Posted by Rahul Bhatnagar on June 3, 2022
You are always in my thoughts, Dear Friend. Too many shared memories! Every time I walk the long Par 4 No 12 at Noida, I am not just reminded of that monster 3 iron shot that you hit to the green, but that look of delight on your face. Indelible! I’ll always remember you with that smile on your face. Stay Happy, Brother
Posted by Chandiramani Chandrasekar on May 9, 2022
To my Bajaj cum hostel mate whom I will miss forever for his kindness,Royalalty,Humor & good food. Sad couldn't make it with him to his Mango Farm at UP due to personal reasons. May you be Happy wherever your are my firend & my sincere prayers for the well being of his family members. Om shanti.
Posted by Amit Govil on May 5, 2022
To my friend Rakesh -a tribute!

He loved life..
I used to call him royalty...
And Royal he was..
He used to like his food, good restaurants, a nice play or breakfast at the golf club.
We even caught him sneaking fruit yogurt behind the fridge.
He could cook a fancy meal
And have us over for a sit down dinner..
With Hawaiian salad served in a pineapple boat!
Classy Rakesh Could ask us out for an Italian play....
Which to our surprise turned out to be in Italian!!!

Rakesh was a kind gentle and a just soul
But he took his being fair very seriously
It would get him upset if he felt that something was not right.,
It could be the food that he had ordered
Or the service that was not upto the mark
Or just the friend who was not correct.

He loved his travels and his friends - they indulged him..

We went for many a holiday..
With the kids.. Rakesh really loved the holidays we did together.. he was competitive but a master of fair play...
You could not cheat... and we had many a Govil v Seth duels..

He loved the kids
Was proud of their every success
Would always call to tell about Madhav or Sid...when they would have had an admission to University or when they got their jobs..
He would always reminisce about P and U ( Pranay and Uday- my sons) even in his slightly abstract messages of late..

Rakesh was a beautiful mind..
He was supremely intelligent, gifted
Was very good with numbers
And played the markets well.... always encouraging me to invest there.... always disapproving of my conservative investment strategy!
He was a professional, an entrepreneur
And a pioneer in the business of export of IT services

But of late..
He loved life
His friends
And family
He would drop in whenever he felt like
He would always get presents (dark chocolates for Ruchika... Lucknowvi kurtas, olives ...
And mangoes from his beloved Kotra..
We miss him dearly!!
Adieu my friend..

I had written this last year…
Posted by Siddharth Seth on July 2, 2021
Dear Pop,

I've spent the last few days going through hundreds and hundreds of pictures of you, but somehow, the one that got to me the most was probably one of the most beautifully mundane. It was a video Prem Uncle took of you listening to a song from Kal Ho Na Ho, walking in the streets of Singapore. You weren't saying anything, but you looked so happy and at peace just to be spending time with someone you loved with a big smile on your face. Moments like that one are the ones that are most vivid in my mind right now. The song playing in the background changes, whether it’s from Kal Ho Na Ho, or from Abba or the Beatles or your favourite Cliff Richard. But what I will remember the most and will always be most grateful for is the amount of love you had in your heart not just for us, but for all the special people in your life.

There are three words that we never really used to say to each other for probably the first 18 or 19 years of my life. Not because we didn't feel it - of course we did. But just because it was something we didn't feel that it need to be said. But then about 5 or 6 years ago, you asked me a simple question, "Why not? We should start." And so we did. And every conversation we had ended with, "I love you." And so I take a lot of comfort in knowing those were the last three words I said to you and you to me. And you showed how much you loved us every single day in every conversation, from bellowing Pidati the chota baba every time you entered the house, to your bear hugs where you would squeeze so hard it almost hurt, to the countless cheek pulls that have undoubtedly stretched out my cheeks for life, to all the chicken patties from Wengers, Gatorades and chocolates in the fridge, all the Whatsapp messages where you’d tell me the number of hugs and cheek pulls you were owed, and every time you’d ask me, “Sid, do you know how much I love you?” spread your arms out as wide as you could and say, “Thiiiis much.” You taught me the importance of telling and showing the ones you love how you feel, even if they already know it. And of course, as some on this Zoom might have experienced, scolding them if they don’t give it back.

I wish I could have been there to take care of you these past few years, and supported MB while he supported you through the challenges life threw at you. I’ll always be so grateful to him and I was so excited to move to London because it meant I could be closer to you, I could visit you more and you could visit me, I’d be able to spend more time with you, and be there for you in a way that I wasn’t able to when I was in Chicago. I’m sad that I won’t get the chance to take care of you as well as you did of me all these years.

You once messaged me on a day you said you were missing Dada. You told me he was your best teacher like you hoped to be to me. And you taught me so much. About love, life, friendship and sometimes, even marketing. How to always be positive, live life to the fullest, keep the spirit of adventure alive, and be the best damn negotiator at Monopoly the world has ever seen.

I’m really going to miss you, Pop. I keep hearing the distinct sound of your footsteps when you walked through the door at 481, and can see you fast asleep on your favourite recliner at World Spa. I can imagine you yelling “Sid Seth! Wake up” and bursting into a huge smile because you thought it was the best joke in the world.

