Let the memory of Ralph be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on November 28, 1986 in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on December 20, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ralph Hansen, 28, born on November 28, 1986 and passed away on December 20, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Richard Loutfi on 20th December 2018
I remember you my friend like it was yesterday. Thinking about you during this time and always remembered in good spirits. Throw me a Hail Mary from above! You’re an angel watching over your family and friends! RIP Ralph
Posted by Rafael Calderon on 19th December 2018
Hey Ralph Just thinking of you and remembering you today. God bless you today and every day.
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 28th November 2018
Happy birthday, angel. Keep watching over your baby sis <3 Allah yer7amak.
Posted by Susan Chawki on 21st December 2017
Thinking of you Ralph ❤️
Posted by Rafael Calderon on 11th December 2017
Thinking of and remembering you today. Your smile is etched in my memory. I hope and pray that you are in a beautiful place surrounded by people who love you.
Posted by Susan Chawki on 28th November 2017
Happy birthday in heaven Ralph! You will always be in our thoughts and prayers <3
Posted by Jimmy Samaha on 28th November 2017
Happy Birthday brother. We all love you Ralph
Posted by David Agugliaro on 28th November 2017
Ralph, I hate you because you are gone, and I love you because you were my best friend... I'm mad, angry, sad and happy all at once.. No one understood you the way I did.. No one made me laugh the way you did.. We had the connection where we could look at the same thing, not say a word and burst out into laughter, knowing what the other one was thinking.. You always told me you loved me.. For one man to tell another man he loves them is difficult.. But you always did.. And I never forgot that and I carry that into my life today.. The times we had together I could never forget.. You truly were one of a kind.. I still have yet to laughed as hard as I did with.. You were so stubborn, and thick headed but I loved you.. I truly loved you.. I had a soft spot for you when others didn't .. I'm mad at you for leaving us.. I'm mad at you for the deicions you made... But I love you for just being who you were.. I wish you were here man.. I wish We could make eachother laugh again.. I love you man and miss you a lot.. Even though your stupid license said your birthday was in December I know it's today.. Happy birthday..
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 28th November 2017
Happy birthday in heaven, our angel. Always missing you down here.
Posted by Rafael Calderon on 18th July 2017
Thanks for your bright smile and warm heart. I will remember you forever. Ralph you are missed.
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 3rd February 2017
Thinking and praying for you Ralph" ~RIP~ Brother !!! One Love! This memorial page is officially permanent!
Posted by Susan Chawki on 20th December 2016
You will always be in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts Ralph. Allah Yir7amak w tkoon nafsak bel samma.
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 20th December 2016
You are still here with us Ralph in Spirit! You are truly missed every day, loved every moment, and always held in our hearts brother!
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 28th November 2016
Happy birthday in heaven, Ralph. Bishop Gregory said that our entry into this world is not our true birthday, but rather, it's our entry into paradise, and that's the far more joyous one. I miss your infectious smile and your kind heart. The void you've left remains big and deep, and I'll be thinking of you and praying for you until we meet again.
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 28th November 2016
Today I think of you more than any other day because I remember two years ago you said: "I can't believe we're almost 30, We're getting old Rich" All I can say now my brother, "Its not the amount of years we live my man, its the amount of Life We Have In Our Years" and truly no one brought out more joy, laughter, and fun than the life you had inside you! It was like a dream, it felt like yesterday! I know you are smiling down from High Above! I truly miss you man, life is short here on earth, I want to celebrate with you when I see you. Happy Birthday Brother! You are in Eternal Rest! We pray for your soul, pray for us! ~Richie~
Posted by Susan Chawki on 28th November 2016
Hi Ralph, I wish you a happy 30th birthday in heaven today. I still remember when we celebrated it together over Pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and will never forget it. It was one of the most beautiful holidays I've ever celebrated. Until now I still can't believe what happened to you and wonder how you're doing on the other side, along with my cousin and grandfather. "Good people pass away; the godly often die before their time. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come" - Isaiah 57:1. This quote is one of the few, which helps provide an explanation to me for what has happened. You were a good person with a Loving heart and I'm sure you are living like an angel in heaven, watching over us. Treasured in my heart you'll stay, until we meet again some day. Rest in eternal peace Ralph.
