Posted by Aboidun Fijabi on June 23, 2021
Sister Yetunde’s passing was a painful loss to Mopelola and I. She was a solid support for uncle and the entire family. We watched her with admiration from a distance. We were on the zoom call for her 70th and had wished her many more years of life, love and leadership. As It has pleased God to call her home, we take solace in the beauty of her life and the legacies she is leaving behind. For this, we shall forever be grateful to God for allowing us come inside Prof’s orbit. Sister Yetunde is not dead: she lives on in all of the lives she has touched.
Posted by Yemi Oyegoke on June 18, 2021
A painful loss and a shock to hear of the passing of such a wonderful and sweet soul. It was always such a wonderful experience visiting my Uncles Femi and Muyiwa especially knowing I would also share the good company of their wives who we all hold in such high esteem. Aunt Yetunde will be sorely missed. A wonderful lady with a kind heart. Thoughts and prayers to Uncle Muyiwa and the family. We can take some comfort from the fond memories and positive experience we all have of Mrs, Prof. Oladimeji. Good bless her soul and may she Rest In Peace.
Posted by Adejoke Abiodun on June 18, 2021
The sudden departure of Prof Mrs Yetunde Oladimeji was received with great shock. She left an indelible record on the sand of time with her amiable character, her loving and gentle smiles. She was committed and devoted to Christian services and to mankind. These will continue to echo in our memory. May she continue to sleep in the bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more

Deacon and Mrs G.C.O Adeniji
Posted by Adejoke Abiodun on June 18, 2021
The sudden departure of Prof Mrs Yetunde Oladimeji was received with great shock. She left an indelible record on the sand of time with her amiable character, her loving and gentle smiles. She was committed and devoted to Christian services and to mankind. These will continue to echo in our memory. May she continue to sleep in the bossom of our Lord till we meet to part no more

Deacon and Mrs G.C.O Adeniji
Posted by Harmonywork Osinowo on June 18, 2021
“Adieu is never easy to say to an heroine like Prof Oladimeji. She touched so many lives, helped so many people to acquire knowledge and made them walk in the right path cognition, the path of wisdom and health. May God console the NACP and her immediate family, May her soul rest in peace.
Dr J. T Oyeleke
For Kwara State NACP Chapter.
Posted by Ola Ibigbami on June 18, 2021
You were a real mother. Caring soft-spoken, always calm and firm. You've left us all with fond memories of your positive impact on our lives. You were a woman of faith; faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!
It's indeed a painful loss for us, but a peaceful rest for you. May God strengthen us all and keep us in His Love till we meet again, to part no more at the resurrection of the Saints.
Posted by Stella Agunbiade on June 18, 2021
Dear Professor (Mrs) Olademeji,

There are not enough words to express how lovely, warm, kind and amazing you are, our connection began in May 2008. I remember as clear as yesterday, a telephone call I was in your daughter house in Mumbles Swansea. We spoke and laughed, subsequently, every time we met you blessed us with your smile. More importantly, you left a lasting impression, where I can only say today it was pleasure to speak with you, an honour to meet you and a great privilege to know you. Truly an unforgettable great light, other than your legacy I will always remember you for your smile and grateful attitude.

Your memory shall always be with every soul that met you.

May your soul rest in peace and may the Lord comfort your loved ones. In Jesus name Amen.
Posted by Samuel Dakwak on June 17, 2021
The late Professor, mother, teacher and Psychologist was a good, kind and wonderful scholar and professional. She has done well for Psychology and humanity, and has left an indelible mark.

May the Lord grant her eternal rest, and may the family be consoled.

Samuel Dakwak,
On behalf of NACP Plateau State chapter.
Posted by Anthony Olumekor on June 17, 2021
Tears which cannot be held back
Roll down
I know they do.

You were a sermon on humility, gentleness, kindness, love, impeccable faultless human relations and other countless enriching virtues. How can I ever forget you mum. Not one harsh word of correction ever came from you when we were putting together your books...for publication. Your books brought my company into limelight starting with their public presentation. How can I ever forget you or hold back the tears?
Mum, you will for ever be remembered by all those you touched through your virtues.
As you join the saints triumphant, we pray that God grants you eternal rest in heaven and condoles all those you left behind in the name of Jesus. Amen
Posted by Bolaji Olarewaju on June 16, 2021
Thank you mummy for being a blessing to my family , ministry and more , you helped to follow through my dreams and vision , from the very first contact with you , your prayers and words of encouragement never ceased . Thank you for a life of impact , thank you for teaching us how to be a true practical Christian . Rest on good mother . 
Posted by Marcellinus Nwaogu on June 16, 2021
Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian

Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji till we meet again.

We the entire members of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian Branch lack words to express our distress about the death of our member, teacher, mentor, leader, mother, colleague, and friend - Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji Is with the Lord.