You’d often tell me, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” I promise to never stop searching for those moments and to make you proud. You also once said that the love between a father and his sons is a thing of beauty. Its loveliness always increases and it will never pass into nothingness. I continue to feel that love growing inside me and promise to never let it stop. I love you, Pop.
Posted by Meena Khandelwal on June 4, 2021
We regret missing the live zoom session, as we didn’t realize it was an event until after. Watching the recording afterwards, we were moved by the outpouring of love from everyone who knew Rakesh. We remember him as jolly, with a big laugh and even bigger heart. Image of him playing Santa Clause around a Christmas tree in a New Delhi winter is seared into Meena’s brain. Totally fitting. His deep love for his sons was evident to all. Learned something new in the zoom event: Raucus! That too is fitting expression of his joy for life! Sid mentioned this quote: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away. Attributed to poet Maya Angelou, though that seems to be contested! The day after we all watched the zoom event, we found ourselves in a Maine rental house for Jaya’s graduation.... lo and behold, there was a decorative glass bottle with the same quote written on a piece of paper! A message to us from Rakesh no doubt! We will miss him. Love to all those Rakesh left behind. Nita, Meena, Peter, Uma and Jaya

Posted by Rajdeep Mishra on June 3, 2021
My beloved boss, it's your birthday and I as usual would wish you. But today you are not with us but in a space which is much better than you where. Your Mr Deep wishes you a happy birthday and wherever you are bless of all us and helps enlight to the path of righteousness. Happy Birthday boss ! Mr Deep would always remember you !!
Posted by Anjuli Bhargava on May 11, 2021
Rakesh Seth : 1958-2021
A tribute

My first clear memory of Rakesh is of Jilling estate in Kumaon when our son Kavi was around one year old and had just started taking his first steps. I remember Rakesh - looking gigantic next to a miniscule Kavi - as he tried to protect the bare footed kid from stepping onto leeches, that surrounded us at the property and forced us to eventually cut short our stay in the wilderness.

Subsequently, I recall many trips with Rakesh and others to Mussoorie and some to Goa, where we all had the benefit of his wisdom, wit and calm if quiet and dignified presence. Rakesh was of superior maturity, intelligence, warmth and bandwidth, always able to see things from varied perspectives and lenses. He may or may not have been a maharaja in actual fact but his bearing, demeanor and behavior was nothing less than royal.

When he moved to Gurgaon World Spa, he came over sometimes to our place in Ivy and I remember him taking the trouble more than once to send delicious mangoes for us from his orchards in Lucknow. We too attended a couple of really well put together and fun dinners at his World Spa flat - both in larger groups and twice just the three of us. I remember how he’d hung our 50th birthday tribute to him proudly on the wall in the living room and he often mentioned how much he appreciated it.

Last few years since we moved out of NCR in 2016, our meetings had been rare but we were in contact frequently enough, chatting every few months. He had made plans to come to stay with us in Dehradun with Madhav, a plan that unfortunately did not fructify. We did chat often enough with him telling us about his son’s marriage in London - a trip he recounted with great joy - and him managing to effectively put me off travelling to Russia after describing the people there although he enjoyed his trip to the country. He always spoke with pride of Madhav and Siddi and his love for them both was always palpable.

Our last Whatsapp chat was in January this year where he read and responded to some articles I sent him - always intelligent responses - a cut above most others - and said that he hoped we would meet soon, as soon as the pandemic was over. The meeting was not to be and it is with grief and love that Sandy and I bid farewell for now to the stately maharaja from Lucknow. Till we meet again.

Sandeep and Anjuli,
Dehradun, India


Posted by Siddharth Seth on May 10, 2021
From Vipul Prakash, his brother:

Rakesh was our second cousin but second to none when it came to family.
Apart from his warmth, affection, generosity and the great time we had with him as our childhood hero, there are some enduring qualities about Rakesh that even as an adult I will forever remember and admire. In fact these are qualities I would and I am sure all of us respect and would like to see in our children.

Rakesh, as all of us know, was born a little prince, with a silver spoon in his mouth and probably never needed to work a day in his life to earn a living. However, he was driven by a search for excellence and had a fierce sense of independence and purpose. He never wanted any free ridership! He pursued his academics, sports, self development, a corporate career and then entrepreneurship as though his life depended on it. I remember when he was preparing for his ISC exam in Lucknow. He was determined to get into to St Stephens. He had a daily 8-10 hour study schedule that could not be interrupted by anybody except club sandwiches and mango milk shakes.

He was authentic, honest and trustworthy in all his relationships and put in the effort to be there for you. In all my trips to Delhi, we would try to have a family get together. He was one member of the family you could always count on being there, and then inviting you for golf or a meal to the Golf Club or the Habitat Center. He also made sure when possible to bring his sons and even daughter in law if they were in town and available. This command and control over his children I also need to learn though I think he got it from his dad!

Like all of us, Rakesh had his highs and lows in life. He never gloated about his achievements and I never heard him complain about any situation or criticize anybody. He took it on the chin and like he did again a few days back he moved on. and this time I am sure to an even happier place.
Posted by Siddharth Seth on May 10, 2021
From Amit Govil:

To my friend Rakesh -a tribute!

He loved life..
I used to call him royalty...
And Royal he was..
He used to like his food, good restaurants, a nice play or breakfast at the golf club.
We even caught him sneaking fruit yogurt behind the fridge.
He could cook a fancy meal
And have us over for a sit down dinner..
With Hawaiian salad served in a pineapple boat!
Classy Rakesh Could ask us out for an Italian play....
Which to our surprise turned out to be in Italian!!!

Rakesh was a kind gentle and a just soul
But he took his being fair very seriously
It would get him upset if he felt that something was not right.,
It could be the food that he had ordered
Or the service that was not upto the mark
Or just the friend who was not correct.

He loved his travels and his friends - they indulged him..

We went for many a holiday..
With the kids.. Rakesh really loved the holidays we did together.. he was competitive but a master of fair play...
You could not cheat... and we had many a Govil v Seth duels..

He loved the kids
Was proud of their every success
Would always call to tell about Madhav or Sid...when they would have had an admission to University or when they got their jobs..
He would always reminisce about P and U ( Pranay and Uday- my sons) even in his slightly abstract messages of late..

