Posted by Ella Zhou on January 13, 2021
Rest in Peace, Professor Chan!
Posted by Kelvin Ng on January 13, 2021
Posted by Sam Leung on January 13, 2021
I have known Prof Chan in the International Statistical Conference in Australia since 1996. He is so kind and positive, and he is also a caring mentor. I take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to Professor L.K. Chan’s family.
Posted by Jason Bian on January 12, 2021

Jason (Alumnus).
Posted by Abel Wong on January 12, 2021
Posted by Yanni Yan on January 12, 2021
I'm so sad to hear that news. You have been an inspiration to us throughout your tenure as dean. I have many fond memories of you for undertaking EMBA residential trips and will always remember them. You will always be in my heart. Rest in peace, Professor Chen! Deep condolences to all family members.
Posted by Chi Ho Raymond TAM on January 8, 2021
What a huge loss to the academic world and I believe Professor Chan would rest in heaven with God. 

My condolence to his family especially his wife as I worked for her during her stay in Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education as my superior. 
Posted by Ben-Chang Shia on January 8, 2021
一路好走 天上又多了一位博學多聞的天使
後學 邦昌敬悼
Posted by Meg Southwood on January 6, 2021
In 1972, FungYee was my fellow student at Imperial College Physics Department. Bertha and David were only 3 and 4 years old. LaiK visited often at their student flat in Evelyn Gardens, South Kensington. For fifty years, the whole family has been our steadfast family friends.

LaiK and FungYee are the best friends one can hope for - sincere, generous and loyal.

Although we live on the opposite side of the world, we managed to see them, and sometimes with their retinue of offsprings, in Macau, HK, LA, London.

They stayed with us in 2016. Here are their nostalgic moments of IC - in Evelyn Gardens, IC Physics Department and with ex IC colleagues.

LaiK had plenty of fun and had plenty of love all his life. We envy him and we will never ever forget him.

Meg and Ian Southwood xxx
Posted by Yao Qin on January 6, 2021
It's hard to believe that Professor Chan has passed away! I am really sad to hear this! Prof Chan encouraged me a lot when I joined MUST. I remembered every words he said. Thank you so much for your guidance! I will miss you forever! Rest in peace, Professor Chan.
Posted by Fred Ho on January 6, 2021
I have known Lai for at least 35 years, as an associate in the same profession.
 More than a scholar and a good teacher, he has impressed me as a person.
 Very friendly, generous ,helpful and positive in attitude.
  His passing is a great loss to us . He will be fondly remembered.
Posted by Chan John on January 4, 2021

Posted by Leslie Tang on January 3, 2021
I admire Prof L.K. Chan's ability to look at the world in a positive way.

He frequently mentioned the things /persons that/whom he was grateful for.

Focusing on positive happenings help us become more positive and feel happier.

Rest in Peace. Professor Chan.
Posted by stephen tsun on January 2, 2021
My deepest condolences to Professor L.K. Chan’s family.

Though I never study under Prof Chan, I had the good fortune to go to the same school as Leo, and then Bertha/David also studied in the US. Over time, my family and Prof Chan's family have gotten to know each other well.  He is a very loving dad and a great teacher - and his family is wonderful. We will miss him dearly.

Posted by Kai-Tai Fang on January 1, 2021



Posted by Paul Chan on December 31, 2020
I am deeply saddened to learn that Professor L.K. Chan passed away. I will never forget his enthusiastic teaching at U of M and his recommendation letter for my postgraduate study at UWO. He is a very nice, helpful and highly respected teacher. Rest in peace, Professor Chan.
Posted by Smiley Cheng on December 30, 2020
Dr. Chan had supervised 10 Ph.D. students in his career and he mentioned to me that he was especially proud of two of them - the very first one and the very last one, The first one graduated from University of Western Ontario, got a teaching job at the Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba and did very well in his 37 years career in every aspect - teaching, research and administration; and the last one, she got a academic position at Cambridge University right after her graduation from the City University of Hong Kong.
Posted by Selina Wan on December 30, 2020
Professor Chan, thanks for your teaching. You are always in my memory as a caring teacher. I miss you!

Rest in Peace! Professor Chan!
Posted by Peter Peter Jor on December 30, 2020
Thanks for your warm support and contributions in the past. Rest in peace.
Posted by Agnes LAW on December 29, 2020
I am really sad to learn about this news. You were a very supportive and caring professor. You will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace, Professor Chan!
Posted by Choon Ling Sia on December 29, 2020
Thank you, Professor Chan, for being a great Dean, colleague, and fatherly figure to us all. Sad to learn of your passing. May you rest in peace, and in a better place. Deep Condolences to all family members.
Posted by LG ZHOU on December 29, 2020
Professor Chan's inspirational inculcation echoes in my ears. But I cannot hear his voice any longer. Professor Chan, I wish you all the way best.
Posted by Rachel He on December 29, 2020
I am deeply saddened to learn this heart-breaking news today. I have been planning to back to HK and visit you again. Now, there will be no more chances to say 'Thank You' in person for the book you sent to me in September.

