Let the memory of Ralph be with us forever
  • 45 years old
  • Born on January 29, 1969 .
  • Passed away on June 26, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ralph Ekwenibe 45 years old , born on January 29, 1969 and passed away on June 26, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 29th January 2019
My dear ORapho in heaven! You would have been 50 years old today! It would have been a serious birthday celebration. We miss you & remember you always. Continue to rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 3rd July 2018
Dearest O Ralpho, We remember you always and miss you. Continue to rest in perfect peace, on the bosom of our Lord, Amen.
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 2nd July 2018
Ralph, Continue to rest in peace.we miss you
Posted by Isaac Anadi on 29th June 2018
Hey Rapho! Your remain fresh in our memory always. Your departure was hard to believe, but the Lord knows the best. I know you are at peace and happy where you are now because you gave so much peace and love. Continue to rest in peace my brother and good friend.
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 1st March 2018
Dearest Ralph, Just thinking about you. We miss you. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace on the bosom of our Lord, Amen. Sleep on until, we all meet to part no more.
Posted by Chinwe Anyigbo on 30th January 2018
Ralph like a candle that never extinguishes you remain in our hearts . Love and miss you . Your sister . Chinwe
Posted by Jude Anyigbo on 29th January 2018
O Ralpho,today,you would have been 49.In the hearts of those who love you,yes, you are.A great guy you were.A great brother- inlaw you were.Continue to rest bro and pray for the rest of us as we struggle in this wicked world.Your sister,my wife misses you always. Shalom!
Posted by Benny Ukah on 29th January 2018
O Ralpho! Continue to rest in peace, amen
Posted by Offornze Amucheazi on 29th January 2018
Continue to rest in peace my dear friend till we meet to part no more. I still remember our plans and will endeavor to execute them at the appropriate time. I miss the time and companionship we shared. Adieu my good friend.
Posted by Isaac Anadi on 26th June 2017
My dearly brother Ralph, we continue to feel the gap you left in our lives when the Lord took you. I know His peace will always be with you. Continue to Rest In Peace my brother and good friend!
Posted by Chinwe Anyigbo on 26th June 2017
Truly miss you O Rapho but know you are resting well. Love you always. Your sister, chinwe
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 1st February 2017
Ralph.continue to rest in the lord.we miss you dearly.
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 1st February 2017
Ralph.continue to rest in the lord.we miss you dearly.
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 1st February 2017
Ralph.continue to rest in the lord.we miss you dearly.
Posted by Chinwe Anyigbo on 29th January 2017
Memories of you dearest Ralph remain very alive. You are irreplaceable. Your good deeds remain in our hearts and around us. We know and believe you are resting in God's bosom. We love you a lot and miss you. Remain in God's presence till we meet to part no more. Kisses. Your sister, Chinwe
Posted by Isaac Anadi on 27th June 2016
Most gentle, most caring and most wonderful friend, brother and mate, your sudden departuer has left a gaping hole in our hearts. Your immense love and care will forever be missed. I know that you are at peace in God's arms becaue you gave so much peace to everyone around you. You are forever loved. Adieu my dear friend......!
Posted by Offornze Amucheazi on 26th June 2016
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, my dear friend.
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 31st January 2016
Bro,I know you have peace were you are.God is the only one to take care of the people you left behind.All memories remain fresh about you always.your forever missed. Nwasam
Posted by Offornze Amucheazi on 30th January 2016
Rest in peace my dearest friend. We surely miss you.
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 29th January 2016
Happy birthday my dearest Sugar. We miss you so much. We will never stop thinking about you. We remember you today, as if you never left. We are consoled, with the fact that you are resting, free from every pain & sorrow, on the bosom of our Lord Jesus Chrst. Continue to rest in perfect peace ORalph o. Thanking God for the time you spent with us.