Prof. B.Y. Oladimeji was a foundation member of our association in Nigeria. She played a leadership role in the establishment and development of EAPA in Nigeria.
She was travelling from Ife to Lagos for the association’s meeting, Conferences, and other programme.
By her passing away, Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Nigerian has lost one of her great leaders. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

While we were enjoying her presence, little did we know that God was going to call Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji soon. In live we loved you dearly and in death do the same. Those special memories of you will forever be in our heart until we meet again.

Our sympathy is to the family of Prof. Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

EAPA- Nigeria,
Dr. Nwaogu Marcel
Posted by Hadijat Makinde on June 16, 2021
I never met mama, but I heard many wonderful things through Funsho. May her soul continue to rest in Peace, and may God continue to comfort the family. Suun re mama.
Posted by Sola Oladimeji on June 16, 2021
Mummy Ife,
It's still unbelievable that you are no longer with us.
God knows best. 
We will miss you dearly Mummy Ife .
Please rest well in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sola and Kemi Oladimeji
Posted by Jerry Inja on June 16, 2021

The entire SOUTH-SOUTH NACP PG STUDENTS BODY commiserate with the family of oladimeji on the demise of our amiable and inestimable Prof. (Mrs.) Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

Prof Oladimeji passing onto glory remains a rude shock and great loss to all of us as it came at the peak when the entire academic world needed Mama more. Mama efforts in the activities of the profession remains indelible.
We as a student body are broken, our hearts are heavy with a lot of pains that can not be expressed. Your presence in national conferences and colloquium encourages and stares the mind of uncountable mentees to strife and do more because you were an embodiment of humility and excellence personified. Your vision for NACP and NPA spurred machineries to make it a reality and an association to reckon with in the present day dispensation.

Words are not enough to describe you because it is beyond us.

Our dearest Prof. was a hardworking personality , a mentor of mentors who saw the business of mentoring as a role and she played until her demise.

The South South NACP PG STUDENTS BODY as a body of students join the entire family of NPA and the various sub domains of Psychology all over the world to grief your demise. we pray that God gives us the grace to bear the irreparable loss and grant you rest in His bosom!
Adieu Prof!

Posted by Dee O-O on June 16, 2021
Met you for the first time I came with Uncle to Wales. That was years ago. You were so nice to someone you were meeting for the very first time. I know that that is whom you are. Kind Nice and have a Good Heart.
Aunty Rest in Perfect Peace in the Bosom of The Lord. Amen

Adenike Onyido
Posted by Lekon Oyejide on June 16, 2021
May Yetunde’s beautiful soul rest with the Lord, and may God grant her family the fortitude to bear this huge loss.
Posted by Folaju Grace Ashaye on June 16, 2021
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. (Psalms 116:15 )
We love you Yetunde but God loves you more.There's no iota of doubt in my heart that you are resting with your maker,who made it possible for you to clock 70,before calling you home

As for your beloved husband Muyiwa, all your children and grandchildren, who for sure are the most hit by your demise,we trust God to fill every vacuum, comfort and strengthen them to bear this loss and grant them fulfilling long lives in excellent health in Jesus name.

Going back memory lane,Yetunde was the very first friend I made on my resumption as a medical student in Moscow ,Russia in 1969. A very friendly beautiful soul,beautiful inside and outside, patient, kind ,soft spoken and ever smiling .She made herself available, showing me round
the whole place and really made me welcome to my new environment, helping me to settle in with ease .

Even though we didn't see much of each other when we returned to Nigeria due to our different locations, the busyness of building career,raising children and traveling, I bless God we reconnected when we got to know that two of our children married from the same family.

Adieu my dear friend. You came, you saw ,you conquered. Glory be to God .May your legacy endure .
Seeing you on Resurrection morning to part no more.
Posted by Mrs Yinka Fasogbon on June 15, 2021
Dear Sister
I never thought tha day would come this soon when I would be doing this.
God knows best. I hope to see you on Resurrection day.
May God uphold the whole family
Posted by Olusegun Oladomeji on June 15, 2021
Infact uptil now l stil find it not believed that you had left us .The news of your death came to me as a shock. I am going to miss your beautiful smile and your gentle slow voice. Thanks for given me the name gentle man. I love you but God loves you most. Sleep on my loving senior brothers wife.
Posted by Dr. Adeboye Titus Ayinde on June 15, 2021


It is with a heavy heart that I have to write on behalf of the entire members of staff and students in the Department to bid a matriarch in the family of Psychology in Nigeria farewell from this corruptible world of darkness into the incorruptible world of unending light.
Prof. B. Y. Oladimeji, the sudden and unexpected news of your death came with a rude shock and my immediate exclamation was that ‘not again’!, having lost to the cold hand of death earlier in the year an Iroko and a big fish (Prof. Akinsolape OLOWU) of the same family of psychology. Honestly, the situation became unbearable and nearly remove carpet off our feet.