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 20th December 2015
Everyday is a memory! Every wish is a dream! Every visit to 67th street is reminiscence of kids growing up on the block, there is more to great laughs, silly jokes, cracking on others, we became boys to men, we stayed real to each other and true to ourselves. One night, one moment, no signs, no warnings, I never thought the last time I saw you would be the last time to say goodbye. I felt like it would never be a last time. When will I see you again? Missing you brother. Never forgotten. Truly a hero to your sister, Doris. ~One love~ R.I.P.
Posted by Lauren Shaia on 20th December 2015
Wow today is 1 year you left us from earth and returned home to God. It's still so surreal and so fresh in my mind. You are on my mind constantly. I hear you voice all the time , in that low soft tone and I would always respond with " why are you talking as if this were a secret" lol. Our trips, hafli's , festivals and conventions replay in my mind over and over reminding me how much fun we had together . You always made sure we were all safe and protected. I wish we could have done more to protect you. We love you and miss you dearly. Keep watching over us brother . Until we meet again ...
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 29th November 2015
Happy birthday in heaven, Ralph! I miss you so much :(
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 28th November 2015
Happy Birthday Brother ! Your Soul Lasts a Lifetime! Forever Young!
Posted by Doris Hansen on 3rd July 2015
Real life has been replaced with burrowed time. This is my after life here on earth. Missing you greatly. I remembered when you bought me an iPad about 2 christmas s ago. You were so excited when I was opening it. You were so happy and thrilled just to see my reaction because you just wanted to see me happy : )
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 25th May 2015
In honor of Ralph Hansen on this memorial day, we will never forget you my friend and will always miss you deeply !
Posted by Doris Hansen on 25th May 2015
How fast things change..seconds, minutes, overnight. Last year we were at a Memorial Day BBQ. Now this Memorial Day I'm writing on your Memorial page............ I wake up each morning to realize the reality of life. Sometimes I rather stay dreaming. The pain from missing you grows deeper and more painful each day.
Posted by Maria Christina on 25th May 2015
Ralph, on this Memorial Day I am remembering and thinking of you because you were a trooper in my eyes. I know you are watching over Doris and your family the way you watched out for all of us girls while we grew up. I am so blessed to have experienced the relationship you shared with your family and others, through both good and bad times, and I hope to carry that with me in life. You are Forever in our hearts and prayers.
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 4th May 2015
Ralph, you're always on my mind. Some days more than others...like today. I still haven't wrapped my head around it. I know you're happier than we can imagine, but you are so dearly missed.
Posted by Doris Hansen on 29th March 2015
3/20/15: 3 months have passed and I haven’t seen you. We base our lives on this so called “order”. We do things we plan things. We anchor ourselves to time and numbers. We orient our brains to categories, straight lines and perfect squares to give them a meaning. We have a hierarchy of things that we expect to happen in our lives. Yet such geometry occurs nowhere else in nature. This is the order that process our actions. Somehow nature is so beautiful and perfect the way it is without symmetry. I won't hold off on opportunity or doing things just because I feel that maybe now is not the right time or first I have to do something else. Kronos- its about the appointed time.
