He loved life and loved people. Please share your memories of an amazing man with a big heart.
  • 72 years old
  • Born on December 7, 1943 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on November 16, 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rasheed Gbadamosi 72 years old , born on December 7, 1943 and passed away on November 16, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Temitope Gbadamosi on 7th December 2017
Happy Birthday Pops
Posted by Kunbi Osinoiki on 16th November 2017
So much has happened in 365 days... Trump... Brexit.... the restructuring debate... Rotten yams.... Whistle blowing.... Two days ago, you became a grandad again.... Mugabe may be on his way out... You would have so much to say about these...and more... Miss you lots. Always.
Posted by Kunbi Osinoiki on 16th November 2017
So much has happened in 365 days... Trump... Brexit.... the restructuring debate... Rotten yams.... Whistle blowing.... Two days ago, you became a grandad again.... Mugabe may be on his way out... You would have so much to say about these...and more... Miss you lots. Always.
Posted by Martin Prior on 16th November 2017
I first met Rasheed when he was 20... always lively and full of fun. Both of us crazy! A year later we shared a flat together with Ibrahim... the flat was always alive if we were not across the road at the Old house at Home. We both had a keen interest in economics, and I am sad we didn't have the chance to talk about contemporary issues. Always remembering.
Posted by Bimbo Gbadamosi on 16th November 2017
Dear Dad I miss you so much. I miss your encouragement your laughter your advice and so much more. I know you are happy where you are and you can be very proud of all you did with us. Your grand children miss you too. Sleep well Dad till we meet gain. Your Son Bimbo
Posted by Adetola Wewe on 7th March 2017
You exhibited passion for the Arts. Each time we met while you were alive, you could not hide your love for me and my paintings. You had the "eyes". You had the spirit .You invested so much into the Arts. I will , like most Nigerian artists miss you.
Posted by Martin Prior on 10th January 2017
Rasheed was my flat-mate for two years in Manchester. We talked politics and socialised, and he at least was very head-strong and always had a sense of direction. He was determined to post-graduate work in economic development. Both his immediate family and Nigeria as a whole have incurred a great loss, and my thoughts are with his family.
Posted by Bose Odueke on 14th December 2016
How are the might fallen ... R.I.P Uncle Rasheed as we called you though you were Bayo's first cousin. Words cannot express how sad I am about your premature death at 72, but I take solace in Ecclesiastes 3:2 "A time to be born, and a time to die." You were more than an in-law to me, you were a father, a brother, a mentor, a friend, my helper, my go to person, just name it! You took time to listen and was always ready to advice me and lend a helping hand. You were just a phone call away uncle! Iyawo mi (as you fondly called me), what do you want me to do to for you!! And I can consider it done. You treated me with respect and dignity and made me feel very special everytime we met (despite all your accolades and wealth). You were always there for me anytime I needed you and ready to do whatever it takes. Always ready to give of your time, money and love. I remember the last time we met in your study at Parkview, little did I know that it will be the last time! I cannot forget all the pep talk we had in Nigeria, Canada and England and will miss you very much uncle. We love you but God loves you more. E sun re o, omo eluku mede mede ...
Posted by Jeff Brummer on 9th December 2016
Rasheed Gbadamosi was a commanding presence and a true renaissance person, one who stood out not just in Nigeria and Africa but in the world at large. He is one of the few men who I can truly say I loved as a brother. And I will greatly miss his worldly presence.
Posted by Daniel Ademola on 24th November 2016
Can't believe Daddy is gone! All through the times I had to be with him, he was always putting on a smiling face. Your effort towards the success of your children can't be forgotten. Your concern to ensure that we member of staff of Kunbi's Place and Leisure Park Ltd get paid can't be overemphasized. You earned our respect through your fatherly presence at times we never expected. The little times I shared with you cannot be forgotten. Rest on sir. You'll be forever missed
Posted by Jagun Adelabu Kunle on 23rd November 2016
You lived a life worthy of emulation. Farewell to a statesman, politician, industrialist, economist, author, nationalist and art aficionado. You are going to be missed.
