Prof Martin E. Amin (Ndi Nkemamin)
Professor Martin E. Amin (Ndi Nkemamin)
  • 69 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 1, 1946
  • Place of birth:
    Muyuka, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Dec 21, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Fontem, Cameroon
Let the memory of Professor Martin E. Amin (Ndi Nkemamin) be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved husband, daddy, uncle, brother and grandpa, Professor Martin E. Amin (Ndi Nkemamin), 69, born on March 1, 1946 and passed away on December 21, 2015. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Beatrice Fontem on 21st December 2016

"Ndi, One year today and it seems like yesterday! You are forever in our hearts, you will forever be missed! Remember us as you celebrate with the angels in heaven.  Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by Andia Alemnji on 11th November 2016

It's really hard to believe you are no more.its been almost a year and it seems like yesterday. I remember i called you from the Uk and you were waxing strong. I remember yoi calling me "the girl" and throwing jokes at me. O death where is thy sting?With a heavy heart and tears rolling down i write this. Well what else can i say?Your death came as a shock to me when my dad called me to tell me.God be with you till we meet again"

This tribute was added by Beatrice Fontem on 17th March 2016

Thank you for your work to humanity. Thank you for teaching us how to love and be generous to others, for that is what you were!. Thank you for always being ready to reach out to the needy.  I hear that where you have gone to, there is neither suffering nor sorrow; neither pain nor crying. Should you see the father of your namesake in that city, Nya-te-meh Atemagwat Fontem Njifua and the rest of them gone before you, tell them of our fate and ask them to intercede for us!
Go well, Ndi, and rest in the bossom of Abraham till we meet to part no more!
Bea Fontem, Bamako, Mali."

This tribute was added by J Nkemnji on 24th January 2016

"Prof. Amin:
It is a month since you departed from mother earth.  Saturday December 19, the day before your death, we were in Bellah Ngeh for Col. Fobellah's memorial celebration. Little did anyone know that would be your last feasting on this planet.   We saw each other after a long time and we both remarked that. You looked healthy, cheerful, and you danced well at that occasion.  I was happy to talk with you but little did I know that would be our last chat.  Within a month, since your departure, the family has gathered courage to accept the fact that you are gone.  Your corpse was taken to Yaounde (where you worked and had your business) and it returned to Menji, your hometown, to be laid to rest.
A wake keeping (Jan 19), and a memorial (Jan 20), was organized for you. You are finally resting in the Lord.  Your absence is greatly felt by your entire family, friends and associates.  Please great your associates who went before you, Dr./Mrs. Theresa Ndongko (1996), Mr. Acha Nojang, (1998), and His Majesty Fontem Njifua (2014).  Let me use this channel to extend my heartfelt condolences to your children, wife, and the large family. May you rest in perfect peace in your heavenly Mariapolis. Farewell Prof. (Ndi Nkemamin)

J Nkemnji"

This tribute was added by John Morfaw on 23rd January 2016

"Dear brother,
You finally took the last journey on this planet and you are finally resting with the Lord. This is a journey to be taken by every living thing in this world.
A British musician, Jim Reeves once sang;- "this world is not my own, I am just passing through". All of us are just passing through this world and will one day take that ultimate journey as you have done.
May your soul rest in perfect peace!"

This tribute was added by Alice Ndeloa Asonganyi on 21st January 2016

"Dear Prof Amin,

I try to refrain from asking, But
Your death, sudden and quick, did
Like circumstances like this always do, caused me
To look up to the Heavens for some kind of answer
To the ever nagging and insistent,  Why?
Then  thinking  , I dare not  raise a voice in question,
I take solace in the love you showed me and my family:
Therefore, I reminiscence your long life of good deeds,
Of infinite generosity and selflessness.

In my mind’s eye, I still see your residence, then in Mvolye
A beehive of family-close, and not-so-close, and   distant friends,
And how you and your wife shared your lives
And love with your own kids and others
Equally- intense, robust and  profound.

Your life was God’s lesson to us all,
That success and simplicity be found in the one and the same person.

Now that you are in Heaven, when you meet my mother
Shake their hands for me. Say that we are fine .

And in their company, may you all
Rest in Peace, Prof  Martin Amin.

Alice N Asonganyi"

This tribute was added by Ntonghanwah Forcheh - Nkemnjicha on 21st January 2016

"Dear Daddy,

This is supposed to be a tribute, but how does a child write a tribute about his father?
I don’t know what was on your mind when you choose this point in time to give up. Of course you owe us no apology because you never postpone any responsibility. You provided us with guidance and support where ever and whenever it was required.

I first knew that I had a great uncle in Canada when your brother,Mbe Fidelis Ntonghanwah gave me your primary school mathematics for class 5 to 7 in January 1975, when I joined him in Bambili to complete my primary education. I was inspired not just because I was using a book written by my own uncle, but also because it was the best and only book for Primary mathematics in those days. Before then we studied arithmetic using European books or books from Nigeria.

Daddy, like every god's creation, you were born and Original but unlike most god's creation, you lived and left as an Original not a copy. Thank you for making us so proud when your name is mentioned.

Since our first meeting shortly after you returned from Canada in 1979, our relationship has been beyond that of an Uncle and nephew.  You and mami Stella have been exceptional parents to me. From 1982 when I first visited you in Yaoundé to last December when we spent the Christmas together, you and Mami Stella have always treated me like a Prince.  When my father departed last year, you filled part of the void in the week we spent. We discussed everything, relived our many good happy times  – your visit when I was in UK, the project, the book projects, time at Makere and the book on Research Methods that you wrote then, the new projects everything. As always, mami ensured our comfort, always. We spent time at CITIC, discussed its progress and future plans. You remained a pioneer to your last breath.

Most people know you as the Mathematician. Few know that you are probably the best Statistician that Cameroon has hard. This semester, I shall be teaching an undergraduate course in probability to Social Sciences and Business Students, and the material from chapter 7 of your book “Descriptive Statistics for the Social Sciences” will form part of the teaching material.

