Let the memory of Ralph be with us forever
  • 65 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1950 .
  • Passed away on February 15, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ralph Church Jr. 65 years old , born on December 31, 1950 and passed away on February 15, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 30th March 2019
Our son came to me yesterday and told me he had a dream of you. A strange dream but a continuing dream about him getting into a altocation with you however he does not know why. Maybe one day he will understand. March 29th 2019. was yesterday. I love you forever Ralph and miss you so very much. It has been 3 years and the pain will not go away.
Posted by Paula Lay on 16th February 2019
I love you so much
Posted by Paula Lay on 16th February 2019
So it goes like this! I'm going to try to keep it nice and simple. This is my Father's 3rd year Heaven Anniversary. I politely went out my way, yes out my way (because l am in a lot of pain), to find some pretty flowers and balloons. Well l tried to budget it right and went to Food City and purchased some cheap pretty white balloons, with mint green strings. Ohhhh!!! They were So pretty!!! With the helium in them. My awesome husband met me at the grave site, wrap the balloons on an artificial rose, stuck it deep in the ground. While we were putting the flowers in the ground, Snap!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Only a person, or spirit can make a clothes pin snap and undo like that. that BIG ! HUGE CLOTHES PIN! YES HE DID IT! My poor husband tried to catch them but he couldn't . Daddy! It was funny but not that funny!. Do you have any idea what l been through today! But it was good knowing you're still with me and will never will leave my side.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 15th February 2019
Three Years has passed but it seems like Yesterday...I miss you calling me, I miss your voice, I miss your funny ways...I miss everything about you. Most of all I miss your love...Never will I forget you My children father. Ralph Church Jr. you will always live on in me.
Posted by Paula Lay on 29th January 2019
You're always on my mind. Sometimes l wish you come visit. I love you daddy
Posted by Paula Lay on 31st December 2018
Happy Birthday daddy! You know l still cry for you. I don't think I'll ever stop. Until we meet again, l love you dearlyā¯¤
Posted by Paulette Reid on 27th December 2018
Father of my Children... I have not forgotten you. Just did not have the photo to acknowledge that day. I went to put my love down for you with flowers of ponsettia and white little ponsettia and to my surprise I could not found your resting place...I finally remember I was in the wrong place when i call our baby girl Paula to ask and I finally came to me. I then went to the right area to lay down my love and honor for you. In doing so I lost my favorite glasses... I don't know weather you took them are Gail I went to her sight too. It was if as though you wanted to say I am looking down on you and this is what I can do... take your glasses. Anyway, i did not find them....return them when you can....I have a flash drive of info I want so dearly to put in your honor and I hope i get this thing right...right now I am afraid to download. I will get back to you when it is done. Remember...i love you always...My longtime friend i met when i was 11 and you were 12 and father to my 4 children...Paulette. I found my glasses. Thank you!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th December 2018
You came to your Daughter today singing Silent Night in your Deep voice. She recognized your voice. The way you use to sing it to them.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th October 2018
Posted by Paulette Reid on 28th July 2018
Your song just came on that i heard to see you for the last time. Came home home and this song still played...Adorn. So I will let this song be our song forever. I know it was meant for me and you.....When I hear it I know you are near.....My kisses and hugs to you embrace you forever and ever more!!!! Ironic It came on as I was leaving your tribute...now I know you are talking to me in this song. Yes you did adore me and I adore you!!!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 28th July 2018
Yesterday was a very significant day for You and I. I became your Bride. You became my husband...It would have Marked 50 years. I miss you so very much although I parted with you I sometimes wonder.... I don't wonder about this though, Your departure was a very unhappy one for me, one that I will never forget. Thinking you would be coming home only not too. Descending into the Heavenly father holy arm. I cry every single day thinking about you how we meet and the children 4 of them I bear for you. I know you love us so much. Yes July 27th was looked upon as a Holy day for which I broke my vows. I hope one day to know what it will all mean for me. God does not like Divorce. I thought about you intensely yesterday, even though about walking down to your gravesite I would have been empty handed but I know you would have not care. Please know for as long as I live, I will not ever forget Ralph Church Jr. The father of my children, and life long friend. I 'm thinking we were in the 5th grade...You from 3rd and I from Central Avenue. Just a hop skip and a jump to see me....From that day You never left. I say that because i know even though i left you never left me in mind and now in spirit. I will alway love you. HAPPPY 5OTH!!!! Love you sooooo soooo much!!!!!!!! Your Paulette!!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 25th March 2018
Was looking at a commercial and saw a Black and white rabbit that remained me of you bringing me a rabbit when I was pregnant with Maurice my momma told you to come get that rabbit before I killed it I was so mean carrying our first baby I just broke down crying just missing you so much...