Posted by Jena Meaney on 20th February 2015
I remember the first time I met you and who would be my future best friend, Doris. Even then, as a child, you were always at Doris's side protecting her. It was four of us girls, but you were there to guide her and make sure she was okay with her new neighbor friends. We played volleyball in the backyard and I thought Doris was a bit weird from laughing and smiling at everything (Something I have come to appreciate now). You played on quietly smirking at Doris, and played down for us younger and smaller girls. I would have never known then that you would be in my life for years to come. Sometimes I would drive past your house, you would be outside with your pops working on the cars. You would smile and wave me down, you would lean your elbows up against my passenger car window like you always did. "Where are you going?" "You need help with anything?" "Hows Doris doing?" I would always laugh, and you would chuckle and say "what's wrong?" even though you knew you were acting like an older protective brother to me. You would ask about my family, genuinely wonder how my siblings were. You always had a million questions to ask, because you cared. Through my life, I have learned that most people will just ask the same mundane questions because they feel they have to, nod their head, and move on with the day--leaving you the same way you felt before the conversation started. But you always made me feel like a real human being, a story separate from everyone else. It was truly refreshing. You drove me and Doris everywhere, with no return favors (although we would take your car occasionally and you would ask us to get a car wash.. But ONLY from "VIP," the most swag car wash on the island). You were always there for Doris, but you were always there for me when I needed something. I remember even once I was on a date and you were driving down the block and saw me in his car.. You stopped near my house and waited until I got in okay. Back then, I thought you were crazy for doing that; hindsight, you were just being you. And of course the next day I would have to answer another 21 questions. To make sure he treated me well, and make sure you didn't have to guard by my house for the next couple days..because if I asked, you would do it in a heartbeat. You had the most kick-ass stories to tell us, take 5 hours to shower ON a camping trip, drive me to check movie times when Doris was too tired to hang out, and enjoy days and nights with me and Doris. Although I think you and Doris are in some ways different, the reason she's my best friend is because she cares like you do. You left us way too soon, but you will continue to live through her, her smile, her laugh. She will remind all of us of you, and that I'm so grateful for.
Posted by Doris Hansen on 14th February 2015
Today is 8 weeks... Today is Valentine's Day,,. You would always bring home heart shaped chocolate boxes along with flowers for both mom and I. For me you would also bring a small stuffed animal that sings. Last year it sung " I'm stuck on a feeling, high on believing that you are in love with me" we would replay it and dance and laugh. You loved the idea of celebrating love when we all thought it was overrated and a gimmick. You loved giving love! I love you so much.
Posted by Emmanuel Nakhle on 4th February 2015
Life is so short no matter how long it is. we might live one more day, and we might live twenty more years. Ralph, your life on earth was too short yes, but haven needed one more angel, and the angel was you. you suddenly left your family, and all of us to where Jesus prepared for you a better house and a better life. I thank you for being a so kind, gentle, polite, caring and loving person. the fist time I met you, you were a little child brought by your family in the early 90s to get baptized at Our Lady Of Lebanon in Toronto, During my only visit to NY you were that peaceful and strong and caring person the pride of your sister and parents. The last time I saw you was in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania last July in the NAM Convention. You became such a mature, handsome, kind and distinct and attractive personality that impressed me lots. I was sure that many persons were very much willing to talk to you and get in touch with you. The story does not finish here as seems to be since we are called for eternal life in the Kingdom of the Father. We keep you in our faith and our prayers until the day comes and we all meet again with you and my nephew Joseph and all the departed loved ones..
Posted by Doris Hansen on 4th February 2015
Special thing about LIFE is that Life never takes you back, no many how memories you have, no matter how much you may think about the past. LIFE only brings you forward. If only we could go back and do a thing differently, if only the person we hurt could see how sorry we are. Perhaps they would understand. The decisions we make have been made. There is only accepting things we have done and moving forward. ..I accept the realization but I can't help but think of you all the time.
Posted by Ashley Ahern on 28th January 2015
Hey Ralph. I don't think a day goes by that I don't think about you, that you don't cross my mind even for a second. It's weird, since I haven't seen you in a while. I know when I moved off the island I grew distant from Doris but the memories I have of you are still so fresh in my mind. I remember last year, maybe the last time I saw you, you picked us up from the airport at around 2am when we got back from California. You insisted on driving me all the way home even though you had worked all day and were tired. When we got home, you took my suitcase up to the front door for me because it was heavy. You were like the big brother I never had and I am so grateful for that. You were always checking in when we went out, always looking out for us, making sure we were safe. Every time I saw you, you went out of your way to give me a kiss hello and ask how I was. You always seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying, even if it was something as little as school work. I remember when Doris and I wanted to throw a party in your front your our senior year of high school, you helped us clean out the yard and even gave us tips on how to set it up. You watched from the window that night to make sure every thing went well. When my grandma heard what had happened, she was almost in tears. She hasn't seen you in forever but she said how handsome and sweet you were, always taking time to talk to her when she was at the salon. It seems to be a common theme, you were the sweetest most respectable guy. Like I said, it felt like I had a big brother and that made me feel really special. The hardest part for me has been when I think about Doris. I know how close you guys were and how much you care about her. You would always ask with a little smile if she was "being good" or "telling the truth" but it was all in good fun. Continue to watch over her Ralph. Part of me still doesn't feel like this is real. I guess I never knew how much of an impact you had on me. You will be missed dearly. Rest Peacefully.
