I pray for comfort for you and the entire family at this difficult time.
Posted by Lola Oke on May 19, 2021
Aunty Yetunde was forever present in our lives during our years at OAU, Ife. During the tumultuous years of constant ASUU strikes and ALUTAs, aunty Yetunde’s house was our place of solace and peace.

Aunty was always kind hearted and loving and her infectious laughter will always be remembered fondly, and never forgotten.

Aunty Yetunde,

To live in the hearts of those we loved is not to die.
You have left a huge vacuum and it is so hard to say goodbye.

“We thought of you today, but that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday and days before too.
We think of you in silence, and often speak your name.
All we have are the memories and your picture frame.
Your memory is a keepsake from which we’ll never part.

God has you in His arms, we have you in our hearts”.

Sleep well dear Aunty, we wish you a peaceful journey home. We love you dearly and we will miss you greatly!

May your Soul Rest in Peace!

Remi Oke-Ajah & Lola Oke
Posted by shadrach ijagbemi on May 19, 2021
Beloved, it was difficult news to believe that you have gone .
You left us when we believed you are most needed to both family and FULL GOSPEL BUSINESS MEN'S FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL ,which you were an important member .The Joy for us anyway is that you finished well and now resting in the bossom of our Lord. We shall continue the exploit till we meet to part .Rest on our beloved sister
Posted by Oluremi Kolade on May 19, 2021
EXIT OF AN ICON: Prof. B.Y Oladimeji
By 'Remi Kolade
It's hard to believe you are gone Mummy.
We were so optimistic that you will get back on your feet by divine intervention but God knows better.
You were a loving, beautiful, cheerful, humble but principled person.
Your irresistible smile remains evergreen in my memory.
Your good nature and services to humanity also remain indelible in the minds of all you touched.
Your exit is highly misfortune, but we take solace in God that we will meet on the resurrection day to part no more.
Sleep on Mummy in the bosom of our Lord.
We love you and miss you a lot.
May your beautiful soul continue to rest in peace.

Posted by Tinuola Aigwedo on May 19, 2021
It seems like a bad dream that our Mummy Oladimeji fondly called Busayo’s Mum by my late Mum (Mrs Teleola Alalade) is gone. You were everything a daughter wanted in a Mother.You took care of everyone like your biological own. Your home was opened to all....I mean opened to all. We could converse with you without fear of being misinterpreted. We know you are resting now and praying for us. We love and miss you our dear Mummy. May the good Lord grant you eternal rest .
Posted by Segun Adejare on May 18, 2021
Dear Aunty Yetunde
You will be greatly missed. You were soft spoken, kind and accommodating. An auntie like a mother. We love you but God loves you more. Sleep on.
Posted by Ezebudey Titi on May 16, 2021

Posted by Valentina Solarin on May 16, 2021
It's so difficult to say goodnight to you, Snr Bene as you're fondly called by those of us who were your juniors in the secondary school. When the news of your demise brokered to the OLAMIOSA family (i.e. the Old Students Association of Our Lady of Apostles Secondary Grammar School, Maryway, Ibadan, Nigeria) on 21 April, 2021, we were all badly shaken because we weren’t expecting it and didn't see it coming at all. Well, no one can resist when the MASTER comes calling. We believe that it was your time and all we now have left is to hold precious to heart, your beautiful memories and legacies. We cherish your contributions as a foundational member of the OLAMIOSA Board of Trustees and the part you played in ensuring a properly cultivated foundation for OLAMIOSA to thrive. We recall with great nostalgia, how you bubbled, smiled and posed for pictures with many of us during the 1st and 2nd national conventions of OLAMIOSA in December 2018 and 2019 respectively. Now, you've flown away like a dove, leaving only these sweet memories of you to relish on. Adieu, Snr Bene, our beautiful Queen Professor and quintessential icon of OLAMIOSA. Sleep well till we meet again at the feet of our Lord Jesus. – 
Chief Valentina Titilayo Solarin
National President, OLAMIOSA
Posted by Duro Ojetayo on May 16, 2021
I never thought I would be writing this type of tribute at this time. The discussions we normally had both on secular and spiritual issues each time we were together was so encouraging and challenging that I wished we continued for some longer years. Each time you visited the US and we were together, you practically “devoured” the spiritual resources you found in the home and after it, came these uplifting discussions.
Adieu, beloved sister. Now you do not have any more questions. You are contented with Jesus, your Lord .
We will meet in the morning “Auntie” as I fondly called you.
Sleep on, Beloved.
Posted by Ifeoluwa Ojetayo on May 16, 2021
My earliest memory of Mummy was being driven by her to take entrance exams into secondary schools along with my cousin, her youngest daughter. I remembered being awed by her, by her natural grace and nobility. Not the kind that makes you feel small or demean you in relation to it, rather the kind that makes you aware that kindness and decency is truly what ennobles us, not blood or class.
I’ve thought, since her passing, about the resolve and strength of character that would make her achieve all that she did. Undoubtedly by nature of the injustices in our world , she often walked into rooms many would think she doesn’t belong in. Yet she thrived and succeeded despite despite the odds against her. Evidence of her mettle can be seen in her daughters and their achievement.
And of all her many achievements, there is no greater legacy than these wonderful women she brought into the world.
To you dearest sisters, I know her loss is immeasurable, but equally immeasurable is the love she left behind. You are the embodiment of that love. My prayers are with you and the rest of the family as we continue to mourn her passing.