Rakesh was a beautiful mind..
He was supremely intelligent, gifted
Was very good with numbers
And played the markets well.... always encouraging me to invest there.... always disapproving of my conservative investment strategy!
He was a professional, an entrepreneur
And a pioneer in the business of export of IT services

But of late..
He loved life
His friends
And family
He would drop in whenever he felt like
He would always get presents (dark chocolates for Ruchika... Lucknowvi kurtas, olives ...
And mangoes from his beloved Kotra..
We miss him dearly!!
Adieu my friend..
Posted by Siddharth Seth on May 10, 2021
From Dalip Puri (Nete):

I met Rakesh, lovingly called Rockus at Bajaj in 1978 and as we were both from Delhi University decided to be roommates at JS Hall, B Road. Sanjay Joshi was the 3rd roommate in room 30. We remained roommates for the 2 years at Bajaj.

Rockus and Jo were my main campaigner managers for the Student President election at Bajaj. He was the one who started calling me “Nete”.

One of my fondest memory while at Bajaj was both of us regularly going to the Bombay Gym. A swim, a good meal and a Gin and Tonic made the day for Rockus.

I was an early sleeper and riser and Rockus would start typing his project report late at night which would cause animated arguments and to diffuse the situation Jo had to usually step in.

Rockus was a brilliant student and had a very clear mind.

Rockus once agreed to copy type my major project report rather than my using a typing service. He was supposed to copy type the script but to my surprise I realised that as he was not happy with the contents he change the script and conclusions. I was annoyed with Rockus but he nonchalantly said that I would now get a better grade which was probably the case.
Every time I went to Delhi Rockus would insist that I stay with him at Worldspa. Which I did. Given his love for food we went for dinner most evenings to the best restaurants. He knew them all and also what was special on the menus. There was no restaurant at Cybercity we did not eat at.

Rockus loved to travel and he regularly made trips to the UK in the last few years. He would stay with me but spent a lot of time with Prashant and Sana. During one trip Madhav and Siddharth accompanied him and I could see the close bond between all of them.

When I think of my friend Rockus the following immediately come to mind, a nawab, a very loyal and dependable friend and a true gentleman.

One person who needs special mention is Bhogendra who dedicated himself to Rockus. We all owe a big thank you to you Bhogendra.

I have lost one of my closest friend but I have great memories of the time spent together, which I will always cherish. Rockus you left us too soon. Your legacy however lives on in Prashant, Madhav and Siddharth. God bless them always.
Posted by Asgar Latif on May 9, 2021
Rakesh’s Memorial 08 May 2021 (slightly shortened for the zoom call).

Good evening everyone, my name is Asgar Latif. Like all of you I have had the great honor of having Rakesh as a close friend. We met in 1975 as freshers at St Stephens, three years later we were together at the Bajaj Institute and in 1980 we also started our first jobs together at Nestle. It was suggested that I speak about our time at St Stephens, but I got to know Rakesh really well when we were together at Bajaj and in the years that followed. As the canvas I have to cover is pretty vast, Ranjan, please forgive me if I exceed the allotted three minutes if only by a tince!

I speak today on behalf of so many of us who were in school, college, at Bajaj and even those who met Rakesh later in life. Rakesh touched all of us with his warmth, his laughter, his sharp mind, his amazing memory, his generosity and for always being an incredibly good friend. If there was one expression that would best describe what he personified it would be “Joie de vivre”, the joy of living, the joy of good food, the joy of laughter and most certainly the joy of having good friends.

Rakesh came to St Stephens brimming with confidence. He had an easy manner about him but was certainly no push over. He excelled academically, played badminton, bridge and was on the Chess team. Rakesh was also known in college residence for having a nice large hamper carefully hidden under his bed full of wonderful homemade jams and bottles of fruit squash. Being Rakesh’s friend certainly had its benefits! Thank you, Malti Aunty, for so many who enjoyed your wonderful treats during those years!

I recall Rakesh narrating with a completely straight face how he felt that it was a grave injustice that the athletics team at St Stephens were given the much sought-after college track suits whereas the chess team was not. After all he said the chess team needed to warm up as well!

Nick names have a strange way of developing. At St. Stephens, in keeping with his personality Rakesh was called Raucous. At Bajaj he evolved into Rocky or just plain Rock…to a few even Rakshas! Without any offence ever intended, we often asked about our father’s first names. I had an ancestral “Ali” which once revealed, Rakesh, despite my protesting decided to only call me “Ali”. In Rakesh’s case, well his full name was Rakeshwar, and his father’s name was Hareshwar and just to pull his leg another dear friend Shreeky and I were convinced there must have been an ancestor named Mahabaleshwar and possibly even a “Walkeshwar”. So Rakeshwar was rechristened Walkeshwar – or just “Wolly” to a few of us. In fact, I think my last message to him, not ten days ago, started with “Wolly, my old friend “!

The Bajaj hostel in South Mumbai gave us easy access to some great restaurants. Rakesh definitely preferred Western food. Anything to drink had to be really chilled or as he would say “Barraf ke samman”. He was loud, laughed a lot, was full of mischief and he walked into any establishment like he owned the place. The joke amongst the rest of us was that given his aristocratic family and the trappings of feudal Sitapur, Kotra house etc., Rakesh had an imaginary character called “Ramu Kaka” available at his beck and call to double up as a “pankah vaala” and also “massage” him whenever he wished. 
Early on at Bajaj Rakesh demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen by making a plan for a fruit processing facility. But soon that skill was brought in a little closer to us all. A little context - for all the younger folks in this group, 1978 was by comparison the dark ages. No computers, no internet, no cell phones – it was a time when pen and paper was all you had. At Bajaj however we had this impossible requirement to submit all our term papers “typed”. Our term papers were only ever completed just hours before the deadline and amongst our group Rakesh was the only one who had a typewriter. So the day before deadlines his Remington typewriter was pulled out, Rakesh contracted typing with a few desperate souls, but buyer beware if he didn’t like your conclusions he would change them as he typed. Bugsy, my roommate, who was one such victim, put up the sign on the door to Rakesh’s room that read “Typing services undertaken here – friends and relatives are not recognized “. Needless to say this was all jokes and innocent fun.