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 27th January 2015
I had a dream last night Ralph and you came back alive, Doris and I were trying to wake you up from a bed, you made a loud noise and we didn't know what it was, but your eyes opened wide after you made a scream, we sat you up in bed, you was not speaking but Doris gave you a glass of water and you drank it rapidly without any hesitation, but rolled back down in bed and was rolling around. We went straight to the surgeon general office to sign a release that Doris and I were witnesses to Ralph's body alive. I know this is the strangest dream ever and not aware why I was dreaming such unimaginable dream of Ralph, Doris and I. I know you are alive somewhere with God watching over us
Posted by Susan Chawki on 27th January 2015
Hi Ralph, They say that when a baby is born it cries and we laugh and rejoice, but when someone dies, he laughs and rejoices and we cry. I still can't believe that you've left this world. I still expect to receive a Sunday night text from you to go to the movies or that we'd go on another trip together. We lost a beautiful person and you're smile will never be forgotten, especially since we have Doris to remind us of you. You're death has given me a different perspective on life and has given me an even better reason to strive for heaven. I know you're in a better place now watching over us and I hope to see you again one day in heaven. Sincerely and with love, Susan
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 27th January 2015
Ralph -- NYC was expected to be hit by Blizzard Juno overnight. NYC escaped without much harm, but the snow reminds me of our ski trip. It was a fun day! I laugh remembering how serious you were about stopping at the outlets on our way home. We were all so tired, dirty, sweaty, looking like snow monsters with all our gear and boots. Yet, you wanted to check out the President's Day sales! :) As Christine said, you were always fresh and on point with your style. What sticks with me most from that day, however, was how much you and Doris looked out for each other on the slopes. I remember very vividly being at the bottom of the hill with Doris and looking up, waiting for you to snowboard down. We waited and waited, and Doris was getting worried. Then, we saw a person on the ground, and she was scared it was you, so we started to make our way up the hill to you. She kept saying that you didn't take lessons and you didn't really know how to board, and that she was worried you must be hurt. I remember Chadi telling me how much he loved your relationship with Doris, and that he wishes he had a sister to care for him as much as Doris cares for you...and vice versa. Anyway, as you know, it wasn't you on the ground and you were perfectly fine up there! The two of you were more than siblings. You were best friends, partners, roommates, two peas in a pod, two halves to a whole. That has not changed. In fact, the bond is even stronger. She still worries for you and cares for you more than ever. She needs to know that you're safe, warm, happy, and better than we can ever be. We also know that you are worrying and caring for her where you are, too. You're her guardian angel, who will protect her from heaven just as you did here on Earth. Keep watching over Doris, your family, and your friends. We miss you every day <3
Posted by Doris Hansen on 27th January 2015
Hi Ralph I miss you Sooo Soo much. I close my eyes and I remember the way you walk, I close my eyes and I remember the way you eat the way you held a fork, the way you drank your coffee, the way you used hands when you spoke and the way you moved your eyebrows when you where thinking.....I remember your voice, your laugh. I remember the way you danced. I would do it all again Ralph to see you.
Posted by Doris Hansen on 24th January 2015
Today is 5 weeks ya khaye. 5 weeks since I haven't seen you or heard your voice. I keep replaying the events of the day. Im sorry to have rushed you off the phone, I was always "too busy".. You were right All we have is each other. ..I am 5 weeks closer to seeing you now. This world will never be what I expected. I was too late to realize that.. you always had a wise outlook. Shetilak ya habibi, I adore you. MY right eye my right leg… Im not complete with out you but soon we will see each other again in peace. I am no longer afraid of death instead joyous since you will be there waiting for me.
