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Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji till we meet again

Shared by Marcellinus Nwaogu on June 16, 2021

We the entire members of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian Branch lack words to express our distress about the death of our member, teacher, mentor, leader, mother, colleague, and friend - Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji Is with the Lord.

Prof. B.Y. Oladimeji was a foundation member of our association in Nigeria. She played a leadership role in the establishment and development of EAPA in Nigeria.

She was travelling from Ife to Lagos for the association’s meeting, Conferences, and other programme.

By her passing away, Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian has lost one of her great leaders. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

While we were enjoying her presence, little did we know that God was going to call Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji soon.In live we loved you dearly and in death do the same. Those special memories of you will forever be in our heart until we meet again.

Our sympathy is to the family of Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

EAPA- Nigeria,
Dr. Nwaogu Marcel


Shared by Harmonywork Osinowo on June 15, 2021
Mama Oladimeji and Husband , Children have been so kind to the IKUABE FAMILY
Mama was selfless and very diligent, she showed care, we cannot forget how you opened your house to provide accomadation for Osholene and Oshokha during their schools days in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife which made theie stay in Ife a stress free one.
This led to their good academic performance, we take comfort that you are resting in the bossom of OUR LORD AND MAKER ………………………………………………MAMA REST IN PERFECT PEACE 
Shared by Oluwafisayo Adebimpe on June 14, 2021


The Osun State Chapter of the Nigerian Psychological Association and Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists commiserate with the family of Oladimeji on the demise of our amiable and inestimable Prof. (Mrs.) Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji. An erudite scholar, a teacher of teachers, a mentor and a pacesetter in the field of Nigerian Psychology.

Prof. (Mrs.) B.Y. Oladimeji passing to glory shakes our hearts, her exit was unexpected and so shocking. It came at the peak when we needs Mama more. Mama's efforts in the National always remain because she saw and took the association at large to the height it deserves. Her presence in conferences and colloquium encourages and gear up the mind of her mentees to strife and do more because she is an embodiment of humility and grace personified. Aside having a clear picture for both  Nigerian Psychological Association and Nigerian Association Clinical Psychologists, she created tools, machineries to make it work and also remain relevant till today. 

Words are not enough to describe this enigma because it is beyond us. Constantly we continue to shed tears because of the irreplaceable loss.

Uncountable are the product of mama both at the local and international levels... postgraduates and all....Mama was a mentor of mentors who sees this task as a role and she played it till her passing on...

Osun State Chapter of the Nigerian Psychological Association connect with the entire family of Nigerian Psychological Association and the various sub domains of Psychology all over  Nigeria and in disapora to grief the demise. We pray that Almighty God gives us the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss and uphold Mama's entire family.

Till we meet to part no more

Adieu Mama Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

Prof. Egbe. E. Idehen.
Dr. Oluwafisayo. A. Adebimpe
(Osun State Chapter Nigerian Psychological Association and Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists).


Shared by Ayodeji Ajayi on June 12, 2021
                                                                                                           7TH JUNE, 2021

The above named association uses this medium to express its condolence at the demise of our past national president Professor Mrs. Oladimeji. Her death was such a rude shock to us considering her impact on the association and contribution in terms of the development of clinical psychology association and training in Nigeria.
We would obviously have preferred her to be with us for a longer period providing mentorship for most of our members and the motherly role which had impacted the association positively. However, we know we meet to part, and part to meet. We understand there is a terminal departure time for all, but we believe she is in a better place, devoid of pain and sorrows. This is our consolation because her continued stay with us had been our joy which seems cut short by her sudden demise. 
If we are in anguish and pain of this magnitude, how can we quantify those of her immediate family members. She no doubt left a big gulf difficult to be filled by anyone or anything. Her good works, selfless service and sacrifice cannot be forgotten so soon by our association and its numerous members. We only take solace in praying for you that God himself will surely console you and heal your deep emotional wounds.  
We pray God grant the entire family the fortitude to bear the loss and grant her eternal rest.  Accept our heartfelt condolence.


Shared by Kayode Oladimeji on June 10, 2021
The sudden news of your demise came as a rude shock to us and the entire family. It was heartbreaking to note that you have left a big vacuum behind that shall take only the special grace of God to be filled. The reality of your exit is a big loss to all of us, but we take solace in the Lord that your good life was so impactful within the family and beyond.
We thank God for the good and hard times that we all shared together. We are also very grateful to God for the great lessons that we all learnt in the course of this relationship that spanned some good decades. You are indeed a virtuous woman, good wife, loving mother, caring sister and you're sorely going to be missed by all. 
O Digba kan na. Sleep on dear sister till we meet to part no more on the resurrection day. Adieu. 
Kayode and Joan Oladimeji. 

