Let the memory of Raymond be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1964 .
  • Passed away on May 5, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Raymond Abbott 50 years old , born on November 7, 1964 and passed away on May 5, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Nancy Davis on 7th November 2018
54 years ago was the happiest day of my life now I miss you so much Love You forever
Posted by Nancy Davis on 5th May 2018
They day it gets easier but they lied. I miss you so much every day One of these days I will join you all I Love you so much and I miss you save a place for me Love Mom
Posted by Nancy Davis on 11th November 2017
Happy Birthday your brother and pan got married today and you were best man I Love You and miss you so much be there when I am done here Love Mom
Posted by Jodi Hearts on 5th May 2017
Dad. . . . . Today marks the day that you left us just 2 years ago. I still remember this day because it was the first time my heart ever broke. The first time I had to think about the rest of my life without your smile, your voice, your love, your hugs, your laugh your advice just you period. I always seen myself as a strong person until this day. My life came crashing down on me an hasnt stopped since. I have all the memories an good times stored. But everyday I wish to find man like you one day. A hard working family man who loved unconditionally. A man that would never give up. A man who didnt only raise his own kids but ones that werent even his. Dad you was always my hero and this is breakin me down to the point I dont ever think I'll recover. Its been 2yrs dad and it hasnt gotten any easier. I cant figure out a way to deal with it. I havent found anything or anyone that makes me wanna be on this hell hole. You and mom were the realest people in my life. Now what? Dad how can I go the rest of my life without you? How do I fill this emptiness I feel 24/7? How will I ever be happy again? Dad please help me. I need you all now more than ever an your nowhere around. I cant call you or even see you for a second let alone get the tight loving hug an support I need. Im lost without you daddy and I dont wanna live the rest of forever without you. PLEASE COME BACK TO ME I KNOW ILL NEVER HAVE OUR KIND OF BOND AGAIN
Posted by Nancy Davis on 5th May 2017
well son it's been two of the worst years of my life. Don't understand why every one left me. I'm not as strong as every one thought it's been ruff tring to get through every day I miss you so much I Love you forever
Posted by Nancy Davis on 8th November 2016
Happy Birthday Tiger we had taco salad in your honor miss you so much and Love You always Love Mom
Posted by Nancy Davis on 5th May 2016
Son its been a year and I miss you so much. One if these days we will be together and I am never letting yo go. Watch over all of us I Love You so much
Posted by Jodi Hearts on 5th May 2016
Daddy why did you have to leave us? Life has been soooo much harder without you. I miss your smile an that laugh of yours. Its not gettin any easier dad. Its actually starting to hurt worse. We all love and miss you to death. I know its bad but I still havent been able to let you go. You were the only man in my life I could coumt on no matter what. I wish more people were like you, so carefree and judgefree. Nobody will ever compare. I miss u dad everyday I think of you all day. I cant wrap my mind around the fact Ill never see my bf again. Your grandkids wont remember you more importantly your younger kids dont know the dad you truely were. Dad please watch over all us today an the rest of the days. Thanks for all the signs you have sent me letting me know you are still near it just hurts daddy knowin you'll never be here. I miss you and love you more than words can explain. This life is shit until we meet again rest in heaven
Posted by Michael Mills on 13th April 2016
Hey dad it's almost been a year without you. I've missed you like crazy. I love you so much. Guess what? Ima be a dad in October. Right around your birthday. If it's a boy it will have your name. I just want you back. I miss you
Posted by Nancy Davis on 22nd January 2016
Son I loveyou please make the kids stop fighting they miss you but don't know how to handle it Love You
Posted by Nancy Davis on 25th December 2015
Merry Christmas Son I miss you so much it's going to a hard day but you are in a better place till we are together again I love you
Posted by Shanna Smith on 5th December 2015
Hey baby
Posted by Shanna Smith on 29th November 2015
