Did I ever tell you..........

Shared by Zenora Collier on December 25, 2014

When we were very young, I was nine and you were my big sister. We were at Willow Grove Amusement Park. I wanted to ride a roller coaster thought to be dangerous for my height and size. The operator told me to leave as I was not able to meet proper size requirements for this ride. Provita you stepped up and announced that you were with me with absolute confidence. We were allowed to get on together. I was afraid but you secured all seatbelts, took off your own belt and secured me, then you put your arm around me and held on tight to the safety bar in front of us. I never told you Pro, but I have never felt safer or more secure in my entire life than I did at that very moment in time because I knew my sister Pro was the strongest and smartest person in the entire world. I love you Pro......You Are My Hero !

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