Church ⛪

Shared by Renee Winbush on April 24, 2021
No one could sing How I got over like you did. So many Sunday in church .You forever getting me in those fashion shows, Teaching me how to walk the stage. Hey lady get over here I need to run to the store I live 25 min away!!!! Rest in peace.  Walk the streets of Gold. Sing Hellelujah,shout trouble is over I going to thank him for all he don't for me. Take a bow Job well done. Tell the Angel's I be there soon.

Uncle Raymond

Shared by Debra Peppers on April 23, 2021
We just reconnected with me living in Dallas, Texas for 38 years. We danced to 2:00 a.m. to the song (Dance with my father again) you, me and Karen we had so much fun. You spoke of the Harris family and couldn't wait to get together again. Uncle Raymond, I love you
although you reminded me that I was the one that would tell everything when we were younger. Lol I still do. Rest easy God got you now. Until.

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