Hi my love just wanted you to know i love and miss you so much honey not minute of every day goes by that your not on my mind.So many things i do i think what would you do and say.This was our first thankgiving with out you and it was so hard it just wasnt nor will it ever be the same.I went to the house tonight in northbrook to get a few things and there was the same candle that you put the batteries in back in april lit up this candle only comes on at nite but it never gets switched to off and i dont understand after all these months how it still comes on but i got it cause i know its you telling me your with me i love you so much i just dont understand it why did u have to go baby please watch over our beautiful kids they really need you baby i cry everyday cause i just dont understand baby well i love yu and miss you so so very much love shanna‚̧
Posted by Nancy Davis on 7th November 2015
Happy Birthday Tiger Hope you and your brother are celebrating with every one wish you were here miss you so much. Love You Miss You Mom
Posted by Nancy Davis on 5th October 2015
Son 5 months and I still can't get it threw my head I miss You so much please stay with me till we meet again I Love You
Posted by Shanna Smith on 17th September 2015
Hey baby I miss you so so much not a minute of every day goes by that your not on my mind please watch over the kids baby I am so lost,i don't understand why this had to happen I'm trying to but I just don't I love you and miss you.aiden found your little flag yesterday in the car and cried for his papaw tiger I'll be to see you soon baby till then love and miss you bunches
Posted by Nancy Davis on 21st August 2015
son I miss you we are having such a hard time please stay with is and help us Love You. Mom
Posted by Danielle Abbott on 20th August 2015
Hey Daddy, Its Dani. How Are You Up There? Is It Peaceful? Is It Free Like They Say? Does The Sun Shine Bright Forever? Have Your Fears And Your Pain Gone Away? Cause Here On Earth It Feels Like Everything Good Is Missing Since You Left. I Hope Your Dancing In The Sky ! I Hope Your Singing In The Angels Choir. <3 Daddy, Life Has Been So Hard Without You Here. I Swear It Doesn't Feel Real. It Feels Like A Dream. I Hope Every Day I'm At Mammaw's I Will See You Walking Down The Street, Asking Me For A Few Dollars, Or A Cigarette. Life Is Very Hard Daddy. I Wish You Didn't Have To Leave Us.. I'm So Lost Without You. We Was The Closer Than Anyone. So Long Daddy, Until Wee Meet Again. <3 I Love You.
Posted by Nancy Davis on 6th June 2015
May come to see you today I Love You and Miss You so much
Posted by Jodi Hearts on 6th June 2015
Dad I miss you so much. You were my best friend. I never judged you. I was always here for you. And I damn sure never disrespected you. I loved you more than anyone ever. I wish you were still here. My life hasn't been worth living since you left. I'd do anything to be with you again. I would have given my heart to you just so the other kids could know the dad I knew. You haven't been yourself for a very long time but you where changing and bettering yourself. You was tryin to be the man and dad I knew you where. Fathers day is coming it's gonna be the worse ever. I'm gonna go fish and drink for you dad I hope you sit there next to me. Anyways I miss you more than anything and love you more than life itself. I can't wait until we meet again. You know we where closer than wennie &tigger and our bond will never die.
Posted by Danielle Abbott on 5th June 2015
Its Been A Month With Out You Pops. It's So Hard. I Want You Back Here. It's Hard To Keep My Head Up. Until We Meet Again
Posted by Danielle Abbott on 28th May 2015
I Love You Daddy.
Posted by Danielle Abbott on 27th May 2015
Hey Daddy. How Is It Up There? I Wish You Was Still Here. I Miss You A Lot. Watch Over Me Daddy. I'll See You Soon. I Love You.
Posted by Nancy Davis on 25th May 2015
I miss You so very much. we went yesterday to the grave and it was so hard you were just starting to get it together and I was so proud. I love you so much please stand by me until we are together. Love You forever, Mom
Posted by Danielle Abbott on 25th May 2015
Hey Daddy, I Miss You. I Went To Your Grave Site Yesterday With Shelby, Skye, Cheyenne & Mammaw. We Put Flowers On Your Grave. It Was So Beautiful. Daddy, I Love & Miss You.
Posted by Michelle Davis-Luttrell on 25th May 2015
Thinking of you. I didn't get to spend much time with you over the years. But I was so glad to hear that you were getting your life together, I know how hard it was for you. Until we meet again. Watch over us. Love you.
Posted by Nancy Davis on 13th May 2015
Son I miss You and I Love You so much this is so hard but I know you are at peace now some day we will be together again Love Mom

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