Just after our graduation we took a wonderful trip to Chennai, where we stayed with Charlie. ATK arranged an amazing Cattermaran trip out to sea for us. It was a nice group, Goofer, Randy, Shreeky, Charlie, Saurav, Raucus and me… We lost our money at the races in Ooty and had to hitch hike our way to Mysore. Arrived unannounced at Druckers home and then on to Bangalore for Sax’s wedding. Raucous would sing as we trekked in the hills, often teasing and taunting several of us, but he is the only one I know who could sleep while he was standing in a state transport bus.

Rakesh and I joined Nestle in 1980. He drove this older model fiat from Lucknow and arrived with literally a car full of things – just enough space for him to sit in the driver’s seat. I wish I’d found the photograph, it was a real keeper. I reminded him of that car in a conversation about a month ago and he immediately rattled off the car license plate number. He stayed with us at my parents home in Delhi until he found his own place. My parents were completely charmed by Rakesh and in later years would often ask about him.

Rakesh had a lot of respect for his parents. I know he missed his late father dearly. At the first Diwali after he passed Rakesh called my wife Fozia to ask that we light a Phuljari for Uncle. Sadly this year we have another phuljari to light!

As Ossi, Texan and a few other were saying the other day, Rakesh was so loved by so many of us that he is probably the only person we all know who could call us repeatedly at 3 oclock in the morning, tell us the same jokes, laugh loudly at them and we would still happily take his call at the same time the following week! He was so blessed in so many ways and yet he had to deal with so many difficulties in his personal life. And each time he faced a setback, he was like that little boy who stumbled then pushed himself to get up, dusted off his pants and ran forward with as best a smile as he could manage! 

Thank you Malti Aunty, Kirti, Prashant, Madhav, Sid and Piyusha for sharing Rakesh with us. We may no longer be able to give old Wolly a hug in person but there is something special that he left with each one of us, that makes us all just a little better than we were. Farewell dear friend, you shall be missed.
Posted by Rajiv and Savi Kapoor on May 10, 2021
Firstly, apologies to the family that we were unable to attend yesterday's zoom call...we had our own covid related preoccupations to deal with.....

However we gathered separately at Prem and Madhuli Kumar's home (Prem was Rakesh's ex-boss, and his lifetime mentor and guide), and along with Pradeep and Pinky Pant, we had our own Singapore Nestle alumni, to reminisce about Rakesh, and to raise a farewell toast in his honour, and to pay homage to him....

Rakesh and I met at Nestle in late 1980, and along with his Bajaj buddy and Nestle batch mate Asgar, we became close friends.

....Heralding Rakesh's arrival was his signature hearty chuckle - that would reverberate around the office as he would amble across to chat - with a "hey jambooray" cheery greeting (though to this day, I honestly don't know how that one-on-one moniker came about - or even what it meant!??).

In return, Asgar and I called him "Hefter", something he lived down soon enough (ask Asgar if curious!...if Rakesh is looking down on us, he will surely give his big knowing chuckle!). 

Rakesh and I had a special fondness for ice creams, and would often wander across from our M-5A Connaught Place office to Nirulas, to gorge on individual half litre tubs for lunch (oof, shudder, shudder!)!!!

After his Cal branch sales stint, Rakesh became our neighbour in GK2, and along with dear friends Asha and Anil Dixit, and Nestle colleagues and friends Praveen and Mayuri Somaiya, plus Suri and Kalyani, we had a wonderful social group. By now, Rakesh was a big shot investor in the stock market (we had a common broker, Kantibhai, whose major clients were Rakesh and Praveen, both trading whales, compared to the us minnows, with yours truly his broker's proverbial sucker punch...!). Rakesh was an astute and bold investor, the hallmark of an exceedingly sharp mind..!

Savi and I moved overseas, but Rakesh and I would meet on home-leave holidays to play the occasion round of golf and re-live out friendship over drinks and dinner...our common bond by then were Smita and Rahul Bhatnagar, as both lived in the lovely Sector 15A Noida...

Despite his creeping ill health, Rakesh never lost his hearty chuckle, and his memory was even sharper than ever. He had a unique way with words...a truly beautiful mind....

We had the last joyous time together at Prashant's wedding in Phuket..and were privileged to meet Aunty and Piyusha......Rakesh was a wonderful and caring host, and was justifiably so proud of his three boys...

An era gone by....

We will miss your pure and loving heart, your brilliant mind, dear friend...but we will re-live your memories, and your scintillating presence, when we meet with common leave an indelible and deep painful void, but an exceedingly rich legacy....

