Let the memory of Rebecca be with us all forever. Share her love with hugs and lighted candles.
  • 16 years old
  • Born on December 10, 1999 .
  • Passed away on November 8, 2016 .

We created this page for all of you to add your thoughts, photographs, videos and comments which represent your memories of our darling daughter and sister, Becca.

We would like to thank everyone for all of your kind words and loving thoughts that you have shared with us, she was so lucky to have so many wonderful people around her that loved her so dearly. 

With all our love,

Mark, Corinne, Gabriella, & Benjamin 


Posted by Lindsay Maclusky on 10th December 2017
Remembering you Rebecca and praying for your family xxx
Posted by Lindsay Maclusky on 8th November 2017
Reading the wonderful messages in memory of you. I can't believe a year has passed but you will always be cherished and missed so badly. Sending our love and prayers to your family Xxx
Posted by Anna Firth on 8th May 2017
Gorgeous Becca I'm sorry I haven't been able to write this sooner I guess a part of me has just been so desperate for me to not need to write this, for you to still be right here. I'm still struggling to know what to say. I miss you more and more with each passing day, your impeccable whiteness(I am yet to meet someone who owns anywhere near as many pieces of white clothing as you!) our random conversations, your smile, your laugh..... What I'm trying to say Becca, is that I love you more than you ever knew and miss you more than you could imagine. You are beautiful in every single way and I will never ever forget that. Thank you for everything xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Benjamin Carr on 8th May 2017
Dear Becs, There isn’t any time I don’t think of you, remember your smile, or your nature. I have wanted to write something on here for you since I set up this page with Gabs back in November, but it’s taken until now to come even remotely close to knowing what I wanted to say. You were a sister to me for so much of your life, and I’ll always be grateful I had a chance to call you my sister in law. To me this wasn’t you becoming anything new to me as I already thought of you as my little sister, but it was a moment for me to be proud of the new addition I had to my family, and a chance to be excited about the future. I will always remember your humour; your sharp sense of timing and dry delivery was what always got me. I’ll always remember how you used to like to dress me up in tutu’s and zebra print leggings. I’ll always remember how your life came with its own colour scheme and dress code. I think 6 months after we lost you, we have all started to worry we will forget the little things about you that made you who you are, but I’m positive it’s those very characteristics and quirks that will make it impossible to forgot anything about you. Every bit of who you were was so strong that we will be reminded of so many happy memories we shared with you, every day as we move through our lives. I knew you for almost half of your life, I watched you grow up from a giggling ballerina who loved to embarrass her sister with stringy pants comments, to an extremely driven but popular young lady. It shows so much about who you were as a person, that we have heard so many wonderful stories from such a wide ranging selection of people about the kind, considerate, and funny you were. For the last six months I’ve tried to understand what has happened, and I honestly don’t feel much closer to an answer than I did at day one. Understanding losing you isn’t black and white, the finish line isn’t what we expected, and we might reach it at a different pace than we planned, but I’ve learnt to appreciate what is important more, fight for the things I care about harder, and to try to forget those trivial irritations in life more often. For everything you have taught me about who I should be as a person, I will be forever grateful, I don’t have the words to list them here. I can’t wait to tell my future about you, there won’t be a day you aren’t in my mind. I love you and I miss you Becs, Benj xoxo
Posted by Paula De Roeper on 8th May 2017
Hello Becca. It's such a tender day today. Even more than any other day. Six months since you left us. I wrote a poem for you. It has been seen by the family, but I thought I'd share it here with your friends. Just a little act to say, you are and will be forever in our hearts and forever missed. Aunty Paula, New Zealand xx REBECCA By Paula de Roeper She gazes out from the photograph Large crystal eyes Reflecting her shining heart. Pale clothes, pale skin, a wistful smile Stepping lightly upon the path Of her life, Until at last she takes her final step. Light and graceful, she takes flight. And as she soars higher in her blissful Sense of freedom She is caught in the wings of Divine Love Lifted even higher than she thought possible. Enveloped by the Angels. Protected by the Light that has always been within her, now surrounding her, showing her the way home. And when they see her soul Hearts open in an embrace of excitement “You are home now my love” They will cry And with a look over her shoulder She blows a kiss of love to those behind “And now, now I can fly” she whispers. An Angel always Beside You.