As you know, my undergraduate degree project was co-supervised by you, using data you collected from the first study of its kind in Cameroon, that investigated the Predictive Validity of the Government Common Entrance Examination into Secondary Schools in Cameroon. My supervisor at the University College was so impressed by the topic that we kept the original topic that you had given to me during the visit you paid to me in London on your way to Canada to visit Franklin and Edmond. On your return to London the flight developed problems and was returned to Canada and you returned only the next day. You shared with me how the flight announcement that the plane had developed engine problems had left you looking for even toilet paper to write a message to the family in case you did not make it. An Indian airliner with the same craft make had crashed due to the same problem over the Atlantic and killed all 500+ on Board. Well, God protected you then, knowing how much contribution you still had to make.  This time God made sure, you did not need a paper to say farewell by making sure your most beloved was next to you. If it was not god's time you would still be with us.

As I flew by the same Canadian Airline to London last Sunday, your mortal remains laid in the mortuary and I wondered were in that plane you might have sat. A few days before, I had a dream and saw you watching with admiration the great farewell that the family and friends  had put together for you. In my dream, I wondered if you noticed that I was not there and felt so ashamed. Unfortunately, I just could not change by travel arrangements to be at your farewell. I hope that both you and mami Stella would forgive me. For although, I have followed your mentorship and guidance and today I am almost at the top of my career as a Statistician thanks in great part to you, I have nevertheless postponed several important projects that you wanted to guide me through, including our standing book project, and failing to be at your farewell feels like another failure to appreciate all you have done for me.

You research, taught and published articles and books on educational measurement using statistical tools of uncertainty. Yet as you depart, we are uncertain of the tools to use in order to adequately measure and quantity your enormous contributions to the family, the Nweh people, to  Cameroon and to the discipline of Statistics and mathematics. In his tribute to you, Prof Asongangi asked: “And who will praise the iroko tree that falls itself?” and in his usual wisdom he answers for us: “Of course, all the animals and birds that were perching on it! Professor Nkem-Amin was an iroko tree!” So we shall continue to remember you and live by your example as the only means left to pay our gratitude to all you did for us.

I know you gave all you had when you were with us, but I am making one request – tell the angels that surround you to give mami Stella the strength to survive your untimely departure. We still need her strong, happy and resilient as she has been over the 40 odd years that you spent together.

Until we meet again.
It your “big Ntonghanwah”"

This tribute was added by Steve Maurice on 21st January 2016

"Yet another great father gone too soon from the face of Africa. Personally, you lifted me up when i called unto you, you let me share yet a memorable life time and work experience with you entrusting me with such a great Institute - CITEC as her pioneer administrator - Principal. Professor, you will greatly be missed and forever be remembered. May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace Papa"

This tribute was added by Anyinkia Aminkeng on 20th January 2016

"Daddy, i write this with tears in my eyes. it is hard to believe u are gone. wish i had the opportunity to hear your voice before your gave up your last breathe. You were an uncle everyone counted on. I remember so many times i will come to your office in CITEC to tell you i was broke and u never let me go empty handed. Your house in yaounde was our family house. You were always there for us.

Daddy, thank you such much for my send off party in 2010 before i left for Belgium. It was a memorable one at your residence. I thank God for the happy moments we spent together when you visited us in the US.

Thank you so much your generosity and kindness.

Go well Daddy, till we meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by Michel Ntemgwa on 20th January 2016


We were in absolute shock and disbelief when we got that phone call early Sunday morning telling us of your passing.We really had no choice but to accept the truth and cling to the beautiful memories from the past.

We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to spend some time with you within the last 3 years. Memories of such quality time spent will be cherished forever.

Michel still has fond memories of the first holiday he spent at your home  over 25 years ago which provided the occasion to meet your children for the first time, a relationship that has lasted till today.

You were that one true example of someone who inspired so many. You had the gift of being that expert mathematician and computer scientist but never desired to just keep this gift to yourself. Instead, you did your best to pass on this knowledge to everyone especially the younger generation both nationally and at the international level. This legacy  will always be an inspiration to us.

You had such a pleasant and accommodating personality and it was such joy being around you always.

We send from Canada our deepest condolences and may the good Lord grant courage to the family you have left behind so they accept this unpredictable and unfortunately unavoidable part of life.

Daddy, may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Sleep well Daddy until we meet again.

Michel & Alechia Ntemgwa


This tribute was added by Anyiawung Chiara Forcheh on 19th January 2016

"Oh daddy, always daddy. Your departure to the house of the father is too painful for me to bear. How shall we continue life here without you. You are one of the simplest and loving persons i ever met. You lived a very fulfilled life. May God who called you from us take you to His house and may He give us the courage, strength, wisdom that we need to face this very challenging momemt. Safe journey daddy."

This tribute was added by Canisia Fontem on 19th January 2016

"Prof, your passing away is still a dream to me and many. I know God always chooses the best to be by Him. Thank you for being a  wonderful mentor, friend, confident and faithful brother to my older brother Alex Amin (Nkematem) and thank you for always considering us as your younger ones. We believe that you are right now in the bosom of the Lord for the humble, simple and loving life you led. Thanks for the impact you made on the whole nweh community and Cameroon as a whole, a thousand words can't say it enough. ADIEU ADIEU ADIEU!!!!

Canisia Fontem, CO USA"

This tribute was added by Nge Tayo on 17th January 2016

"Papa, I am still saddened by your passing. Don't forget to say hello to your friend and brother my dad. Papa always remember to look after your family you left behind. Sleep well papa, you are forever in our hearts"

This tribute was added by Mosesmbetem Nkengateh on 17th January 2016

"To the wife and family of late doctor Amin the great man; I was shocked to hear of the sad dismissed of your loving husband, father and the most important part of your entire family. My heartfelt condolences to you and the rest of all the family members touched by this untimely dead.I pray to the Almighty God to give you courage,strength and support to deal with this sad event within your entire family cycle.I felt so much pains hearing this.May his soul rest in peace in the hands of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Anyinkia Aminkeng on 17th January 2016

"Daddy, it's hard to write in memory of you because I can't believe u are gone too soon. you were a dad, an uncle and a friend. Awlays smiling. I miss your soft voice, nice smiles and all the happy moments  we spent last summer. Thank you so much for the send off party u organised for me at your residence in 2010 before I traveled to Belgium. Wish my tears could bring u back to us.
Adieu Daddy till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Vivian Folefac on 17th January 2016

"You were an excellent dad and mentor to the boys and auntie Stella and also to the hundreds of us who came your way. The Amin house in Yaounde was a joyous place to live and to hang out, thanks to your open door policy and ever welcoming attitude of yourself, auntie and the kids. I wish to thank you for opening your door to me and making me feel like part of the family. You generosity and humility have helped shaped the person I have become. Thank you,  thank you, thank you for all the fabulous times we had in Yaounde. Auntie Ste, you should know that we are here for you and the boys."

