Her Life

Community Involvement

As she grew wiser, Patsy was driven by her philanthropic efforts to help her community. She was active in many organizations, including the most notable, West Iredell Lion’s Club, where she served as President. Patsy streamlined many events that were directed toward benefitting the visually impaired. She was the driving force behind the Iredell County Public Library’s Visually Enhanced Media Center, which provided resources and accessibility to the visually impaired of Iredell County and its surrounding areas.

Family Gatherings

There was nothing Patsy loved more than gathering with her family over the holidays. She always took cooking very seriously and would ensure everyone had enough to eat- even a few plates to take home! Patsy was known for her potato salad, ooey gooey cake, and butter mints. She was inspired by holiday cheer and often watched Christmas movies year round. 


Patsy influenced many lives. As she navigated the male-dominated business world, she broke many glass ceilings for women in her field. Patsy was known for her leadership and determination as she rose to mid-level manager positions within the purchasing industry. She led teams into many high profile deals and negotiations, highlighting her strength and dedication. Patsy never took no for an answer when setting out to achieve her goals.