Posted by Flossie Elson on 14th March 2017
I really miss you Becca. Whenever you were around our house, I could always hear you and Harry laughing and giggling so loudly from upstairs. You are Harry's oldest friend and she loves you so much, as does our family. I'm so glad you two stayed friends throughout the many years. You always had such fun and let me join in with you guys - I remember us cooking together and always having a laugh. You will be missed every day xxx
Posted by Franki Selby on 14th January 2017
Rebecca, you and I have known each other for over 10 years. We both went to the same primary school as well as the same high school. You made me laugh, you made me a better person and most of all, you've made me realize what life is like if I had friends, so I'd be less alone. Miss you, Becks xxx
Posted by Iona Balleny on 24th December 2016
For context, I wrote this about a week after her passing. Becca, A few days ago I went to see you, I got to say everything that I wanted to.... How I'd miss you, how I love you, I got to Thankyou and I got to say goodbye. But I don't want anyone to think for one minute that this is going to be my lasting memory of you because I can assure you it's not. I'll remember the Maltezer eating contests, our awful singing, the walks with Tallie, your infectious laugh, Your ability to eat an entire family sized chocolate cake still astounds me (seriously Becca I was out of the room for 10 minuets and it was gone), our pointless conversations, the odd looks you'd give me across a room to make me laugh (I didn't have to speak to you to know you were there), our risqué inside jokes, your ability to listen to me without any judgement, your absolute weirdness that I have always loved you for, and your acceptance of my weirdness - you are one of the only people I can truly be myself around, your undying love for chocolate, the fact that you could trip over anything even if there was nothing there, your welsh accent, that one time you thought you were gay ("I like holding hands with girls"), your acceptance of my need of a secret handshake, the hatred you had for your braces, your chop stick skill that I could never challenge, your ridiculous ability to keep everything white, the way you used humour to get your frustration out, your ability to get me out of my shell, our incredible chav accents - I can't even remember how to do it anymore without you, your endless film quotations (I would have no clue what you were quoting but I'd appreciate it all the same), your constant need for a plan - if there wasn't one you'd be making it, your love for music whether it was Michael buble or some form of rap you could always keep up with it word for word, our attempts to sledge - they were never particularly successful, the fact that you'd dance with me no matter how embarrassing I got - I don't think I'll ever find a dance partner who is up for doing electric air guitar solos with me in the middle of prom despite not having drunk a thing, your kindness, your ridiculous supply of fluffy socks, the way you'd always be boiling when I was freezing, your overexcitement about the smallest of things, the knowledge that I could always go to you - rely on you, you could make anyone smile even when there was nothing to smile about. I will miss this all, every tiny detail of you - six years was not nearly long enough with you, and I will spend the rest of my life wishing it were longer. I'll never want to say goodbye but I have to, and that fills me with more sadness then I think I will ever feel, I love you Becca. I will complete the plans we made together but none of them and nothing will be the same without you - you were one of few people I knew were going to be in my life for the long run. And now your not. You meant, and mean more to me then you will ever know. Farewell my friend - Iona x
Posted by Bronwyn Lummis on 11th December 2016
Charlie and I have known you since you were a little girl with Pet living next door we got to see you and your family. Then I got to do your hair so I got to see a lot of you. You have always been a lovely,sweet girl always smiling I will miss seeing you I just can't believe you will not be around anymore but I will always have lovely memories of you darling Rebecca. One of the last things myself and Pet can do for you is to have the honour of doing your flowers in the church and on your coffin, Pet and me will do this with all the love of you with mum,dad,gabby and Ben helping we will do you proud my darling. Rest in peace love Bronwyn Charlie and Petrova xxxx
Posted by Joe Matthews on 6th December 2016
Rebecca was truly the most wonderful person I had ever met, I'm going to miss her and her laugh so much. I'll always remember going on the German exchange together and spending time with her at school. Her laugh always brought so much joy to everyone, I'm going to miss her so much. <3
