You will never, ever be forgotten Sweetheart.
  • 36 years old
  • Born on October 17, 1977 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Passed away on July 10, 2014 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States.

This Memorial was created for the Eternal memory of our beloved Rebecca. You are missed so very dearly, and loved much more. May your beautiful smile light up Heaven alittle brighter.


  Rebecca Ann Grosskreutz (Powalisz) passed away July 10th, 2014 at 6:48 PM at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She was 36 years old. She leaves 4 children; Jace, twins Hope and Haven, and Nolan. She also is missed dearly by a very supportive, patient, and understanding family. Most notably is her husband and best friend, Josh. He was her biggest supporter and understood and loved her with immeasurable capacity, as she did him.   Rebecca had a bitter sweet life in most cases. High points in her life were her time spent with her family. Her mother, step father, aunts, uncles, and especially her 4 children were the center of her existence. She loved them to the fullest and unconditionally. She gave if she could, she did nice things if she were able, and she expected of asked for nothing, ever, in return. That was just the type of person Becca, as she was known by others, was. Just a beautiful human being, inside and out. A rare gem of humanity that this world needs to have more of.  
  On July 8th, 2014, her husband awoke in the middle of the night to find her not breathing. Between CPR right then, all the way up to and in the hospital, she was without a pulse and breath. Due to the miraculous effort of the emergency team, she regained a pulse. But almost an hour had elapsed, and the next morning she was declared with not having any brain activity. The next day she was taken off of life support. Her cause of death was due to complications of having contracted a bacterial virus called Clostridium difficile, or C. diff (www. ), which is an infection of the colon. In severe cases, as in Rebecca’s, it is fatal. It can wreak havoc on internal organs quite quickly. She had complained that day, even to her Primary Doctor in the morning, that she had some bowel and stomach issues, as well as some chest pains. This bacteria progressed so rapidly in her sleep, that her body went into Septic Shock (www. ). She stopped breathing and her heart went into Cardiac Arrest. There wasn't much that could have been done due to how quickly this ravaged her body.  
  There was some enlightenment to her passing away. Rebecca had wished that ever in the event of her death that her organs be donated to any recipient that needed them. As per her wishes, and of the encouragement of her family that was in attendance at her bedside, Rebecca made the glorious and priceless donation of her liver. Even in death, Becca was giving. If it was her last dollar, or last cigarette, or......she would give it to help someone else. And this last generous contribution is a testament to her unconditional desire and willingness to help a fellow human. Everyone, family, friends, is very proud of her for this, but not surprised. It was just in her nature to give.
  She had talked openly to a few people about the eventuality of her leaving this life for another more peaceful. She had troubled by a myriad of physical and mental health problems. Her body suffered for years, and in the few months before her passing she dealt boldly and with courage such ailments as Degenerative Disk Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Fibromyalgia, and 5 Ruptured Vertebrae. She had limited range of motion on one side of her body, at times making it difficult to dress, to put on her shoes, to even paint her toenails as she loved to do. She also dealt, daily, with severe Migraine Headaches. This was in part due to her having a Corneal Ulcer in one of her eyes, leaving her with almost total vision loss in that eye. 
  Her mental health difficulties had made it at times seem impossible for her to live and enjoy a better quality of life than most people. But she was a fighter, a trooper, and she overcame adversity with the constitution of the most robust human. She dealt with roadblocks and bumps in her life in her own way. Some people may have not understood why she did the things she did, or for what reasons, but somehow through most of the madness that life can throw at you, Becca persevered. Very few people completely and truly understood this woman. But for those that did, there was definite admiration.      Truly a strong person, that could harness life’s trials and tribulations, and somehow manage to put a smile on other peoples faces.