Tribute to our brother's noble consort

Shared by Baker's house Bukky on May 31, 2021
You were firm but still with a smile. You were an academician to the core; always eager to know the academic performance of the children It was always fun to watch you and bros argue over healthy eating; you both had come to understand each other so well: that makes your exit more painful. You bore your infirmity with grace, it never deterred you from attending family functions. You used your cane with style and confronted your infirmity in strength to the end. We were confident in the Lord that you would pull through but it pleased Him to call you. The psalmist was right: “ …We spend our years as a tale that is told…for it is soon cut off and we fly away (Psalm.90:9-10) Thus, we fade away like the morning as the song writer puts it:
Fading away like the stars of the morning;
Losing their light in the glorious sun;
Thus would we part from the earth and its toiling;
Only remembered by what we have done

Our brother’s ‘Yets’
The children’s ‘Mummy Ife’
Our own ‘Mummy Seyi’
Rest on beloved, till the resurrection morning.
- ‘Debo & Bukola Salako


Shared by Abimbola Akinola O. on May 31, 2021
O’ death where is thy string?
O’ grave where is thy victory?

“When great trees fall in forests, small things recoil into silence, and their senses eroded beyond fear.”

Mummy, I like what I used to call you. You had many accolades, some called Prof, some called BYO, some called Yett, and some called Iya-Ife. But to me, you were a mother never to forget.
It is hard to put my feelings into words, but I need just to do it.
You’re a mother with a heart of the rainbow, a woman with a quiet and kind spirit.

A woman with an innate ability you have positively touched many lives that came to your ways which am part of them.
Some of my early memories of being with you years bring the day I first came into your life. I remember the first day I drove you to the office in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (OAU) where you lecture. 

When you called my name at the back of the seat and said; Akinola, I like the fact that you have the courage and ability to survive, but the truth is that you are not a professional driver, your way of driving indicates that you are not yet a good driver. I smiled immediately when she said that and she smiled back at me.

That day you have shown to be the character of a good mother, instead of you to start condemning my actions, you started giving me more courage and support.

The day I would never forget was the day you called me into your room and you asked me to take a seat closer to you, you said we both knew that I’m not qualified enough to drive you because my driving isn’t smooth. But you’re a good and ambitious boy, you have a brighter future.

I see that in you, for this reason, I’ll adopt you as my grandson. And you said again, do you know that I don’t have any Male child that all my children are female, thus I’ll be seeing you as my only male son. Ever since then you and daddy have been supporting me, caring for me and treating me as your child. Your paramount dream for me was to further my education and of which you make that come to the limelight for me.

Mummy your heart was so large that everyone had a place to find help and comfort therein.

I will miss those beautiful moments, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it terribly hurts to know I won’t be able again to sit down with you and share with me your famous lectures, travelling gist, favourite hymns songs, praises, prayer, words from the scriptures, and some of your jokes, which you usually commenced with advising me on my academy and what to become in future.

You taught me so much in the short time we spent together.
You thought me the

i.The power of knowledge
ii. The steps to follow in dealing with all without offending.
iv.And respecting others.

You’re so simplistic in your approach to life, unassuming and unpretentious.
I will forever cherish these 3 words in you mummy
i. You represent Love
ii. You represent Kindness
iii.You represent Peace.

You can no longer be seen by the human eye, but your soul and love you gave so many will never die.

Thank you Mummy for the opportunity you gave to me to be part of your life.
You have fought the good fight of faith and you have left your mark. I will miss you tremendously.

This is the piece out of many in my heart that I can write about you because I know words cannot express how wonderful and marvellous you were to me.


Your Boy,

Shared by Paul-David Ezebudey on May 23, 2021
Grandma, I still can’t believe that you’re gone. Everytime I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. Now, I understand why Grandpa couldn’t believe you were gone either the day it happened. You and Grandpa taught me true love. You both were models to me, in all aspects. Thank you for everything...and I mean EVERYTHING. I would go into details but I would rather tell you in person. Well..that can only happen when we meet in heaven and for that, I promise to live my life right so that I shall see you again. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Please,keep watching over me from heaven as you did here on earth. I Love you so much Grandma#foreverinourhearts

Sweet Memories of my Charming Friend.

Shared by Angela Olurin on May 19, 2021
Prof Mrs Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji was known to me from childhood. We were both born and bred in the Catholic community of Itesi/Ake , Abeokuta. We attended  St Peter Claver's Convent School and were friends till we passed out in 1962.