Posted by Georg Kolle-Görgen on 26th November 2016
We know Rebecca since her happy childhood. Almost every year our two families spent the summer holidays together, one year in England and the other year in Germany. So, it was our privilege to see how nicely Rebecca grew up. Our two families very much enjoyed numerous memorable moments, days and weeks together. Last year in summer Rebecca lived in our house for two weeks while she attended an internship in the primary school of our village. In the morning she went to school with a big smile in her face. Pupils were just happy with her and the teachers she supported were very content. During that time the song “Shut up and dance” was popular in the German radio. Whenever the song was played she immediately joined in with her nice voice. For us, this very song became her song. Rebecca, we will always keep you in our heart. We pray for you. Lots of love to you and to Corinne, Mark, Gabriella and Ben xxx Karla, Georg with family
Posted by Heather Tanner on 23rd November 2016
Sending my love and thoughts at this sad time... H x
Posted by Fiona Banham on 22nd November 2016
Becca was truly the loveliest person I knew, friends to everyone with such a kind and bubbly heart to always put a smile on my face. She knew straight away how to make you laugh and light up the room in the most dullest lessons, maths. The heart of the party she would bust out all the moves like a natural, a true stunner. Loved by all and will be deeply missed, all my love, RIP Becca xxx
Posted by Steven Blomfield on 16th November 2016
Words cannot express how deeply upset I am about dear Rebecca. I will miss her so much...in all my career I have never been so devastated and like everyone else I have been very much effected this past week. I am thinking and praying for you all every single day and night. Bless you Rebecca and may Jesus take you in his arms. Steven. xx
Posted by Emma Jarvis on 15th November 2016
I was lucky enough to work with Becca at The White Horse, and can honestly say that she brought so much laughter and fun into all my shifts I worked with her. I will miss working with her so much, and I'm so grateful for the time I spent with her. My thoughts are with her family and other friends at this time. X
Posted by Nicole Humphrey on 15th November 2016
i remember all the happiest memories we had over the years, in primary and out of primary and they were truely some of the happiest memories i can remember. i will never forget how much of a beautiful person you were, all the amazing memories we had and what a privilege it was to know you. rest in peace x
Posted by Harriet Elson on 13th November 2016
Becca was my oldest and best friend, all of my family and friends know that as she seemed like part of our family too. When we were younger I would always try to be more like Rebecca in everything I did as I knew then that she truly was the most extraordinary person I would ever be lucky enough to know. Every second that I spent with you was filled with beautiful smiles, contagious laughter and our constant chatter that would last for hours. Growing up with you has given me so many amazing memories and you have really impacted on who I am today, I cannot thank you enough for how happy you made me. I can't even express how much I already miss you. I will love you forever Becca x
Posted by Daisy Nash on 13th November 2016
Becca truly made my mornings better every single day- whenever I was struggling to get through the week, she would be there with her never ending sense of humour&simple enjoyment for life ('what a treat'!) I hope with all my heart that she is able to see the extent of people's love for her xxx form will never be the same without your huge heart <3
Posted by Holly Miles on 12th November 2016
Becca, with her infectious laugh, she always seemed to carry an aura of positive energy, and never failed to make me smile. She will be deeply missed each and every day, but I will forever be thankful for our friendship, and for the time we shared. I will always feel lucky to have known such a beautiful, genuine soul. Rest in peace❤️
Posted by Ellen Armfield on 12th November 2016
Becca We first met at Guides where I remember one evening watching the fireworks at Fram College. We kept laughing throughout the night despite it being absolutely freezing! We lost contact for a few years so when I found out we both had a job at The White Horse I was so happy! It was lovely working with you, always giggling and smiling. You were the best at getting the glasses out the glass washer - how were you so strong?! BEEEG won't be the same. We will all really miss you, Becca.