Prof. B. Y. Oladimeji who was one of the first generation of Nigerian Clinical Psychologists, who bagged her M.A. in Psychology from Moscow State University (USSR), and Ph.D in Psychological Medicine from the University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. She was a certified Psychologist with more than three decades of clinical supervisory, consulting and teaching experience. She was an active member of many professional organizations including; the umbrella body of Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA); the Nigerian Society for Psychotherapy (NSP); Nigerian School Health Association (NSHA); African AIDS Research Network and the Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychology (NACP) whose affairs she successfully piloted to further height as the immediate past President.

Mama Oladimeji was a leading light in the family of Psychology and in particular, a reliable associate to the Department of Psychology, OAUIFE. Her contributions as the University Examiner during the Departmental vivals in her area of specialization have always been stimulating and enlightening. I remember your physical presence and mothering roles at the maiden election and inauguration of Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA) Osun State Chapter held in the Department of Psychology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

In her life time, Prof. Benedictal Yetunde Oladimeji was approachable, friendly and a role model, there is no doubt that your death has left a wide vacuum in the general family of Psychology, Clinical Psychologists Association, the immediate and extended families. It is our earnest and passionate prayer that God Almighty will continually be with all your associates and family members left behind. May the good Lord command His peace in your family and continually defend your husband, children, grandchildren and other relatives.

Good night our dear queen and a colossus in the family of Psychology.

A. T. Ayinde PhD.
Head, Department of Psychology 
Posted by Wilfred Ighodaro on June 15, 2021
Muyiwa and Yetunde Oladimeji were a very nice couple who had been together for a very long time, for about 55 years, 47 of those years as a married couple.
I don’t know the details of where they actually met, but I am aware that one of our classmates used to act as a “courier” to them when Yetunde was in school at Our Lady of Apostles, Maryway, Ibadan. He was a Catholic and was thus allowed to leave school compound on Sundays to go and worship at the Catholic church in Maryway.
He would faithfully carry a letter from Muyiwa to Yetunde every Sunday and patiently wait to bring back a letter from Yetunde and a reply to the letter he had brought. This arrangement held until when we left school.

Muyiwa and Yetunde both studied in Russia and I suspect Muyiwa had a hand in this arrangement . They got married in Russia
Yetunde was one of the active GCI “Young Girls” and used to accompany Muyiwa to our Meetings and hosted us on 3 occasions at their Oroki Estate Home in Oshogbo. I have 2 pictures of her at one of our Class Set meetings in Ibadan, which I attach.
She was a quiet, self-effacing woman, you would not imagine she was a Professor at the University of Ife, one of Nigeria’s best Universities. As a result of Muyiwa’s benignant influence she erroneously used to call me “Gospadin”, which I am told means a member of the bourgeoisie and political ruling Class in Russia.

Because of my residence in South Africa I was involved in Muyiwa’s efforts to research the facilities and protocols for kidney operations in South Africa and so had a fair idea of her progress and Muyiwa’s Herculean efforts.
Our class set weekly Prayer Meeting used to pray for her and I was very sure the Lord had granted our prayers. I was therefore shocked when our Class Set Chaplain broke the news to us. I broke down and cried while phoning Muyiwa to condole him.
We thank the Lord for the opportunities of Yetunde’s life. We pray the family will be given the strength to bear the loss and I pray that she awakens to joyful activity in God’s wonderful Creation.
Posted by Odunola Olabintan on June 14, 2021
Mummy lfe fondly called by many of us. Our hearts are heavy for your demise. You have been so kind, loving and caring. I cannot forget all you have done for us. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Rest on Mama.
Posted by OLUGBENGA ELEMIDE on June 14, 2021
Professor Mrs. Yeyetunde Oladimeji was a great Aunty who played a major role in the lives of numerous family members who had the privilege to attend OAU (Oba Awon Universities).

I was one of the privileged ones who passed through Aunty's guardianship. We had a very special bond and she gave me a preferential treatment in a very coded way.

Aunty was beautiful in and out. She had the most beautiful set of white teeth and smile. Her sense of humour was such that you could have a laugh with her at any time.

Aunty's words of advice over thirty years ago still come handy from time to time.

While you will be sorely missed, the memories of the good times we shared together remain my comfort.

Goodnight Aunty. Rest in the bossom of the Lord, till we meet to part no more.

Posted by Samuel Adesola on June 12, 2021
It is indeed a blessing and privilege to have you for that short period of time.
You left a mark in our hearts, that nothing will ever erase. It is really indelible in our hearts.
You were such a kind soul and saying goodbye is really heartbreaking.
Thank you for your act of kindness, back then, on those Tuesdays, in Ilesa, you would always ensure you put a smile on my face, any and every time I came to say hello to you.
May your soul continue to rest in peace, our dearest Mummy Ife!

