Let the memory of professor Manoharan be with us forever.
  • Born on December 25, 1937 in Tirumangalam, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Passed away on March 6, 2019 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

Professor Periakaruppan T. Manoharan remains in our hearts forever as a noble man, great scientist and a unique personality.

Posted by Venkatesh Balan on 19th March 2019
A honest hard working professor who taught me how science can positively change my life. I was blessed to be one his student and learned the skills to make meaningful changes in peoples lives with scientific discoveries. I looked at him as my father and approached him whenever I needed guidance at tough times and shared my happiness when I was able to achieve success. He treated me as one of his family member and will miss his presence for the rest of my life.
Posted by Ramasamy Pandian on 19th March 2019
Professor P.T. Manoharan was a distinguished scientist, an inspiring professor and above all a truly impressive human being. He touched the lives of each and every person who worked with him. I had the great chance of being a Research Associate in his research group. I recall the excellent time, we were working together in RSIC, IIT-Madras and The Ohio State University, Columbus. He will remembered forever for his guidance in academic and personal life.
Posted by Somasundaram Ramasamy on 18th March 2019
Professor P.T. Manoharan will be missed forever. A great Scientist, a wonderful teacher, an able administrator, and a great human being - an excellent combination made him to be greatly admired by the Scientific community, by all his students and by his colleagues. It was November 22, 1993... I had my first chance to meet Prof PTM and talk to him. Ever since, I remember most of his words, during all my conversation with Professor PTM. The ever first Air travel I had in my life was with Professor PTM, while I attended a conference with him in Dijon, France. My days with Professor PTM at Dr. Rifkind’s lab in NIH, Baltimore are memorable ones. I have always felt I was very lucky that Professor PTM visited us few times and stayed with us, during our years in Baltimore. We (my family) had a chance to visit Professor PTM during our last trip to Chennai, in mid 2017. I greatly admire all his qualities, including his organized way of life, the well-disciplined diet and the good health he always maintained. Professor P.T.Manoharan will be missed forever.
Posted by Murugesan Velayutham on 15th March 2019
Prof. PTM was an exemplary human being, able teacher, dedicated scientist, and good administrator. He treated his colleagues, friends, RSICians, and students with the same respect even after became the vice chancellor of University of Madras. He was certainly a special person and I am a better person for having known him. Murugesan Velayutham
Posted by Sheila Peters on 10th March 2019
PTM‘s passing away shocked me beyond words. When I last met him 3 years ago, he seemed the same energetic, driven person and we talked about so many different things from personal exchanges to politics, so typical of him. He embodied values that made him an extraordinary leader – integrity, accountability, diligence…. A thorough gentleman, humane to the core, he helped shape the lives of so many students. Being his PhD student was the best thing that happened to me. If not for his encouragement and support, I would never have completed my PhD. He went out of his way to give me letters of recommendation, when he got to know that I was applying for some positions – I did not even have to ask him! I wonder how many professors will take time off their busy schedules to do that for their students? With his enormous capacity to inspire, he went on to have a strong influence on me even after I left the portals of IIT. In so many ways, I owe what I am today, to him. His death has left me grieving like the way I did for my own parents. I hope I speak for all his students when I say, that his life may have ended, but he will continue to live in our hearts forever. May his soul rest in peace!
Posted by Sethulakshmi Kartha on 8th March 2019
PT was friend philosopher guide for me starting from my Master's project to Ph. D thesis advisor and beyond. He was my mentor and a large part of my life for nearly 45 years - there was no disconnect there. His energy and enthusiasm as a scientist was so well matched by his personal understanding of each of his student's life situation and was always a well wisher and a positive role model all along. It was very fortunate I could visit him very recently - he will always be remembered with a lot of love and respect by all the student family I am sure.
Posted by Sornam Sankar on 7th March 2019
Professor PTM was a great scientist well known in his research area but he paid great attention to his students whenever they needed his advice including on personal issues. Since he himself was raised from a very humble background, he was able to emotionally connect with the problems of his students who came to IIT from diverse backgrounds and from remote parts of India. He seriously wanted Indian universities and research institutions to be tuned to the majority of Indian students but at the same time keeping up to the international standards. Personally he was a great mentor because he shaped my knowledge, thoughts and habits. There are many nice stories to tell about his influence on me and I will write them separately later.
Posted by Murali Cherukuri on 7th March 2019
I had the good fortune of being a student in his department. He was a solid spectroscopist with rigor and passion in his research. He was also a great teacher. He also took care f his Ph. D students as his own kids! He was a religious man and a good spectroscopist. One statement I remember from his class on spectroscopy: "God did a favour to organic chemists using NMR to identify their synthetic products. HE limited 13C at 1 % so that they did not have to decouple in 1H NMR spectroscopy"
Posted by Chandramouli Gadisetti on 7th March 2019
A shining star is resting in peace. I think of him as a legend. A famous scientist of the nation with international repute. There are so many niceties to think of Prof PTM in my decades of association with him. He was a friend, philosopher, guide, loving and caring individual besides being my mentor. He was my Guru not only academically but also personally.

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