Posted by Georgia Newstead on 12th November 2016
A beautiful person, amazing at dancing, with a wonderful bright smile. My thoughts are with your family. Rest in peace angel x
Posted by Jasmine Butcher on 12th November 2016
We were such close friends in year 8 and 9, and despite both drifting off to our own separate friendship groups afterwards, we still spoke :) Being in my form for year 12, I saw her every morning in her monochrome outfits, and all of would joke and laugh around with each other in those now precious 25 minutes. Rest well my girl, you will be missed❤️️❤️️
Posted by Paul Bostock on 12th November 2016
I last saw Rebecca as a bridesmaid at Gabriella and Ben's wedding in August. She had grown up so much but underneath was still the same cheerful personality as the charming and playful four or five year old Rebecca that I first met - she always smiles a lot. This tragedy comes as such a shock to me, so I cannot imagine how her family must feel. She seemed such a good person, and I think this was a terrible mistake. May her soul - and her family - find peace.
Posted by Paula De Roeper on 11th November 2016
I am Aunty to Rebecca and Gabriella. I live in New Zealand. My beautiful niece Rebecca (Becca) will be forever in our hearts. Her light shone brightly for the 16, almost 17, years she was with us and her tender love touched us all. Our world was just too harsh for this sensitive and radiant soul. Now she is held in the arms of the angels and surrounded by Divine light and love. Always loved, never forgotten. A friend of mine lost a child a few years ago. She sent me a text which I would like to share: .......... nothing can take the pain away, though it heals in time. It will feel like their world, reality and energy has been smashed into a million pieces. It is so deep and profound the way this is registered within one's energy, that it belongs to a category of its own. The mind will want to make sense of it but won't be able to. Gentleness and letting love and Spirit (God, the Divine) support is the only thing that works. No one who goes through this does it alone. I send them and you my prayers of support as someone who knows. My daughters and I picked flowers. We put some in a vase and lit a candle. The candle burns every day on our table beside the flowers. A soft gossamer pale pink ribbon surrounds these items. We held hands and prayed for Becca with the candle in the middle. We have walked to a river near where we live, with a bowl full of flowers from our garden. Each flower was thrown individually into the river with special words for Becca. Sometimes it was a sentence, sometimes just a single word. The flowers floated away on the current. They looked beautiful in the New Zealand Spring sunlight. Representing the beauty that was Becca, her softness, her charm, her light, her love, her very presence. They floated away, as she has floated away. An angelic gift who came to us for a short time, and now has returned to the place that suits her best - a place of pure love. ********* A poem by Henry van Dyke: Gone From My Sight I am standing upon the seashore. A ship, at my side, spreads her white sails to the moving breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until, at length, she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other. Then, someone at my side says, "There, she is gone." Gone where? Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast, hull and spar as she was when she left my side. And, she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port. Her diminished size is in me -- not in her. And, just at the moment when someone says, "There, she is gone," there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout, "Here she comes!" And that is dying... ********* Walk into the arms of loved ones who have gone before you and who greet you now Becca. Let them hold you and love you and support you - in the safe keeping of Divine Love forever. And in my heart there is a special, soft and warm place for you, where tender love surrounds you always. Your loving Aunty, Paula xxx
Posted by Kate Fletcher on 11th November 2016
I met Rebecca in primary school, and we continued to be friends whilst doing the Kettleburgh pantomime where we shared many laughs and memories through rehearsals and performances. I'll always remember her contagious laugh that made everyone around her smile. Rest in peace x
Posted by Lindsay Maclusky on 11th November 2016
Rest in Peace you beautiful lady what a wonderful daughter and sister , our thoughts, love and prayers are with your Mum, Dad, Gabby and Ben and all your friends and family Love lindsay, kevin and family xxx
Posted by Sophie-Louise Freeman on 11th November 2016
