Posted by Wendy Bishop on January 31, 2019
Dear Rachel - Chelly (family)
I am so sad to receive this news of your Mum. You are doing an incredible beautiful justice to your beautiful Mum.
I loved sharing moments with your Mum over her journey since I met an unforgettable lady. She lives on through you I have the priviledge of knowing.
Thank you so much for the email of information. You have planned with amazing grace and perfection and I am very grateful you think of me and us all to forward these details.
I have forward this to Julie. I believe she will be in attendance. I hope you dont mind i shared the link with Joys sister in QLD who also shared some nice times with your Mum particularly at the Classic with your Mum and her little dog. Helen asks often after Rachel. Has been following your news and shared photos over the time.
Much much love thoughts and prayers to you and your families in these quiet moments before your Mums resting.
Lots of Love and sending on behalf of myself and Mum Joy Spargo, Rachels very missed. We loved your Mum.
Wendy Bishop.

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