Let the memory of Randi be with us forever
  • 44 years old
  • Born on January 17, 1970 .
  • Passed away on September 12, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Randi Skolnik 44 years old , born on January 17, 1970 and passed away on September 12, 2014. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Nancy Reynolds on 3rd April 2019
My precious Randi, I miss you so much but will love and forgive you forever. Over the years I have found things people write about losing a loved one and saved them. Here they are: A lifetime of regrets, words I should have spoken, actions left untaken, the sad process of mistakes made by me, (and your father) who should have known better. Regrets have grown sharp as a razor's edge. ************ With Randi gone, I have suffered as never before. I am conscious of my loss every single day; I live with the terrible aching loss every hour; my mind constantly replays images of my daughter's lifetime together. How is it possible to love another person so much that you would rather die than live without them? *************** Did any mother ever get used to living without her child? ****************** Those we have held in our arms for a little while we hold in our hearts forever. Know that you are lived, my legacy in heaven. Love for eternity, Your mother
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 18th January 2019
Randi, How I miss you. Happy 49th Birthday sweet Randi. I know things are good in heaven, Your Mom misses you every single day. I love you and thinking of you. You will always and forever be in my heart. Love, Phyllis xoxoxo
Posted by Nancy Reynolds on 17th January 2019
My precious, beautiful, compassionate, sensitive and bright daughter Randi, On your 49th birthday you are ever in my heart and part of my life. I see Gerard Butler, the actor we loved in Phantom of the Opera. I talk to your best friends Monica, Nicole and George who also feel bereft of your love. I speak with you every night and recount my memories, tell you about my day, and play your favorite songs, including Happy Birthday today. I honor you with 3 dozen Rose's and the Yarzeit prayer as I light your candle. I hope you enjoy your Baube in heaven and my sister Rita, with whom you are so alike. Life has lost its luster for the rest of my life but I am trying to experience your love and presence from across the veil. Your influence on my life is profound and all emcompassing. I thank God that you know how much I love and admire you for all eternity.
Posted by Eleanore Steward on 12th September 2018
Beautiful Randi...happy 48th birthday....You will remain young and vivacious in the minds of those who love you. As always....please save spots for us....we'll be along - sooner than can be imagined. Hugs and kisses.....Elly...a SO GRATEFUL student of your Mama.
Posted by Elizabeth Gonzalez on 17th January 2018
To my special friend, Randi Skolnik, I remember you and the things we use to do, and although we sometimes were wild, we always remained true. You are the reason, I visited Albuquerque, and you are the reason, that I find myself alone.All my friends, are disappearing,and so I lay this flower over you. Take care, Randi. From Elizabeth Gonzalez
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 17th January 2018
Happy Birthday in heaven to you Beautiful Randi. We are celebrating your birthday in our hearts today, by all those who know you. Love you sweet girl and you are definitely in my heart every single day. Happy Birthday.. Love, Phyllis xoxoxo
Posted by Elizabeth Gonzalez on 14th September 2017
Wow.. I can't believe so much time has passed since your passing and still to this day I wonder how you are doing and that you are doing ok. I miss you greatly and treasure some times we had together, and think of all the wonderful places we use to go. All I know is that I just feel like talking to my best friend. Miss you greatly.
Posted by Eleanore Steward on 12th September 2017
Let us concentrate upon all of the joy and laughter that this wonderful young lady possessed AND shared. Yes...she is truly missed, but we know we will ALL be reunited one day in the future. Rest in peace, Randi, and please....save us a spot! We love you, and thank GOD for your being a part of our lives.
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 12th September 2017
Randi, I miss you so much. The world has not been the same without you in it. But you will always and forever have a special place in my heart and mind for you. Your presence is with me today as well as with your Mom and Phil. Have a beautiful life in heaven and know that you will never be forgotten by me or anyone who knew you. I love you forever. Love and Millions of Hugs and Kisses, Phyllis xoxoxo
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 12th September 2016
Randi, cannot believe it has been two years since you have left us. I think of you often and want you to know that this world has not been he same without you. But you are in my heart every day and I know you are at peace. Your Mom and Phil keep you in their hearts every single minute. I miss you sweet girl. Love, Phyllis Spital xo
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 14th January 2016
Happy Birthday sweet Randi. I miss you more than you will ever know. Your Mom is doing ok but misses you terribly. Do not worry about her because you are always part of her heart forever. You are in my heart too and think of you all the time. Have a Happy Birthday in Heaven. I love you. Love, Phyllis Spital xoxoxo
Posted by Eleanore Steward on 12th September 2015
Beautiful Randi is now one of the brightest stars in the galaxy, and her radiance will shine forever. Thank you, Nancy, for gifting humanity with her charm, intelligence, wit, and inquisitiveness. SHE knows, now, what the rest of us have to wait to experience.....Randi.....save a place for us, we'll be along as GOD calls.
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 12th September 2015
I am thinking of Randi today, one year since her passing. She will forever be in my heart and sending love to her in heaven. Her passing was the worst loss for all of us, especially her sweet Mom, Nancy, who was so close. May Randi be at peace and know I loved her. Love, Phyllis Spital xoxoxo
Posted by Michelle Goode on 1st September 2015
I'm so sad to learn of Randi's passing. She was a very dear part of my young adulthood, as we helped each other heal from my cousin Nadine's passing. I will never forget her bright smile, and caring nature, and will carry these loving memories of her in my heart for all time. Rest easy, my beautiful friend.
