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My Kumu and Friend

August 20, 2014

I only knew Kumu in person for approx. two years, but kept in touch with her for several.  She left a lasting impression on my life, with her instructions, guidance, and inspiration.  She will always be in my heart and being, and is ever reminding me of her presence.  What a precious soul.  I'm so blessed to have known her, and the lessons that have so impacted my life.  She gave me a painting to bring back to Hawaii, and give to her, along with someone else that was so special in my life.   Please pray that I find this someone (who was so special in my life), so that I can make ammends with them and Kumu.  

my grandmother

April 5, 2013

my grandmother dide in 2012 i was sad  . The whole island was a rek . she was a famous huia daner in hawaii. my family is .

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