Take care, dear friend...and rest in peace... 
Posted by Ashwini Malhotra on May 9, 2021
Raucus was one of my closest buddies while we were in Bajaj together. We would sing the Cat Stevens song -“Father & Son” in adjoining loos in the hostel while having a shower. He was normally the “Father” in the song. He was a delightful guy with that constant humorous twinkle in his eyes. We will miss you Rocks. May your lovely soul rest in everlasting peace my friend. Om Shanti Om Shanti
Posted by Jayashree Rai on May 9, 2021
Dear Rakesh, you were a truly remarkable human being, warm, ever smiling with a mischievous laughter in your eyes, a thorough gentleman . I am sorry we did not meet as we should have these past couple of years. You will be missed a lot . You were the only guy who called me Jaya and then Shree separately like they were 2 names and no matter how many times I told you, you just smiled and continued to do just that.
We have wonderful memories from our travels to Binsar and Rishikesh which we will always treasure.
You went away too soon my friend . RIP.
Posted by anita chester on May 9, 2021
I first met Raukus over four decades ago as we all stepped into the world of Bajaj. A weirdly difficult start to a mostly combative relationship with many public spats over who was a bigger authority on Milton and Keynes, my initial impression was of a hard nosed, brash, stuck up and privileged individual. I realised over the years that I could not have been more wrong. Under the tough veneer was a very soft, sensitive and caring human being. My only regret today is not having spent enough time with him during what must have been a really difficult phase in his life. Even with all his struggles always ready for 'gaddar'. Will miss you Raukus!
Posted by Rajeev Tandon on May 9, 2021
Rakesh -(Rocky in Bajaj )
Like most of my batch mates at Bajaj I ve been friends with Rocky for some 40 years and have been in close touch with him from his days in Calcutta , in Delhi , when he and kirti were in srilankai , started finedge , and later when we were overseas & he visited us with Sid and Madhav in both Bangkok and Moscow. He was extremely bright and hardworking and gained much success in corporate life , wanted more but settled to be a successful entrepreneur and later closed that down after his illness. I have no doubt he would have scaled heights we couldn’t even dream of but for it.

Rocky was admirable . How he changed over the years , from a somewhat brash young man - to a very sensitive and warm friend and our best times were with him and Kirti Madhav and sidhi during holi and so many other parties at his

Inspite of his illness he continued to engage himself with people and his pursuits - bridge , chess etc at which he was exceptional...but even more so he never once seriously complained about his condition ....

He also never took offense when we joked about him ... silently smiling. There was this one about him and Dalip going to a rocking New Year’s Eve party in Singapore ( before he was married) , both in tuxedos with coattails . As the night wore on and they party hopped suddenly rocky found he was alone - Dalip had decamped with someone fair . So he came back to Dalip’s building - no Dalip , tried the door - locked . Finally in coattails all decked up he had to spend the night in the parking lot . He just smiled every time this was recounted.

In Bangkok he was determined to dine at Tanmak Thai restaurant where the waiters were on wheels . I told him there wasn’t one but he insisted . Then we went in a wild goose chase for over an hour and a half in Bangkok traffic trying to find this restaurant - Madhav and siddhi will remember . Tired we finally landed at another place .That became another conversation price between us.

Also there was this image of him that shrieki mulye a batch mate of ours who sadly has also passed away conjured that was always a big hit . It was Rocky reigning over his estate reclining with a gin and lime . He loved that and laughed away.

Since we returned to Gurgaon and settled at world spa we met for a regular coffee or lunch at home .

Our banter when we met used to start with him first asking why naveli or ( navel as he used to call her ) didn’t come if she wasn’t there . He was especially attached to her and then his regular professor Condi of the London business school and I would retort back prof Seth of Harvard . Then we’d talk mostly about days gone by.

He was over for lunch early April which he enjoyed but he was having an episode and left a bit abruptly . I wish we’d had more time that day and many more .

Rocky we will miss you dearly ... you made our life so much more fun , you will always live in our hearts , good bye for now my friend .

Condy and Naveli

Posted by Charan Sarao on May 8, 2021
Just attended the most wonderful tribute and memorial for Rock. I first met and got to know Rock when he joined Nestle - have very wonderful memories of our time together in Nestle. He was a larger-than-life personality with an infectious laugh and was always a great friend. He was always full of ideas, going for it, and in it to win it !!A great friend to have - I remember I needed his help a few years ago for a family emergency- and true to form he was there to help within the hour. That’s the Rock I know and cherish. The golf stories from Noida brought back wonderful memories of many fun times on the course. I was happy to catch up with him over a New Year Eve at DGC a few years ago. Rest in peace my friend. I know you will Rock wherever you are - and hey - the music never dies!! Kirti and the family - you are in our thoughts as we remember him fondly. Stay strong , stay well. We hope to see you in Delhi next time we are there - and maybe share a Baileys ! Charan and Seema
Posted by Amitava Chatterjee on May 8, 2021
While I had known Rakesh , popularly Ruckus since my Bajaj days , we grew particularly friendly in the early nineties in Delhi. We used to meet Kirti & Rakesh as families and fondly remember the Holi Parties with Dhruv our son playing with Sid & Madhav . Ruckus was a very sincere , intelligent and caring friend .We had worked together on a project years ago .. and so many years later he would always remember the good times. He was warm , hospitable and large hearted ;we stayed with him in World Spa in Delhi a few times when visiting from Singapore.Adieu my friend - I know he is watching us all from above with a glint in his eyes. Om Shanti
Posted by Saamir Askari on May 8, 2021
One of the few memories I have of Rakesh Uncle is of Madhav’s birthday, perhaps more than a decade ago.
Just as Madhav was about to cut into his birthday cake, Rakesh Uncle brought out halwa in a pie dish and asked him to cut a slice out of that first, as ‘birthday halwa’ was apparently a Seth family tradition.
While we did not get to interact a lot during his time in this life, Rakesh Uncle felt familiar in that fleeting moment. His ‘birthday halwa’ reminded me of my father, who over the years has made me taste innumerable varieties of halwa under the garb of tradition. Perhaps all UP dads are the same to an extent.
Posted by sanjay joshi on May 8, 2021
If the picture is too small, the words are even lesser to recall an association of 42 years.
Raucus and I were fellow collegians, then room mates at Bajaj for 2 years, and then when his father attended my wedding , we discovered that our families had known each other for 3-4 generations.
Our days at Room 33 at the J.S. Hostel at Bajaj bring back vivid memories of a vibrant Raucus in his white kurta pajama or towel, knocking away at his old typewriter , to the tunes of Paul Anka and Billy Joel. For this he had affably earned the nickname of "tip-tip" from his room mates. He was a foodie to the core, and his little tuck hamper always lay under his bed, which he ferociously guarded from predators . For some reason Nestle Condensed Milk and Kisan's Fruit Salad occupied the pride of place in that box ! His call of "Arre Arre !" resounded through the hostel !
He had a passion for the stock market, bridge, cricket, and his daily newspaper. Even if you happened to wake up at 6 AM, he had already managed to lay his hands on the newspaper for the day.
He had a penchant for Conti food. Gaylord, Sundance Cafe, and Wayside Inn were his favourite haunts a la the Chicken Strogonoff and Fried Fish. The two of us would often have dinner out as neither of us could handle the spicy food at the hostel mess. It would invariably end with a tub of ice cream at Yankee Doodle down the road .
When we started working, he joined Nestle and had this little barsaati in Delhi for a while. A little khatiya lay on the terrace where Ramu Kaka would serve
him his gin and lime . I used to always fondly call him the "Aristocrat Kisan" and he would let out his raucus laughter.
To some he came across as being arrogant, self opiniated, and abrasive. It wasn't that. He was outspoken and stuck to his convictions. A 5-pointer at school, he was extremely sharp and well read. An envious memory, he could still recall what different professors had said in various classes. And behind that exterior lay a very soft and compassionate soul. Every time we were returning from dinner outside he would give some money to the urchins that stood outside the restaraunt saying "Khana hajam nahi hoga".
I had the opportunity to stay with him on a few occasions, the last being in 2019. I have yet to come across a more gracious host than him. Each time he would be there to pick me up and drop me off at the airport. He invited me to his farm many times, but somehow I couldn't make it. I will always regret that.