Posted by Paulette Reid on 21st January 2018
My son Your son sent me something yesterday a song by Luther Vandross Long Ago. I was wondering were you alright! I just kept asking myself the other day on the couch this week, I just wanted to know if you were alright and I cried wanting to know this. Your son the want I bore for you for you to name Ralph Church for you sent this song and now I am just now putting it together. Paula had to resend it making sure I got it. It said EVERYTHING! It said It's alright, it alright. ooo Baby, it's alright, it's alright, it alright, it's alright now. I know this message is from you telling me that's its aright!!! Thank You Jesus. Your Children, you are living through your children and they are coming to me to let me know. I love you Ralph Church Jr. That message from to me on the 20th of January!!!! I will still long for you but please keep sending me these messages.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 23rd November 2017
I remember when you use to take me to the Martin Theater, You would go and get me an Orange drink, Nestles Crunch and Raisenettes. My favorite. We went for the first time to watch the Ten Commandments. That's was so much fun. Today is Thanksgiving and I miss you with all my heart. I will never let you go!!! Love you always!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th September 2017
The most important times in my life was through you, you are the father of my children and I celebrated many important memories through you! I love you and I miss you and t think about all the moments we shared! Love you Ralph church Jr
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th September 2017
The storms are here and I know you and your daughter share that special bond! Keep her posted!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 5th August 2017
It is time for children to start school I thought about the time you would get your children progress report and take them to brag how smart your children were.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 5th August 2017
While on her bus training your baby Paula said you use to use the term HeHaw, I really can't remember it but Kimberly Remember it too!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 5th July 2017
Your Children tell me things i never really knew like you calling them in our bedroom just for a little talk with them. I know you loved them, and they love you. My Darling My love! Your lifetime friend.
Posted by Paula Lay on 2nd July 2017
Posted by Paula Lay on 2nd July 2017
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th April 2017
Hello my love, just got some news today from your son, he said he was at work a one of Maurice Friends ask him did he want a drink and he said were good but he decided to take one anyway.The guy had two kinds a Orange Drink and an a RC Cola, the guy ended up giving him the RC. I know you are still around and will never ever leave us.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th April 2017
want to say I love you more forever and a day!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 21st March 2017
Was just thinking about some times you have with your daughters like the time Kim was need 500 dollars to get out of you jail, you told me you had it I know you needed that money because you were on a fixed income, and that time My baby girl had to have surgery and you caught the bus to be up there with her you got there just to tell her everything was gonna be alright when she told you she was scared, you told her don't be, because you were there. I love you Ralph Church Jr.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th March 2017
This is a long narrative. One i regret I did not do at the hospital. we should have check up on the hospital before you were admitted to such a serious Surgery, Erlanger is a torrible hospital to take anybody to especially a older Black person, did not know that would be a death sentence for you. Should have stood by you more never left your side but that is Monday morning quarterbacking ironically the day you died was on a Monday. if we would have stayed up there more I know we did stay quite a bit but even more to let them know we were guarding you. We should have kept a record on what they were doing to you, I had no idea that they were so indeed very negligent. Should have kept more notes for the things that they did like not flushing your line out properly, several times I saw them not flush your line out that is why you go so many infections while you were there. Should have question them more about the drugs they were giving you and why. We did take many pictures of the errors they made like not elevating your bed when they were feeding you through your mouth, they let the tube over flowed Sometimes they would come in without washing their hands and the room was not clean we had to sanitized it ourselves, they may have got angry over that. They did not cover your wound properly to the point it more than likely set up an infection. The reason I know now is that i am reading what they did not do. inquiring about the catheter was still needed. they let you Aspirate and that itself was