He touched our lives and brought laughter to our hearts.
  • 60 years old
  • Born on July 11, 1954 .
  • Passed away on September 25, 2014 .

A service to celebrate Ray's life will take place on Saturday, October 25th from 1-3pm at the Peoples Community Center in Tacoma, WA (1602 S MLK Jr Way). 

This memorial website was created in loving memory of Ray "Justin" Johnson.

Please feel free to share your memories, photos, and thoughts and invite others who knew and loved him to do the same. 

Posted by Mara Giannoulas on 25th September 2018
I will never be able to see an ad for a horror movie without thinking of Ray. He did so love those as much as I dislike them. We always had a good laugh about that. A friend that will be forever missed.
Posted by Mara Giannoulas on 11th July 2018
Happy Birthday Ray! I am sure you are in heaven make people laugh like you did on earth.
Posted by Regina Jones on 11th July 2017
Happy birthday, Ray Ray. Always love you. Regina
Posted by Roland Jones on 25th September 2016
Miss you, big brother.
Posted by Regina Jones on 25th September 2016
Missing my dear Ray. It has been two years and I still can't watch the Academy Awards...every year we watched together by phone with our ongoing critique of the red carpet. I've (mostly) been able to let go of my sadness and focus instead on all of the joy you brought to my life. I miss you, Honey. Glad you're with Mom!
Posted by Mara Giannoulas on 21st July 2016
I have been putting this off because I just didn't know what to say. I've known the Jones/Johnsons/Johari most of my life. I still miss Cecilia and my Dad a lot! Ray too of course. I was watching TV and a commercial came on advertising a horror movie. I abhor these types of movies and Ray loved them, the scarier the better. We used to tease each other about ever since junior high school. It made me laugh to remember that, just as Ray was usually laughing. I know he is in a better place with no pain nor suffering.
Posted by Ann DeKoster on 24th October 2014
I will be thinking of all of the family today for the memorial. We will keep Reggie, Renekee, Cecilia and Ray in our hearts. Always, Ann
Posted by Brad Smull on 24th October 2014
I recall years past when Judith Shoshana & I were honored to be guests at Ray's sister Regina's home for various holiday gatherings, including wonderful Thanksgiving dinners. Ray had mobility challenges that might lead many of us to say, "why bother", but not Ray. Keeping those challenges in mind, as I recall it was often Ray's style to arrive a bit late--always making his entrance with an excited attitude and wide smile, sharing hugs & kisses around the table, and quite often with a fun story to tell that had all gathered around the table in stitches before he was finished! Ray's joyful approach to living in the midst of serious challenges is one that many of us could benefit by emulating. I know he is going to be very, very deeply missed by all who knew & loved him.
Posted by Regina Jones on 28th September 2014
This song came on Thursday -- it made me believe that Ray was "going home" to Mom. Doesn't make me miss him less. Regina GWYNETH PALTROW LYRICS "Coming Home" It's a four letter word A place you go to heal your hurt It's an altar, it's a shelter One place you're always welcome A pink flamingo, double wide One bedroom in a high rise A mansion on a hill Where the memories always will Keep you company whenever you're alone After all of my running I'm finally coming Home - the world tried to break me I found a road to take me Home - there ain't nothing but a blue sky now After all of my running, I'm finally coming... Home Well they say it's where the heart is And I guess the hardest part is When your heart is broken And you're lost out in the great wide open Looking for a map For finding your way back To where you belong Oh well that's where I belong Home - the world tried to break me I found a road to take me Home - there ain't nothing but a blue sky now After all of my running I'm finally coming... Home Home Home - the world tried to break me I found a road to take me Home - there ain't nothing but a blue sky now After all of my running, I'm finally coming... After all of my running I'm finally coming... Home
Posted by Regina Jones on 27th September 2014
What can I say about my dear "Honey"? We have loved and protected each other all of our lives. We've always shared a love of movies, popcorn, music, the theatre, dogs and fashion (remember all of the years at the Ebony Fashion Fair? You'd pick my wardrobe). But, most importantly, you have steadfastly shown me that the glass is always, always, half full and that facing adversity was simply a part of life. You have taught me that being loving must be a fundamental part of life. Being caring defines who you are. There are no limits to kindness. Laughter nourishes the soul. I have to believe you are in a better place, as I hold on to a piece of your spirit close to me - I miss you, dear one. Nit
Posted by Jane Hunter on 27th September 2014
Ray, You have been such a bright shining light to so many of us. Over the years no matter how many months had gone by, you would greet me with the biggest smile, hug and warm humor. No matter what the weather, I would leave you feeling like I had been in a sunshiny day. I sat with you last week and told you some of my favorite stories of the times we had been together. You were never afraid to speak your mind no matter who heard you. I remember once meeting you and you turned to me laughing (and you really do have a great laugh),and said...Jane honey, what did you do to your hair? It wasn't the best cut, but I had to laugh too hearing it from you like that! :-) it was so true. Thank goodness, I got it fixed in a few days! All joking aside, thank you for all the love and support you have shared with your family. You have been there for my best friend, your sis, when she needed it the most and I have always adored and loved you for that. I miss you, but I know you are close by us all. Love you lots, Jane
Posted by Rachel Chinneth on 27th September 2014
My dear justin we will always cherish the fun times our family has spent with you. One of the favorite is bringing you to great wolf lodge last year. I will never forget the smiles on yours and the kids face. Byron and I will always hold a special place for bringing us together and even marry us. Still going strong 9 years later. As much as it hurts to say good bye we know your in a better place and no longer in pain. I'm so glad the kids were able to see you to say good bye. We will miss you oh so very much.
Posted by Mara Giannoulas on 27th September 2014
Ray, you were one of the smartest men I have ever met and always cheerful and supportive of others. I shall miss you forever. Love, Mara
Posted by Judith Shoshana on 26th September 2014
Ray What a wonderful man you were. We were all lucky to have you in our lives if only so briefly. Love from Judith

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