Raucus and I would speak on the phone almost every week or ten days. It was invarably him who would call, sometimes at odd hours. About 2-3 days before he got admitted this time , he called around 2 AM. Something made me take that call, and we spoke for a long time. About life in general, including the present Covid times. He was lucid and we ended our conversation with him saying what he often used to say . It happens to the best of us.

We will all miss you Raucus. You leave behind very pleasant memories of a great friendship.

My ex-wife Alka Sapru joins me in offering our deepest condolences to the family.
Posted by Sanjeev Kassal on May 8, 2021
Rockus and I became friends, post college. We played the odd round of golf, had meals together and spoke often. I recollect when he called me to let me know of his being in the financial services business. He gave me some sage advice. I never asked for any, but what I remember appreciating then was he never pushed a proposal. He was just looking out for was what was best for me. Just a genuine and warm friend. I will miss him.
Posted by Atika Malik on May 7, 2021
So many fond memories with Rocky come rushing through. Our holidays across the mountains and the seas ,as a loud gang of friends with all our kids in tow. The Mussoorie weekend was our first group vacation and I vividly remember Rocky singing the national anthem with great intensity, playing with the bacchas in the large garden of the house, nursing Madhav’s fever, our serious competitions on how many fried eggs we could eat, concentrating on our jenga towers and swapping stories late into the night.
A few years later it was running around Ashiana in Goa as a part of Rakesh’s team, trying to crack Kirti’s really tough scavenger hunt clues or trying to make eggs fly.
Sanjay and I will always remember Rocky’s amazing generosity and helpful nature when Daddy needed blood during his cancer treatment. In a matter of hours he organized a group of donors from his office quickly and efficiently.

The calm, smiling presence in all photographs, was Rocky. The one to have long intellectual debates at get togethers, was Rocky. The first one to inquire how the kids were doing, was Rocky. The one who listened with complete attention, was Rocky. The one to send delicious mangoes from the farm, was Rocky. The one who remembered every birthday and wished with such warmth, was Rocky. We will miss you Rocky. Rest in peace. Sanjay, Atika, Rohan and Riya
Posted by Skye H on May 7, 2021
A couple of months ago, I was seated across from Rakesh Uncle during a gathering, and we found ourselves in an unexpected staring match over the coffee table. We hadn't spoken much before. Rather than avert his gaze or bring up a banal topic to break the tension, he stared me down with grave intensity for a moment. Then a wide smile burst onto his face, and he leaned forward, towards me, into a laugh. We had a moment of connection without saying much to each other at all. Only some people can do that.