Posted by Cee Bou on 23rd January 2015
Ralph was the only person on earth who took longer to get ready then me! He's the only guy who shows up two periods LATE to a hockey game ( no Ralph I won't forget that!!) probably because he couldn't decide which sneakers to wear haha. It has to be noted that he always looked fresh and always put an effort into looking his absolute best at al times. But somehow you couldn't stay mad at him. With his easy smile and infectious laugh he could turn any situation around. His laugh though. Truly like no other, I can hear it now. I'm sure whoever reads this can hear it now too. And just like that Ralphs making us smile from paradise :) When Ralph engaged you in conversation he made you feel like what you had to say was important; he attentively listened. He loved asking questions and learning new things. I think he just loved people and having new experiences. I'll always remember him as the man who stood up when a woman entered the room and the first (and sadly most times only) to offer you his seat. I have to put a spotlight on my memories of him whenever a rap song came on. Ralph aka drake always got so into the lyrics as he recited them Hahaa you were always on point Ralph. But mostly I'll remember him as a proud overprotective older brother. He loved his sister more then himself (and he sure did love himself ;). Doris I can't imagine your pain but find solace in the fact that your relationship with your brother, although cut way too short, most sibling will never share. The true friendship and genuine love you guys showed us has left a lasting impression on us all. One that gets us through the moments of extreme sadness over your loss Ralph. Some days were filled with complete sadness, some with belly-aching laughs, some with total numbness. But at the end of the day were lucky to have known you and lucky to call you our friend. We will continue to take care of your little sis Ralph. We love her just as much as you do. Rest in peace Ralph. Until we meet again <3
Posted by Denise Abou-Chrouch on 22nd January 2015
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal." This is a beautiful page for us to share our favorite memories of Ralph. Doris, I have watched the video collage over and over. It's beautiful, as is the song you chose - one of my favorites. I still cannot believe it. It feels like just another period of time where you're busy with work, or you have other plans and don't go out with the group. I keep thinking I'll just see you at the next outing. I just don't believe it. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of you, Ralph. You haven't left my mind since that dreadful night. I'm remembering the great times we shared, and wish I could go back and cherish them more. Take them in more. Hug you tighter. Hold your hand longer while practicing dabke. I wish we would have convinced you to join us for pumpkin picking. But, you wanted to give the girls their alone time. That was the last time I saw you. But, now, I see you in my dreams. You're happier than I've ever seen you, and your smile is from ear to ear. We know you're safe and happy in a place better than we can ever imagine, but everyone is hurting here without you. Keep on helping us get through each day, and keep watching over us. Especially Doris, your Mom & Dad, and your entire loving family. "The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity." We know you're in paradise. We know God's loving arms are around you. We know there's no pain or sorrow where you are. But, we miss you, and we love you, our brother, son, grandson, cousin, and friend. You had the biggest smile to go along with the biggest heart. I'm thinking of you always, missing you, and loving you. Allah yer7amak habibi.
Posted by Lauren Shaia on 21st January 2015
Ralphie-- Im still asking why? What did this happen to you? I miss you so much. I still can't believe it. You are forever in our hearts and will be with us forever. There is a part of me though that knows you are ok and are with God living in eternal peace. Please continue to watch over us and protect us. love you xoxo until we meet again...
Posted by Doris Hansen on 20th January 2015
"Certain realities in life can only be seen through eyes cleansed by tears," reply by Pope Francis when 12-year-old girl, Glyzelle Palomar, in the Philippines, asked him a tearful question about why God allows suffering.
Posted by Richard Loutfi on 23rd December 2014
I love you brother for life, I always knew you had my back from being childhood best friends on the block to Real Men on the streets of NY ! Your the toughest best friend I ever knew ! I am throwing you a Hail Mary Brother! I'll be waiting on the greener side :-)

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