This tribute was added by Stella Löfgren on 17th January 2016

"Daddy as i sit here this day  to write, am at a loss for words. Your small stella(small ste) as you so fondly called me has only good memories of our time together.You called me your wife bc i had the same name as my God mother your wife,Stella Amin.Daddy when i Heard  you had left us, i cried because i felt i had lost a part of me. You loved me like i was your own daughter. Picked me up every third term holidays and i spent all my holidays in the house something that became our tradition.
Daddy i miss you big time. You were a dad with such a huge kind and understanding heart.I know it has been a while since we met and i blame myself for that but i know you are in a better place
I miss you Daddy and hope you go well

This tribute was added by Nkafu Claude on 17th January 2016

"Daddy, it was nice knowing and working with you back in Uganda and in Citec. You were a father and an inspiration to me. I would forever miss you. May your soul rest in peace. Till we meet again.
My sincere condolences to the entire family, we love him but God loves him more."

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Dear Stella
We offer our condolences to you, Franklin, Edmund, Kenneth, Marvin and Nelson upon Martin’s passing. Martin was a firm believer in education, to which he dedicated his life. He taught self-reliance, discipline, hard work and the application of mathematical logic.
He demonstrated these principles in his own life. To prepare for his career he came to Ottawa University in the early 1 970’s for graduate studies in mathematics. Practising what he taught, he graduated from Ottawa university with aster and Doctorate degrees. Having little money, he worked at odd jobs and seemed to cope with almost ny kind of work. In his career at the University of Yaounde, I am sure his students were acquainted with these principles.
Martin was also devoted to his family. Stella arrived Ottawa not long after Martin and together tey started a family; again no easy task in their situation. They raised a fine group of boys.
Martin was also a faithful member of his church. It is not often that one encounters someone like Martin, a person who has made great contribution to the next generation of students ad who has been an inspiration to all those who knew him. We feel privileged to be among them.

Frank Pope, Ottawa, 23 December 2015"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Tribute   to   Ndi   Nkem-Amin   (Prof   Emeritus   Martin Efuetngu Amin)
Farewell dear Uncle, Farewell to you one of the Boma trees of Lebang Fondom. I used to call you ‘Nda’ Efuetngu Papa Simon (Nda in Nweh Language means Senior as regards age); your titles became so many and I had to choose between and among them how to address or call you.  Now you are not more, and under which title or name should I call you? We all know you knew as well that God Almighty created man and placed him in the middle of the creation. God ordered man to go to the world and change it, transform it, modify it, ‘’create’’ it and build it to his own taste where necessary through hard work (to the taste of man). Indeed, that is exactly what you did; you transformed the earth in your own way, you were a hard   working   person,   you   laboured   intelligently   and convincingly. If I were being given the honour to substantiate these facts, then I will fall back to the period you were the President General of Lebang Cultural and Development Organization (LECUDO). In this, one of your outstanding challenges was the digging of the road Dschang-Ngu-Ndeng-Lekong-Ngem-Azi-Menji road. You did it and even drove from Dschang to Lebang Market using that road; was it the first time a pick-up went through that  road, considering the rough topography of our area? Taking that high degree of risk? May God bless you!
Furthermore, your contributions for development were exceptional in family meetings, SOBA, Nkang Ndi Nkemleke, church units, political units for development purposes, in the struggle for the fight which led us to obtain our administrative unit that is Lebialem Division.
You were far from lies to me, people of high status had confidence in you. You even kept confidential documents for some of them.  You funnily called me ’Mbrah’, meaning brother. And whenever I visited you, you always asked me ‘Mbrah’, what will you take? Ans: Ndi Nkem, I have just taken something.
Question: Was it here that you took it? Or you people in the Presidency don’t you   know   that we also have good wine   here? Thank you indeed for the entertainment; you were a hand-free man. You have embarked on our journey; we will soon be meeting you. Adieu!

Njika Lucas Ivo"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy jusqu’à maitenant je pense  toujours a notre derniere voyage et de tous ce que tu m,as dit pendant le voyage. Mais je ne pouvais pas imaginer que c’était la fin. Lorsque on est rentre le soir après le funerail j’ai ouvert une bouteille de vin rouge pour toi et je me  rappelle bien tu  m’as dit que, après la premiere je peux ouvrir meme 10 autres bouteilles pour nous et bien après tu m’as dit que je ne dois meme pas boire le vin que on me donne, plutot l’eau a boire que tu vas me donner le vin a yaounde quand  on sera du retour que je n’ai pas pu avoir jusqu a maintenant, en dormant tu m’a demande de te réveiller très tôt pour chauffer ton eau et faire ton café. Je me suis reveille le dimanche matin a 5h chauffer ton eau et patienter jusqu’à 6h30 et j’ai frappe a ta porte, tu as repondu et j’etais supris que tu m’appelle pour me dire plutot que tu ne te sentais pas  bien ce mot qui etait ton dernier avec nous. Je t’ai demandé si tu prends ton déjeuner tu m’a dit non et je t’ai demandé encore si je t’amene a l’hopital, tu m’a repondu oui, on s’est retrouver a l’hopital a 8hoo et la douleur n’etait pas facile a gerer  et a 12h00 nous avons compris que tu n etais plus. Reposes toi en paix c’est dieu qui a la reponse a tout.

Ghislain Lekeulem"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

Your sudden death is the worst thing that happened to us in 2015. Daddy, just like that? With no word? No farewell?  I remember when I did something good you will say ‘’Vicky I will go back to Ndebaya and add your bride price” and we will both laugh. When I did something wrong you shouted at me but you always forgave me. You use to say to the full time staff at school ‘you people should take the school like your own because one day I will not be there’’ little did we know that one day will be so soon.
We mourn you daddy but we thank God for your life, for blessing you and making you the great man you were. We thank God for the many lives you touched with your kindness and generosity.  I thank God for permitting you see bebe Amin before calling you to rest.
Daddy the gap you have left only God can fill. The bible says neither life nor death can separate us from the love of God. Daddy I know you are resting in the love of God.
Rest in Peace daddy. We love you and will always remember.