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth; and though this body be destroyed, yet shall I see God; who I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold, and not as a stranger.
Posted by Dr. A. O. Adeoye on May 16, 2021
Yetty, the beautiful, unassuming, and kind lady with broad smiles that revealed her well set teeth has gone back to her creator. She always had a good word for everyone. Thank you Yetty, for all the nice times we had; there was never a dull moment with you. You have fought the good fight, now rest in perfect peace, dear sister and friend. May the Holy Spirit comfort your family and friends. Amen....... Prof. Adenike O. Adeoye
Posted by Ijeoma Ahonkhai on May 15, 2021

Yetunde, I still must come to terms that you have transited from this planet Earth to the Celestial abode. Our paths and lives became linked in 1978 when we were both pursuing our graduate studies in Cardiff, Wales, in the United Kingdom. From then on, it was as if we have known ourselves from childhood, even though you were Yoruba while I am Ibo. Even our spouses became friends. By God’s grace we both came back to Nigeria with our PhDs, I to University of Benin, Benin City, while you went to Obafemi Awolowo
University, Ile -Ife. To the glory of the Almighty, we both reached our zenith in the University as Professors in our chosen disciplines before retirement.

Outside academics, you were such a humane individual, full of smiles and life. Even when you were hurting inside you kept a cheerful disposition that made you unique and admirable. Your patient and tolerant quotient to challenges is immeasurable, of course your faith and closeness to the Lord Jesus whom you loved dearly and worshiped was the secret.

You were an exemplary devoted, loving wife to Muyiwa, mother to Seyi and her sisters and the dotting pretty grandma to the grandchildren. The family and we your friends, miss you but you will forever be in our thoughts so long as we are on this side of Eternity. Your legacies speak volumes of who you were in the lives you impacted. Yetunde, it is tough writing this tribute, but it is needful, and I owe it to you, my dear friend. You are now where nothing can hurt you, enjoy your rest with other triumphant saints of our God till we all meet on The Resurrection Morning to part no more!

    Your friend Professor Ijeoma Ahonkhai (Mrs.)
Posted by Olubunmi Ayeni on May 15, 2021
I knew auntie when l was a secretary in Department of Mental Health in the early eighties. She was the only female lecturer there, while l was the only female non-academic staff. We somehow as a result became very close. Auntie possessed an amiable personality, very, very unassuming. I used to cherish Monday mornings then as there will be gists from the weekend. She really made my stay in the department memorable. I pray that her gentle soul rest in peace and God in His infinite mercies grant the Oladimeji and Ogundairo families the fortitude to bear this loss. From Olubunmi Ayeni
Posted by Olayinka Olasode on May 14, 2021
A friend indeed. We shared research publications together. Very amiable with incredible passion for her field of expertise, , unassuming but strong personality. Genuine, full of love and sincerity. I thought your retirement years would give time to interact with you more in your new abode in Lekki. You left an indelible mark as an achiever and a woman of strength.
Truly a beauty within and without. Surely you will be missed.
We shall understand it more on resurrection morning bye and bye. Rest on big Sis.
Posted by Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran on May 14, 2021
My dear Yetunde,
It’s hard to believe the news. I was so looking forward to our next visit in July 2021. Those were always times to laugh about the adventures of our youthful years, to analyze the status of the disciplines of psychology and behavioral medicine in Nigeria, and to share our hopes and dreams for our children. Alas this is not to be.
How correct the late Professor O. Adewoye was when he said to me shortly after I arrived in Ile-Ife in 1977, “there is someone I want you to meet. I think you two could be great friends.” You, freshly back from abroad; me, a JJC from America; both of us women academics committed to making a place for psychological studies at what was then UNIFE.
We bonded immediately. It was in your kitchen that I learned to make egusi soup. It was in my office that we debated the relevance of Luria to psychology in the Nigerian context. It was on the road as we traveled to professional meetings that we shared stories and laughter.
But, alas, your earthly journey has come to an end. And, you have walked it well, my dear friend: steadfast wife, devoted mother and grandmother, dedicated teacher, and committed scholar unafraid to challenge the medical hierarchy and baseless orthodoxy. Well done, my “sister” friend.
May you, now and forever, Rest in Perfect Peace.
Muyiwa, Seyi, Busi, Funso, and family:
Our hearts are full:
Of sorrow at our loss
Of joy for knowing “Mama Seyi”.
We know it will take time, and yet, we wish you peace in the days ahead.