Posted by Chinwe Anyigbo on 29th January 2016
My dearest Ralph, Less than two years ago, you passed on to eternal life, to rest in God's bosom. We all miss you dearly. Most times, we expect your physical presence. Your absence unfortunately can never be filled. You were a big brother and cared a lot. Entering into Enugu is most difficult now. Remain resting! Love you lots big brother.
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 26th June 2015
Nwannem Ralph your forever missed.your demise has remained unimaginable. Nwasam
Posted by Chinweoke ObiOkoye on 26th June 2015
Ralph!!!!! Its was just like yesterday cos the shock is still fresh in the mind. You are still everywhere, so hard to forget, your smile your love, your charm, your everything. We all miss you. Keep Resting in Peace.
Posted by Amaka Ezimora on 29th January 2015
We remember our beloved brother on his 46th birthday. Happy birthday O' Ralpho, you'll forever be missed.
Posted by Ifeoma Ilodibia Nwakoby on 29th July 2014
Ralph was a truly gentle soul who touched people in many positive ways. As we mourn your passing, we are consoled by the fact that God makes no mistakes....and thus, it was truly time for you to REST! We pray that you are now resting in Our Lord's bosom, and that your family and friends will be consoled. Rest in peace, amen! Og and Ifeoma Nwakoby
Posted by Onanma Amucheazi on 23rd July 2014
.... God's finger touched him and he slept! Ralph, may the Almighty grant your extremely kind and gentle soul eternal rest . You fought gallantly and with dignity ...but the Almighty knows best.. Rest in perfect peace dear friend.
Posted by Dan Nwankwo on 22nd July 2014
Raphito! It is painfully true that God has called you home. We all wished and prayed that you will get better but God indeed knows better- the Giver has taken.Your frankness, warmth, value for friendship, life and off course your ever charming and infectious smiles are no more, 'how Are the mighty fallen'. Though you are no more with us on this plane in flesh but you now live in our hearts. We will sorely miss you. Jee nkeoma nwanne! Kachifo!
Posted by Dan Nwankwo on 22nd July 2014
Raphito! It is painfully true that God has called you home. We all wished and prayed that you will get better but God indeed knows better- the Giver has taken.Your frankness, warmth, value for friendship, life and off course your ever charming and infectious smiles are no more, 'how Are the mighty fallen'. Though you are no more with us on this plane in flesh but you now live in our hearts. We will sorely miss you. Jee nkeoma nwanne! Kachifo!
Posted by Chinelo Okeke on 18th July 2014
How does one express the amazing essence and spirit of a wonderful man? Ralph’s selfless generosity, uncompromising belief in all that is good and his unwavering commitment to family is what I admired so much in him. Words, even the very best of words, cannot pay tribute or truly capture the sense of loss that I feel. Ralph and my big sister Nomsky played a unique and special role in my life they laid the platform that has helped me grow. Ralph exemplified the true meaning of a father and a husband. He was the embodiment of the saying “ogo bu Chi onye”. The loss is there, tangible and real within us his family and friends, but Ralph represented life, love, laughter and an irrepressible belief and faith in seeing the best in everything. Rest with the Angels my biggest bros, because that is where you truly belong.
Posted by Chike Anyigbo on 16th July 2014
Ralph’s passing on is startling and a great challenge for everyone, especially, for his young children and wife. He was gentle, caring, energetic, and lived life to the fullest. In the brief moments of illness, Ralph did leave us a wonderful example of his resilience and faith in God. We can only trust that it is God’s will to call him home this early. Accept my condolences and prayers for God’s consolation on the entire Ekwenibe family. God grant eternal rest to his gentle soul. Amen. Fr. Chike Anyigbo, C.S.Sp.