I regret that I didn't get to know Rakesh Uncle very well; I had ideas about what I'd want to talk to him about the next time we met. I'll just have to learn more about him from those who lovingly survive him. It's clear from this page how much his compeers admired and appreciated their 'raucous' friend — and all of the life that there was to love.
Posted by Seema Chandra on May 7, 2021
I can hear Rakesh’s voice cheerful and chirrupy, saying "hello Cherie Cherie!" He always repeated my name twice with a lot of affection. I first met him through Kirti decades ago and he has always warm, caring and so easy to talk to. Even when we didn’t meet, he never ever forgot a birthday, and always asked about the children in great detail. Rakesh was a gentleman to the core and a fine human being. I will miss him and can only wish that he is at peace. That’s the least you deserve, my friend.
Posted by Punita Sharma on May 7, 2021
Dear Kirti, Madhav & Sidharth, prayers for Rakesh .... would call demanding 'his' special grape & wine salad which was made with care to add no sugar for him. A conversation with him always flowed with ease and no pretense. So warm, genuine ........ a true Gentleman.... may you be in peace dear gentle friend. Truly sorry for not being with all of you in person..... stay together. Much love,
Posted by Madhuli Kumar on May 7, 2021
Rakesh always held a very very special place in our lives and hearts and will continue to do so forever . He had a way of connecting which made people his forever . Our trips to india was never complete without meeting him . Going to miss his charming person big time . But I know he is there somewhere keeping a loving eye on us. 
Posted by Piya Krishna on May 7, 2021
His most dashing characteristic smiling face.
Sincere to the bone and a real person.
Vikram and I will always remember Rakesh’s charming demeanour.
Posted by Archana Singh on May 6, 2021
To wake up to the saddest news broke our heart , gone too soon & that too without saying a last farewell . Thinking about the fun time at Huahin , our phone conversations about our children to our plan to meet up again , he always was so full of cheer & joy.Though he is not amongst us now ,some beautiful memories will stay with us forever , he will always be remembered fondly.It feels a part of us has gone with him too but we know he is in a better place & we will miss him till we see him again on the other side.
Rest in Peace
Archana & Harvinder
Posted by SV Prasad on May 6, 2021
Raucus, a fellow Geminian, Bajaj mate, Bridge Partner and a lot more.
So many fond memories come flooding back - our Bridge sessions during Bajaj days, pretty much every Sunday afternoon till late night, the heated arguments after every hand...
Till the very end he always lovingly addressed me as John, John Travolta for short. Actually Rakesh was much better looking than any of the Hollywood heartthrobs. During our Bajaj days, I remember him mentioning that he was going for a Vinod Khanna film shoot. I told him that he is much, much better looking than Vinod & he will get a complex! The heroine will forget Vinod!
Raucus had a fantastic memory, always reminiscing about the wonderful Bajaj years.
You are the true Gem-in-i my dear, dear friend & we will always miss you.
Posted by Ashok KApoor on May 6, 2021
Sad to lose a wonderful friend with a big heart! After school and college lost touch for a while until we reconnected at a wedding in Singapore. Fortunate to visit the Kumbh with him and host him in Dubai when he was on his to UK for the Cricket World Cup!
Farewell my friend, you have suffered a lot and so I am am sure you are in a better place now
Posted by Puja Mehra on May 6, 2021
Gone too soon,
You could've stayed a little longer
If just a little bit more,
so the memories could grow stronger
I'll miss being called 'Choosa'
Miss having my cheeks pulled
But you showed us all how to live life large
And always see the glass as half full.

Thank you, Mamu, for everything.
Posted by Dharen Chadha on May 6, 2021
Rocky, rest in peace, my friend. Over the years as I got to know you better, I was struck by how you kept on growing as a human being, undeterred by life’s challenges. I learnt to admire that spirit in you.

But also there were several moments of truth when you reached out to me and I was touched by how you were such a sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful guy. Will miss you, bud.
Posted by Satya Saurabh on May 6, 2021
Rakesh and I shared many moments. In fact, not just moments but also days and years too.. In fact, we shared the most important day and year in our lives - not the day we joined college and the years together, there - but the day and year we were born. Sharing a birthday was a silent bond we knew but never expressed. I always felt that he was, by nature, a very fair person. Life, unfortunately, may not have been so fair to him... Or given him enough opportunities to express this fairness. Looking at his complexion, at least, one could not suspect the unfairness of life. Rakesh and I went our own ways after 1978, rarely meeting but never forgetting each other. Fate, however, made us bump into each other - before we could forget the other. My office was on Parliament Street in New Delhi. Some IIMA batch folks worked at Nestle office nearby. Bumping into Rakesh during my lunch rendezvous with them kept the bond alive. When he started his business it was no surprise that he explored how Delhi Police (for whom I have done a lot of voluntary work) could use his company’s services. Even when he was in London’ (Spa, I think) he and his wife Keerti were excellent hosts; invariably inviting me for a wonderful meal that included a pick up and drop service. His hospitality and charm were as evident there as during meals at his GK2 residence. I had a small opportunity to reciprocate when Ashok Kapoor and he dropped in for a meal in Dubai! Keerti’s close friend was my neighbor Ravi’s wife in Delhi. This gave us more opportunities not to forget each other. In his last years he would suddenly start sending messages to me very early in the morning. Knowing how delicately this needs to be handled was important. His actions may give misleading ideas but those who knew him never doubted his intentions. His mind could refresh your old memories with an accuracy that could surprise you. His keen intellect shone through his difficulties. So did his natural friendliness and desire to reach out. It may not be easy to handle such tremendous energy and support his lows. Those who tried hard know that his intellect was multi dimensional as were his interests. One life may not be enough to express the potential of such an intellect. Many of his friends and family may be living in this hope....waiting for him to return. Just in case he has had enough of us may he Rest In Peace.
Posted by SANA SINGH on May 6, 2021
Dearest Dad,
Each time I called him that his face would light up. I still remember the day he welcomed me into his large family with open arms and his biggest bear hugs.
He called me his DIL (daughter in law) but It also meant that I was in his heart. He brought people together, there was never an occasion that he wouldn’t celebrate .
His love for travel and keeping up with his friends in different parts of the world amazed me .
When I see what he and his friends shared the phrase “Friends Like Family “ and what it truly means comes to my mind.
I will always cherish the enthusiasm with which we watched theatre in London and found cool new places to eat .
We had planned to go visit Kotra (his ancestral home) when the situation around got better.
His academic achievements and passion for his work is commendable
We will celebrate you, your legacy and everything you stood for. We miss you!!
“In laughter and in sorrow
In sunshine and through rain
I know you’re watching me
Until we meet again “

~ Your DIL, Sana Seth

Posted by Neha Lall on May 6, 2021
Mamuuuuu, I know you’ll continue to play bridge where ever you are, eat to your hearts content and knock back a few Campari’s like all good Seth’s. We miss you!!