Vicky Attah Amin"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy, you welcomed me with open arms into your family. You took me as your daughter, the love and kindness you showed me shall never be forgotten. I will forever cherish the time you spent with us in Canada and the conversations we had. Father-in-laws like you are one in a million and I am very lucky to have known one like you, I will miss you dearly daddy. May your soul, rest in peace.

Your small wife, Sheri Amin"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy, your passing away into transition hurts and it pains so much to face the reality that you are gone. Our hearts wrench with pain every moment without you. If tears could build a staircase and memories a lane, then we will walk straight to heaven and bring you home again. Daddy the times you shared with us made us believe we shall never part. We laughed together, we joked together, we cried together… and thought we shall always be. If only you knew your absence has created an aching void in our hearts! But as we stand on the cold hillside watching you fade helplessly in the arms of death, we would like you to know that…
Not even that death can ever erase you from our minds, Not even the earth can ever cover you from our sight,
Not even the clouds can ever darken the light you lit, Not even the skies can ever be too far away for our prayers.
What a great builder you were.  Hurts Thank God for given us someone like you the lives you have impacted and the destinies of many you have put on the path of success. You were a sunbeam in our midst. Adieu, Adieu.
George Ekokobe"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Mami Amin Dorothy
My heart is broken; I have lost my best friend, my big dad and above all my mentor. “Prof Amin Martin”
I did not grow up with you but I learnt how to be humble like you.  You instilled quietness, calmness and hospitality in me.  You have always been there for me.  I will miss you dearly dad.
I was with you on Saturday the 19 December 2015 and we discussed about my education.  I was shocked to receive a phone call on the 20th December 2015 that you are no more. The whole family loved you dearly but God loves you most. He knows why! May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Amin Fonjia Lawrencia."

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"TRIBUTE - A stormy Sunday.
Big dad, why did you go in this way? It was a stormy Sunday when I got your phone call and when I answered, it was a different voice who told me you are no more.
Big dad, if people where to choose husbands in paradise then many will love to choose you as their husband, since you have never called me by name  always “mami” come.  It is difficult to accept it but it is the bitterest truth, that you are no more.  All the bits of advice you gave me, all the support you gave me, in times of distress and hardship, I had your shoulder to lean on.  Where do I go from here without you? To whom will I turn to? To whom will I turn to? What an evergreen hall mark in my heart?
God has been giving people living twins but gave mine in death.  Can I question? No! Dad, you were a superman indeed and your words; so husbandly and inviting what a virtuous man you were.  We all admired you so much because you were exemplary.  You were our role model, you taught us everything but for one thing, HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU. We will try to live with the good virtue you have always exhibited; that of love, peace, unity, sharing, sincerity, hard work, humility, being one another’s keeper and above all the fear of the almighty.
Daddy farewell and greet your mum Ma Cecilia Atabong and Ma Susana Amin, Your Dad Pa Amin Simon, your brother Bob Amin, Your daughter Amin Melvis, your Moyo Chief D.N Fobellah and Colonel Fobellah Edward whom you ended in his…….. Adieu, Adieu, Adieu.

Mami Amin Dorothy"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Death? The inevitable!
I could not believe that death was so close to you Prof, just a few days after you saluted our first and second batch of the University of Bamenda Degree students in CITEC. You shifted your title of Director, Professor and embraced the title of Daddy. My mind won’t go off your numerous phone calls, directive, guidance, supervision, advice, training, caution, smile and appreciation for accomplished tasks. You have been to me more of a father than a Director.  You instilled in me the spirit of hard work, originality, respect, integrity and honesty. Your contributions to the social sciences remain outstanding, in Cameroon, in particular and Africa in general. You left a legacy, for us to remember you always. Daddy, we love you but God loves you more.  JOHN 11: 25-26


This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy’s tragic death raised many unanswered questions in the minds of many people.  The passing away of my humble and lovely name sake to eternity is still a mystery to me but I have no option but to accept.  I remember when you will ask me to give you a glass of wine and a bottle of coca zero every evening when you are back from school.  All these memories shall forever remain.  Daddy you were a HERO. May your gentle soul, rest in perfect peace. ADIEU DADDY

E. AMIN MARTIN Jr, (Name Sake)"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"A Tribute from LECUDO Yaounde
We saw darkness in the face of day light and heavy rain falling without rain drops.  How can we believe that your seat is empty in our LECUDO hall?  I can vividly remember your role in the development of our village Lebang and the construction of the Cultural hall in Yaounde.  You have done a lot to take us to where we are today after hosting Lebang Meeting for more than twenty years in your house.  Yes, your love for mankind and the love you had for your people was true testimony to show us that you were an angel who came to teach us how to love and to share.  We are so grateful to God who loved you and called you out of this sinful world without any stress. We pray that the angles welcome you and guide your foot steps as you walk into eternity.  Nkem, we loved you but God is the decider. Fare you well and we promise to pray for you.
President LECUDO Yaounde."

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy I will always live to remember your words. You were always saying that you have increased my bride price especially when I cooked your plantain fufu and egusi soup. Daddy I wish you a peaceful and a safe journey.
Your daughter Stella."

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Dear Daddy,
Dad your death was so sudden that I could not believe it when I was being informed but just need to take it the way God has decided.  Dad I remember when you always tell us that you have increase our bride price especially when we cook your fufu and bitterleaf soup, but now we cannot even find you to eat the bride price.  Daddy you will forever remain in my mind. We love you but God loves you most.  Daddy do have a save journey and do prepare a good place for us.