When we met again in UCH in1975, she was already Mrs Oladimeji. Her husband, Dr Muyiwa Oladimeji and my fiance  Femi Olurin,  were  also  friends  and classmates in the primary school. Nobody knew that the men were reconnecting Benedicta and Angela. 
 The excitement, joy and fun which followed remain unforgettable. The four of us became practically inseparable...relishing the pleasure  beauty and benefits of old friendship. 
 From Ibadan, University of Ife, (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ilorin, Abeokuta, Oshogbo and Cardiff  to Lagos,we rolled together with all our children and families. We had fun and were truly happy. 
Our greatest fun times were during our regular visits to Cardiff when both families would enjoy  Muyiwa  and Yetunde's warm and uncommon hospitality, shopping, visiting parks and clubs. 
Yetunde would come regularly to Abeokuta for Conferences  at the Psychiatric Hospital Aro and would stay with us.This gave us ample opportunity to  interact more  and enjoy our friendship as adults. She was beautiful, calm, and honest. I cherished her presence  and  the quality of her wisdom and deep understanding of human nature. They were very soothing. I lost my husband in 1995 and her family gave every needed support for which  I remain eternally grateful. 
Well, nothing lasts forever and so the good fortune of having you, my charming Yetunde, with us bodily may be over but your memory remains deep and evergreen in my heart. 
Rest well, dear sister and friend. May God Almighty keep and comfort your husband, children and the rest of the family. Amen.

A Talented Teacher, A patient and Mature Mentor and Strong Stricter for keeping time of Appointment.

Shared by Adebimpe Aderounmu on May 12, 2021
The sudden exit of Prof Mrs Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji was a rude shock to most of us who are Secondary School Classmate of her husband (the GCIOBA Class of 1961-65/67)-Dr. Hon. Muyiwa Oladimeji, a Professional (Medical Doctor) in Politics.
For days after the news was broken to us who were privileged to know about her illness by our Class Venerable, Dr Wole Ogunseyinde, most of us remained in the “Shock Mode” for days.
We were privileged to be close to late YG Yetunde when we were neighbors in OAU Snr. Staff quarters; then through her husband, Muyiwa and then Professionally as Co-Lecturers at Lautech College of Health Sciences. 
YGYets as we fondly called her was a Pride to the Oladimeji’s of the Oroki Dynasty. She was Socially likeable and always a good hostess to us whenever our Rotatory Class meetings move to their home in Oroki Estate, Osogbo and once to their farm in the outskirts of Osogbo where we were lavishly entertained with assorted food andnumerous Fruits. The Era of Covid and Zoom meetings had now changed the Landscape.
 I came to appreciate her more when she came to Lautech, Ogbomoso/Osogbo for her Sabbatical year, a few years back. 
She exhibited her Talents as a good, talented and Dedicated Teacher to her Students, Mentoring her Postgraduate Psychology Students to fast track how they got their PhDs
Late Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji was also a Stricter to keeping Time of Appointment. Despite her knee challenges then, she was always an early arrival to the College Academic Board Meetings at Osogbo and Senate Meetings in Ogbomoso., making useful contributions at such meetings.
On behalf of my wife and I, we say Adiue to a Talented Teacher, a Patient and Mature Mentor and a disciplined keeper to Time of Appointments at College and Senate Meetings 
We love you but God Loves you more. May the good Lord comfort your Family and us all
Continue to sleep in the Bosom of your maker till we meet to part no more.

Prof and Dr.Mrs Adebimpe Adetokunbo Aderounmu (Rtd Prof of Surgery, Lautech)

Professor Yetunde Oladimeji - Tribute by Yeye Elizabeth Modupe Oyeduntan

Shared by Dupe Oyeduntan on May 12, 2021
Memories. That is what we all become eventually, when death the grim reaper,  comes. And the background music to this memorial page succinctly sums it up. May God Almighty  grant us the Grace to finish well, too.  Amen. Looking at your Inaugural Lecture pictures, I could not but become emotional. Mummy Ife, as my Children and your other children called you, you were beautiful inside out. Gentle looking, but very firm. It's been a privilege meeting with you Ma, and knowing you. You fought the fight gallantly and I believe you won the race! May your beautiful and gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.  May God comfort your darling husband, Dr. Muyiwa Oladimeji, aka Daddy London, who remained caring and steadfast till the end, your caring and loving children,  the entire family and your loved ones. Amen. 

A role model ,A great Mother

Shared by Abiola Adelana on May 12, 2021
Earthly loss, heavens gain !
you will surely be missed mummy Ife .
Heart broken , tears rolling , but my joy is in the Lord that you are resting where their is no pain and sorrow.
my university days memory lingers as you played the role of a mother in school , a role model ,an achiever, a loving mother ,gentle ,virtuous, our closest family friend (Oladimeji’s )
I love you.
may you continue to Rest In Peace and the peace of God of rest on all your loved ones you left behind .
sun re oooooo Mummy Ife .....
Mrs Abiola Adelana née Saba

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