* Ranisha Precious Cole*

Shared by Kayla Washington on September 10, 2014

What did I do to deserve this I didn't even get one last kiss, from you Oh baby God took your love from me You needed an angel so it seems I need to feel your hands all over me I need to feel you kissing me I need to feel you holding me I need to feel your touch Cause I miss your love so much And I can't keep on living this way I need you here with me Why did he take you away, from me It's hard for me to tell you I love you As I'm standing over your grave And I know I'll never hear your voice again Why did you leave me Why couldn't you just stay Because my world is nothing, without you Now I don't know what to do, with myseI would've given you anything Just to make you happy Just to hear you say, that you love me one last time I'd go to hell back over and over again Just to prove to you how much I need you here There is nothing that I wouldn't do I'd cry for you I'd lie for you And there's no doubt that if I could take your place in heaven I would die for you, yes I will I would rather give up my life Than to see tears in your eyes I can't stand to see you cry Cause it's hard for me to tell you I love you As I'm standing over your grave And I know I'll never hear your voice again Why did you leave me Why couldn't you just stay babe Because my world is nothing, without you Now I don't know what to do, with myself I just don’t know what to do with myself I can’t stop looking at those pictures on my shelf Knowing it was just one week ago, stood there and took that picture There just one thing that I want to know Why would God want to hurt me so bad Does He know how much it hurts to be missing you Baby I’m missing you Baby I’m missing you I love you oohh God dammit I love you Why did he did he take you away from me Cause I love you so... I miss you so much baby I just can’t go on baby  Im missing you every day this song shout out to you alway you aint never be forgotten  by your Favorite cousin I miss you bishhh you been here for since Day1 man you aint never going to be forgotten by Kaylaa Waylaa <3 <3 <3 <3


Shared by Kayla Washington on January 15, 2014





Shared by Curtis Henderson on July 13, 2013

rest in peace just read your story and couldnt help but to stop by and say something

always forgive your loved one because you never know when the day god will call us home

Shared by Lakehsa Deflanders on October 13, 2012

To her sister samantha i did my sister like that she called me names over something crazy and i did the samething to her but i text her the next day to say that i was sorry even if i was not in the wrong but i did because my sister has been sick and i will be sick without all of my sister and my brother but to you...you sister is with you everyday to the cole family one love.....

Shared by Quiara Reed on March 10, 2012

precious you been there for me every since the first day we met. i will never forget that year. you didnt get alone on the first day we met. you hated me and i hated you but at the end of the day you neva let anybody dogg me out. you had my back and i really love you for that too.


                                                  i love you bigg sistah ;-)

Shared by Quiara Reed on February 11, 2012

rest in peace bigg sistah


Shared by Jaylen Wilson on April 28, 2011

i remember bacc in 7th grade at northwest, we wasnt always cool at first you couldnt stand me, then we became hella cool. but i remember that time in mr.dillards class it was my class and you bust in the classroom goin off on mr.dillards cause he had wrote you up for something. it was so funny cause you had that high pitch voice and you had the whole class laughing and mr.dillards couldnt say nothng. but mann i miss ur voice, ur smile, so i kno u smiling down on us from heaven...imu precious