Samuel and Yinka Adesola
Posted by Chinyere Ndata on June 11, 2021
                 RIVERS STATE CHAPTER
Plot 1 Circular Road, Presidential Estate 1, Opp. Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt

Mrs. Ada Maduka- +2348037294562

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Sr.Theresa C. Eke- +2347089579394

Mrs.Onyinye Okeke-+2348035969223
Dear Prof. BYO,
The news of your death came as a shocking one to us. It seemed quite unbelievable.
Seeing arrangements made as a final respect for your departure, we see the reality of it. Our hearts are heavy. How you lie low and still. Oh mummy!" Our Great Test Developer, our president!! You were like a morning rise to us. Your mentorship remain ever green in our memories. Adieu, till  we meet on the resurrection morning to part no more. Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!

Mrs. Ada Maduka     
Posted by NACP ENUGU CHAPTER on June 11, 2021


1. The news of the passing into glory of the NACP President Emeritus, Prof Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji on the 3 of May, 2021, reached us with great shock and unbelief. She was a seasoned scholar with lots of accolades which Interestingly, she did not keep to herself but constantly sought to communicate to others, This was the reason for her active participation both in regular academic and extra school activities especially the various academic conferences/workshops. We are yet to forget her wealth of experience shared with us in the NACP National Workshop hosted In Enugu in June, 2019. She had really impacted positively on both students and fellow Clinical Psychologists. She had contributed so much to scholarship through her numerous scholarly publications.

2. Indeed, she was a humble personality, tender hearted, accommodating and a philanthropist to the core having given her time and talent towards the growth of the NACP before her demise. Her sincerity had endeared her to the hearts of so many as well as her loving and lovable soul. Her dedication led her to holding appointments In many professional bodies like the Nigerian Society for Psychotherapy, Nigerian School of Health Association, Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria, Nigerian Chapter for the Study of Pain and the African AIDS Research Network, amongst others. She has as well served in both National and International Editorial Boards. We have indeed lost a genius

3. On behalf of the NACP Enugu Chapter, we wish to express our sincere condolence to you, the entire NACP family and the Staff of the Department of Mental Health, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Health Sciences OAU, lIe Ife where she has left a deep vacuum. We are left with the difficulty of coping with the challenging and sad reality of the moment but God will console and comfort us.

4. May the Angels of the Lord lead her to Paradise and may her soul and the souls of all the Faithful departed, rest In perfect peace. Amen,

Rev Fr Dr Paul Dennis Okoli
NACP Enugu Chapter
Posted by Funmilola Olabintan on June 11, 2021
Mummy your demise was and is still a pain to me. You touched and impacted my life in ways I myself can't explain. Ever since I was a child, myself and my siblings will scream and echo coming to u, you were such a loving and great mother to all.

Mummy, u were always cheerful, fun-loving who was full of life. Your smile and laughter would light up the room and it was infectious. Thanks for taking Care of me the way u did, thank u for the training and guidance. I wish there was more time.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the lord.
May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Your will be forever missed mummy. I love u.
Posted by Tunji Odebiyi on June 9, 2021
I have known Mama Prof. Oladimeji since my undergraduate days in Ife. Beautiful in and out. Even decades later, she still epitomized humility, love and kindness. You will be sorely missed. May your beautiful soul rest in His eternal bliss. Amen.
Posted by Idowu Ifeoluwa on June 8, 2021
There are no enough words I can say to describe just how important you were to me.

A mother, not to only your biological children but to many others.
A good person with so much to give. I cannot forget your impact in my life. You believed in me.

One of the most beautiful soul one could ever meet. You believe the best about everyone. Your wise advice always help.

You mean so much to me, I love you. Wish I had said this even more, I love you mummy. Wish I had more time to continue to appreciate you.

Despite the loss of your physical presence "MUMMY-IFE", I will forever remember you.

I take solace in the fact that your good work and salvation has secured you a place in the bossom of the Lord.

Good Night Good Night.

Rest on Mummy.

Ifeoluwa Idowu.
Posted by Michael Dada on June 8, 2021
I was shocked and felt very sad when I heard about the passing to glory of Mrs Oladimeji, but who are we to question God. Dr Oladimeji was the first colleague I was privileged to practise clinical psychology with, both during my internship and for several years post qualification. We were both set up in a medical environment that was learning to understand how to relate with the profession. It felt less isolating both of us working together closely to contribute clinically, protect ourselves professionally and at the same time attempting to propagate the values of clinical psychology practice. She was a pioneer psychologist in the College who paved the way for a clinical psychology practice within an highly medical and sometimes challenging environment. We will miss her as a colleague, but the profession will miss her dearly Nationally. My family and I will miss her as a great family friend, who was part of our milestone events such as wedding, naming, etc. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Dr M. Kayode Dada
Posted by Ronke Awopetu on June 8, 2021
Mama, fondly called by many of us. Your passing unto glory was nothing but greatest shock never expected at this time. Who am I to question the authority of most high God? I cannot but always remember the good times we spent together in our professional associations at conferences, workshops, continuous educational trainings and personal interaction. You came, you saw and you conquered the devil. What a life well spent? You spent your life to develop humanity and served the Lord.
May the mercy of the Lord lead you to your heavenly destination. You forever lives on in my memory until we meet and part no more. Good night Mama Oladimeji.
Posted by Precious Ozumba on June 7, 2021
I never met mama, but knowing aunty Seyi for sometime, I can only imagine what a beauty mama was.