  Rebecca had many likes, dislikes, personal twists and quirks, that made her a very diverse and interesting person. She was in one part a very feminine, girly girl. On the other hand, she embraced some of the masculine parts of her; kind of a cute Tomboy as it were. She loved Pekinese dogs, and she absolutely adored her dog Hector that she had adopted. She was fond of animals, and cats seemed to gravitate to her, as if they could sense her warm heart. She loved to do her nails, most of the time in the French Manicure style. She liked to put on makeup most days, even though she was told many times that she did not need it, for Rebecca was a woman that needed no cosmetic help. She was that beautiful. She loved bracelets, and rings, and piercings. She had 15 of them. And tattoos. Totaling 7, including the names of all her children. Her absolute favorite color was yellow, and she wore and adorned herself with all manner of clothes and jewelry in this color. Her favorite cars: a yellow Jeep Wrangler and a yellow classic Volkswagen Beetle. She had a fondness for skulls in artwork, pictures, tattoos, and for what Becca was well known for wearing: bandanas. She had every conceivable color and pattern. Over 100 in all. Her favorite animal, besides her Hector, were dolphins. She believed that while a child in Florida, one of these marine mammals came to her aid, taking her to safety from drowning.


  She thoroughly enjoyed music. All genres too. Beetles and John Fogery and Fleetwood Mac and U2 were among her favorites. She would sing these songs out loud in the car with her daughter on rides, as well as singing along in church. She really seemed to enjoy singing with the Lord. She had said it was pretty, and made her feel good about herself for believing, at peace.


  Rebecca had been a friend to many. And she was always a stand up and loyal friend. And she enjoyed spending time with her friends for the closeness, the contact with another human being with like minded interests. It didn’t matter what you had, or much (or how little) you made at your job. Becca just liked to be friendly, with friends.


  She was cremated as per her wishes on July 20th, 2014. Her final wish is yet to take place. There’s a small, private little beach in Lake Havasu City, Arizona that she declared was where she spent the best times of her life. She shared this tiny alcove with her husband. You approach it from a desert road just outside the city. You drive up to the edge of a cliff that ends in Lake Havasu. Get out of your vehicle, traverse down a small path thru some bamboo thickets about 60 feet, and you’ll come to an opening, where the ground turns into sandy flat, smooth rocks. Walk about 15 feet and your toes are in the mighty Colorado River. Looking over the other side of the Lake/River, you will see  California. You’ll hear the drowning roar of passing speedboats. The glare of the sun off the clear water will blind you. The heat, albeit dry, is hot, but welcome. This was her favorite place in the world. She had said that if she could, she would’ve stayed there forever. And she made it her wish that is where she would be spread eternally. Latitude 34*27’243”, Longitude 114*22’29.0028”.


  Her Smile shines eternally bright, as proof is in a star that was adopted in her name in 2010 ( ). She touched all of our hearts with kindness and magic. There are many people on this Earth that possess a pure heart of gold. And Rebecca was one of them. The world just lost a little more sunshine.


Posted by Josh Grosskreutz on 10th July 2015
I miss you more today than yesterday, and the day before that. You are always in my thoughts, and forever in my heart. I love you Baby!!
Posted by Jean Phippen on 10th August 2014
Becca I did not know you well, but because you were a Betters that alone makes you special, Rest in Peace with the Lord
Posted by PJ Anderson on 10th August 2014
When you lived here in Texas you did become closer than most. I know your kids are missing you. Hopefully you are in the arms of Jesus Christ.
Posted by Gina Stawicki on 8th August 2014
May the Lord shine the light on you and Beccas family for some brighter days. Thank you for sharing some of your special memories with us about her. This is a beautiful and respectful tribute to her name. God Bless. The Stawickis
Posted by Lana Gonzalez on 8th August 2014
May you and the kids take comfort in knowing you'll be with her again one day.
Posted by Mike Hanson on 8th August 2014
Stay strong Josh and have comfort knowing that she is in a better place and is always with you and watching over you and your family.
Posted by Josh Grosskreutz on 7th August 2014
Always my Baby, Forever my Angel
Posted by Melynda Rivera on 7th August 2014
May she rest in paradise! My condolences to her family
Posted by Kevin Morawski on 7th August 2014
I am truly hurt and pray for you bro. Rebecca gave me many memorable laughs and truly was a wonderful woman. Please stay strong knowing god has a great woman by his side to share eturnal life with.
Posted by Hope Medlin on 7th August 2014
love you so much. I miss her bunches. stay strong ❤

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