negligence. Testing for Mrsa which I sure they did not do, they let your bowels lock up and would not attempt to unlock them as though there was nothing they could do. Your brain became herniated do to their negligence and they could have corrected that too by a simple surgery they refused to do. They had your hand lacked to the bed leaving you defenseless. I know you were up to the surgery because you caught the bus to the hospital and don't know why you left and came back, but you did. I cry everytime I think about it saying you never should have went back. They had you in one icu room only to remove you because of something they did over the weekend that further made you ill. They mess up your kidneys and you had to be put on a kidney machine. They up the breathing machine knowing that it was up to high for you to adjust. The Klu Klux Klan Respirtory Man refuse to turn the machine down and you were literally Hyper-ventorlating. They had your wound open without the proper covering, you always reclined no matter how many times we told them to elevate you. when we came back you were in a decliniging position again. The list goes on and on. Every Monday there were issues, I will say this again every Monday until My Heavenly Father decided to take you away, for you had suffer far to long, trying so hard to stay with your family as long as you could. I PRAY EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THEM TO PAY FOR THE WAY THEY TREATED YOU. ONE DAY I WILL GET MY WISH FOR EVERYONE UP THERE WHO MISTREATED YOU THEY WILL GET THEIRS AND I WILL KNOW IT WILL COME TO ME. THEY DEMISE WILL NOT BE A PRESENT ONE. TO EVERYONE ON THAT 6TH FLOOR AND ALL THE KLU KLUX KLANS THAT MURDERED YOU THEIR DAY IS COMING! I PRAY EVERY DAY FOR YOU. YOUR LIFE TAKE WILL NOT BE IN VEIN. I PROMISE YOU THAT, JUSTICE WILL TAKE PLACE AND THEY WILL KNOW, I REPEAT, THEY WILL KNOW WHAT HIT THEM. THEY WILL KNOW WHY!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th March 2017
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th March 2017
Posted by Paulette Reid on 13th March 2017
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th March 2017
Remembering me bringing your baby girl home. I know it was a hard time us trying to bring up our children, especially hard for me with getting ready to have my fourth child, as you know we already had a 3 month old to raised and i was going to have my 4th. When it came time to have her I did, she was 5lbs 101/2 oz. could not bring her right home because she was a premie and I was under a lot of pressure too. I was suffering with depression and when i came time to bring her home, i wanted somebody else to step in and take her. I would not even look at her when they brought her to me. I was determined this was gonna be someone else responsiblity. I wanted to pass the baton to Norma Jean, Of course Momma was not going to have that, Norma Jean was up for the task and told everyone I was suffering with PD. at that time I did know what that meant and I told them that I was not, and I was not going to change my mind about the matter, One day they brought my baby to me and i wanted to look at her, Cynthia and all of them were telling how beautiful she was I finally took a look and yes, she was the most beautiful baby in the world. I still felt the same way about bringing her home however. You just simply step in and said Our baby was coming home with us and that was going to be it.l Noone was going to take her you step up to the plate. When we went home every body wanted to know who baby that was because I had been hiding it for 9 months. You see baby I had just bore your 3rd baby and it was so hard. We finally went on with our little family. I love you Ralph Church Jr
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th March 2017
Remembering our second child. I never will forget, when had Kelvin he weigh 8lbs 1oz and he was my biggest baby. You of course was there. You would come and help me down to the floor to see our baby, we looked, you looked so extremely proud of your son. We had name our first after your mother, Margaret, so you wanted your second son to have your name. You told me his name would be Ralph, I think I may have said to myself by this being such a long time. What, Ralph. I talk with my mother about it because you insisted, and that was how it was going to be. She said don't worry we can give him a middle name. She came up with Kelvin, I said yes Momma I love Kelvin so that was that. As we were getting ready to go home in the old Delta 88, Cynthia started throwing out names her and Patricia. In the mist of the conversation, you kept interupting saying his name is Ralph, and I don't think Cynthia heard you because she was still tossing out name. In a hard tone of voice you said HIS NAME IS RALPH and the rest is history. Cynthia was looking like WOW!!! I get it!!!! I love you Ralph Ch;urch Jr.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th March 2017