May her beautiful soul rest in the bosom of the lord. Amen.
Posted by YEWANDE THORPE on June 7, 2021
Yetunde, the news of your passing came to us as a shock, and with so much sadness that is still difficult to shake off. We however thank God for all your great  accomplishments that are truly worthy of celebration.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Muyiwa, the children and the family at this time. May God comfort them and grant them the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. 
Yetunde, may God grant you eternal rest in His Bosom.
''Sleep On, Beloved, Sleep, And Take Thy Rest.......''

Frank and Yewande Thorpe.
Posted by Michael Ezenwa on June 5, 2021
Professor Yetunde Oladimeji was a great colleague who showed interest in the advancement of Psychological Science as a profession in Nigeria. She contributed her share in the development of psychology through teaching, research, patient care and community service. She also showed commitment through leadership positions. Apart from serving as President of Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists, she supported the growth of the apex professional association of psychologists in Nigeria, The Nigerian Psychological Association.
As I wish here well in her further experiencing into paradise, I pray that the grace of The Almighty shall remain with her. May The Lord receive her spirit and condole her family, friends, colleagues, students and members of Nigerian Psychological Association which I presently lead.
Posted by Mofoluwaso Osinuga on June 5, 2021
I recall with nostalgia those days at OAU Ife campus when I first came in close contact with you. Even though Seyi and I had attended secondary school at FGGC Oyo together we couldn't be regarded as being close friends then. It was being in the same room in Moz in my year 2 and her own year 1 that brought us close and knowing you was the lovely addition to that package!

I vividly remember how warm you were then and remained through the years. How your eyes sparkled when you smiled and how your laughter tinkled merrily. How much you cared about our wellbeing and how you were always keen to know if we were okay or needed anything and of course if we were experiencing any difficulties with our studies. We knew we were always welcome in your house in quarters and I recall with fondness those times when I would come over to use your oven. You were so easy to talk to; one felt safe with you always.

While we are sad that you didn't get to spend more time with us here, we know that Heaven has indeed gained an angel and yours was a life well lived. May God grant those you left behind the grace and fortitude to bear this loss.

Rest on in His bosom till we meet again.... "Mummy to sure".
Posted by Obiageli Omeje on June 4, 2021
Farewell to Professor BYO :A Clinician Par Excellence. 

It is still with shock that I bid you farewell Prof. You just celebrated your 70th birthday and retirement. We sent goodwill messages asking God to bless your new age and new phase of life as a retiree. Little did we know that the new phase will be in the world beyond. God! How limited man is. BYO , you left an indelible mark on sands of time especially in the family of Psychology as a whole and in Clinical in particular . Your contributions are numerous and among them is your book on Psychological Assessment Techniques in Health care . This book made assessments easy for students and all those involved in assessment. Prof you lived a good life, touched and mentored many people and answered the Divine call on 21/4/21. a date difficult to forget. My dear colleague may God grant you eternal rest in His Bosom. Rest on till we meet to part no more.
Adieu .
Posted by Folusho Olaniyan on June 4, 2021

Words fail me as I write this tribute, this being my third attempt to write it. I find it hard to accept Aunty has really translated into glory.
I remember vividly our first visit to osogbo to visit the Oladimeji family.

Uncle Muyiwa and uncle Femi are my husband’s favorite cousins and egbons. We looked up to them and their wives for guidance concerning osogbo family matters and they always rose to the occasion to guide us.
Worthy of note is the love that existed between Uncle Muyiwa and uncle Femi’s families. For a long time I didn’t know who was daddy to who. All the children blended as children from the same womb. For this I commend Aunty Yetunde and uncle Femi’s wife for the love they instilled in the children.
Aunty Yetunde was soooo simple that I always marveled at her unassuming nature despite her great achievements professionally. My memories of her are beautiful!!!

I must mention the fact that she played a great and remarkable role during the engagement preparations for our daughter Sola’s wedding in 2015. She got the alaga who steered the ceremony, and she guided me on the list of engagement gifts that I sent to our in-laws. She helped design the engagement program and made the planning look so easy. Aunty mo dupe ma. I will never forget your words of guidance during the planning.
Thank you for your other acts of love , especially during our visits to Osogbo. Your warmth, your unrivaled hospitality will forever remain in my heart. May God Almighty comfort Bros , my aburos, and the entire Oladimeji family.