Shared by Kevin Ingram on March 29, 2011

..man ii remember when we first met in da loop. i wasz walkin down da street on da fonee widt "FABO" lookin for him && "RO" n he said he was comin up da street widt "HOMICIDE GURLS". dass when i seen YOUU widt him , ro , niisha , yum-yum , && hella othaa ppl (too many to name) . but den when we wasz by disz store isz when YOUU 1st said sumthin 2k me. we got to talkin n den da next day we start tawkin on bebo lOl. YOUU wasz my othaa half on der for hellas. den one day YOUU asked me wasz ii goin to da gateway classic n ii said no because i dont have no ticket and YOUU was like ii got a extra one det YOUU can have. so when da gateway classic came ii rode da metrO widt my homebois and when i got off n tried to call YOUU, YOUU yelled my name n ran over there and gave me one of da biggest hugs ever. we walked to da stadium widt everybody, we wasz str8 hella deep lOl. when we got to walkin around YOUU had got mad adt me because YOUU was like its too many females up her det im lookin adt and YOUU grabbed my hand n we started walkin around da rams dome holdin hands <3<3<3. den we YOUU wasz like YOUU can walk around widt yo frewnds I walked around widt da whole HOMICIDE n we got into idt widt dem luh niggas from BMBk. da next time ii seen YOUU, yhu was like whats wronG widt YOUU n ii aint say nun den YOUU got mad n we start walkin again. when we got outside and dey jumped me, YOUU && NIISHA (women) came over der swingin on dem sayin dey got me fukCed up, ii cuulda lost my life det day and YOUU saved me. aftaa det happen ii str8 fell in love widt YOUU CUZz nobody else wuuld have dunn anything like det for me n det showed me det YOUU really cared about me. den YOUU women nd yum-yum beat sum hoes ass da same day when we got off da metro adt delmar LOOP lOl. man i still remember how YOUU use 2k call me everyday n we use 2k talk for hellas no matta what. when YOUU use to call me hella early adt like 3 sumthin in da mornin i didnt wanna pikC up da fonee but ii knew idt wasz YOUU so ii pikCed up anyway. we use to tawk abkout any and everything. YOUU always use 2k get mad adt me n be like YOUU hate me n hanG up den call me bakC like 5 minutes later or later det day n say "SORRY MANNY I LOVE YOUU" den ii get da biGGest smile n say ii love YOUU bakC. ii remember one day ii seen YOUU adt da LOOP widt women n sumbody else && ii tried to act like ii didnt see YOUU when ii put my fonee up 2k my head & YOUU wasz like dont act like YOUU dont see me now & YOUU gave me a biG huG. my homeboy wasz like "PRECIOUS WOULD YOUU EVA GO WIDT MANNY" && den YOUU was like "HE ALREADY KNOW I WOULD & I LOVE HIM SO I DONT KNOW WHY YOUU EVEN ASKED DET" lOl. my heart str8 dropped when YOUU said det. && sumthin ii cuuld never forGet isz when YOUU told me "only reason why we aint togethaa isz because ii dont wanna do YOUU wronG n end up cheatin on YOUU or brakiin yo heart" right den n der im like damn anybkody else wuuldna said no shidt like det 2k me dey just wuuld did idt anyway but YOUU kept idt 100 widt me abkout anything/EVERYTHING.. we got into idt one day n ii cant remember exaCtly what for but we stopped talkin. MAN IDTS LIKE SO MUCH SHiDT I WANNA SAY BUT DEN AGAiN DONT REALLY KNOW HOW TO SAY IDT. man ii swear to god on my life ii wuuld do anything just to get YOUU bkC n see YOUU one more time so ii can express all my feelins 2k YOUU. ii swear if ii wasz der det day YOUU died idt wuuld have bkeen me det wasz in da casket instead of YOUU. det wuuld have bkeen my way of pAyinG YOUU bakC for savin my life det one day. && ii cuuld chunk idt up on anything det before YOUU died ii said ii wasz gon get yo name tattede on me but ii didnt think det idt wuuld have a R.I.P infrOnt of idt (smh) , dass how muCh ii love YOUU. && ii cant forget YOUU because YOUU wasz really my 1st love n idts not right to forget abkout ur 1st love. "PRECIOUS IMA ALWAYS LOVE YOUU NO MATTER WHAT & IF ANYBkODY GOT SUMTHIN TO SAY I DONT CARE CUZz DONT NOBkODY ELSE MATTER 2K ME EXCEPT YOUU" && idt str8 took da death of YOUU for me 2k realize how muCh ii love YOUU.

[[P.S]] just promise me det YOUU gon be waitin adt da doors of heaven when idts my turn to leave from here... ii LOVE YOUU && ii MISS YOUU always && forever

**r.i.p RANISHA PRECIOUS "p-bluud" COLE [[02/01/93]]--[[12/26/10]]

The last talk

Shared by Samantha Brown on March 5, 2011

I am precious big sister Samantha. I love my sister so much. Me and my sister had a big fight a month before she passed. I was so upset at her for wrecking my car. I talked so bad to her and didn't talk to her. One day in December a week before she left this earth, she called my phone. I saw her number in a way I was happy to see her number but I still wanted to pretend I was upset with her. So I answered the phone, I was like what do u want. She was like don't by your kids no bikes for Christmas, I was like why? She was like cause I'm buying them some bikes. I was like lil girl you don't have to buy my kids nothing. She was like; like I said don't buy them no bikes. I was like whatever. Then she said bye lil girl. In a way I think that was our way of saying sorry and that we love each other. A month later I had my daughter and she wanted me to have a girl and I named her Simone Ranisha. My sister first name was Ranisha. I miss my sister and wish over and over again I can see her again. I Love you my little sister, I always did. I will never forget u just don't forget I'm going to always think of PRECIOUS. my sister.

MY Str8 Homegirl Gone ` </3

Shared by Poodaa Joy on March 2, 2011

we first met in elementary school , at lexington elementary , you & my sis deaa was like bestfriends at the time & I use to always be around yall so thts when me & you got cool. from there we use to always kick it every now & then but we grew close. we went to langston middle together then you got out cause you were always fightin . lol smh , bt of course you knew how to throw yo hands w/ them hoesm& niggas , ha & teachers , bt anyways man then we went to alternative south together last year when it was you me & peanutt , you wanted me & peanutt to be together so bad , lol bt eventually me & him got together man all because of you . we always stayed hitting up parties at steelo , club polo etc & you was always finna bang . you stayed chunckin up yo ''westsideeee'' lhh . bt shit got hectic , after a while my bae peanutt died =( then you man thts too much . i love yall soooo fucking much & you know tht I MISS THE BOTH OF YALL <3 rest in peace hunnieeee ` Ranisha Pblud Precious Cole , lovePoodaaa

Cousin Memories

Shared by Tiny Cole on January 6, 2011

I remember how when we were little and young, we always stayed going skating at either Saints or Skate King. It would always be Precious ; Woman ; Lexis ; Carla ; Yum Yum ; and of course me. These are the memories that I am going to cherish the most. Especially your pretty big smile ;). It will always be missed cousin. Ily Bby Girl.


                                                                    Yours Truly


                        #RiP Ranisha D. Cole 02/01/93- 12/26/10

Shared by Teisha Woolfolk on December 30, 2010

I don't know you Ranisha, but I do know that I can't get this off my mind.Until now.. I've never cried for a person I didn't know,broke my heart. I will pray for your family and friends. You were a angel and God needed you home. R.I.P. Ranisha

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