Remembering Our first, I had been staying at your house when I was pregnant with Maurice. I think I may have conceive him in that house. right there on the floor my love. You really loved having sex lol....anyway when the time came for us to have our first baby, I was sitting on the top bump bed when I start having some strange pain I had never felt before. It was coming seem like every 30 minutes, then every 15 minutes. I started hurting so bad, you ask what was wrong and I said I think I ready to have the baby, You jump up because you were watching tv, call and cab, we got in and went to this fucking ass Hospital I don't want to mention it's name. Went it they took me to the back I was in so so much pain like I have never had in my life. as I went to the labor room. I was screaming for my Momma I wanted my momma! They told me she could not come back there. I was getting out of bed doing all kinds of things trying to bear this unbearable pain. I thing in about 23 hours I was then ready to give birth to my baby...When I finally did. You were there in the door, i can still see you with that tremendous smile. You were so please and happy, and that was the beginning our our little Family. We had hard times but in the end I still love you so very much Ralph Church Jr. I always will, I will speak your name and celebrate my being and coming to know a 12 year old boy from the East side I live on Central I was 11. You somehow manage to find me give me a little short kiss, I had the measles. You ran back up to your house the little pink house on the hill, and from that day on, you were always there. Until the end...Please know that I will love you to the end of my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 8th March 2017
I must tell you I don't remember having our 3 baby but I do know she look more like you than any of them. Your Kimberly, that is the name I wanted to give my first but I had 2 Boys. Finally She came crying and all. wanting to be up under us in bed and everywhere. You did help me when she cried through the night, we took turns. You were a dedicated father. You weren't perfect neither was I but we had our little family. I wish I could have ask you what happen when I had Kimberly, as you would call her, but I never got the chance although she was the last conversation we had together. Speaking about her Baby Pic. She is so much like you...You are the Father of my children, and I am so proud of that. I love you Ralph Church Jr. Til the end of my time.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 7th March 2017
Was just remembering when Alonzo put Kimberly in Jail around Christmas time and I was devastated. I was asking around for money to get her out. Something told me to call you and I did. You told me to come and get 500.00 I know you really did not have to spare on your fixed income but you did, out of love for your daughter and me. I love you and I always will until we meet again.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 3rd March 2017
i was talking about you yesterday to your son Maurice, he talk about how you and him shared moment of shooting guns together. He said also one time you had call him because his gun as missing and you asked him did he have your gun and he said yea, and he laughed when he said you said Bring my gun back here in your angry voice. Memories are have I have but I will share every one I get of you. Also Maurice said he remember when Kelvin has had a hernia removed we bought him a mickey mouse pajama outfit and a basket of candy and house shoes when we bought him home, he said he was about 6 at the time but I remember. Paula is having a hard time, she said one day you called her and asked her to come see the place and you continue to call you told her she did not have to do anything just come see the place. she finally came over came in with her key she had to your door and when she came in the house was a mess, she confronted you about it and you told her yall said you would remain committed to cleaning the house for you your way of getting me over to see you. which i did not mind doing. I love you I think of you all the time. I cleaned your house 2 times and each time before i left you would give me a kiss in your bathroom moments so special to me now. Kimberly yesterday told me she remember the whooping she would get you would call her in about her report card mainly she said you would have that belt wrap to tight, and she would start peeing on herself and you would tell me Paulette Kimberly has peed on herself. So many memories we have/ Kimberly showed me a contraption they use to have for outdoor movie watching and every time something inappropriate would come on you will tell then to duck down. I remember we would send Maurice to get the Pizza and that was Movie Night for the family. You would take them fishing, They told me they had the best Christmas with me and you. They truly miss you and I miss you too. Remembering my first experience of me having my first baby, we going to the hospital in a cab, and you being right there when I gave birth to everyone of my children. I want them to know that, you never left me, you were always there as much as you could be. I love you til the end of my time. Paula also talk to me about how you and her would call each other and talk about the when the bad weather was coming on. We had a bad weather incident the other day and we wept and talked about you. Please believe me your memories are tuck in my mind, really to reveal anything i think of about you I will let the world know Your family loves you forever and a day!!!!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 3rd March 2017