A Great, yet very simple woman has played her part exceptionally well on earth and has gone to be with the Lord. Rest In Peace Aunty.

Folusho , iyawo Yinka Olaniyan.
Posted by Sunday oyegoke on June 3, 2021
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. For us we morn deeply as we miss you daily but for your master, saviour, friend and Lord Jesus it is home coming and it is beautiful. The Lord keep and bless your wonderful family and friends. And I desire and pray earnestly that we would all serve the master zealously to the end to recieve the crown of righteous.
Rest on dearly beloved of God
Posted by Olutoyin Oyegoke on June 3, 2021

Blessed is the memory of those who slept in the Lord, for their works follow them. You have run the race, you have finished the course and what is left for you is the crown of life which the Father has prepared exclusively for them that served Him acceptably. Sleep on till the resurrection morning when the dead in CHRIST shall rise!
Posted by Abimbola Ogunbiyi on June 3, 2021

The news of the passing-on to eternal glory of our quintessential and brilliant Aunty, Prof Yetunde Oladimeji met us with shock. Although we were aware she suffered ill-health in recent times, we were glad she was making steady improvements, hence the shock.

Aunty Yetunde was an icon, a wife and exceptional mother to all in the renowned Oladimeji family of Oshogbo. She was also a skilled author in her chosen field in the academia and left no one in doubt of her conviction to make the society a better place than she met it. She demonstrated this at her excellently-delivered Inaugural Lecture at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, a few years ago, at which we were honoured and proud to have been present.

She was an astute and resourceful home-maker, despite her academic commitments. We testify to the remarkable display of her excellent "Mum" abilities, especially in her Cardiff days that produced her well-brought up and successful "angels" who are all excellent mums in their own rights today. She doled on her children till death and in turn they cherished her as the perfect "home-maker" who kept the family together whenever her loving husband and our own dear Uncle Muyiwa went on those political and professional assignments outside home.

She took excellent care of our mum, Lady Mary Afolabi while she was doing "adult" studies in Cardiff and the warmth of having the Oladimeji family around helped her to accomplish her academic pursuits. To this, we are eternally grateful.

We will miss her, but are consoled that Aunty Yetunde knew and served the Lord and we therefore believe that will meet again on the Resurrection morning, when we shall all part no more.

We pray that God will keep Uncle Muyiwa, the children and grandchildren as the apples of His eyes. Amen.

Adieu, our dear Aunty Yetunde.

- Maj Gen Shina and Arc (Mrs) Bimbo Ogunbiyi
Posted by emeka ezebudey on June 2, 2021
Certainly, the demise of Prof. (Mrs.) Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji, BIG MUMMY as fondly called by us, Ezebudey family was very painful, especially to us as a family, but we cannot questioning God.
At the very heat of Ife/Modakeke crisis you took my family in, and offered us freely your house to lived in at OAU staff quarters, after some years, when peace seems to have returned, we made move to seek accommodation in town, you loving advised against it. You said, " God told you that we will leave here to your own house". And it came to pass at appointed time. What a great prophet you were!
Big Mummy, you and Big Daddy stood with us at every critical times. With your Agape Love you adopted us into your family as Son and Daughter and Grand children. I remember your last visit to us with your loving husband on an issue that concerns us your gentle advise brought us a relieved.
Prof.(Mrs) B. Y. Oladimeji, you were a great woman, indeed wonderful loving Mother. Always positive, always see good things out of every situation no matter how bad the situation is.
Surely, your good deeds stands out as memorial to Comfort us all.
Your love for your "grandson" Paul-David cannot be overemphasized, your kind heart is second to none. Your gentle spoken words melt difficult situations. Your faith in the living God gives me assurance of you be with the angles in heaven.
We take solace in the word of God in Eccl.3: 1-2 "... a time to be born and a time to die..."
Big Mummy, sleep well till the Resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.
You will forever be in our heart. GOOD NIGHT
Pastor Emeka Ezebudey.
Posted by Joseph Agbedahunsi on June 2, 2021
The Eminent Persons Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship-Nigeria
(FGBMFI-N) received with shock the news of the demise of your beloved wife and a lady of our Fellowship; Late Professor Mrs Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji.

I have known Professor Yetunde Oladimeji as a lady of the Fellowship decades ago at the Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter. I featured as a Field Representative to the chapter then. Later she moved to Osogbo and became one of the foundation members of the Eminent Persons' Chapter of the Fellowship In 2012. I served as her Chapter President and Field Representative.
This gave me the opportunity to work closely with her. Mrs Oladimeji was instrumental to the membership of her husband Hon Oladimeji becoming a member of the FGBMFI-N. He
eventually became a president of the Eminent Persons' Chapter

All through the years of her membership of the FGBMFI she was dedicated, prayerful and committed. She was a pillar of support to her husband when he served as the president of our Chapter. Both of you served the Fellowship with your talents, time and treasure especially at the inception of Eminent Persons' Chapter even till date.

