Posted by Cassandra Jackson on June 25, 2022
My Nephew continues to live in my heart.
Posted by Deidre Graham on February 9, 2021
Quint was that cousin who was kind, generous, loving, humorous, conflicted, protector, worrisome and humble. And you could be all these things simultaneously. Thank you for being my cheerleader and having my back when I didn't know that I needed it.

Posted by Kimberly Williams on February 9, 2021
Quint has always been one of my favorite cousins. We grew up together as we were both born in the same year. Quint was a funny guy which is a necessity in our family. When he came around he always reminisced about the old days when Saturday morning cartoons and spending time with family was a natural occurrence. He always laughed with that one of a kind infectious laugh that let everyone know "Quint is Here" lets go hear, tell and laugh at the stories from yesteryear. I saw Quint often during his UPS runs and it was always a joy to see him because he was humble and genuine with his greetings and his smiles. He was always the same no matter what. Quint will definitely be missed by myself and my family.
Posted by Julia Rogers on February 6, 2021
Loss leaves a heartache no one can steal, Quinton brought joy, happiness and laughter to all that was lucky enough to have known him it only took one time and you would never forget that contagious smile.
  Your memory will always be treasured my prayer is that the road rise up to meet you when you get there. I know the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or ever touched, the time may fade and pass but the precious memories will always live on. Many people will come into our lives but only a few will leave something lasting..... Quinton I will always keep you tucked away in my heart. Rest peacefully until we meet again
Love Always ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Christa Holifield on February 6, 2021
While we cherish and remember our thoughts of growing up, laughing, and enjoying good times we must also remember Jehovah's promises. Jehovah promises us that we will see our loved ones in Paradise and this promise is true.
Let us continue to love and support this dear family as we continue to reflect on God's Word and His promises to help, heal, and restore us to perfection.
Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace!
Posted by Verlita Young on February 6, 2021
What I recalled about Quentin is that he was a funny,outgoing person that even if you were having a bad day he would know how to make you smile. The resurrection hope is a sure thing our Creator, Jehovah promised us and we look forward to seeing him there. Verlita
Posted by Cassandra Jackson on February 6, 2021
My nephew Quint and I are only 1 year apart so we grew up together. He was a kind, smart, funny, well-mannered and handsome boy. With all of those qualities he still managed to be down to earth and approachable. He could however have a bit of a temper but would be quick to make up and would not hold grudges. As he grew over the years, he continued to be loving and kind and became known as a giver. I always looked forward to seeing him because I knew that he would find a way to make me laugh or smile. Even at the end part of his life, during his illness he kept his head up and wanted to remain independent and protective of me. I will always remember him as a kind and loving person, because he was just a good dude! I carry the love of him in my heart. I wish my beloved Nephew, Quinton a peaceful journey ❤

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