Posted by Dan Ochonma on 15th July 2014
Onowu ni le-Onowu general as I fondly call you and your quick retort of Ochobaby, Ochonma -icho tala Jesus keep resonating since your departure. My amiable friend has gone leaving a scar that can never be healed. And so it was that when we last spoke I encouraged you not to be afraid that all will be well with a promise to come to Nigeria to see you. Whist your affirmative response was tremendous and encouraging in line with your courageous nature, little did I know that the fierce battle with death would overwhelmed you and our face to face meeting was never to be. As a person if it were to be your call you would have resisted and defeated death but God the omnipotent, who has power to create and destroy life knows why he has allowed you to depart though am disheartened. The journey of life is not dependent on how long it takes but how well spent. Ralph, your journey spanned 45 years but your footprints are indelible particularly in your calm and kindhearted nature, stoical with smile that demystifies all stress and troubles. Your gentle and meek nature which defiles all rascality, brinkmanship and the hundreds of lives you touched through your kind heartedness speaks volume. Words cannot properly describe the vacuum that your absence has created, to say I will miss you is an understatement. Ralph rest in peace and may the good Lord grant you external rest. A friend indeed , a friend in all seasons have gone. Keep walking Ralph the journey is ended and you have gone to receive your crown. Good night and sleep tight. From. Dan Ochonma
Posted by Isaac Anadi on 15th July 2014
My dearly brother Rapho, The news was difficult to digest and the thought that you've gone is like a dream. I am thinking that I will wake up & hear something different because you are such a peace loving, gentle, kind & loving man. You are wonderful beyond words. Your demeanour overwhelmed me throughout our years of friendship. You fought the disease with all your bravery, but God saw that you were too good to continue in untold pains. He has taken you into his arms in his love. Our tears & mostly those of your beloved family will flow ceaselessly, but His love reigns supreme. Rest in perfect peace Raphiano!!!!
Posted by Christopher Ekwenibe on 15th July 2014
Ralph, I have been struggling with emotions, tears wailing up in my eyes each time I pick up my pen to write this tribute. You were a brother in a million despite all odds. Your humility can never be compared, little wonder the number of sympathizers that throng your house on daily basis to mourn you - lives that you touched positively can only be imagined. The battle to save your Precious life had been fought and won and God will always be the winner! I watched you, tears in my eyes as you were slowly but steadily losing the battle. A good heart as yours stopped beating – at last you were at rest, God knows that you were tired and I guess, had to prove to me He only takes the good ones and so be it!! Your demise is both a great loss and a challenge to us, especially for the young family you left behind. You will always be remembered and cherished O’ Ralph o, with heart and eyes still full of tears ………..Good night my Broda!!!
Posted by Benny Ukah on 15th July 2014
Oh Ralph O! You came, you saw, and you conquered, but now you're gone, back to your maker where there would be no more pain but glory... continue to rest in peace, amen
Posted by Tagbo Nwosu on 13th July 2014
I always knew you as an amiable, kind, and gentle fellow. Even though your time on this earth was very short, you touched the lives and hearts of those whom you came across in ways that will last forever. I know that you are now at rest in the Bosom of the Lord, free from any illness and pain. You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my good friend.
Posted by Ada Chikeluba on 12th July 2014
Ralph, you may have lived a short life but the pleasant memories you left behind far surpass your time with us. As peaceful a person that you were, so also is the peace that engulfs you now with the Lord. So even though we hurt, our pain will dull because our thoughts of you remain and we have to smile when we reminisce on joyful moments past that death cannot rob. We will forever remember and cherish the sincerity in your love for your wife and children, your kind and good heart which you wore proudly, your big infectious smile which lit up the room and, in turn, warmed our hearts, your willingness to help, the honest humility and the empathy you depicted for those who needed … words are not enough to express how much these memories, and more, are evidence of an exceptional being whose memories have become treasures we will forever hold dear. Even though your passing has broken our hearts, let’s take solace in the fact that you are in a better place and Nneoma and the kids have their very own guardian angel watching over them. Ralph, you will be greatly missed. It was a great honour knowing you and having you as part of our family. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Posted by Afoma Azc on 12th July 2014
Nneoma, Mmesoma, Kene, Odinaka and the rest of Ralph's family. I know this must be a very dark time for you. Words seem insufficient and shallow; What does one say to make you feel better? To ease the pain? To fill the void Ralph's depature has created. Please, accept my condolence and know, that my thoughts are with you. Ralph, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Adaeze Ezissi on 12th July 2014
I pray the love of God enfolds you during your journey through grief. As you grieve know that we are remembering you and honoring Ralphs memory. Take heart in the knowledge that he is sleeping comfortably with our Lord.
