Let the memory of Raymond be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on September 26, 1935 .
  • Passed away on June 25, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Raymond Malesic 77 years old , born on September 26, 1935 and passed away on June 25, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 30th June 2014
Hi Ray, My brother is here now for a day or two, he lost his Valerie on Christmas day so hope you get to see her and visit watch over her please...Paul is taking her death not well...but if he knew you were looking after her maybe it might be better ..Take Care Ray
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 25th June 2014
Hello Ray, I have missed you this past year and can only hope you have met up with your mom and Dad, and that you are loving being at the write hand of God...today is one year. Also in this year I have falling in Love and will always Love Matt he doesn't drink or cheat...be happy
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 25th June 2014
Hi Ray twice in one day honey I guess you know how missed you are it broke my heart when you passed away you always said you were going to live to be 100...and than you quit. well my dear I am getting along but I still miss you...
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 22nd January 2014
Hi Once again Ray, it's been a while since I've wrote, but I told you it would be just a note to let you know I'm okay and doing well. I hope you have no pain. Don't really have a lot to say tonight but I thought of you and spoke to Jessie from Overgaard tonight she says she misses you also..things have been changing here for me but I'm not quite ready to put the words on here for you yet maybe next time I visit...till than I wish you happiness and Love !
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 3rd January 2014
Hi Again Ray, Well today is Jan 2 and I did manage to stay away a few days, so I guess I'm doing Okay.. Honey I need help from you to let you rest in peace. you're everywhere on my desktop and anyplace your things are there are many around I can't seem to just get rid of all that has memories I wish I could and I will someday I'm am starting a new life here soon so I hope you'll understand as I write fewer and fewer notes...Be Well Ray
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 30th December 2013
Hi Ray, well I think I may be able to say this will be the last post of this year I keep coming back here and I have no reason why, you're gone and I really need to start to rebuilt my life with you. but I don't know where to even start Next Sunday Ray I will be Baptized I've already become a Christian in every way possible I go to Streams in the Desert now and I love it and Pastor Tom... Trying to say goodbye to all our memory's is far harder than I would have thought Just RIP honey I will see you soon enough Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 27th December 2013
Honey, My Brother's wife has join you in heaven, please watch over her...she passed away Christmas day 2013 so she's with you now.. Paul is suffering terribly and being Christmas he'll always remember that she has passed exactly 6 months after you to the day, again Look over Valarie for me till I can get there...Love you Still, Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 23rd December 2013
Honey, here it is just two days before Christmas and I miss you more than ever, I know two posts ago I said it would be my last post that I had to move on but here I am a third time wishing I could just hear you voice just once more...To hear one of your jokes that I always hated till now would be such a blessing,,, I found God but I lost you I have lots of friends as you knew I always did but they can't hold me like you did ..I went to a Blue Christmas at Streams in the desert which made me miss you even more but the next day it was kind of like a cleansing and I did feel better but I still can't write you off as really being gone, What can I do to make you come back...I need you back here or else I need to come visit you...I will always Love you in my heart well this time I won't say I'm not coming back here as I know now that would not be the truth I tried to move on but it's impossible...I'll be back again and again,,,Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 20th December 2013
Here I sit crying while waiting for my friend at a dentist office knowing I. Will never see you again not for a very long time but it's not the end of the year yet so maybe I won't write anymore I just miss you so much I miss talking to you and just realize even when you pissed me it was better it was than not having you at. All I may not have been in love with you but I did love and always cared about you I wish you would have told me you were leaving I would have. Been able to say goodbye rather than been told the way I was over Fucking phone. Rose
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 18th December 2013
Merry Christmas in Heaven Ray, I think this will be my last entry Honey, but you are missed. Oh and even tho you never wanted to go to church and the only reason you did was because you never wanted me away from you...But you are gone and Now I will go on I will find that Love that I so wanted with you but as much as I loved you it just wasn't the Love I needed, I need to end this with a new year starting as I sit and write what I know is my last post I cry .. Good bye my sweetheart rest now ,Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 7th October 2013
Hello Sweetheart, today Oct 7th is our fourth anniversary I know we have been together for what seems like forever.. but I would have been so happy to celebrate with you know that you took a little bit of my heart with you when you left so suddenly, Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 6th October 2013
Hi Honey one day till our anniversary and I'm thinking of you and missing you terribly not sure you even know it's coming it's going on four months now and it seems like a year...I Love you Very Much and hope I can join you soon,Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 26th September 2013
Happy Birthday in Heaven it's just three hours till your birthday ! you are missed more than you can possibly know at least I miss you so very much...love you honey,Rosie
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 25th September 2013
Ray your Birthday is tomorrow and what will I do without you,I miss you so much more than you can know
Posted by Sandra Jensen on 24th September 2013
Ray always had a joke and made me laugh. He is missed
Posted by Bonnie Maka on 23rd September 2013
Posted by Ann Terry on 23rd September 2013
I met Ray and Rose at Ketchner's Cave when I brought some of my family there to visit. I had known Rose on Pogo and Facebook and was thrilled that they could meet us there. As Rose visited with my family and took pictures, I sat by Ray and talked with him. He was such a gentle, kind person. I am glad I got to meet you, Ray. Such a wonderful person. Thank you for that Rose.
Posted by Linda Smith on 23rd September 2013
Dear Friend, Thank you so much for sharing. The pictures are wonderful. I can imagine how much you miss Ray, but know how much the memories of your many good times together mean to you. He was a gentleman, always with a story to tell.
Posted by Rhandi Elsey on 22nd September 2013
The only man i know who could be cold when it 90 degrees outside. RIP Ray
Posted by Georgina Delorme on 22nd September 2013
Ray was the only man I've ever met that always had a story, a joke, and always a smile. I'm proud to have known you.
Posted by Cleo Rhoads on 22nd September 2013
Ray was a really sweet man, who always had something sweet to say. He was the closest thing my daughters had to a grandfather. You are missed, Ray!
Posted by Rosemarie Briggs-Malesic on 21st September 2013
I will always Love you !

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