Your daughter Laurantine"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"A tribute to my Mayo
Moyo it was wonderful having such a thoughtful person like you.
Your love and generosity remains forever in my mind.  Rest peacefully, in your father’s arms. Amen.
Your Moyo, Folefa Florence"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"My Sincere Condolences for the sad and impromptu loss of Prof. Martin E. Amin (Ndi Nkemamin)
I learned with grief and utter disbelief from Henry A. Ntitebem, of the sudden and sad disappearance of our Noble Ndi NkemAmin.  Prof Amin was a selfless lover of all, simple and down to earth. Whenever I visited him in Yaounde he would address me Father and younger brother and was ever ready to share and help. I still remember the good bye and financial assistance he gave me last August, when I went to tell him I was travelling abroad for my medical checkup and treatment. He said it was quite opportune and worthwhile to travel, especially after the tragic loss of my traditional colleague and brother.
He always portrayed intense and constant commitments to promote love and unity amongst the Lebialem intelligentsia. He was one of the catalytic pillars of Lebialem socio-economic development.
Due to my present condition, still undergoing medical treatment abroad, it is impossible for me to be together with your family at his burial. However, I fervently hope to join you all spiritually in my thoughts that day. May his soul, rest in perfect peace.
Again, please accept my sincere sympathy to the entire Amin-Efeutngu's family at home and abroad.

Yours truly, The Fon of Fonjumetaw"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

Ndi Nkem as we fondly called you when we were together especially during the nkang manifestation where are you? Where have you gone to because I have been coming to your house for more than two weeks without seeing you, no wine for your mafua not even that usual  normal smile and hand shake from you. Nkem is it really true that we shall see you no more? Are we still to come out of this dream or it is just the truth that you have gone to the land of the no return? Nkem we were all in Bellah but you never complained to me that you were not feeling fine only God knows when it will happen. Nkem have you seen colonel Fobellah your best moyo? Have you seen the others especially Dr and Mrs Ekokos? I hope you are already with the angels in heaven having good fun and resting in the perfect peace which all of us will one day join you when our time comes. Greet all those who have come to welcome you especially Fobellah Agnes, and all the others who went before you while waiting for our turn to come; we will always remember to pray for you that the good Lord will continue to take care of your children and your beloved wife, Fare you well NDI NKEM move on do not be frightened move on .bye bye.


This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Tribute to Prof. Martin E. Amin
The news of the great fall was hard to believe.  I was flabbergasted and griped with consternation but soon came to terms with the inevitable-the mighty had fallen. Yes, Great Amin whose life story demonstrated much of persistence and love for hard work yet symbolizes the triumphal destiny of magnificent in illuminated gothic lettering is no more. When I finally came to terms with reality, I then concluded that you decided to travel because you no longer had the patience for certain things, not because you were arrogant but simply because you reached a point in your life where you do not want to waste more time to those things that hurt you. Yes, you lost the will to please those who do not like you, to love and smile at those who do not want to smile at you. You lost the patience to no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. You decided not to coexist any more with pretence, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praises. You lost patience to no longer tolerate selective erudition or academic arrogance. You did not want to get along with those who do not want to know how to give compliment or encouragement. Yes, you had no patience any more for any one who did not deserve your patience.  As a teacher, you gained a reputation as one of the finest on this planet earth. You were a stern father who never condoned with lack of loyalty and betrayal. These were virtues that we nurtured together in CITEC, yet many could not decipher why we pulled on. May the Lord grant you forgiveness and give you everlasting peace. Adieu Dad!
Esambe Livinus Njume, Principal CITEC/HITM Yaounde"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy as we famously called you on and off campus, your impromptu disappearance remains to us a mere dream. I learned with grief and total disbelief that Sunday morning that you have gone to the land of no return from my colleague Amin Maureen. How will I personally forget about you after spending 9 years with you as your Principal whom you showed fatherly love, responded present when I needed assistance, supervised my Master’s Thesis thus improving my academic standing.  I personally gained a lot of experience working with you for these years but as the Almighty knows better than we do, they is no way we can question him as you portrayed to us immense love.
One thing I now know is that God loves you so much and knew the love you had for CITEC.  Daddy, the disappointment we had from the Yaoundé Congress Hall about the graduation was just a way to say; you started the first graduation here at CITEC Campus and said one day CITEC will be a University; today it’s a University and so you also finished your last graduation in CITEC Campus. We shall remain indebted in all your visions and will try by all possible means to uphold them. Daddy, May your soul advance towards God.
Ntengong Cletus Nkemnka, Principal of CITEC Professional Programs"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

It was with absolute shock and consternation when I heard of the sudden disappearance from the earth surface on Sunday, 20th December 2015 of my bosom friend, Prof. Martin Amin. The sad news came with disbelief because we had talked over the phone on Friday, 18th Dec. 2015 when he politely took his excuse for not going to attend the death celebration of my father-in-law, late Pa Vincent Nwoalezea, at Muyuka since it coincided with that of Colonel Edward  Fobellah which he had to attend.
I met with Prof. Amin in January 1964 when I was admitted as a student into St. Joseph’s College, Sasse but he was then known as Martin Efuetngu. He graduated from Sasse with outstanding G.C.E. O/Level results and was immediately employed to teach us Mathematics. We enjoyed his lessons as he distinguished himself as an effective teacher as students would confront him with difficult and complex mathematical problems and he was equal to the task.
We became closer when he used to come for holidays from Ghana as an undergraduate student of Cape Coast University and our friendship moved to a higher gear. He became my role model and mentor. After his first degree he taught in Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology (C.C.A.S.T), Bambili among others. He later got married to my cousin, Stella Ngemfua Ekokobe,  as his loving wife and went for further studies to Canada.
I too went for further studies in Nigeria with my loving wife, Veronica Anjitem Asong, and returned with a family in 1986 to Yaounde. Our families became fully integrated and we lived together like brothers and sisters. My whole family was in shock and state of confusion when every member got to know of the great irreparable loss and we all miss you, your love, pleasantry, jokes, friendship, accommodation, and counseling. You taught us to be assiduous, kind and honest and to work with a sense of purpose with defined set of objectives, hence achievers. We pray that God should give your family and friends the fortitude to bear your great loss.
We all pray earnestly for the repose of your soul and that the good Lord should give you a room  
in his eternal home. Adieu!!!

