Posted by Jenny Lee on August 4, 2015
Just sitting here thinking about my dad. All he did for us and his grandkids. I miss you so much, if I could just have you back again. If mom could see you again. Dad mom is so confused but I know if she could have just one more time to see you then she would remember you. I know you are watching over her during her struggle with Alzheimer's. When her journey is over I know you will be waiting for her with open arms. Miss you and love you to heaven and back. Until I see you, all my love.
Posted by Terrie Long on February 1, 2012
HI Dad, thinking about you and can not sleep. Bri and I came home after visiting you and just laid around. We miss you so much, love you Dad, goodnight.
Posted by Brianna Darling on January 18, 2012
Grandpa, I miss you like crazy. But you taught me I don't have to see to believe; That's why I believe you're holding my hand everywhere I go. And picking me up when I fall.. I can feel it. I love you and I wish you were here, But It wasn't what you wanted. You were strong enough to let go. And like you said.. It's not Goodbye.. It's I'll see you Later, And I will. Love, Your Little Girl.
Posted by Terrie Long on January 18, 2012
Hi Dad, Its been 13 months since you left, and the pain of you not being here is still as heartbreaking now. I just believe that when you said "dont worry I will be watching" that you are, because you have never told me anything , unless you knew for sure! I LOVE YOU DAD, NOW AND ALWAYS!! As you know I think of you many times, everyday,I miss you more each day.
Posted by Terrie Long on January 17, 2012
Dad, My best friend, I miss you so much. It will never be the same without seeing and talking to you. You were ALWAYS there for me, the one I always confided in... I LOVE YOU DAD, I will see you in awhile.

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