We have the consolation that what we have lost have been gained by heaven.

The Eminent Persons' Chapter Osogbo will greatly miss the companionship and dedication of this virtuous lady. We have the consolation that our sister had fought the good fight of faith and won the race. We believe that the crown of glory awaits her.

We wish to admonish you our beloved brother to take heart. Our ever present God will always be with you,
the children and the entire family. The demise of our sister should spur you to keep the gospel light left behind by our sister aglow.

It is with deepest condolences I write on behalf of the chapter.

Prof. Joseph M. Agbedahunsi

Posted by Kemi Ojo on June 1, 2021
A gentle woman, soft spoken and very intelligent woman, a woman of great virtues. The world's loss is heavens gain. Rest in peace in the bossom of your creator. Adieu ma.
Posted by Dapo Fred on May 31, 2021
Prof. Prof., it is hard to say farewell but we take solace knowing, you have gone to a better place to rest in eternal peace. Memories are all we have to cherish and pull us through. 

Adieu mummy.
Posted by Abimbola Akinola O. on May 31, 2021

O’ death where is thy string?
O’ grave where is thy victory?

“When great trees fall in forests, small things recoil into silence, and their senses eroded beyond fear.”

Mummy, I like what I used to call you. You had many accolades, some called Prof, some called BYO, some called Yets, and some called Iya-Ife. But to me, you were a mother never to forget.
It is hard to put my feelings into words, but I need just to do it.
You’re a mother with a heart of the rainbow, a woman with a quiet and kind spirit.
A woman with an innate ability you have positively touched many lives that came to your ways which am part of them.

Some of my early memories of being with you years bring the day I first came into your life. I remembered the first day I drove you to the office in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (OAU) where you lecture.
When you called my name at the back of the seat where you sat in the car and said; Akinola, I like the fact that you have the courage and ability to survive, but the truth is that you are not a professional driver, your way of driving indicates that you are not yet a good driver. I smiled immediately when she said that and she smiled back at me too.

That day you have shown to be the character of a good mother, instead of you to start condemning my actions, you started giving me more courage and support.
The day I would never forget was the day you called me into your room and you asked me to take a seat closer to you, you said we both knew that I’m not qualified enough to drive you because my driving isn’t smooth. But you’re a good and ambitious boy, you have a brighter future.

I see that in you, for this reason, I’ll adopt you as my grandson. And you said again, do you know that I don’t have any Male child that all my children are female, thus I’ll be seeing you as my only male son. Ever since then you and daddy have been supporting me, caring for me and treating me as your child. Your paramount dream for me was to further my education and of which you make that come to the limelight for me.
Mummy your heart was so large that everyone had a place to find help and comfort therein.

I will miss those beautiful moments, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it terribly hurts to know I won’t be able again to sit down with you and share with me your famous lectures, travelling gist, favourite hymns songs, praises, prayer, words from the scriptures, and some of your jokes, which you usually commenced with advising me on my academy and what to become in future.

You taught me so much in the short time we spent together.
You thought me the
i.       The power of knowledge
ii.      The steps to follow in dealing with all without offending.
iii.      Humility
iv.     And respecting others.

You’re so simplistic in your approach to life, unassuming and unpretentious.
I will forever cherish these 3 words in you mummy
i.       You represent Love
ii.       You represent Kindness
iii.      You represent Peace.

You can no longer be seen by the human eye, but your soul and love you gave so many will never die.
Thank you Mummy for the opportunity you gave to me to be part of your life.
You have fought the good fight of faith and you have left your mark. I will miss you tremendously.

This is the piece out of many in my heart that I can write about you because I know words cannot express how wonderful and marvellous you were to me.


Posted by S Shittu on May 30, 2021
From the days in Ife till this very moment and beyond, I have called her “Mummy”. A title influenced by the affectionate treatment with which she addressed many of us. My parents would also refer to her as “Mummy Prof Oladimeji”.

Mummy was one master chess player in the game of life for which I was a chess piece. With one move, her influence charted a turn that would remain traceable for the rest of my life.