Posted by Samuel Emelugo on 9th July 2014
Dear Ralph, though U had a short Life , We are happy to know U as a valuable in Law. The Good Lord will receive Ur kind Soul and give U a good Rest. rest in perfect peace Amen. From Sir (Engr) Sam and Lady Nonye Emelugo
Posted by Ezinwanne Nnoruka on 8th July 2014
Nneoma, Richie, Nneka, Emeka, Chinwe, Ejike & Arinze - my deepest condolences! May Ralph's soul be granted eternal rest.....amen. Ezinwanne Ilodibe-Nnoruka
Posted by Ejike Ekwenibe on 7th July 2014
I write this with sadness over the unimaginable loss of a close friend RALPHO. you are a gentle man with a wonderful heart . I will forever miss you. we love you RALPHO but GOD loves you the most ADIEU Peaceful man ADIEU worthy friend ADIEU RALPHO FROM PRINCE NWACHUKWU ONUIGBO
Posted by Chinazor Nwasam Eluwa on 6th July 2014
Dear uncle Ralph, I feel sad because of your death and i hope our God,Holy son and Angels take care of you.I prayed every morning since you fail ill and i pray that our mighty Lord will take care of your family in Jesus name.AMEN From Chinazor (Nwasam"s son)
Posted by Okey Tabansi on 5th July 2014
Ralphito....gentle, simple, easygoing, peaceful! Your death once again opened my eyes to the reality of this world. Why are the good ones falling while the evil ones are busy roaming the world? I feel cold with the guilt of not visiting you throughout the period of your illness. I called your wife severally promising to visit. Hope you forgive me for that. I will take solace in the fact that you lived a God fearing life. I know you are resting in the bosom of The Lord. Ride on gentle Ralph, the angels are with you.
Posted by Emeka Ekwenibe on 5th July 2014
My dear big bros, O’RalphO Okonde , you leave me completely distraught and heartbroken. It is with so much pain and hurt in my soul that I write this tribute. It all started with the news that you were hospitalized after a seizure, little did I know that it was going to be a long journey of pain, sorrow, anguish and despair. I know that you have passed through so much life challenges but nothing prepared us for this one that will eventually take your life. I saw you suffer and your health deteriorate over time that I oftentimes almost wavered in my faith. The question is why my bros, Ralph! Just as you will always steer me in the face shaking your head, down casted and say, why me! I did always encourage you while hurting so much inside as I could not comprehend it all. You fought so hard physically and mentally like a brave warrior to overcome this illness while clinging on to hope of a divine healing. Everyone in our family prayed and fasted for a miracle and God’s mercy upon your life including your friends and well wishers but God knows why you had to go at this prime time of your life. My only consolation is that you had time to make peace with God. His words are that in everything we should give thanks. I deeply thank God for all the beautiful times we shared together, the memories of which will forever live in my heart. You were not just a brother but a friend and my confidant. We were always able to pour out our hearts to each other. Our brotherly bond was truly a blessing. I still remember all your dreams and aspirations for the future which have been cut short. You were a gentle soul but tough, humble, benevolent, meticulous and courageous. You were a cheerful person, outgoing and easily liked by everyone that met you. Your love for your family was unquestionable. I truly do not know why good people like you pass on so early. We will forever miss you. Adieu O’RalphO! Adieu big Ralph! Farewell bros! May your gentle soul rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more, Amen.
