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Letter from Ate Vilma

Shared by Trebor Mil on April 24, 2021
Letter from Ate Vilma
Shared by Jose Deniega on April 14, 2021
I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Ador despite being resigned to be numbed to this news about those in my age bracket.  Among my high school batch mates, Ador is the second this year. Three passed away last year, one confirmed to be due to

After getting over the bad news, all I could do was look back to our high school days and recall how I envied Ador for his passion for reading books.  I struggled to finish one book which we were required to report on at the end of the semester while Ador could finish about a dozen fiction books to pick from.  While most of us socialized or stay in the playgrounds in our spare time or in-between classes, Ador would be in the library reading books.  Our classmate, Crispin, who was our eventual class valedictorian, credited Ador, who himself ended up in the honor roll, for shaping him to become an avid reader of fiction books.  Ador was perceived to be a private person but from my standpoint, Ador simply had little interest in frivolous discourse.

The write-up in our high school yearbook further depicts Ador:

“A great fighter that exalts no smoke (a distinct Ilocano trait).  Really he is red-hot when fighting for his right “

Earth has one gentle soul less, Heaven gained one special angel more.

Shared by Mhaze Lim on April 14, 2021
I will always remember how welcoming you were towards me and my family and the help you extended when we lost my brother 3 years ago - which I will immensely be grateful for. Your heart and kindness were extraordinary. I loved listening to your endless stories about history, politics and your work adventures. You were so proud of your experiences and I cannot imagine a well-lived & blessed life like yours. Your son is a great example of your values, thank you for raising my husband so well. You will always be an inspiration to us.

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