Let the memory of Rachael be with us forever.
  • 81 years old
  • Born on February 3, 1938 in Ogbagi, Ondo, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 30, 2019 in Dover, Delaware, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Mother, Grandmother, Sister, and Aunt, Rachael Aina Adegbolagun Olowu 81 years old , born on February 3, 1938 and passed away on March 30, 2019. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Oluyemi Awodiya on May 12, 2019
Happy posthumous mother’s day Mommy. Sleep in till we meet again at Jesus feet.
Posted by Oluyemi Awodiya on May 5, 2019
To everything there is season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
Mama Olowu as we used to call you, you have fought the good fight of Faith and you have conquered and you have surrendered your sword, Halleluyah to the Lord.
Mama was a caring and loving mother to all of us in Agunloye Choir. A Lover of peace, a supportive and progressive person.
We are going to miss your ever smiling face, your dancing steps, your act of giving to God's work in the Choir.
Adieu Mama Olowu...
May your gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Good night MAMA OLOWU.
Posted by Oludare Olowu on April 23, 2019
Mummy Alagbaka,
Words are not enough to describe your personality and motherly care. I remember my boyhood days in Alagbaka where you always took extra measure and went the extra mile to ensure I ate good food when I refused cocoyam prepared for the family.
I also remember your smiles when I called myself LERESHIKA and you would correct me and say it is LERESTICA! And you would explain the difference. These are fond memories that shows your attention and your motherly love which I can not forget.
Thank you for the indelible mark you made in my life and that of my family. We love you and I know God loves you more. Rest in the bosom of our Lord mummy.
Posted by Oluyemi Awodiya on April 17, 2019
Mummy Mi,
This is still not real to me. We were supposed to go to the mall after church on Sunday, there is a plan for Dad's memorial in June, I can go on and on, but I am grateful to God for the life you lived and the glorious way you exited from here.
Heaven knew there is a need for a kind heart, welcoming spirit, loving soul and a caring woman. You taught me all I know to be a woman, you showed me the way of the Lord. I will not forget when I told you I have found another church where I believed the Lord led me, to be better fed in His words. You gently said to me "Christianity is an individual race". This race you ran with all your heart until the very last minute. It is so humbling to be there praising and worship God with you in your last 3 hours of life.
Mummy mi, I miss your jokes, your cooking recipes and your simple ways of expalining God to me and my siblings. You daily lived to show that there were only children and no house help in your home. I remember asking how you handled our teenage years and you simply said "God raised you, I just prayed"
You brought in the wounded, hungry, lost and the stray. You fed, clothed and housed all, as you gently led them to Christ. Every one who lived with you must and always had an encounter with God in our home.
I have lost a praying mother but I know I have not lost the prayers you said.
Just as you requested in your last hour, I promise to keep my words and make you proud.
Adieu Mummy mi, Mama Bunmi, till we meet at Jesus feet.
Posted by Daniel Awodiya on April 17, 2019
A Tribute to Mrs. Aina Rachael Olowu
Many speak of love as if it were a thing, a phenomenon that comes and goes, but for my mother-in-law (experientially a misnomer), Madam Aina Rachael Olowu, it was her essence. To you, mama, love was not only a sacred emotion to always imbue; it was an act that you personified every day of the several years that I have been privileged to have known you. Your love for humanity was second to none and such love for all of us, your children, was unconditional. And you had several children (biological and spiritual), for whom you have changed the definition of love. Certainly, it is no longer an emotion, but truly a performance.
To have known you was to have come to experience uncompromising love through your speech and deeds. There is a parallel to this in the holy book that asserts that “Faith without works is dead” and for you, mama, love without its every day, dutiful enactment is vacuous.
Mommy, as you were fondly called, it was a great honor and privilege to have known you and to have experienced the love you shared with me, my wife, her siblings, and all of our children—your grandchildren. Yours was an exemplary life that many would pray to have because it was full of the pleasant atmosphere that you always created; and that ambiance of assuredness was ever present wherever you went. This legacy of agape love I have promised myself to always demonstrate, so it may be passed onto my children and grandchildren, and so it may be shared with generations to come.
