Rebecca Ifeanyi Akunwa
  • 82 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 10, 1933
  • Place of birth:
    Ubulu - Uno, Delta, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Feb 26, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Let the memory of our Loving Mother, Sister, Aunty; Late Mrs Rebecca Akunwa be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our Beloved Mother,Late Mrs Rebecca Ifeanyi Adafor Akunwa born on 10 Nov 1933 to the family of Late John Chikwei and Late Mrs Margaret Eke Okonkwor. We will remember her forever.

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Funeral Arrangements

Service of Songs
May 19, 2016 @ 5pm-7pm, Social Wake-Keep @10pm Till Dawn.
At Late Chief M.C. Akunwa Compound,
Anioshei Quarters Ubulu-Unor,
Aniocha South L.G.A.
Delta State.

Funeral Service
May 20, 2016 @ 10am
At St James' Anglican Church, Ubulu - Unor,
Aniocha South L.G.A.
Delta State.

Interment after the Funeral Service
At Late Chief M.C. Akunwa Compound,
Anioshei Quarters Ubulu-Unor,
Aniocha South L.G.A.
Delta State.

Reception immediately after the Interment
At Aniobodo Primary School Play Ground,
Ubulu-Unor, Aniocha South L.G.A.
Delta State.

Inlaws Visitations
May 21, 2016 from 9am
At Late Chief M.C. Akunwa Compound,
Anioshei Quarters Ubulu-Unor,
Aniocha South L.G.A.
Delta State.

Thanksgiving Service
May 22, 2016 @ 9am
St James' Anglican Church, Ubulu - Unor,
Aniocha South L.G.A.
Delta State.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ugo Akunwa on 26th February 2017

"Ezigbo nnem just like yesterday you left us without a word. This is not your way because as a thorough personality you like perfection. But on the other hand I want to reason that you knew you have completed your assignment here on earth and that your children are competent to continue from where you stopped. You will for ever live in our hearts mama. We really miss you our oyoyo mama. Continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Imo on 26th February 2017

"Mama continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord in Jesus name. Amen"

This tribute was added by Azu Akunwa on 26th February 2017

"It is exactly One year ago that the wicked hands of death took you away from us Mama, we fondly remember you today and Celebrate you for the unequivocal love that you impacted in us all Mama
adieu Mama..
Azu Nwa Akunwa"

This tribute was added by Asimonye Walter on 18th May 2016

"RIP Mama."

This tribute was added by Linda Andrews on 14th May 2016

"This Tribute was added by Linda  Achugbue on the  14th of May 2016.

Mrs Rebecca Akunwa  you have been a  wonderful mother, a mother who sleeps besides her children in sickness, a mother who suffers for her children to enjoy the  luxuries of life, a mother  who goes hungry for her children to eat , mother Rebecca you are a mother with a heart of  Gold, ....A Mother indeed, May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace  AMEN."

This tribute was added by celia Akunwa on 14th May 2016

"I love my gogo, I will miss you I give you flowers with love.    From cj akunwa."

This tribute was added by celia Akunwa on 14th May 2016

"Mama Oboli, Hmm! too sad you passed unexpectedly, but  we are consoled that you lived a life of unity, love and understanding which I met when I came to the family . Your accommodating spirit to everyone and hospitality will be greatly missed and will continue. You stood by your wives mama, like a mother should.  Thank you for all that I have learnt from you. God bless your wonderful soul. Continue to rest in the bossom of God Almighty Amen !!!"

This tribute was added by Alioga Dominic on 14th May 2016

"Although you're gone, we are not alone,
And never shall your children be. The precious memories of the family bond
Will never depart from your children. You are a blessing to the entire Akunwa clan.
Farewell to you MAMA!"

This tribute was added by Browny Igboegwu on 9th May 2016

"Mama may your gentle soul rest in peace in de right hand of the almighty. Brownbourg studios will be there to immortalise you via  photography. Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Mayor Paulson on 2nd May 2016

"Rest In Peace Mama....."

This tribute was added by Seen See on 2nd May 2016

"Rest in Peace Mama...."

This tribute was added by Seen See on 2nd May 2016


This tribute was added by Lucky Bello on 2nd May 2016


This tribute was added by Vero Ajere on 26th April 2016

"Aunty i find it difficult to believe that you are no more.

How could you answer this call to glory so sudden. You forgot about
next Family reunion plans, words alone cannot express how i feel with
your absence but who am i to question God.

As you look down from where you are, you are telling us to cry no more
because you are in a better place.

Be assured all your efforts at making me a better person shall not be

Thanks for your motherly love. Rest in peace auntie and die no more.