Everything I look at reminds me of you. I was just looking at someone welding and it reminded me of that is what you did when you worked. You were known as a over head welder and you did it well. You were not much of going to work because you loved being up under me but that is alright. Your love was so strong for me and this I will never forget. Sherman and Reilly make have gotten rid of you had you not been so good at what you did. I could smell that strange smell on your Sherman and Reilly uniform and it had holes in it from the burn on the clothes and it also burn you as well. I love you Ralph Church Jr. Your forever Lover and Mother of you children.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 3rd March 2017
Your Sons talks about you in the present tense, he does not want to believe you has transitioned., neither do I. I love you with all my heart. I am listening to Luther Vandross Song your daughter wanted me to use this for your Home coming and we did. We miss you so very much!!! Your Lifetime friend. I just want another chance with you, I really do, man that is all I need.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 15th February 2017
One whole year my love but it seems like yesterday!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 15th February 2017
Letting us know you are still with us your daughter Kim thought About one of her old plays and the song baby face you got The cutest little baby face and she was wondering about why I told her our last conversation was about her baby picture and that was you telling her to relate it to me so you did and it all fit! You will never leave us, I know you will be with your family forever!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 31st December 2016
Today is your 66th Birthday! The first Birthday without you but your Spirit is so strong, Please don't ever go away! I need you everyday to help me through! I pray that the Lord will give me this eternal gift that you always let me know you are forever with me. I love you for an eternity until we meet again. Your lifetime partner and mother to your 4 kids. Paulette.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 24th December 2016
Well the time is getting near almost a whole year without, this is Christmas Eve, Christmas tomorrow, than there will be your Birthday, so much I have to get through. I am so so sad, sadder then I have ever been in my life, Today I put down what I call the Ralph Church Speigal Christmas the one you did all by yourself. You know I was angry at first but in the end it all work out. Your children loved it and when I realize the love that went into it I was too. My love for you will never waiver. Love you always.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 3rd November 2016
On the night of your wate as soon as we got back to the house you left and came directly to see me. You ran into your daughter...you were trying to open the bathroom door and you went even on Deon Jobs...he experience the same thing you were messing with the bathroom door simotanoustly ....You Spirit is diffenately with us. I feel you everyday.. I love you so very much never ever leave me Ralph Church Jr.
Posted by Paula Lay on 30th August 2016
Here l am daddy, crying crying crying. I miss you so much. Why you leave me.
Posted by Paula Lay on 14th August 2016
Just crying dad, thinking about you.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 9th May 2016
Yesterday was Mother's day, the very first Mother's day without you. I want to tell you it was one of the hardest days of my life. I never have experienced it without. It hurt so bad, I miss you so so much. Sometimes I wonder is this all my fault. I should have stayed and maybe you would be with me if we remain a real family, I know you love your family so much. We love you so much and we will honor your every being as long as I live. in us you will live on and beyond my life long friend, bet on that. My life will never be the same again. I love you forever and a day!!! Ralph Church Jr. I will forever speak your name!!!.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 23rd April 2016
Posted by Paulette Reid on 21st April 2016
I miss you so much! I know you are still around me I still feel your presence. I bond was too strong for you just to leave me without something for me to hang on to. I hurt everyday thinking about you and I will never stop thinking about you are loving you! My love always!!!
Posted by Paulette Reid on 18th April 2016
just thinking of you love! I will always love you Ralph Church Jr.
Posted by Paulette Reid on 15th April 2016
Two months today exactly, I lost my long life Partner and boy do I miss you so much. You never know what you have until you lose it. I know you are still with me and you will never leave me. My love!!!
Posted by Paula Lay on 13th April 2016
Your love will never die.. Help me get through this thing call Agony.

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