That you were a born-again Christian truly is a comfort unto us your children because we are assured of your destination at the bosom of the Lord. We are comforted by the fact that you were conscious of that heavenly destination by your proclamation and affirmation of the material environment you were in while we thought you were still with us, but in fact, you had actually transitioned to paradise.
You described where you were in earthen language and you awed at the beauty and magnificence of the “hotel” that you were in, while waiting to be united with your husband, who departed this world under a year ago!
Mama Rachael, your description of heaven just a few hours before you departed this world attests to the validity of the song lyrics that, “you have met each other at the feet of Jesus, where you will never ever be separated again, but where you’ll forever behold each other and rejoice in the presence of Jesus Christ, the officiating minister!”
Unto this world you were a rare gem, whose beauty radiated unfathomable splendor and whose legacy we claim with utmost adoration. Thank you mama for the gem you bequeathed unto me—your first child, the love of my life, and my dear wife, Oluyemi.
You left us with love to traverse this earthly realm, and with hope of a better future here and beyond.
Adieu mama. We shall miss you dearly until we meet again.
Rest in peace.
Posted by Sola Ojo on April 16, 2019
Mummy , your demise came as a day dream, but i am convinced that the Lord whom you served and trusted will grant you eternal rest with HIM
WHO ARE WE TO QUERY GOD,Mummy your exit from this sinful world is what I could describe as A GLORIOUS EXIT INDEED
I learnt a lot from you, the way you valued prayer, humility, love ,spirit of giving,to mentioned a few
i thank God for knowing you, and having the opportunity to share in the training you gave to all the children God put in your care
may your gentle soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the Mercy of God rest in peace . Amen
My gist partner ,my mother,abiyamo tooto, o daaro,Adieu.
Posted by Oluyemi Awodiya on April 16, 2019
Mummy Rachael OLOWU was a lover of fellow mankind, she was a humble and honest believer and never a deceiver, a wife of noble character and devoted helper to her late husband Pa OLOWU. A woman who fears the Lord, the dedicated and passionate mother of many children both biological and adopted.
My family shall miss her greatly. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Baba Omoba Nigeria
Posted by Oluyemi Awodiya on April 16, 2019
From Mr. David Adeleye Adeyanju
It was very shocking when the news was broken to me a week ago about the demise of my sister, Mrs. Rachael Aina Olowu. NO doubt she fought a long battle with the poor state of health until the time that our creator blew the final whistle that ushered her into the right hand of God. It is a well known fact that the children, who are my very committed Aburos, did not shirk in their responsibility of taking adequate care of Mummy.
Mummy Olowu, who I used to call "Anti mi" is someone I can without mincing words refer to as a bridge builder during her life time. I recall during the early 1960s, when she was a primary school teacher in Igbesa area of Old wester region (Now Ogun State), my sister was regularly visiting my parents in Agege (Lagos state), when we were residing there to see our welfare. Her regular visits consolidated our relationship and the Adegbite family's bond oneness.
Her interaction with us was a shinning example of how to close any gap. Another aspect was that during her lifetime, whenever I addressed her as Anti mi, her immediate response would be "Ba - mi" (meaning Baba mi) with a very gentle laugh.
Certainly I would personally miss mummy so much. My joys that she lived a model life and died a peaceful death.
May Almighty God granter departed soul eternal rest. Adieu Mummy, Adieu Anti mi, Adieu my lovely sister. O dig Dajudaju a o page ni see Jesu nibs ti ko ni is ipinya mo. - O d'owuro.
Posted by Wole Olowu on April 15, 2019
Mom, still yet to sink in for me!
Thank you so very much for how you raised me, raised us. You showed us the way of the Lord and did everything to make sure we remain in the straight and narrow path. Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Lord and savior. You will be forever missed. Adieu!

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