Professor (Mrs.) Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran & Professor Olasope O Oyelaran
Posted by Dare Demuren on May 14, 2021
My wife and I send our condolence to my good friend and classmate Dr Muyiwa Oladimeji and the rest of the family on the passing on to glory of Professor Mrs Yetunde Oladimeji.
We have fond memories of the great times we had in Cardiff about 40 years ago. Yetunde was a very loving and affectionate wife and mother, who treated and cared for our children just like hers. Seyi, "Busee" and our own children had so much fun together.
Yetunde, our dearest "Young Girl", we love you but, "the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be His name."
May God Almighty comfort and strengthen Muyiwa, the children and the rest of the family, and may the soul of our dearly departed rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Olusola Olufemi on May 14, 2021
Indeed a pleasure to have met and lived in Aunty's house on campus for a little while. Aunty was a very gracious, kind and loving mother. Her smiles are unparalleled. I pray God's comfort for the entire family at this time. Rest well in the Lord's bosom my dear aunty.
Posted by Adebimpe Afolabi on May 14, 2021
It still feels like a dream! Auntie, it is still so hard to believe you have left us.

The last time l spoke with you was on your 70th birthday Virtual Zoom celebration. We were all so happy to celebrate the joyous occasion with you. I told you l was looking forward to you and Uncle visiting us as soon as you were able to travel. I never knew that would be the last time l would speak with you.

I will forever cherish your love and generosity in the early days, when l would visit you and Uncle in Cardiff. I will forever hold on to the fond memories of the good times we shared whenever you and Uncle visited us in Tennessee.

I will never forget the joy l saw on your face the first time you held Baby Bambi when she was born. Needless to say your love for your beautiful family was unconditional.

You were brilliant, respected and recognized worldwide for your contribution to global health. You displayed immense strength and courage in the face of adversity even to the very end.

We take comfort in the fact you have found rest at the bosom of the Almighty. You are surrounded by Angels where there is no more pain or suffering and you are looking down on us all.

I pray that God will comfort your loving husband, our dear Uncle Muyiwa, your children, grandchildren and the whole extended family.

Adieu Auntie! Rest In Peace, till we meet to part no more.

With love,
Dr Bimpe, Clarksville, TN.
Posted by Taiwo Makinde on May 14, 2021
Yety, as I used to call you. You were a gem. Yetunde, you had a large and forgiving heart. Soft-spoken, you were gentle and kind almost to a fault. I can still hear that soft and gentle voice saying"senior" anytime you were addressing me. A wonderful wife and loving mother and grandmother; you were also a dependable friend. You were a dedicated Christian who served God diligently. You top this up with academic excellence, attaining the peak of your career - Professor. The old students of Maryway (OLAMIOSA), national and Osun chapters, will miss you. All Souls Chapel of OAU will miss you; Women's Christian Fellowship of All Souls Chapel will miss you; the academic circle of OAU will miss you; your husband, children, grandchildren and your siblings will miss you. Yetunde, you lived a fulfilled and impactful life and I believe that you have gone home to rest.
Sleep on beloved until the resurrection day when we shall all meet to part no more. Adieu my physically and spiritually beautiful Professor.
Posted by Loretta Titilayo WHYTE-AG... on May 13, 2021
My darling Queen Benedicta. When I heared about your exit, I was happy for you that you managed to attaine the wish of the Lord concerning his wish for us to come home at 70 years. Anyone over this age, is by His Grace. i pray to the Almighty God that your gentle soul will continue to rest in PERFECT PEACE . Sleep on Sis and rest on the bossom of your creator till we meet to part no more. . Ma sun Olufe ko si ma sinmi, Gborile aiya Olugbala re. A fe o sugbon Jesu fe o ju. Sunre, Sunre , Sunre. ❤
Loretta TitilayominiwajuOluwa Whyte-Agboola. 68 set. ❤
Posted by Feyi Akingbohungbe on May 13, 2021
Dear Mum,