I was shocked when I found out you had passed away :( I don't know what happened but sleep tight Becca! I had the pleasure of meeting Becca whilst working with her during the summer. The few shifts I had with her are filled with laughter and her smile. She was a lovely person and I am glad I had the opportunity to work with her. RIP ❤
Posted by Janet McGeever on 11th November 2016
I know that teachers shouldn't have favourites but... Rebecca,you were one of mine. In the classroom you were always so polite, helpful and kind. You worked hard for yourself but were always willing to help others. You were popular with your peers but the younger children also looked up to you and would seek your company. We used to have a laugh about your Jekyll and Hyde personality...so quiet in the classroom but put you in a competitive sport and you were a force to be reckoned with! It has been a pleasure to have known you and my thoughts are with your family. x
Posted by Beth Sheridan on 11th November 2016
Becca was the kindest and funniest person and was an amazing friend to so many people. I have also never known anyone so clumsy, Becca you managed to fall over at least once whenever I saw you. We were always laughing and even lessons with you were so much fun. I will never forget you and your Stevie impressions and dancing and the mobile choir. You will be missed by everyone so much, rest in peace Becca ❤️
Posted by Emma Nichols on 11th November 2016
From the moment I met Becca on the bus, her beautiful smile and bubbly personality lightened up my day, although I didn't know Becca well she will be truly missed but never forgotten always in my heart, my love and prayers are with her family and friends at this sad time, Rest In Peace Becca ❤️
Posted by Jennie Wood on 11th November 2016
Have many memories of you Rebecca in your time at primary school where I was a TA. Rest in peace, heaven has gained another angel. Also thinking of your family, I know of the earth shattering heartache they are going through.
Posted by Christine Wright on 11th November 2016
I really am stunned by this very sad news. I remember seeing you all the way through primary school when I worked in the office from when you first started as a shy little girl until you left as a young woman to attend high school. When I think of you I will always remember your beautiful smile. Sleep tight lovely girl and rest in peace. Love to your mum, dad and Gabriella. XX
Posted by Alice Curzon on 11th November 2016
Becca was honestly an amazing and unique person. There will never be anyone else like her, I'd always see her laughing and making other people laugh. Even though i might not have seen her everyday, anytime I did, She'd always put a smile on my face. You didn't have to know her the best for her to touch your heart. She was so kind, thoughtful, beautiful and funny, and was nice to anyone she met! I will never forget her or any of the times I spent with her. I will always miss her and seeing her smile around school everyday. Forever loving and missing you Becca <3
Posted by Alison Pearce on 11th November 2016
Becca and Amber were friends from Primary School and had stayed in touch, they shared many birthdays together. I think my best memory of Becca was the movie marathon they had at our house - random singing to Pitch Perfect and jumps and squeals to Woman in Black and copious amounts of popcorn eaten. Her laugh was infectious and her natural beauty shone through her smile. A truly warm, kind and caring person who will be missed by all who had the privilege to know her. My thoughts, love and hugs are with you, Mark, Corinne and Gabby. Rest in Peace Becca xx
Posted by Emily Reavell on 11th November 2016
Becca, I didn't know you for very long but I am sorry to see you go! You were a talented young girl with the biggest smile and the most kidness in your heart. Rest in peace, my thoughts are with your family at friends at this time❤
Posted by Erin Roberts on 11th November 2016
I know I didn't know you that well, but from what I did know you were an amazing beautiful girl who was kind and generous and never faulted to smile or say hello, you will be missed, gone but never forgotten! R.I.P becca❤️ Thinking of family and friends and how hard this might be for you right now xxx
Posted by Jasmine Balaam on 11th November 2016
Becca you were one of the kindest people ever, you made me laugh so much in all the years we knew each other at dance. You made dance a happy place for me and you made everyone there laugh every time, your body popping skills were crazy girl! trust me, I miss you so much and so does everyone else! Sleep right beautugil girl! <3 you'll be forever missed xxxx
Posted by Louie Smith on 10th November 2016