You are such a great mentor and a father-like professor to me. It's my honor to be one of your PhD students. What I learnt from you has been and will continue to guide me through my life.

Miss you forever, Professor Chan!

Rest in Peace.
Posted by Ming-Wei Wu on December 28, 2020
Our deepest condolences to the Chan's family. Dr Chan's legacy will forever be remembered for many generations. Shenlone will always remember the wisdom that he provided him during that Christmas party. 節哀順變, 祝他老人家一路好走,在九泉之下安息吧!

The Wu's Family
Ming-Wei, Julie, Shenmei, Shenlone, Shenjone and Shenan

名偉,鴛鴛,顯美,顯龍,顯中,顯安 悼念
Posted by Jing Ruan on December 29, 2020
Posted by Ben-Chang Shia on December 29, 2020
一路好走 天上又多了一位 慈祥 博學多聞的天使
Posted by Helen Bao on December 28, 2020
Professor Chan had been a great mentor and an inspiration for me ever since we first met in Dalian in 1999. It has been a real honour to be his PhD student. His passing left a void in my heart that nobody could possibly fill. Rest in peace, Professor Chan!
Posted by Jean Lai on December 29, 2020
Remember meeting you at an alumni gathering at HKBU few years ago. Remember the old days under your leadership at CityU. Rest In Peace, Professor Chan !
Posted by Ron Kwok on December 28, 2020
Professor Chan 非常感激你嘅栽培 愿您在另一个世界 一切安好
Posted by Ada Ma on December 28, 2020
I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Prof. L.K. Chan. He is not only an efficient department head to me, but also a heartful mentor who inspires me in many ways. Thank you for always being so kind and supportive to us. I will deeply appreciate it. God bless his family.

Rest in Peace, Professor Chan!
Posted by Li Yanchen on December 28, 2020
Posted by Deep Batra on December 28, 2020
Professor Chan, you will forever be in our hearts. You have been an inspiration while you were our dean. We had many fond memories of you and will remember them forever.
Jointly from our Batra family, we extend our deepest condolences to the Chan family and offer our humble prayers to everyone who is feeling the pain of your departure. God bless.
Deep Batra
Posted by Mitsuru K on December 28, 2020
My deepest condolences to Professor L.K. Chan’s family. You were so patient and nice when you were teaching us. You can still remember my name after so many years. Rest in peach Prof. Chan. - Linus
Posted by Louis Ma on December 28, 2020
I am saddened by the passing of Professor L.K. Chan. When he was Dean of the Faculty of Business at CityU of HK, I learned a lot from his people-oriented leadership and goal-setting on quality education. May his soul Rest in Peace and God bless his family.
Posted by Rachael Ip on December 28, 2020
It’s very sad to know that Prof Chan had left us. Prof Chan was one of my best mentors. Prof Chan, I learned a lot from you. Kow Ye, I miss you.
Posted by Yer Van HUI (VPARO) on December 28, 2020
LK was always our good friend and helpful colleague. He contributed a lot in China's statistics education.
Posted by David Li on December 28, 2020
I am really sad to hear the passing of Prof L K Chan. Prof Chan is a noble man. He recruited me during his last year as Dean of Faculty of Business into City University of Hong Kong. Although I did not have the privilege of working with him, I was very much moved by Prof Chan's warm and encouraging words during our encounters, which have motivated me to pursue excellence in my career. I am thankful our paths have crossed. Rest in peace, Prof Chan!
Posted by Alan Wan on December 28, 2020
My deepest condolences to Professor L.K. Chan’s family. Professor Chan was a fine scholar, a caring mentor and above all, a gentleman.  It has been a real honour knowing him and working with him.   May he rest in peace.
Posted by Geoffrey Tso on December 28, 2020
I am sad to hear this news. It is my pleasure knowing Professor LK Chan for many years. He has been a good friend and a good academic leader for me. Rest in peace.
Posted by Chu Tang on December 27, 2020
Uncle was patient, kind, nice, talented, and a highly respectful man. He will be missed.  His love and caring will be with all of us forever.
Posted by Bertha Masuda on December 28, 2020
Dad - I love you and miss you. I am so grateful to have many happy memories.
Posted by Jennifer Chan on December 27, 2020
Dad made a difference in so many lives. I am thankful to have been a member of his family, learning and growing from him.

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