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"A DIFFICULT GAP TO FILL. What a shocking and anguishing memories, difficult to forget, for anyone to see his long-term tied friend pass away in his presence!  It was at 11h50, on Sunday 20 December 2015, when someone rushed in, while I was at mass in the Menji Parish Church, to announce to me that Ndi Nkem Amin (Prof Amin) was dying in the hospital and the children were struggling to reach me on the phone. I immediately rushed out and drove to the hospital. Most heart-rending, on entering the room where he was hospitalized was the sight of his eyes and lips being closed, as he had just passed away, at exactly 12 noon! Ndi Nkem, you have left us physically, but you remain alive spiritually, with unfading legacies: a personal friend with rich colorful memories, a national figure with abiding heritage, and an internationalist with indelible footprints for posterity. Dear friend, the hallmarks of our friendly ties are so long and wide that I do not know where to begin and end. It will take volumes of pages to put them in writing for the present and future generations to draw inspiring lessons from what some half a century of genuine friendship means and can bring.
A Difficult Gap to Fill as a Timeless Personal Friend. Everything began in the 1960s when we were students. The exemplary ties continued harmoniously up till the time the Almighty Lord decided recently to take you away from our midst. Throughout your life, you and I continued to recall jokingly - in public speeches, in the midst of our spouses, friends and our kids - the highlights of those good old memories. Just to mention a few: I remember how joyous we spent the 1967 summer vacation in Muyuka when you came home from the University of Cape Coast; my first visit to Yaounde in April 1970 at your invitation; how you used to visit me in Victoria (present-day Limbe) where we drove around on my small mobilette, with people admiring us jealously; the time I was a student and you were a lecturer in CCAST Bambili.  It is that mark of enduring friendship and confidence that made me entrust to you the plenitude of powers to manage everything of mine while I was abroad for some 20 years. Upon my return to Cameroon, we always exchanged ideas on all personal and academic matters. Your absence is clearly a difficult gap to fill!
A Difficult Gap to Fill as a National Figure. Who will fill the gap your departure has created in the plight of Lebang, Lebialem and Cameroon? You never hesitated to react spontaneously and generously, in all possible ways, any time there was a felt need. The story of the putting in place of the Cameroon GCE Examination system will never be complete without mention of Prof Amin's name as the expert who contributed to its computerization and the layout of other technical foundations. In the world today, where information and communication technology has taken center stage in all critical sectors of human activities, you made invaluable contributions at the national and international levels. The world of learning in general is highly indebted to you in terms of your teachings, research work and publications.
A Difficult Gap to Fill as an Internationalist. You served as consultant to the Commonwealth at the time I was Director of Commonwealth affairs in the Ministry of External Relations. The track record you left in that capacity in the Caribbean was so impressive that you had to continue in the same vein to the University of Makerere in Uganda. In fact, the echoes of your performance were quite laudable. Your expertise was equally enjoyed by some key international finance institutions like the World Bank, the IMF, and the ADB.
A Dieu, Ndi Nkem. Best wishes for God's guidance as you travel to your final resting place. We pray the Almighty to grant peace of mind and strength to your dear wife and lovely children so that they can cope with the difficult gap to fill in your absence.
"Oh gini-mbong"! HRH FUA NKENGATEH (Dr NKOBENA Boniface Fontem)"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Our memories of Martin are intertwined with stories of the interconnectedness of strong friendships, the love of education, and the connections between Canada and Cameroon. In 1969, our Cockburn family arrived in CCAST, Bambili and was warmly received by Martin Amin. Perry Cockburn had arrived at CCAST to teach science; he was accompanied by his wife Elizabeth, and their three children, Lynn, Susan and Fran. As the family got settled, Martin made sure that we were comfortable and learned about Cameroonian ways of doing things. Perry and Martin deepened their collegial friendship while they taught together.
A year later, Martin was on his way to study for his Ph.D. in Ottawa, Canada. Perry informed his good friend and former college roommate, Frank Pope that Martin was coming to Ottawa. Frank and his wife, Doreen, lived in Ottawa and welcomed Martin, and later Stella, to Canada. The Popes and the Amin’s became strong friends.
Over the decades, until Perry’s death in 2007, Perry and Martin kept in touch, continuing to celebrate the joys of their growing families, and of science and math education. Martin was always keen to discuss the projects he was working on, and loved to hear about Perry and Elizabeth’s interests.
As we remember Martin, we continue to honour those initial friendships forged between Perry, Frank, and Martin in Canada and Cameroon. Our condolences to Stella and her family. Martin will be sadly missed.
Elizabeth Cockburn, Ottawa, Canada

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

Dear dad, I ponder how very much I would like to talk with you today. I know how much you cared for me and you have left beautiful memories.  You had so much to accomplish.  We are not far apart.  For every time we think of you, you are right here.  Daddy you remain deep in our hearts forever. Farewell
Atemkeng Berelyn Amin, Your daughter."

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Papa, it is so hard to believe that death has grabbed a man full of knowledge and wisdom like you. We love you more than words can tell; you were a father who cared, showed concern and worries not only for me but also for all the children.  A super father and a hero for us to emulate.  We thank you for our lives and the education you gave us.  When you left me home for the village promising to be back, little did I know you were bidding me farewell for ever. I miss you Daddy, thank you for the love and everything you’ve done for me.  No one will ever replace you in my life.  It is so hard to believe that you are no more physically around, but I know your spirit still lives with us. May your gentle soul, rest in perfect peace. Adieu Daddy.
Mrs Egbe Forzah Stella Ngemfua"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Oh! papa, Blessed are  the  merciful, for they  shall receive mercy, mt 5:9 .I did not  know  that ,the discussion  we had  was  going  to be  the  last. The pillar of the house is broken. Why now? You were a super father, always very present in times of need. You taught me how to be an ideal wife and mother. Your presence at Bellah-Ngeh dancing Nkang is still so fresh in my memory. Professor, you have completed your teaching. What should I tell your students etc? You did it in a heroic and  glorious way. Dying in Christ is the best   form of death. You have  fought the   best   fight .When ,i  got the phone call in Bafoussam returning to Bafang, I did  not  believed  until, I came  and   saw you in the  mortuary giving your  last  lectures. Your  presence in  our  midst gave us  security, peace, and  love .When  my husband  died ,you told  me so many  things, gave me  your  love ,help etc. Where will i  start and end  now  with  the  kids ?My dreams could  not  come  in the way  i thought. Extend my special greetings to Papa Amin Simon. Ndi Nkemamin, why  have  you  not  given  us  time  enough to  express our  appreciation for  your  relentless  efforts to  bring  up the  family? You have left a vacuum in our lives that no one will ever occupy. Adieu Papa, Professor,Ndi Nkem, I love you but God loved you  most. May your soul rest in peace.
Mrs Mtapie Mary  Amin, Your Sister"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"EULOGY to Ndi Nkemamin:  My dearest brother in-law.
Ndi, it is still a prolonged night mare to me, that I still have to wake up from, to believe that you are no more.  I shall always flash my memory back to that faithful Saturday at Bellah Ngeh at Nkem Yiawung’s house when you held me to remind me of our family meeting on the 9th of January 2016 and in addition gave me money to give your mother Atabong Cecilia and the other children.  I am thanking you so much for every gift you imparted to me and my children.  You urged me to remain steadfast in spite of all.  You always bring peace in times of misunderstanding, sorrow and difficulties.  Now you are gone and we are like orphans with no one to fill the vacuum you have left behind.
We love you but God loves you most.  He has prepared a beautiful home in heaven where you will find good health.  No sickness your body is dead but your soul will rejoice forever in eternity. To God be the Glory. Adieu.
Amin Jacobine, Your Wife"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