Mummy! please rest in peace. We take respite in that we will see you in pictures, in our reminiscences of the past and more vividly in dreams but you will be missed. May the Almighty grant the Oladimejis and all of us connected to you the fortitude to bear missing you while celebrating your life.
Posted by Jeremiah Mary on May 30, 2021
A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands at rest,
It broke my heart to see you go.
Memories they say are golden, that maybe true,
But i never wanted memories, I only wanted you. you life was love and labour, your love for your family was true, you will always be remembered. six (6)good years of my life, i have spent with you and i have no regret but rather i'm grateful to GOD. My lips cannot speak of how i loved you, my heart is heavy with grief, but only GOD knows how much i miss you every passing day. I remember those saturday morning you will call me to come and help get dresswed and tie your gele for you (LOL).
Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure,you will forever be my heart.
You are loved beyond words.
Your life was a show of "shapes of life"
S- your spiritual gifts
H- your heart
A- your abilities
P- your personality
E- empathiand experience
S- your success instinct.
Memories are always special, sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried, we cry by remembering the days we laugh!that's life. you are a true definition of a wife, mother, grandmother and mentor. You always teach people the branded items in life.
for lips - truth
for voice - prayer
for eyes - sympathy
for hand - charity
for heart - love
for face - smile
All of these things you've taught me. you've helped so many people realised their purpose in life and i am one of these people. I am grateful to GOD for a life well spent, keep resting in the blossom of our LORD iya ife.
Posted by Ogundairo Mercy on May 30, 2021
A woman of God
A patriarch indeed
A woman with integrity
A woman with humility
A woman with a sense of humor
A joy to have been in your presence
A pleasure to have known you
A mentor
A mother
I can't hold back the tears because I miss you soo much
I miss your laughter and jokes already
I miss seeing you with us
I miss the love and kindness you have shown me
Though it's hard to put my feelings into words. I was so privileged to have you as my very special Aunt that meant so much to me, know that you will never be forgotten and will always be loved by all of us in the family. You were such an important part of out family, if only we could have you here longer. Your time was so short while you were here with us but even with those time you made a good record, sweet memories fill me anytime I remember you. Even whenever I misbehave you have your ways of putting me back in are such a beautiful woman not just in looks but in spirit as well she has blessed me more than she realized,I'm very grateful.i still remember all the loving memories we had together even when you were on the sick bed, I remember dressing you up for parties, parking your traveling bag, going to church together, singing together while working, singing your favorite songs during morning devotions and so many other memories.
I miss the love and kindness you have shown me, you have died in Christ and now you live with Him and because of that my tears are of joy. Rest on Grandma.
Posted by Adebimpe Aderounmu on May 28, 2021
1. Introduction: it gives me a sobering pleasure to write this tribute on behalf of the Mates of Dr Hon. Muyiwa Oladimeji of GCIOBA CLASS OF 1961-65:67 Set and our dear wives-all fondly referred to as Young Girls while we remain Old Boys of the Class Set. Muyiwa’s School no was 1187 while mine was 1180.
We have 3 categories of Young Girls-The YGs who started the Marriage Journey with us in the 1970s and who are presently over 60 years of Age. The YYG (courtesy of Funke Ighodaro,) who joined us later and are between the age of 40 and 60 years and the YYYGs who are under 40 years (confirming the Scriptures that we shall still be fruitful even in our old age)
2. Home Maker and Bridge Builder:
YGYets was the Biblical wise woman who built her house and raised her children in the fear of the Lord, despite trying periods. We were privileged to be neighbors at OAU Snr. Staff Quarters in the late 80s where our children interacted and schooled together.
We were not unaware of her Role on Family Matters-nuclear and extended, including the Family of the GCI Old Boys.
In those days, before the Zoom Era, we used to rotate our quarterly Class meetings among willing volunteers (Hosts and Hostesses). We have in our records that these wonderful duo hosted us many times as YGYets was always happy to host us, many a times goring overboard in putting all their resources together to entertain us. Unfortunately on some of the times she would have provided for more mouths that attended. Thank God that they had pigs that took the remnants that would have wasted!
On one occasion they entertained us in
their Family farm in the outskirts of Osogbo in a Natural and serene Environment, enjoying all types of fruits, including “agbayun”. They took us on tour of some traditional lank marks in Osogbo, Osun State. At these times, you can see the energetic YGYets being Mathsceous.
There’s no doubt that you will be solely missed by your immediate Family; the GCIOBA CLASS OF 1961-65/67 would undoubtedly miss you too.
We love you Prof Benedicta Yetunde Oladimeji but God loves you more.
Rest Perfectly in the bosom of your Maker till meet to part no more

Adebimpe Aderounmu (current Class President)
Posted by Oyelek Kehinde on May 28, 2021
And it is appointed into men once to die..."This,I have seen coming to pass in lives around me,both old and young.I, however,least expected it will come so soon to our door step.Momo Professor YETUNDE OLADIMEJI, you did not build house, factories or places but you build Children both biological and those that are not biological which am one of them, and left behind enduring legacies worth much more than a million.A loving, generous and wonderful MOTHER.A trusted confidant and virtuous woman, famous for her patience, kindness and love.A woman of extreme strength, courage and love who was beautiful,a woman of dignity and FAITH.Mama you are like GOLD to ME.Good bye, till we meet again in GLORY Sleep on Mama.O DAA RO OOO.

Pastor Oyeleke Kehinde.
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