we are all gonna miss you, you always brought out the best i people. Rest in piece
Posted by Sommer Foster on 10th November 2016
I didn't know you at all but you seemed so caring I remember getting on the school bus with you to school R.I.P girl heavens gained another angel xx
Posted by Nathan Johnson on 10th November 2016
It has been a true pleasure to have known someone as charismatic and perspicacious as Becca. She will truly be missed by everyone x
Posted by Alice Brown on 10th November 2016
Becca you are without doubt the most bubbly, caring person I ever had the privilege of meeting. I will never forget our DMCs with Jade, the numerous bus journeys to school, or the time we went to see the fireworks in the village - despite not living there, you knew far more people than I did. I still have the purple socks you gave me for Christmas (but I'm afraid the Lindt reindeer is long gone). Although it saddens me that we grew apart over the past year, I will never forget the many memories that we have together. I'm so sorry we became less close. Rest in peace Becca xxx
Posted by Cleo Feavearyear on 10th November 2016
Rest in peace, beautiful
Posted by Lilli Brayshaw on 10th November 2016
Becca, thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend. You were an amazing person that I feel blessed to have known and I will miss you deeply. Lots and lots of love Xxx (I hope you’re not having too much fun laughing at me as I struggle to write this!)
Posted by Lauren Chenery on 10th November 2016
I only met Rebecca this year and she was so lovely and I felt I could chat to her for hours. She always said hello and I hope she is remembered by that beautiful smile that she wore everyday around school. My thoughts are with her friends and family. Rest in peace Rebecca. Xx
Posted by Elsa Cooney on 10th November 2016
I will always remember the hilarious struggles becca and I went through in every science lesson , I would face her with a confused expression and in return always received the most vivacious, heartwarming laugh. The amazing impact she had on everyone with her infectious laugh and endless love is truly unforgettable and will be in our memories forever . Love goes out to her family and friends. xx
Posted by Jordan Bain on 10th November 2016
I was lucky enough to have known Rebecca since year 7 and am lucky enough to call her my friend. Actions speak louder than words and her actions have left a lasting impression on us all. A picture paints a thousand words and her lasting image of beauty will never be forgotten. Her smile could launch a thousand ships and her laughter could bring joy to any day. I speak as if Becca was short of words but that is far from the truth. A conversation with her could go from a moment to half of lunch; my only regret is preventing these conversations lasting the whole of lunch. Her words were full of genuine love and kindness, her positive attitude could stare adversity in the face and she gave strength to us all where there was none to be given. May you find peace in your journeys to come. XX
Posted by Charlotte Lamb on 10th November 2016
Becca was a friend to everyone she meet! She is a caring person to all and will truly be missed.
Posted by Faye Elizabeth on 10th November 2016
I only met Rebecca this year, being in one of the same classes. Although I didn't know her very well, she was always so warm dn welcoming towards me. My thoughts go out to family and her close friends at this difficult time and I hope that you take comfort in these messages during this difficult time. Rest in peace angel
Posted by Sander Tel on 10th November 2016
Becca was just one of the best people you could ever encounter. She was the character who always brought the positive energy to a room full of dullness with her huge smile and even bigger personality. None of us will ever forget Becca simply for who she was; kind, genuine, bubbly and hilariously clumsy. You always knew Becca was around when you could see a flash of white walk through the door or hear her laugh which expressed so much joy and made everyone in her presence feel excessive comfort. I'm proud to say that I had the privilege of Becca being one of my friends and to countless others. What an amazing girl she was, heaven has gained a beautiful angel and may she rest in peace xx.
Posted by Jamilla Simpson on 10th November 2016
Becca, a truly beautiful person inside and out. I can't help but regret we weren't closer recently but memories of many Wednesday evenings at dance will be with me forever. The depth and breadth of your kindness is a rare quality which was treasured by many and never forgotten x

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