Posted by Godwin Okeke(Winas) on 4th July 2014
O'Ralpho my good friend and brother! What a shame to death that took u away at the early stage of ur life. You were a good guy, always cheerful and everybodies friend. I remember wen I came to see u wen u were sick, you said "WINAS, U'VE SEEN WHAT UR BROTHER IS GOING THRU" I held ur hands and pray with u. Rest in peace my Bro
Posted by Jude Anyigbo on 4th July 2014
Good night uncle Graph Uncle Graph has left us! Sad, very sad. My son, Chizitelu in his early years before he learnt to express himself eloquently used to welcome Ralph with so much excitement in my house then in Ilupeju, Lagos. You would hear him scream, uncle Graph, uncle Graph! Then, Ralph would lift him up and toss him into the air and Chizitelu would laugh excitedly. He had remained fond of his uncle to this day. When Ralph took ill, my son Chizzy would constantly ask of his uncle in our email exchanges from his school and would always pray for his total recovery. I normally update him of Ralph’s progress. Unfortunately , since Ralph died, I had tactically changed our mode of conversation in order to preclude any opportunity of enquiry about his uncle Ralph’s health status. I had to engage him with a tough academic challenge which he is struggling to meet up. So, his emails are now focussed on briefing me of his progress or challenges thereof. Ralph was a good man, a gentle soul with a large heart. Very respectful. A good brother-in-law. When I was going through a particular business challenge, he was there giving advice, giving hope, and often consulting his good friend and brother, Prof. Ofonze Amucheazi on the legal aspects and feeding me back. Ralph loved his wife and children a great deal and would do anything to keep them comfortable. He loved life, so he fought hard to survive this debilitating illness. He fought to the end. The Ekwenibe family fought hard too, but God in His infinite wisdom knew better. Raphael Ifedilichukwu Ekwnibe my brother, jee nkoma. Toenna Anyigbo Eziokwubundu
Posted by Nneka Ekwenibe J on 4th July 2014
Ooh IFedi as I normal call you, I received the news of your death with great tears flowing down by face because I could not visit you throughout the period of your illness. What a painful loss.You were so gentle and humble and always willing to help out at any slight opportunity. But God knows the reason why you had to leave us so early.You will be missed by all who knew you. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace AMEN! Adieu.... my humble brother till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Nwasam Eluwa on 4th July 2014
A day begins a story. The story has it that Ralph woke up one morning and felt very severe headache. Investigations, medications and surgical interventions proved abortive. Tell it not in Nneni, publish it not in the street of Enugu that my dearest humble friend is gone. You were full of milk of human kindness that even at your tender age when you were at F.G.C Wukari the meager allowances given to you as a student were shared by all, "How are the mighty fallen" 'Oke Osisi adawo n'ala. I am full of tears of sorrow.THE MAN" RAPHO" is no more, who now cares for the children in this sinful world? especially your Wife Nneoma who passed sleepless nights by your bed side nursing you. The Alpha and Omega will take control for he knows it all. Who can be more humble and generous than Ralph?. God knows it all, Good night brother, good night, sleep well in The Lord.God Be with you till we meet again. Amen. Adieu. Nwachukwu Sam- Eluwa & Family
Posted by Kene Agbo on 4th July 2014
Dear Ralph, good morning. Trust Heaven is a lovely place. Please send my greetings to our Lord Jesus and our Almighty Father. Just so that you know, we already miss you so much! You were always a friend and brother to me. We love you but God loves you more. All I can say, is thank you Lord for all the times we spent with you and one day we shall meet again. May your soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Arinze Okemuo on 4th July 2014
My heart sank into my stomach when I heard the news. The sadness still comes along once in awhile, but the joy in the memories is so dear that it gently pushes aside the sadness. With me always are the wonderful memories and the way we use to hang out back in the days. Bye till we meet again Raph

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