Best friend

Shared by Toni Vasques on April 25, 2016

Oh mom I have so much to tell you.... I think about you and dad all the time and just wonder how things would be if the both of your were still here. I miss you so much mom. Your were my best friend and we talked about everything. My heart hurts because your gone. I love you and can't wait to see you again.

Madre mia

Shared by Shannon Lozano on April 25, 2016

She was the most amazing mother any child out here could ever ask for and I ask God why did he take the women that kept me on my feet all them years , he answered to me that it was his turn to spend time with such an amazing  wonderful women & also she wanted to be close to the man that put her through so much but Also who was the only man in this world that kept her happy..Mom i know your not suffering anymore but I can say I miss you and Dad so much words can't describe my feelings & this empty spot in my heart for you two .R.I.P Mom&Dad I love you both with all my heart!!

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