Posted by Nancy Reynolds on 18th March 2015
It's six months after my daughter's suicide but it seems like yesterday. The world is so lonely without her, the joy gone. I am trying to live one day at a time but those days are hard. When I feel better, I will post happy memories. Nancy
Posted by Dave Roberts on 28th February 2015
So Sad to see this, just searching a name I remember from the past. Very smart, very nice person I only knew for a short time, but will never forget.....
Posted by Elizabeth Gonzalez on 23rd January 2015
To this day I still have dreams of you, its as if you were trying to communicate with me before your depression and your passing, and you were trying to tell me even after that you were ok. I still remember the kindness you showed me, and your love of turtles. I wrote a small note in memory of you for Patrick Henry High and well I hope is alright. Forever blessed and now sorely missed.
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 17th January 2015
Happy Birthday Randi, in heaven. I will be thinking of you today and want to tell you how much I love you. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. May the sun shine on you. Miss you. Love, Phyllis Spital xoxo
Posted by Eleanore Steward on 22nd November 2014
I didn't have the privilege of getting to know Randi, but have rejoiced, over the years, of knowing her MARVELOUS MOTHER, and grieve with you, Dear Nancy. We're not programed to lose our children, but I know how determinedly strong you are, and with the help of your faith, and knowing the love your friends surrounds you with...this, too, will sustain you.
Posted by Don Ridgway on 30th October 2014
Randi was my student in the Grossmont College Cardiovascular Technology Program, bright and capable. I am deeply sorry to hear that she has left us, and hope her loved ones can find some measure of peace.
Posted by Beverly Caires on 28th October 2014
Dr. Reynolds and family, I am sorry for the loss of your shinning star. She's only gone physically and surrounds you day and night. There are no right words, you just have to keep on with the next step and find peace for yourself. Yes your shinning star left early but as her mom, you know she left wrapped in your love. She's still a shinning star.
Posted by Elizabeth Gonzalez on 26th October 2014
As I woke this morning, I asked myself what day is this, what did I do last night, why do I feel this way, and I realize I feel ok. Then as things in my life go, I realize I am being handed a newspaper with the obituaries, and for some reason, I find myself stoned, meaning, I am emotionless, and rigid. My friend, close, has passed. I often if not weekly or daily thought of her and my other friends from the passed, and why I no longer ran into anybody. I visited her in Albuquerque when she moved out, I was friends with her since Jr. High and High School, visited her in HollyWeird, as she use to say. She is the one that would laugh and call me her Lizard Breath. I will miss her dearly and deeply, and I cannot believe I still remember her phone number 697-0070, and I tried if not once often in my mind to contact her, but it always rang as fax. I am sorry you could not find help in time in your crisis, I think if I would have or could have known this we could have remained and made better friends, and you would see my crisis also similar to yours running a little over 10 to 14 years. Here's to you my friend, I Love You. Sincerely, Elizabeth Gonzalez
Posted by Patricia Cutler on 26th October 2014
Please accept my condolences at the loss of your daughter, Randi. I never met Randi, but I share her struggle with depression as do many of my family members. It is unfortunate that the mental health system let her down, especially when she was reaching out so desperately. There should have been some option for Randi. I hope that you will find support in dealing with her death. As you already know, this will be a painful journey for you.
Posted by Phyllis Spital on 21st October 2014
My heart goes out to you and your family Nancy. I am so sorry for this terrible loss of Randi. I remember when she was a little girl So sweet and cute. I have sweet memories of her. I only wish life was sweet for her and she was still here. Nancy, you have been the best Mom ever and Randi always knew that. May all of Randi's beautiful memories give you strength at this difficult time. I love you. Love, Phyllis
Posted by Nancy Reynolds on 20th October 2014
Phil and Nancy Reynolds are heartbroken to share the loss of our daughter, Randi Michelle Skolnik, who left us at age 44 on September 12, 2014. Randi was an accomplished cardiovascular technologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and at Sharp Chula Vista in San Diego. She leaves behind her parents, her brother Ron and her niece Claire, 12 and nephew Dustin, 6. She is also survived by her father, Marshall Skolnik, and her beloved grandmother, Lee Hudak, age 95. Randi was an exceptional person who lived life with integrity, generosity, unswerving devotion to her family, and a unique sensitivity. She once cried when a bush was removed from the yard; she felt bad for the bush. She was perceptive, appreciative and very intelligent, a shining spirit in life. She was active in pet rescue and felt strongly about adopting pets from shelters rather than from puppy mills. Randi loved her pet dogs and found joy in jewelry making, collecting bakelite purses and jewelry from the 1950’s, stamp collecting and even growing pollywogs into frogs. She had a large collection of music and antique collectibles. She was very lonely and regretted losing contact with former friends because she lived out of town so long. Randi battled depression and sought help from Kaiser Hospital. They let her down, as health care has failed to help so many like her. She waited for rehab care and a bed for weeks but the system never found her one. She called Mesa Vista Hospital again and again, even on the day she died. No bed. We miss her desperately. Her mother and brother have dedicated a memorial web site you are invited to visit at http://www.forevermissed.com/randi-skolnik/#about This site will be constantly updated as photos, slides and films become available. Her mother can be contacted at nanskol@hotmail.com.

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