His Life

Childhood days Spent with the Rana Family( please view Esha Gharia’s slide show /video shared here)

Dear Esha,  thank you so much for the beautiful video showing a lot of the whole extended family.  It was so nice to see the black and white photo of Mohankaka and Dariyamasi, because this is the time thatI used to play around their house and garden.  Ashok, Raju and I were born in the same year.  We lived around the corner, opposite the park.  Such a joyous childhood because it was spent with this beautiful, kind, giving family.  It’s nice to see Ashok and Raju in matching outfits.
It has also been nice to see others from the extended family whom I frequently encountered as a child, visiting the Rana household including Jyoiti, her sweet brother and mother as well as seeing Kishorebhai and the other brothers, God bless all with a long happy life.
You also had a photo of beautiful Dilharben who has also passed.  She must have come with Mum and Dad to call Raj to Heaven.
So thank you so very much Esha, memories are precious, treasured, a way to be close to those who may be far from us but the photos, videos clear cobwebs and initiate days gone by.
Also great song choice, the lyrics were so beautiful and perfect for how we feel, losing Raj.
God bless you and all the immediate and extended Rana parivar whom has always been such a loving, caring, kind, generous, welcoming, happy family and who have enriched and touched our lives and continue to do so through the younger generation.
Many, many thanks Esha and please continue to add to the page.
From Prabha