Posted by Olusola Dada on 22nd November 2016
TRIBUTE IN HONOR OF CHIEF RASHEED ABIODUN GBADAMOSI Inevitably, our paths would cross; R.A.G as I fondly referred to the late Rasheed Gbadamosi was close to joining the Federal Civil Service but decided against it based on his late father’s guidance. He followed another path by cutting his teeth in the private sector. As fate will have it, our paths still crossed in the vibrant social scenes of Lagos in the early 1970s. R.A.G and I instantly clicked; we had a common love and appreciation for economics and finance. This was demonstrated in both our career paths – while I spent most of my early career in the civil service, Rasheed excelled in the private sector and was constantly rewarded and acknowledged by the government of the day on different occasions. At the tender age of 29, he was appointed as a Commissioner of Economic Planning in the executive council of the Mobolaji Johnson administration of Lagos state. Later he served on the board of NIDB and much later served as the Minister of National Planning under the government of General Abdul-Salam Abubakar. He went on the serve in various other capacities publicly while combining this with an illustrious prvate sector career sitting on the board of many companies (both private and publicly quoted) whilst notably being the founder and Chairman of RAGOLIS water, a renowned bottled water company. Rasheed had a fine mastery of the English language as shown in the forward he wrote in my book that I authored in 2011 to celebrate my 70th birthday – ‘ A Life of Service.’ I quote a paragraph from the forward with nostalgia: ‘Endowed with a sound academic training and retraining and depth of mind cultivated by application of acquired knowledge to contentious, complex economic issues, Sola Dada’s mind is as fertile as the challenge of resolving the proverbial many-handed economic issues that do not admit of a particular, singular resolution. ‘ Rasheed was also a patron and lover if the arts. All over the arts circuit in Nigeria, he was known and will be missed. He acquired a vast collection of artwork over his lifetime and he encouraged me and I in turn came to love and appreciate art. I can attribute a few pieces in my collection to his influence. This love of art and culture possibly also his influenced his choice as the Co-Chairman of the Lagos @50 Committee. R.A.G and I shared so many memorable moments together. Some time in the early 1990s when I had just built my country home in Aiyede-Ekiti, Rasheed and his beautiful wife made the long journey down and spent time there with my family and me. He made several more trips to Aiyede-Ekiti and many more memorable moments were shared. In turn, Lola (my wife) and I spent many weekends and Salah celebrations with Rasheed and his family at Ikorodu. We also played ADC to one another at our children’s wedding ceremonies by wearing the same aso-oke and most notably, when I buried my father in 2003, R.A.G was by my side and we were robed in the same regalia for the burial ceremony. R.A.G was a loving husband, a doting father, a loyal friend, a brilliant mind, a professional to the core, a non-tribalized Nigerian, a true son of Lagos and a devout Muslim. He lived a fulfilled life and had a purposeful sojourn on earth; his gallant deeds will be remembered for a long time to come.
Posted by Olumide Foresythe on 21st November 2016
Rest in peace Sir, knowing you have wonderful children that will carry on with your legacy.....you will be truly missed.
Posted by Abiodun Fayemi on 21st November 2016
RAG,a fine gentle man.I got so close to him in 2013,although I knew him right from when I was very young because he was my fathers friend(Segun Fayemi-Libset 1960).One thing you love about RAG is the way he always wants to make everyone around him comfortable.He is very humble to a fault.He once said to me "I love to help people it gives me joy".I always admired how he related with his wife you could see the love between them.RAG was just a unique man.There's alot to say but I pray the good Lord will be with his family and may his soul rest in peace.RAG lives on.
Posted by Kunbi Osinoiki on 21st November 2016
He still owes me a visit. After he spied a rug from his factory years ago, on which a lion had been emblazoned, it became even more pressing. He revealed that he had seen that design and decided that it belonged to me, nowhere else, so he commandeered it and packaged it off to me. I sent word back some time later that I had found the perfect place for the rug, this being the studio room downstairs in my Ijegba home, which I named IGBALE AGBA. I declared that I would not formally declare that room open without him. We fixed a date, then another, and now, there are no new dates to negotiate. In the Lagos@50 monthly series in which we celebrate the five Lagos divisions known as I-B-I-L-E, this December was to have been the turn of Ikorodu, third in line, and Rasheed's early play, ECHOES FROM THE LAGOON, was already scheduled. In the process of reacquainting myself with his works, I was reminded of Gbadamosi's early creative promise. I wrote him, lamenting that the artistic world had lost him to business. It is impossible to quantify the personal consolation I derived from having sent him that note just a forthnight or so before he took his leave of us. In strict terms of course, the artistic world never lost Rasheed. That was were his soul was, and he manifested it in the commitment that made him turn his estate into a vast exhibition gallery of Nigerian painters, to which many flock till today. Rasheed - let this be stressed as a public challenge - Rasheed put his money where his heart beat! Both young and old generation artists will testify to this in abundance. But finally, he left us. Fate is often cruel, very cruel when hope has been raised. I had been optimistic, not only optimistic but proactively so. At the start of our collaboration, I confess I had been skeptical over his stamina. He looked frail, so I protested to him and his minders - Tell him to take it easy. He needn't come to this or that meeting or whatever event. Rasheed had his own ideas however, and insisted on nearly full, productive participation. So I changed gears. I had recognized a fighter, and I found it challenging. I now became querulous when I failed to see him at an event - let him do more and more, I insisted. It was doing him good, so I demanded more of the same for him. And he still owed me that visit...! Only a few weeks ago, we had lunch together - a working lunch, drawing up new options for an open frustrating exercise. On that unsuspecting day, I watched him undergoing his physiotherapy session before we proceeded to lunch, prepared by his deceptively light framed but courageous wife. How was one expected to have remotely conjectured that this was to be our 'Last Supper' together! Adieu, dear aburo, adieu." - Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka
Posted by Ayo Ijiwoye on 20th November 2016
Adieu Great uncle, May you journey well with the angels and find your peace in God’s bosom.