You fought the good fight and ran the race with endurance. Heaven truly gained an angel. Though I want to ask why, but instead I choose to thank God for a life well spent and for the opportunity to have known you and learn from you. You nurtured us like your own, giving advice, love, support, tutelage and discipline. You listened and cared. I am grateful and the memories remain fresh and nostalgic. For me, it is not good bye, it is see you later at Jesus's feet. Sleep on Mum, may the Lord grant you eternal rest, amen.
Posted by Kunle Olowe on May 13, 2021
*Beautiful life of an Icon*
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word. We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember your good life.
*Prayerful, loving, kind woman full of faith and godliness* We all part with a special person. Her kindness will never be forgotten. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget" May the soul of our beloved sister, mother and grandmother. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ngosoo Perpetua Chia on May 13, 2021
Mama Oladimeji as my daughter (TORKWASE) and I always called you. I bless God for your life and having made you a part of my professional life. I am grateful for the impact you created in my life. You were so passionate about the profession and even on your sick bed you inquired from me when our next scientific conference would be taking place. You have lived well and I believe you are resting and smiling down at us. Rest on eternally with the Lord. Your legacy lives on in us.
Posted by Kemisola Akinfisoye on May 13, 2021

A tribute to a very pleasant & peaceful sister: Prof Yetunde Oladimeji

"A good life lasts a certain number of years, but a good reputation lasts forever"

I recall first meeting you in 1970 when you visited my husband, Mr. Oluwole Adepoju and myself in Newcastle, Britain alongside your darling husband, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oladimeji. Your short stay with us was fun and memorable.

From then on, I knew her to be a very pleasant and peaceful lady. She was a disciplined, straight forward woman who led by example. She was amiable, humble and very brilliant but very firm. She handled responsibility with full dedication and commitment, she was truly a great leader.

Your legacy and vision of progress within the Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International [FGBMFI] to which you committed yourself will hopefully forever be fostered. I remembered your visit to Akure in the 90's during the FGBMFI National Convention and the joy that filled your heart at seeing my children singing in the choir!

Thank you so much for being there for me and my children during the burial of my late husband. Your support and prayers will forever be remembered.

Adieu dear sister, our joy is that you lived and died in Christ and that has given us the assurance that we will see you again at the Resurrection Morning in Jesus name.

Goodnight xx
Posted by Elizabeth F Ajayi on May 13, 2021
Mummy I did not get to meet you 1:1, I had lots of good things about you. May mummy’s soul rest in peace.
Posted by John Eze on May 13, 2021
I call you Mama Oladimeji, although you are Professor. You are a great mentor and model. Rest in peace.
Posted by Francisca Taiwo on May 13, 2021
Professor Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji nee Ogundairo, Yetunde as I fondly called you, your passing came to me as a rude shock.
Our paths crossed in 1965 when I just transferred to Our Lady of Apostles Girls' Secondary School, MARYWAY, Ibadan from Lagos. We were in the same Form 3 class which was a mixture of many sets from 1961-1963 as the school was trying to adjust to 5 years only for WAEC.
We were the smallish ones and I was drawn to you by your warmth, humility and seriousness with your academic work It was therefore not surprising that to the glory of God you reached the peak of your career as an academician.
We never lost touch completely as your name continued to echo from Moscow where you were a student along with my college sister Mrs. Keke Sote nee Ogunlanoh as well as our boyfriends later husbands who had both been students at Government College Ibadan.
We were in touch on and off as our husbands are also both from Osun State. I remember you attending my father-in-law's burial in Ede in 2004 and I almost didn't recognize you as 'sake' had fed you so much you had become robust.
The National Association of our Alma mater gave us the opportunity to meet more in the past three years with both of us elected to be on the Board of Trustees. At the last meeting of the BOT which we both attended you complained about your knee joint but it did not affect the quality of your contribution at the meeting.
You were looking so gorgeous at the last Convention and I was looking forward to seeing you at the next one but God has a different plan.
I believe you fulfilled purpose and the Lord took you at the appointed time. Take your deserved rest at the bosom of Almighty, no more pain, no more insecurity. Rest in perfect peace.
May the Lord comfort your husband, children and loved ones.
Adieu till we meet to part no more.