Beloved cousin, it is all still a dream that you are no more, just nine days after I visited you in your CITEC office from December 9th to 11th 2015. Memories of our discussion on your CITEC plans and your family will remain indelible in my mind.   When I look at your  life, your plans, your indefatigable upliftment of your thousands of students, the poor, the less privileged and all who came your way, I tend to believe in Jeremiah 1:5  That before God formed you in the belly he knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb, he sanctified you and ordained you a destiny helper unto the thousands of students, the poor and all who came your way for help and advice.
You saved my life in 1958 from drowning during my holiday visit to Muyuka and that act alone, preserved my destiny and that of my family.  From 1982 to 1985 you provided transportation to my children attending St Joseph Catholic School Mvog-Ada, neither grumbling nor asking for petrol.  Your agape love to educate children living under your roof sustained those children’s destiny.  Your publications of mathematics for elementary schools in Cameroon, opening of CITEC are all ways by which you helped to preserve Cameroon citizen’s destinies.
In fact, your family, relations, CITEC students, your employees, the academic family will mourn you for a long time.  Adieu cousin, Rest in Perfect Peace with God. According to 2nd Timothy 4:7. “You have fought a Good fight. You have finished your course, and you have kept the faith”
Nkem Ntonghanwah Fidelis Nchindia"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

My dear brother, your passing away from this world is a big blow to me and has crippled me. You nursed me as a child, sent me to school, made everything possible for me to become a man.  When I went astray you put me on the right track.  When we lost our father in 1972, you consoled us by promising to continue to sponsor us to the highest level of education.  A promise which you honoured.  You supported me in all my endeavours Oh!!! What a great loss to the Amin family.  I will always pray for you and may you find eternal rest in God’s Kingdom.  Thank you brother, for your endless efforts and sacrifices towards us.  Adieu brother ………Adieu
Amin Alexander, your brother"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

Sixty five years is a very long time for me to write our relationship. To successfully do this will mean writing a whole of thousands of pages.
On Tuesday the 15th December 2015 I received a telephone call from you informing me that you were in Buea on Monday the 14 of December for Mr. Humphrey Monono’s defense and returned to Yaounde that very day to receive the corpse of our in-law RK Colonel Edward Fobellah from the United States of America. You asked me when I will go home for the burial. I told you that I will travel on the night of Thursday the 17th of December 2015. You said you will travel in the day and will keep something for me on your arrival. We met on Friday the 18th of December 2015 after the burial. Had meals together and you later returned to Menji leaving me at Bellah. Saturday the 19th of December was probably going to be our last and parting day I didn’t know. After the dance during our last meal, you told me, pa you dance so well that I was force to dance and offer you gifts twice, I told you that, you too were wonderful. We had our meals and traveled to Menji together. At Menji you invited me to watch with you the crucifixion of Christ in pidgin, then again you invited me to have a meal with you. I told you I had eaten, and you ask me what I ate without calling you. Now that you have invited me and I say I have eaten. Then you ask if I had taken a bath and I said yes. I don’t know if you finally ate, then I bid you goodnight for I was to leave early in the morning for Muyuka, Leaving you with Sister Therese, mami Bafang and uncle Eric Ekokobe (Nkem). About 30 minutes later you came into my room and gave me 10.000 FRS for my tran sport. I appreciated this usual gesture of yours not knowing that, that was the last I will get from you. At 5am sister Therese, mami Bafang, Uncle Eric and I left for Dschang. At about 8am I had a call from Maureen informing me that you were not feeling fine and have been taken to Mary health of Africa Hospital Fontem.
Between 12 noon and 1 pm I received a call again from Maureen. She asked me where I was and I told her at Penja. She said pa you will come back home. For what? I asked, she told me your brother is no more. It was a point of no return; I continued my journey to Muyuka only to book a night vehicle with other family members back to Fontem.
From Penja on hearing the news of your passing into eternity, that black Sunday morning of the 20/12/2015 the question on my lips and that of a thousands of mourners has been why professor Amin lord? We have turned to God in anguish to ask him what plan of his has been too important that he should take this special son, brother, father, friend of ours? We have doubted if God cares to know that our hearts are broken. We keep wondering where is God in all these things? Unfortunate events like you passing into eternity though potentially a source for anger and despair have equal potentials to be a source of spiritual growth. We have learned its love not time that heals all wounds. We think that God allows dark times like this so that we shall search for his light.
The best position of a good man’s life most remembered are the act of kindness and because of your belief in God, you knew where exactly you were going to spend eternity. You know very well that in the world to come you will not be ask why you were not, Maurice, Stella Alex or someone else; you knew you shall be asked why you were not Martin. To this you strive to do well.
Go to light brother, where those who have gone before you wait with anticipation of feeling your presence. They will welcome you with open arms combined with love, laughter and feeling that are the happiest that could be possibly felt by any one on earth or in heaven. There, there is no pain or suffering. Sadness is impossibility.
Those of us that are still on earth will certainly miss you and long for your sense of specialness, but you will live in our hearts and spirit. What is truly amazing is the way that no matter what problems or complicated obstacles that confronted you, you consistently over powered and overcome every one of them.
The mild stroke in Uganda, the attack of your family in Yaounde by armed robbers, your stripping half naked at the yaounde outskirt and the burning of your office-CITEC.
As you arrived at the final place you will meet our dear mami Cecilia Atabong who gave birth to you and died in 1955, you will meet our father pa Simon Amin who passed away on the 3rd October 1973. You will meet mami Susan Amin, your step mother who passed away on the 12th of December 1996.
You will meet also your daughter Atemafac Melvis Amin who died on the 6th of September 2006 while you were in Uganda, you will also meet your brother Bob who died in 2007, and you will also meet numerous family members and friends who had gone before you. I am sure that they will be pleased to receive you. Say Hi to them all and tell them on day we too shall join you. ADIEU MY DEAR SON AND BROTHER
                                                                                       Mbe Amin Maurice."

