Her Life



Rathnamma was the firstborn child of Kamatam Solomon & Santhoshamma.
She was born on July 16th, 1929, at Wadde Kothapalli of Warangal District, Telangana. She spent her early childhood at Wadde Kothapally, with her parents and siblings: Manikyam, Karuna, Kanthaiah, Sathaiah, and Santhosham.


When she was five years old, she walked a few miles every day to attend school in a nearby village known as Gottiparthi. She received her elementary education at a primary school run by a local preacher at Gottiparthi.

After primary school, she continued her education at a Christian school at Alair, of Nalgonda District. Based on her academic merit at Alair, she was selected to pursue higher education at the Wesley Girls High School, Secunderabad. In addition to quality Christian education in Engish Medium at Wesley, she received training to be part of the choir, to sing soprano, and tenor. She excelled at singing and playing musical instruments such as the Harmonium, and the harmonica. Throughout her student life, and even while she was a nurse, she enjoyed participating in various sports. 


Soon after graduation from Wesley Girls High School, she enrolled in a training program in nursing, at the Mission Hospital in Medak District. While at Medak, she was trained by British doctors. After graduating from Medak, she pursued further training at the Ramayampet Mission Hospital. After her initial training and working at the mission hospitals, she got selected for employment in the state government hospitals. Being employed by the state, she was posted in different hospitals at various places, and promoted to higher responsibilities. She trained many batches of auxiliary nurses. She enrolled in specialized training at Osmania General Hospital as a hosteller and passed with a distinction. She then worked as Head Nurse for a few years and retired as a gazetted officer at age sixty. Earning a decent pension since her retirement, she was financially independent and was a blessing to those around her until she was called to glory on May 16th, 2021. During her career, she worked at Medak, Ramayampet, Khammam, Siddipet, Sangareddy, Hyderabad, and Vikarabad.


It was while working at Medak, that she married Pereji John David on May 31, 1950. They lived in various places such as Medak, Ramayampet, Humnabad, Nirmal, Ramkote, Hyderabad, Khammam, Siddipet, Sangareddy, Vikarabad, and  Secunderabad.

They raised four children: Samson (born in Ramayampet), Christopher (born in Dudgaon), Sujatha (born in Medak), and Wellington (born in Khammam).

Samson and his wife Manikyam are blessed with three children: John, Sandeep, Swetha. John, his wife Sharon, and their son Jayden live in Hyderabad. Sandeep and Swetha live with their parents in Doha, Qatar.

Christopher and his wife Rajkumary are blessed with two daughters: Cheryl, and Meryl. They all live in the USA.

Sujatha and her husband Winston are blessed with two daughters: Hazel, and Mabel. They all live in Secunderabad.

Wellington and his wife Merlyne are blessed with two sons: Anugrah and Akshay. Akshay lives in Dubai, UAE. Wellington, Merlyne, and Anu live in Mettuguda, Secunderabad.

TIMELINE FROM 1988 to 2021

Rathnamma and her husband John David Pereji left Siddipet in 1988, and joined their daughter Sujatha and son-in-law Winston Ravikanth. They lived with them in Bowenpally, Picket, Mahendra Hills, and witnessed the births of their daughters Hazel and Mabel, and enjoyed grandparenting, in addition to being a blessing.

They also lived with their grandchildren John, Sandeep, and Swetha at Nampally, and at Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar when their son Samson and daughter-in-law Manikyam initially made a career move to Doha, Qatar.

From 1998 to 2001, they stayed with their youngest son Wellington at Nacharam. They spent a few months with their second son Christopher’s family in the USA in 1998. They spent a few months with their eldest son Samson’s family in Doha in 2000. Mr. John David Pereji passed on to eternal rest in December of 2001.

Mrs. Rathnamma David Pereji lived with her youngest son Wellington’s family at Nacharama, and Tarnaka from 2001 to 2008. She stayed in Doha for a few months during 2004. She was with her daughter Sujatha for some time in 2015, and 2016, and from May 2017 to December 2017.

She spent the last few years of her life at Mettuguda along with Miss. Prema Benjamin, and Miss Susheela Purushotham, under the care of Wellington, Merlyne, Anugrah, and Akshay.

Mrs. Rathnamma David Pereji was called to glory on May 16th, 2021. 



Late Kamatam Manikyam and his wife Late Shanthamma are blessed with four children: Jayaraj, Rajarathnam, Gnananandam, and Vijayalakshmi.

Jayaraj and his wife Pushparajamani are blessed with two children: Srujan Varun Kumar, and Sowjanya. They reside in Khammam.

Rajarathnam and his wife Suvarna are blessed with three children: Vennela, Helen, and Jeevan. They are all residents of Uppal, Hyderabad.

Gnananandam and his wife Indira are blessed with two sons: Dheeraj and Prakash. They reside at Dudgaon of Nizamabad District.

Vijayalakshmi and her husband Vasanth Kumar are blessed with two children: Chandra Prakash, and Nancy. They reside in Nirmal.


Rathnamma has two younger sisters: Karunamma and Santhosham.

Karunamma and her husband Gajula Daya Rao are blessed with three sons. They live in Hyderabad, with their eldest son Praveen Sukumar, daughter-in-law Padmaja, and granddaughters Angelina and Alisa Joyce.

Their second son Naveen Sukumar and his wife Anne are blessed with two children: Alethia and Nathan. They live in Newton, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Their third son Kiran Sukumar and his wife Lilian are blessed with two sons: Joel and Jaxon. They live in Newton, Pennsylvania, USA


Kamatam Sathaiah and his wife Samadhanam are blessed with three sons and two daughters: Rathaiah, Sanjeev, Solomon, Suvarna, and Jeevamani.

Rathaiah and his wife Mariamma are blessed with a son, Madhu, and two daughters: Salomi and Anita. They are all residents of Kothapally.

Sanjeev and his wife Swarnalatha are blessed with two sons: Ajay and Ajit. They all live in Hyderabad.

Solomon and his wide Swarupa are blessed with two daughters: Jessie and Niharika. They all live in Hyderabad.

Suvarna and her husband David are blessed with a son, Ameen David. They reside in Nalgonda. 

Jeevamani and her husband Narsimha are blessed with a daughter Nissi. They live in Jangaon. 


Kamatam Kanthaiah and his wife Late Mrs. Kamatam Rathnamma are blessed with three sons and a daughter. 

Their eldest son Prashanth Kumar and his wife Kalpana Karthiki are blessed with two children: Prem Anugrah and Pearl Asenath. Prashanth lives in Saudi Arabia; Kalpana, with her two children, and father-in-law Kanthaiah live in Siddipet.

Their second son Vijay Kumar and his wife Rajani live in Siddipet. 

Their third son Anand Kumar and his wife Nancy Neelima are blessed with two children: Noel and Catherine. They live in Siddipet.

Their only daughter Vasantha and her husband Clement John Praveen are blessed with a daughter Rebekah Zoe. They live in Bangalore - Hosur.


Santhosham and Late Mr. Budha Prabhudas are blessed with a son and a daughter: Bhushan Pavan Kumar and Priscilla Prem Kumari. Santhosham lives in Karimnagar.

Pavan and his wife Surekha are blessed with two daughters: Shiphrah Angel and Sarah Aliena. They currently reside at FPW - Canaan, Ankushpur, Ghatkesar Mandal.

Daughter Priscilla and her husband Samson are blessed with a daughter and a son: Noble Raj, and Simiya Roseline. They reside in Karimnagar.