Dundhiiii Neha
Posted by Vijay Kumar MIsra on May 6, 2021
This is truly a huge loss! A very dear friend - going back decades. We are going to miss u Ruckus! I guess your mission here on planet earth was accomplished - may you find a happier world beyond!
Posted by Arvind Kumar on May 6, 2021
He was one of the sweetest person I knew. - right from the school days and through professional life. And such a dear batch mate for all of us .
God , please make him rip. He went through a rather troubled life very early and also left so early.Into your comforting arms now God.
Posted by suravika singh on May 6, 2021
I was delighted to have Rakesh Uncle as a part of my extended family . He will always be remembered for his sweet , thoughtful gestures . His warmth and loving nature was so heartening . Gone too soon but in our hearts forever . Wishing his soul a beautiful journey ahead ~ Suravika
Posted by Sanjay Kathuria on May 5, 2021
This is a sad day. Got to know Rakesh in school in Lucknow, a friendship that deepened over three years in St. Stephen's in Delhi. Many warm and fuzzy memories. He used to always ask me, "Library challah hai?" (coming to the library?) in that unique Lucknow way. His enthusiasm was infectious, and remained so during our high school reunion in Lucknow a few years ago. May his soul rest in peace. Deepest condolences to your children, Rakesh. I know you (his children) will be comforted by the fact that he is now in a more peaceful state. 
Posted by Ashok Gupta on May 5, 2021
Have fond memories of Rakesh from college days. Was a regular on the badminton courts and a strong supporter of our team. Always encouraging and smiling. Will be missed.
Posted by SMM Rizvi on May 5, 2021
Rakesh Seth was a classmate, teammate and friend, we joined La Martiniere together in class 3, we sailed together until our ISC, after which he left to study in Delhi and I continued at La Mart.
Being in same house, we also played a lot of cricket for the house team, he bowled with passion. His bowling had pace and a lot of swing, he was an awesome bowler.

Remember him as a straight forward and forthright person.

Have fond memories of Rakesh, never could forget him, never will.

RIP Rakesh - Raja Sahab Sitapur.
Posted by Iqbal Narain on May 5, 2021
This was no time to say goodbye,
So I am not going to cry;
You too remember times that were the best
And just try to forget the rest.
RIP, my friend
Posted by Rajdeep Mishra on May 5, 2021
Today is a day which I will be never be able delete from my life. Today I lost my guruji my beloved boss through whose guidance I feel what am I today is your efforts . In this world he was one who called me Deep now that's lost and never ever no one will call me by that name.
May his pure soul rest in peace ! Boss you will always with me . I miss you so badly.
Posted by Lloyd Mathias on May 5, 2021
I have many wonderful memories of Rakesh from our Pepsi days. Frank and fearless Rakesh always spoke his mind and never hesitated to call a spade a spade. He accorded me the privilege of writing a blurb for his book on CRM - Crating Customer Delight in his entrepreneur when he passionately built Fine Edge.
Rest in peace Rakesh. You will be missed.
Posted by Shekhar Sawant on May 5, 2021
Dear Rocky. You shall be fondly remembered as a Cool partner for my very first Marketing Project at Bajaj. Heartfelt condolences to the family. RIP.
Posted by Carreen Pakrasi on May 5, 2021
Kirti, Madhav, Sid. We are so sorry for your loss. Rakesh fought a hard battle. We pray that he has found a peaceful resting place. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Sending prayers and love. Sudipto and Carreen.
Posted by Vijay Khetarpal on May 5, 2021
Woke up to hear about the sad news of Rockus passing. May his soul Rest In Peace. He was a fun loving guy and I will miss his anecdotes. Heartfelt condolences to his family and all fellow Stephenian batchmates. Hope the memories of the good times help to soothe us.......Vijay Khetarpal-Washington DC
Posted by Naveen Kapur on May 5, 2021
Deeply saddened to wake up to the news of Raucous passing on this morning .We were batch mates at St Stephen’s class of 78 but had lost contact till reconnected by other class mates Pachy and Ranjan. Enjoyed sharing stories on the rivalry of La- Martiniere Lucknow Vs Cal ( our respective schools ) ,places to eat in Lucknow where Raucous had deep roots and visited often to supervise his farmlands .
Raucous was a regular to college get togethers at home and outside .At one of the recent dos at Delhi Golf Club saw him clad in a dusted college blazer wearing the college crest “ Lal Sitara “ on his heart .
A guy who lived alone but was never lonely with a wide network of friends .A perfect host at his legendary home dinners which could do many a home maker proud for the table laid out with amazing fare served with his unmatched warmth and hospitality .
Last meeting was before the lockdown over an impromptu lunch with Raucous , Sushil Dahiya and Ranjan at Pinxto , Gurugram .We did not realise this would be our last else would have lingered the lunch longer to spend more moments with Raucous .
RIP Raucous ... You will live in our hearts forever .
Posted by Chandiramani Chandrasekar on May 5, 2021
Raucus as we call him was a clean organised and gentle person at business school.Honest and would share brief glimpsesof his years passed by at airports when we met and in the frequent reunions .Warm inviting person always for the last four decades.Shall miss him indefinitely as he had a moment in every one's life. May God give his family strength.Om Shanti.
Posted by Krishnakumar AT on May 5, 2021
A genteel gentleman and buddy for 43 years to be precise. I am unable to comprehend how fate can be so cruel to this affable gentle soul. Rest in Peace Dear Friend. The good karmas and kind acts of yours will ensure that your new abode will be everything you asked for and Raucus's Delight. You wore your erudition with aplomb and I have never seen you speak a harsh word. Will miss you dearly. You invited me several times to chill in your mango farm in Lucknow. I now regret why I did not accept your invite. Your passing on will be an irreplaceable loss to not just your family but also to the myriads of friends who you impacted. I pray God Almighty to give your family all the strength to bear this momentous grief. Keep a watch on me from wherever you are buddy. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
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