Rest up

Shared by Darion Strickland on March 9, 2021
Rest up Big Himes Man i remember when you and unc took me fishing for the first time i didnt know what the hell to do then when i caught my first fish man to be honest i was scared is hell but u and unc got the fish off the fishing pole for me and we took them home and ate the hell out them bitches man Momma Rachel did her thang in that kitchen man them was the day Rest up Big Randy u will be missed and loved always. 

Another story 
And i remember i was young and me and Weedy was at yo house chilling playing the game and Weedy got a call saying u got stabbed at the Bar Man Weedy and I was on 10 ready to go to war with whoever but we went to the hospital we was there with u the whole tike then Weedy gone ask me like lol bra u can go home if u want i look at him likenigga we famliy im not goin nowhere but miss u big Randy 

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