Mrs. Francisca Fehintola Taiwo Nee Odugbesan
Classmate at MARYWAY Ibadan
Posted by Seyi Odunuga on May 13, 2021
Dear mummy, I am very saddened by your loss. It was only a few months ago since we celebrated your 70th birthday party. You made a big impact in my life while I was in the university of Ife as you opened up your home to me (Bussie’s friend) during one of the strikes. You were very kind to me and I enjoyed my stay. I will never forget that. You were not a typical strict Nigerian parent and allowed Bussie, Feyi, Eme and I to go for dance rehearsals for our dance group and we even demonstrated some of our dance moves and you always had input.
I pray God gives your family and friends the fortitude to bear your loss and may your memories continue to remain forever etched in their hearts.
Rest in peace mummy. Good night till we meet again at Jesus’s feet.
Posted by abisola opeyokun on May 12, 2021
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace ma.Going by the viewed tributes it shows you have greatly impact many lives while on earth so you are not dead but gone to rest. I pray Almighty God grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Bolaji Akinwande on May 12, 2021
Prof (Mrs) B.Y. Oladimeji (nee Ogundairo) was my senior in Secondary school in Ibadan. She was a very quiet and unassuming person. I met her later in life in Cardiff UK as Dr Oladimeji's wife, who was also a Family friend. I noticed she had not changed at all in character. She was a good woman who was always warm to all. May her soul rest in perfect peace Amen. Mrs Bolaji Akinwande (nee Majasan).
Posted by Ladi Awotinde on May 12, 2021
Mummy was a mum by all standards, extremely caring to almost everyone irrespective of who you are or where you come from. Her motherly welcome was second to none.

Mummy could soften anything with her charming smile. Without a doubt, those who know her will sorely miss her.

May God grant her beautiful soul eternal rest and grant Daddy and the rest of her awesome family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Pipelayo Bola-omotayo on May 12, 2021
May the Lord grant mummy enternal rest.
Posted by Tolu Odetoyinbo on May 12, 2021
My family and I were shocked to hear that our dear Aunt had passed on to eternal glory. Aunty was in University with our mother and their friendship lasted over 50 years. She was such a loving and caring Aunty who was always there for us at various stages of our lives including teenage years at FGGC Oyo as well as while in OAU Ife.
She will be sorely missed. May God grant her gentle soul peace
Posted by Olaitan Ajibola on May 12, 2021
My children thought she has another child called Ife until I explained to them the reason we fondly call her "Mummy Ife". In fact, I had to show them Ife (The Town) on the Map. Hardly would anyone notice that she was not my biological mother. Very kind-hearted woman. She accepted me into the Great Oladimeji family as a son with open hand. I never knew your last Europe and America tour was to say good bye to us. May your soul rest with The Lord. Amen.
Posted by Esther Ayeni on May 12, 2021
It was a great honor to be your friend. You were more than a friend to me. You were my sister, teacher, supervisor and confidant. You had a gentle spirit, a cheerful continuance, and encouraging words. You were very accommodating and frankly in our many years together, I never
saw you angry.
You will be missed but our joy is. That you are resting with your Lord.
Posted by Bisi Aweda on May 12, 2021
My dear Mummy Oladimeji, the story of my memorable teenage years will be incomplete without mentioning the numerous baking experiments in your kitchen. There are no words to describe how sore this has left us. I wish you stayed longer to see the results of your constant prompts and encouragement to study in our lives. Your legacy lives in us. 
Posted by Angela Olurin on May 12, 2021
My dear friend and sister, Yetunde.It's sad that you left so soon but I know that you are resting peacefully. You epitomize calmness, sincerity and friendliness. So, God has gained an Angel. Continue to praise your heavenly King .
Peace, perfect peace, Yetunde.
You will be sorely missed.
Angela Olurin
Posted by Tomoloju Olubusayo on May 12, 2021
Mummy, you're one of my best mentor. May your genle, kind, and lovely soul rest in peace. Goodnight ma.
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Posted by Aboidun Fijabi on June 23, 2021
Sister Yetunde’s passing was a painful loss to Mopelola and I. She was a solid support for uncle and the entire family. We watched her with admiration from a distance. We were on the zoom call for her 70th and had wished her many more years of life, love and leadership. As It has pleased God to call her home, we take solace in the beauty of her life and the legacies she is leaving behind. For this, we shall forever be grateful to God for allowing us come inside Prof’s orbit. Sister Yetunde is not dead: she lives on in all of the lives she has touched.
Posted by Yemi Oyegoke on June 18, 2021
A painful loss and a shock to hear of the passing of such a wonderful and sweet soul. It was always such a wonderful experience visiting my Uncles Femi and Muyiwa especially knowing I would also share the good company of their wives who we all hold in such high esteem. Aunt Yetunde will be sorely missed. A wonderful lady with a kind heart. Thoughts and prayers to Uncle Muyiwa and the family. We can take some comfort from the fond memories and positive experience we all have of Mrs, Prof. Oladimeji. Good bless her soul and may she Rest In Peace.
Posted by Adejoke Abiodun on June 18, 2021
The sudden departure of Prof Mrs Yetunde Oladimeji was received with great shock. She left an indelible record on the sand of time with her amiable character, her loving and gentle smiles. She was committed and devoted to Christian services and to mankind. These will continue to echo in our memory. May she continue to sleep in the bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more