Posted by Kunbi Osinoiki on 20th November 2016
Tribute from Folarin Olufunwa LIBSET MBHS Lagos RAG as we fondly call him. A giant of a kind in our group. The curtain came down suddenly and you were gone.You were kind, generous and unpretentious, you gave one of the best to the group for which you will be loved, cherished and remembered. Despite the lofty height which you have achieved in life, you remained one of us with humility, love, understanding and grace. Adieu my friend and REST IN PEACE L I B S E T 1960
Posted by Funmi Gbadamosi-Ijiwoye on 20th November 2016
Adieu Uncle....As we fondly called him, not a common thing in our culture but you see he imbibed some English culture...smile. I remember how he used to tell me how cute I looked as a child with my hair packed into two buns...also remember when I told him my kid sister would need to stay at his place for a while when I left for my masters in the UK, he was happy to take care of her..I remember how excited he was to meet my husband when we announced we are getting married and was fond of my husband....how he shed tears on the day of our engagement when he spoke about my late dad.... and how thrilled he was to meet my children...Each time I called him, he would say my dear daughter...and the last time we called he kept praying for us....really sad to see him go...my husband & I spoke about how I needed to call to check on him just 3 days before he passed on..now its too late...He wasn't perfect (neither are we) but was a good man with a good heart. Adieu dear Uncle, you'll be missed. Funmi Ijiwoye.
Posted by Adeyinka Adekoya on 20th November 2016
I remember your words of advice, I will never forget ... Sleep well my dear uncle
Posted by Olusegun Osinubi on 19th November 2016
A father of fathers or even mothers who was compassionate and very brilliant. A lover of arts, music, history and he was a great industrialist. An achiver per excellence who was an inspiration to his generation. A man of conviction who believed that the economy of Nigeria is better driven by private businesses. He left an indelible mark and his legacy lives on. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Taiwo Otukoya on 19th November 2016
Ina Lilahi Wa Ina Ilaehi Rajiun, Allah giveth and He Taketh. May Almighty Allah raise chief Gbadamosi amongst the righteous and consider him a blessed soul on the day of judgement. (Amin) May Allah grant the families, Lagos state and the entire nation the strength to bear the irreparable loss. My chairman, Chief Gbadamosi was a poet, an art collector, very informed man and a man with a very high business acumen. Whenever one meet with chief, you ate sure of knowledge increament in all facet of life. Live on chief.
Posted by Olar Ranks on 19th November 2016
A great loss to our nation. A great man of the love of arts ,crafts and culture. Not enough words can compliment your works and achievements Our nation will miss you.. Rest in peace sir.
Posted by Afolábí Sórúnké Jp on 19th November 2016
The Great Industrialist of our time, may your gentle soul rest in peace. Adieu Sir.
Posted by Victor Munis on 19th November 2016
A truly lovely man. A brilliant writer, a first class economist, witty, effervescent, humorous and ever so classy. Father of my dear friend and brother Bimbo Gbadamosi, Rest In Peace Sir. All our great ones are leaving us. He was one of them...... Sigh!!!!!!
Posted by Yusuff Fadeyi on 18th November 2016
Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi legacy and principle will forever remain in my heart cos he a role model people like ke look up to, I will forever miss him.
Posted by Busola Akande on 18th November 2016
I met someone many years ago who described you as the only honest Nigerian! He did not know that your daughter was my good friend. This person had worked in your company as a very junior person, but watched you - probably unnoticed. A good name is better than riches, the Bible says. You have left a wonderful legacy for your children, a legacy of hardwork, excellence and determination. I see all those qualities in my friend Kunbi. She has also imbibed your love of music! Thank you for the example you have been. Thank you for being her dad, thank you for serving your nation.
Posted by Margaret Haynes on 18th November 2016
Like others gone before him, he has gone to join other great men. You will be missed. Every now and again smile on us with that lovely smile. Uncle, May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Idowu Richards on 18th November 2016
Baba Kunbi, that was the name I grew up knowing him by and that was in the late 60s and early 70s while growing up at No 36 Ayangburen Street, Ikorodu, I still remember the wedding of either him or Late Alhaji Waheed Gbadamosi (Second Manager) at Ode Remo where I was the ring bearer. I have always loved his gentle and amiable nature, I have always wanted to be under him in his house but as fate would have it Tunde Gbadamosi got admission into Government College Lagos and went to live with him at Eric Moore while I went to Government College Ikorodu and stayed back at home, he was someone I loved to be like but he is gone now and I know that a lot of people would want to say something about him but would not be oppurtuned..................I could still remember the song I used to sing with Iyabo Gbadamosi about FARAWAMETZ and how he jokingly told us that do we know that it was just an abbreviation of his and his brothers names.Fatai, Rasheed and Waheed Gbadamosi. Farewell Sir, people like you don't come around everytime.....The World would definitely miss you.
Posted by Saadatu Jamila Tumsah on 18th November 2016
Your efforts towards providing clean water to the public through Ragolis will never be forgotten. You'll be missed. Kunbi and other children biologically and otherwise whom you adopted are your legacy and will surely carry on the Barton you left behind. Rest in peace sir.

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