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy it’s me your last coco Abada. You called me on Saturday evening asking me how I was doing and asking me if I had bought my ticket already. Little did I know it was the last time I was talking to you? You gave me everything I have in this world and I am forever grateful to you. You taught me about how to be a man and you were and you will always be and exceptional loving and caring husband, father, friend and mentor. I remember your every advice you  gave me and Daddy you may be gone but you never will be forgotten and I know for sure if I need advice I will look up to your words which inspired me every now and then. I love you Daddy

Your Last Coco Abada (Nelson)"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Dear daddy, I remember the night before your passing how you were making jokes and telling me how we had to buy bush meat on our way to Yaoundé the next day. I was also by your side till the last second at the hospital and never at any moment did I think you were going to leave me. Daddy you always called me Superman and you were always my strength remember how you played football with your grandson Jor-el and always reminded us how good a player you were when you were younger. You always stayed young at heart. Daddy you will be missed greatly, you have left a void that will be hard to fill and definitely shoes that will almost be impossible to fill. You always taught us by example that hard word, dedication and faith was a recipe for a successful life. You inspired me and many others through your kindness, loving and giving nature as well as your dedication to your family and friends. You will greatly be missed but the memories of you and the pride I carry in myself to be called your son will never fade. I will never forget and will always appreciate every life lesson you taught me. The inspiration I have gotten from you in my life is unmatched and I will forever use those lessons and proudly share it with anyone who comes by my path. Daddy I love and miss you and will always think about you, but I know the almighty that has better plans for you need you more at his side. May your soul rest in peace and you will always be in our prayers. You will always be my rock.
Your 4th son Superman"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy, people say you are gone, but I disagree. As a great mathematician and statistician, you have just solved the theory of this world from first principles. You have just figured out a way to look over all of us at the same time. You have identified the limiting factor in this universe which is your body. Your mind and spirit still lives in all of us. I am proud that you are and always will be my father. You have left us with countless role models, your brothers, sisters and friends who through your relationship have been very comforting and supportive during these tough times. Daddy, you have left a very big void in all of us, but as you always mentioned in the last few years of your life on earth, “No God fearing person can live forever”. You have left us with a legacy to fill. I wish I could promise you that we will not disappoint you. Instead, I can promise that, I shall not rest if I do not try my best to make sure your legacy lives on in each and every one of us. Thank you for being my father, and the father of the countless brothers and sisters I have. May your soul rest in peace and may you guide us all in spirit until we meet again. See you later daddy.
Your Son, Atabong"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

    Hard work, honesty, humility, respect, justice and fairness are all qualities you spent 40 plus years drilling through my head. Qualities you just didn’t know existed but qualities you lived by. I am who I am today because of the father you were to me and I thank you for that.
Your physical Absence might be heart breaking but your spiritual presence and guidance is still very vivid with me. Your constant advice, jokes, shouting will be missed but I know you are not far so I can only promise to continue in the footsteps you engraved in my upbringing and growth.
Till we meet again

Your son, Aminde Franklin"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 16th January 2016

"Daddy, is it really true that you are gone? That Sunday morning……. It is still like a dream.  Daddy you were supposed to return from the village that Sunday – what happened?  I prepared your cherished koki meal with chicken.  It is still waiting in the fridge. You remember you had to clear your table at CITEC and review the graduation ceremony. What do I tell the CITEC staff and students?  I wish it were possible for you to call me on the phone and tell me what to do.
Daddy remember that for 43 years you have been there for me, calming me down when I panic over issues and supporting me in every situation.  How do I continue without you? Daddy you’ve left us with many unanswered questions.  What do I tell our close to a hundred years old mum you have left in our compound in Menji?  How will I continue without you?
Daddy, in spite of this deep excruciating pain inside me, I am happy that we are separating on a happy note.  After a good old age of 43 long years in marriage we never had a problem that required a third mediator.  I must attest that it was a blessing having you as my beloved partner, brother, friend and husband.
Daddy I am determined and I promise you that the bond of love that you established between our two families will be preserved.  Everything will be done in our capacity to uphold your legacy.  Daddy, rest in perfect peace.

Your wife, Stella"

This tribute was added by Ernest Nkiangu on 16th January 2016

Faith is a person adherence of the whole man to God who reveals himself. It involves as assent of the intellect and will to the revelation God has made through his deeds and words.
177’’To believe ‘has thus a twofold reference to the person, and the truth: to the truth in person who bears witness to it.
We must believe in no one but God: the father, the son and Holy Spirit.

For the peaceful repose of the soul of Ndi Nkemamin the Director of CITEC (Bsc.M.A Math, Ph.D) Univ. of Ottawa, Canada, prof University of Yaoundé 1. Former common wealth professor Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda fellow of the Cameroon Academy of sciences, who passed away on Sunday 21 December 2015.That the almighty Lord should receive him in his heavenly kingdom and bless the children and grandchildren that he left behind?
    Written by Abanda Ernest

         The pioneer badge of CITEC (Computer maintenance)
                               I.E.E TECH   U.S.A"

This tribute was added by Henry Ntitebem on 10th January 2016

"Daddy, your voice keeps ringing in my ears. Ever since you left us on December 21st, 2015, life has become meaningless. Your absence has created a vacuum in the family, Lebialem and Cameroon at large. You made a difference in the lives of many whom you never even knew as testified during your last visit to the US. We can only pray for the safe repose of your soul and a continuation of your most cherished legacy. We shall ever love you till death do us part as well.

Frank Pope, Ottawa, 23 December 2015"

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