Deacon and Mrs G.C.O Adeniji
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Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji till we meet again

Shared by Marcellinus Nwaogu on June 16, 2021

We the entire members of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian Branch lack words to express our distress about the death of our member, teacher, mentor, leader, mother, colleague, and friend - Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji Is with the Lord.

Prof. B.Y. Oladimeji was a foundation member of our association in Nigeria. She played a leadership role in the establishment and development of EAPA in Nigeria.

She was travelling from Ife to Lagos for the association’s meeting, Conferences, and other programme.

By her passing away, Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian has lost one of her great leaders. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

While we were enjoying her presence, little did we know that God was going to call Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji soon.In live we loved you dearly and in death do the same. Those special memories of you will forever be in our heart until we meet again.

Our sympathy is to the family of Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

EAPA- Nigeria,
Dr. Nwaogu Marcel


Shared by Harmonywork Osinowo on June 15, 2021
Mama Oladimeji and Husband , Children have been so kind to the IKUABE FAMILY
Mama was selfless and very diligent, she showed care, we cannot forget how you opened your house to provide accomadation for Osholene and Oshokha during their schools days in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife which made theie stay in Ife a stress free one.
This led to their good academic performance, we take comfort that you are resting in the bossom of OUR LORD AND MAKER ………………………………………………MAMA REST IN PERFECT PEACE 
Shared by Oluwafisayo Adebimpe on June 14, 2021


The Osun State Chapter of the Nigerian Psychological Association and Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists commiserate with the family of Oladimeji on the demise of our amiable and inestimable Prof. (Mrs.) Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji. An erudite scholar, a teacher of teachers, a mentor and a pacesetter in the field of Nigerian Psychology.

Prof. (Mrs.) B.Y. Oladimeji passing to glory shakes our hearts, her exit was unexpected and so shocking. It came at the peak when we needs Mama more. Mama's efforts in the National always remain because she saw and took the association at large to the height it deserves. Her presence in conferences and colloquium encourages and gear up the mind of her mentees to strife and do more because she is an embodiment of humility and grace personified. Aside having a clear picture for both  Nigerian Psychological Association and Nigerian Association Clinical Psychologists, she created tools, machineries to make it work and also remain relevant till today. 

Words are not enough to describe this enigma because it is beyond us. Constantly we continue to shed tears because of the irreplaceable loss.

Uncountable are the product of mama both at the local and international levels... postgraduates and all....Mama was a mentor of mentors who sees this task as a role and she played it till her passing on...

Osun State Chapter of the Nigerian Psychological Association connect with the entire family of Nigerian Psychological Association and the various sub domains of Psychology all over  Nigeria and in disapora to grief the demise. We pray that Almighty God gives us the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss and uphold Mama's entire family.

Till we meet to part no more

Adieu Mama Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

Prof. Egbe. E. Idehen.
Dr. Oluwafisayo. A. Adebimpe
(Osun State Chapter Nigerian Psychological Association and Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists).