Let the memory of Farshid
be with us forever.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Farshid Navissi. Farshid was born in Tehran, Iran in the early 50s. He completed his undergraduate Accounting degree in Iran, and his Master of Accounting at Oklahoma University. Farshid taught at the National University of Iran and became involved in research and a national institute. He completed his PhD at Auckland University in New Zealand, and went on to teach there for a number of years. Following a move to Melbourne, Australia, Farshid accepted a position at Monash University and obtained professorship. Farshid contributed significantly to teaching, research, and service initiatives in the academic field of Accounting. He was an internationally renowned scholar who published extensively in world’s top journals in the disciplines of financial accounting, management accounting, and auditing. Farshid was highly dedicated to training the next generation of accounting academics. He supervised 15 Honours and 11 PhD candidates to completion, many of whom he collaborated with on research projects.

Farshid was married to his wife Shala. They had their first child, Sara, in 1991, and Hanna in 1992. He was an unconditionally supportive and loving family member, who would joyfully do anything for them. His sudden death is a devastating loss to their small and close family. He will be forever in our hearts.

Posted by Sascha Heise on March 26, 2019
Dearest Uncle,
I am deeply saddened and shocked about the late news on my side. As you left Iran I was just a little boy and always enjoyed your presence and your humor and admired you a lot. Deep in me you were always an example to me. I was always very proud to have such an uncle.
I am sorry about the broken bound and the situation with the family in Iran. We often used to write and exchange messages and ended up with the fact that one cannot influence “somethings” in life and here we shared the same destiny.
Even though we had not met for years and I was in Germany you still corrected my MBA Thesis, you invested time in reading and providing your precious feedback.
In the last years I tried to get in touch via SMS and Whatsapp and get a bit closer to you. We exchanged several messages and were very close to meet which unfortunately did not work out.
I was surprised as you did not receive my this year's Nowruz wishes and just came to know…
I was deeply blessed to have you as my uncle and will forever carry you in my heart.
My heartfelt condolences goes to Shahla, Sara and Hanna.
With love and respect
Posted by Reli Waters on March 19, 2019
My deepest condolences to Shala and to Sara and Hanna. No amount of words can ease the pain of losing your beloved husband and father. My prayers, rest in peace Dr. Farshid.
Posted by Bryan Norton on March 8, 2019
I felt Farshid to be a kind and gentle person who was always happy to help others and one to whom I had the honour of calling 'Friend'. He will be truly missed by all who knew him.
I send my love and heartfelt condolences to his lovely family on this sad occassion.
Posted by Mohsen Sharifi on March 5, 2019
I always had a very positive impression of Farshid, from the first time that I visited him in the Informatic College of the National University, in 1979, until the last time I saw him in Melbourne, being the beneficiary of his generosity. I also was fortunate enough to see him a few times when he was attending at the Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association in the US.
When the Board members of the Audit Firm of the Nationalized Industry were taking initial steps to start up the organization, he was the very first person that joined the firm (Employee No 1) prior to the organization commencing its audit activities. He was the first who initiated several projects at the Research Center of the Firm. This was all due to the respect we had for his integrity, professionalism and his enthusiasm. That organization, as I understand it, is the top financial oversight organization in the country, presently employing several thousand professionals. 
Farshid was one of exceptional person that I had a privilege of being his friend. His warmth, positive and addictive personality were his most important gifts. He enjoyed a circle of friends whom they all admired and respected him. I am still at loss as to why all the good people have to leave us so soon?
I wish Farshid’s wife, Ms. Shala, and their two daughters, Sara and Hanna, peace and patience for their losses and to Farshid’s colleagues and students whom I am sure still shocked with the loss of such a gifted academician. Farshid will always be with us.
Posted by Farhad Raeis on February 19, 2019
Dear Farshid,
We know each other for more than 20 year and have always the pleasure of being your friend for ever. You always inspired me and gave me the heart by mentoring our business with great advice. You saved lot us of memories and money, of course, which I always appreciate all the efforts, helping us to run our our business.
I'm sure your sole is more proud than before of your brave and lovely wife Shahla and two beautiful daughters, Sara and Hanna which they always support each other strongly in hard times of missing you and I'm always here for them -so you my dear friend, rest in peace for ever!
Farhad Raeis
Posted by Adrienne Reid on February 17, 2019
Oh Farshid, it is so difficult to express this sorrow and shock. We always assumed we'd be visiting you and Shala in Melbourne, laughing and sharing memories and good times.
Our daughter, Lillee, became friends with Sara when they were around 6 years old at Kristin School in Auckland.
How lucky we were as through their friendship came our friendship and many happy memories - of beautiful rugs, inconvenient rabbits, blue 4-wheel drive, big smiles, the shame and horror of our teenage daughters when you and Gilbert walked into the emo party in the wild west to collect them on the dot of midnight; of laughter, cheesecake, late night conversations filled with wit and opinion and on Halloween, our daughters dressed up and trick and treating while you, Shala, Kaye, Gilbert and I waited with wine and pizza.
Intelligent, kind, genuine, funny, smart, interesting, always planning, always loving your family, a good man.
There is no acceptable explanation for your departure Farshid - your light shines on in your clever and beautiful daughters and wife.
Much love Adrienne and Gilbert
Posted by Alastair Marsden on February 15, 2019
I was a colleague of Farshid for many years at The University of Auckland. He was a wonderful person and very sad to hear this news. Farshid was an exceptional teacher and researcher, who cared deeply for all his students. My deepest sympathy to all his family.
Posted by Diane Moore on February 15, 2019
Vale Farshid
Such a shock to hear this sad news of your passing ...too soon!!! Such a kind and gentle soul and a wonderful colleague. I have fond memories of our wonderful chats in the kitchen at Caulfield while getting our morning tea and coffee. You are missed. Blessings to your family.
Posted by Christina Wong-Lim on February 14, 2019
Dearest Farshid,
Your sudden passing has left a void in many lives. I am forever grateful to be one of the 11 most fortunate PhD students whom you had supervised to completion. You had imparted many precious lessons about research and life to me in the years we worked together since 2007. You were my mentor, teacher, and friend. Your kindness and caring nature was evident in every conversation we had.  You wholeheartedly and positively accepted my family commitments while training me during those long and hard PhD years. You always had high expectations and were full of wisdom in guiding me on the right path. You were also generous in sharing health tips. I still have your yoga book!
Post PhD, you were extremely kind and understanding whenever we met up to talk about potential research projects. You had always asked about my family, knew my husband and children by name. You made my little boy felt important whenever you met him on campus. You left my then 4-year old son in awe after the first encounter. He said to me “I like Professor Farshid”.  You also taught me about parenting teenage girls, giving lots of much appreciated tips and suggestions. You inspired us and left impressionable footprint on all who crossed path with you. Farshid, you are dearly missed and will be fondly remembered.
Christina Wong-Lim
Posted by Gatot Soepriyanto on February 14, 2019
Farshid is very instrumental in shaping my career as an academic. He was a source of inspiration and I still dearly hold the memory of my first class in Monash with him, back in 2006. His support went extended beyond the walls of classroom. He helped me opened a new perspective to pursue PhD and become an active researcher. His father figure, genuine smile and warm personality will be long remembered. Rest in peace Farshid.
Posted by Yuan Hu on February 14, 2019
My heartfelt condolences to the family. It was shocking to know Prof Farshid's death on that Monday. You were always kind, friendly, supportive, and willing to help. I enjoyed our small chit-chat. Your death is a loss to the School and to Massey. You will be forever missed.
Posted by Andrew Brown on February 13, 2019
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this difficult time. Although Farshid only started at Massey University in November 2018, his friendly, positive attitude, and willingness to help had already made an impact on me and the other staff members in the School of Accountancy.
Even though I had only known Farshid for a couple of months, it felt like I had known him for years. He was very personable and was always smiling. He really loved the Palmy lifestyle and was so excited about Shala coming over to join him in NZ.
Most workdays I would catch up with him and we would talk about the house he had just purchased and his planned renovations. I really enjoyed spending time with him and he will be sorely missed by all of us in the School.
Rest in peace my friend
Posted by Heidi Quah on February 13, 2019
Professor Farshid’s unexpected death was a total shock to me. He was my honours supervisor and he is fondly remembered as a talented and highly creative (think out of the box) researcher and a good mentor to his students under his supervision. It is indeed a great loss to the research community. I send my deepest condolences to his family.
Posted by Phil Shane on February 12, 2019
I remember Farshid as a close friend and colleague. In fact, he and I were working on a paper together (also with Mukesh Garg) when I received the shocking news of his sudden death. Farshid will be remembered as a talented unselfish soul who generously invested time in nurturing and encouraging his many students and colleagues alike. I will miss him, and I will think of him often. My heart goes out his family. My deepest sympathies to all.
Posted by Alireza Tourani Rad on February 13, 2019
Dear Farshid,
Your sudden and untimely crossing the threshold, has left many of us, family and friends, unsettled. I do need more time to come in terms with this fact. I personally miss our talks, though not frequent, they were earnest and straight, but usually with laughter. During your life, you have contributed enormously to many of your students and colleagues both personally and professionally. You have carried out impactful research that will be valuable for years to come. You have had a loving relationship with Shala, caring and warm attitude towards Sara and Hannah. I appreciate your memories. May your soul be blessed.
Posted by Frances Chua on February 13, 2019
Dear Farshid
I shall always regard it as an honour and a privilege to have known you.
You only spent three short months at Massey, yet we were all impressed with your friendless and your enthusiasm about being part of our School. I can still remember the day you joined us - 1 November 2018 and the days after. As your “office neighbour,” I was honoured to have shared many conversations with you – about your plans for teaching and research, your experiences at Auckland and Monash, your family, and the challenges of buying a new house and making it ready for your family.
Your passing is a great loss to our School and to Massey! You will be sorely missed!
Posted by Radiah Othman on February 13, 2019
Dearest Farshid
I've known you for just a little while but seemed to know you forever, such a gentleman and kind hearted person, always willing to help. I will always remember your smile, your thoughtfulness and encouragement. We were supposed to have research meeting on that Monday when I heard the tragic news. I endeavour to start that research as a tribute to you.
Thank you so much...
Posted by Mehdi Khedmati on February 12, 2019
Dearest Farshid,
I will always remember our first meeting at Caufield campus in March 2009. With your wonderful advice, I decided to put all other options which I had aside and pursued my studies at Monash. I greatly appreciate you so much for your immense support, guidance and help throughout my studies. I found you an excellent academic who helped junior researchers and his students, including me, at his level best. I never forget your useful advice in many aspects of my personal life including my marriage (which I desperately needed). You were not only my supervisor or colleague, you were my close friend and above that my elder brother. You were always so kind to me and I will miss you forever. 
Posted by Anna O'Brien on February 12, 2019
Dear Farshid,
I knew you as the charming, supportive gentleman husband of Shala. You were a gracious host when we visited your family in Auckland and in Melbourne, and it amused you that we named our little girl after your inspirational wife. I remember Shala telling me that years ago in Iran her girlfriends told her she would never get married, because she didn't cook or clean, but then you came along and you were perfect. You were intelligent, generous, caring, and encouraging. You are in our thoughts with love, as are Shala, Sara and Hanna. 
Anna O'Brien
Posted by Nirmala Nath on February 12, 2019
Dear Farshid,
Although you were part of our School (School of Accountancy -Massey University) for a very short time. You were always jovial and always found time to say hello and share a small chit chat. It was great having you as a colleague. You will be missed.
Posted by Jilnaught Wong on February 12, 2019
Farshid was my colleague at The University of Auckland for many years. He joined us as a Ph.D. student, then as a lecturer and rose to the rank of Associate Professor before venturing to Monash University. He was promoted to Professor at Monash, which he justly deserved.
While he was at The University of Auckland, Farshid and I taught our final year undergraduate course in Financial Statement Analysis. He was an innovative teacher. He introduced real-world cases into the classroom that included CEO presentations (as if the CEOs were presenting to analysts) and students were required to perform valuations of listed companies using the CEOs’ presentations, market information, and company financial statements. Farshid knew the importance of communications, and students had to present their work to the whole class.
Farshid was an insightful researcher. I recall his 2005 paper with Vic Naiker and Stewart Upson on the securities price effects of Napster-related events published in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance. They had the foresight to predict music technology’s effect on company value when they studied Napster’s streaming music services. More recently, Farshid has been researching managerial ability and the value of talent, demonstrating his research creativity and breadth in his continuing strive to push the research frontier.
My fondest memory of Farshid is as a friend. We enjoyed each other’s company and the dinners with our spouses. I would always make a point of catching up with Farshid at conferences. When I was at a conference at Monash in January 2018, I was unable to contact Farshid as he had just left Monash. I regret not contacting Vic to get in touch with Farshid. However, I will treasure the wonderful times I enjoyed with a person who was softly spoken, polite, and considerate.
My deepest sympathy and condolences to Shala, Sara, and Hanna. Treasure the beautiful memories you have of a dear husband and a loving father. I know that Farshid was very proud of Sara and Hanna, and he used to tell me how well they were doing when they were attending St Cuthbert’s College in Auckland.
“Death ends a life, not a relationship” (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom); long may your relationship continue with Farshid.
Posted by Masoud Azizkhani on February 12, 2019
Dearest Farshid,
What a sad news to hear about your sudden death. When I was reading the tributes from Farshid's friends about his life, I realized that Farshid is a good example for this poem from Master Saadi-Shirazi ( a major Persian poet and literary of the medieval period) who said:
سعدیا مرد نکونام نمیرد هرگز
مرده آنست که نامش به نکویی نبرند
Saddia, a man who is remembered with goodness and kindness will never die
Dead is the one who is not remembered with goodness and kindness.
May God bless you.
Posted by Keith Houghton on February 12, 2019
Farshid was always a strong and valued colleague. His contribution to the lives of students he taught and supervised as well has his contribution to be stock of knowledge will live on.
This was a life well lived. A life full of honour and respect - a life full of contribution and care. Your family have much to be proud of.
Posted by Divesh Sharma on February 11, 2019
Farshid was a beacon to many; his family, his students, his colleagues, and to his friends! He selflessly uplifted many to new heights with great respect and dignity while not seeking anything in return. Academics like Farshid are in short supply and those fortunate to have had him can forever cherish his blessings and support, and pass on the goodness to the next generation. How unfortunate that we will miss his guidance, sincerity, and joy. May the Lord comfort his family.
Posted by Jerry Bowman on February 12, 2019
What a shock to hear of Farshid’s death. And so sad. I remember Farshid from when he first applied to the doctoral program at University of Auckland. He was a bit of an unknown coming from Iran, but he seemed to have potential so he was admitted. That turned out to be a very wise decision. I supervised his dissertation and worked with him on other research projects that resulted in four good publications. Farshid was a well-rounded researcher, but I think his biggest talent was in identifying research ideas. I'm sure there are many current. academics whose careers have been grounded in his guidance and support.
Aside from his qualities as an academic, Farshid was a fine man and a good friend. My sympathy and prayers go out to Shala, Sara and Hannah.
Posted by Jayne Godfrey on February 11, 2019
Farshid will be missed by all those of us he touched with his honest and heartfelt friendship. His gentle manner was underpinned by a genuine, steadfast caring for others. A true, respectful and respected friend and colleague.
I fondly recall many challenging but positive and thoughtful debates during our time together at Auckland and also at Monash. They always ended with laughter, a meeting of minds and that wry smile!
My heartfelt condolences to Shala, Sara and Hannah.
Vale Farshid.
Posted by Christine Brown on February 11, 2019
My heartfelt condolences to Shala, Sara and Hannah. Farshid was a supportive colleague and a generous person with his time. In recent years he added his wisdom and expertise to selection panels in the Department of Banking and Finance and was always willing to assist when asked. I loved his sense of humour. He leaves our community of scholars the poorer. Vale Farshid.
Posted by Chen Chen on February 11, 2019
Dear Farshid,
I appreciate so much for your guidance, help and mentoring since I came to know you. I still remember our first meeting in Queenstown in April 2013. You were so kind to advise me, a young researcher who just started my academic career. After I moved to Monash in 2015, I have had you as my mentor and performance supervisor and a very good friend in personal life. I always remember your encouragement, advice and support with smile on your face. You indeed have set up a good example not only as an excellent and passionate researcher but also as a great senior mentor who is always supporting junior young people. You will be deeply missed. 
Posted by Reza S on February 11, 2019
اینکه فرصت شاگردی استادی گرانمایه چون شما را نداشتیم حسرت بزرگی است. با آرزوی صبر برای خانواده
  و دوستانت... در آرامش بخواب استاد
رضا و مرتضی
Posted by Paul Mather on February 11, 2019
Dear Farshid,
Thank you for being such a great colleague and bloke. You were always very collegial and supportive towards your many colleagues at Monash University and elsewhere.
A sad and premature passing but you will be remembered fondly.
Paul M
Posted by RC Wang on February 11, 2019
Dear Professor Farshid Navissi, You led us fellow academia as an example -- You never required any sacrifice from any of your co-workers, students, and friends. Indeed before you required anything of us, you had yourself done many times as more. May God bless you, and may you rest in peace. RC
Posted by Kaye Thorn on February 11, 2019
My daughter was at kindergarten with Hanna, so I had been in the pickup area and talked with both Farshid and Shala for some time. My first real memory of the kindness of Farshid came early in 1997, when we met again to pick up the girls from school. I was a mess, my husband had just walked out and left me with a young child to raise. Farshid made me feel normal - he was concerned for Sasha and I, but did not dwell on it. The message I got was that life would go on and it would go on in a normal way. A few years later I moved into a street very close to Farshid and Shala, and many a Friday night was spent at their place, often with Adrienne and Gilbert - so many memories, so much good food. I particularly remember Farshid in the garage with the barbecue, making kebabs on special metal kebabs, and the accompanying rice with potatoes in the bottom that Shala had made. Other nights Shala cooked, or we ordered pizzas while the girls were out trick and treating. I visited in Melbourne, Shala and Farshid took me to the places they loved - I remember dill pickles, the Prahan market, cucumbers for breakfast , and sumac yoghurt and rice (which I still love). I always admired Farshid for his love for his girls, I was perhaps envious - he was completely the opposite of my ex-husband!
Shala, Sara and Hanna, my thoughts and love are with you at this time - sorry I can't be with you, but know that I hold dear those memories that were created through those years, and I look forward to more time with you all. Kayexoxo
Posted by Ananda Samudhram on February 11, 2019
Dear Farshid,
I remember the wonderful advice that you gave and the happy memories of your visit to Malaysia. You will always be remembered for your kind words, smiling countenance and most of all, the incredible, sincere commitment to help all who have asked you for advice. Thank you for sharing your scholarly gifts with us. We will remember you always.
Posted by Egor Evdokimov on February 10, 2019
Dear Farshid,
You were one of the first academics to mentor me and help me in my research endeavours. You saw me through my Honours and supervised through my PhD. I am ever thankful for your academic support and life advice. I would always remember you telling me not to “fight” my child and just embrace their character – you used to say that with a smile on your face. I would also remember the times you would get excited about our project and call me a few times a day to ask about the progress. Your hard work and dedication will never seize to amaze me.
You will be greatly missed.
Posted by Mukesh Garg on February 10, 2019
Dear Farshid
I still vividly remember my first day at Monash University in July 2006. You were the first colleague to greet and welcome me to the Department. Ever since, I have had you as my mentor, a very good friend, someone I could count on during difficult times, both at work and in personal life. I will forever remember you as an academic who was a champion researcher and one who helped 100s of young academics like myself during our early years of academic career. A gift that money can buy has a limited life, but research training, the gift that I received from you for over 13 years, will be with me till the last breath I take on earth.
I, like so many others in the academic world for nearly three decades, knew you as a colleague, a mentor, and above all, as a friend. You sacrificed your own time to help us with our research. Your life work was not to champion the cause of those who were good researchers, but of those who struggled. Time and again I pass by your office in Caulfield Campus, knowing that you have left, but still wishing that you were there.
I wholeheartedly thank you for your mentoring and your friendship, and for standing by me during difficult times.
May God bless you, and may you rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Vic Naiker on February 10, 2019
Dearest Farshid,
Thank you for being such a great mentor and friend. You inspired me to become an academic and instilled in me the skills and passion to reach my fullest potential. I always adored how you managed to be so successful while always prioritizing your family, which influenced me to become a better son, husband, and father. You were always so kind to me. So much so that I had to celebrate the few occasions where I won the battle to pay for our coffees. Your legacy will live on in the lives of people you have transformed and the future generations that they will influence. I will miss you dearly.

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