From your dauther Vero Ajere."

This tribute was added by Charles Ochei on 26th April 2016

"It is still hard to believe you are gone.

Everyday we struggle through life and somehow along we forget
how important it is to share times together and to know how each
other are faring until they are no more.

Everything in life is not worth the Family you have. We go through
life,s pain and struggle and even when we attain that height we so desire, we all go back to our maker.

Her firm message of peace and love in the Family is of the essence.

It is ok to cry but let not forget her message of peace and love in the Family.

RIP and thank you for all you did in my life.

Charles Uzordinma Ochei."

This tribute was added by Ann Oni-Okpaku on 26th April 2016

"This tribute was added by Ann Oni-Okpaku on 24th April 2016

"With so much love to my dearest and beautiful Mum, Aunt, sister
and Friend.

My own personal person that words can not describe how amazing
you were, but you were one priceless gift a true woman of substance,
a mother to me and many.

Each day my heart bleeds, my heart aches realizing that it is realy
over and i will miss your beautiful PRESENCE, love, smile, support,
cooking, teaching, and most of all, your sincere prayers.

I know you are seated by Gods right. Rest In Peace Aunty.""

This tribute was added by nonso chukwudobe akunwa on 20th April 2016

"I'll remember how early you woke for morning prayer-the aroma from your kitchen,your very receptive gestures even to strangers a sign that your door was always open and they could come right in.
I'm sure everyone has much memories like mine. These are good memories,something  we'll always cherish. It isn't often in our lives that we find someone so special that stays forever.....Grandma you were one of such. You led a simple,yet peaceful and beautiful life,one to emulate. It didn't take much to make you happy so we didn't have to be burdened,a simple hug,a visit,a warm hug Or even the simplest of all-a phone call. You were indeed my sweet grandma.
Ma your children will never forget the part of you in each of us; strength,peace,love ❤,care and calmness,blessings. All these you gave for nothing in return. Mama these virtues would never be lost,they will keep you from being just a memory,but in soooo many ways just as alive as always-alive through us grandma.
Yes there'll be time when we'll crave your cuddle,your warmth embrace and care. I know that when that time comes,we can look inwards and find that part of you left in us...that is our comfort.
So for your wisdom,your humor,your love,your care,tenderness,compassion,your patience,your understanding;thank you sweet sweet Grandma. Sleep on lovely granny...goodnight Mama,goodnight."

This tribute was added by Festus Akinyemi Fatoye on 20th April 2016

"Mama, though I didn't have the opportunity to meet you when you were alive but judging from your children,  I have no doubt in my mind that you did a great job to raise and train them.  I know almost all of them and I can say that none of them is found wanting.  Please mama R.I.A. keep your eyes on them and solicit for them as you are now with the Lord in heaven.  Rest In Peace, mama R.I.A. Rebe. Ify. Akunwa.  (Fatoye Festus Akinyemi)"

This tribute was added by Elvis Okunbor on 20th April 2016

"Rest in peace mama. The world is bettered today because of you. You lived a fulfilled life of glory ; worthy of a true mother! You will be forever missed but we are comforted that you are with the Lord and in  a better place. We are confident in the word of the Lord that the dead in Christ shall rise first,  and we that may alive and remain shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. So shall we all ever be with Him. Rest in peace mama.
Elvis Okunbor & family."

This tribute was added by Chris Mukolu on 19th April 2016

"I realized who Mama was through my Mother her early days bosom friend who always call her; Rebecca Nwenen Nwachikwei. Mama is a virtuous woman, who believes in God and brought up her Seven (7) surviving hearty men in the fear of God. Mama did one great job by bringing her children together thereby, taught them to be in unity, discipline and unbreakable at all times.  Mama’s death is purely a celebration of a life well spent therefore; if Millions of Naira is spent on her burial I do not see it as a waste because; her death is a blessing to the Akunwa’s and those that has come across her... May her soul rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Eloke Samuel Ajudua. on 19th April 2016


The news of the passing on of Mama Ugo as I called her got to me as a huge shock. I met her for the first time in 1975 when I came to Ubulu Unor for my secondary school education at St. Pius Grammar School in Onicha Ugbo.

Prior to my meeting her in person, I have heard about her from my mother who was her classmate in school.

Ugo, her second son is my childhood friend and we were very close in our secondary school days, making Mama Ugo’s home my second home.

Azu, the third son also attended our school which also added to make Mama’s home more comfortable for me. I met also Mama’s eldest son, Big Ben during my close interaction with the family, thereby becoming very close to all the family members.

Mama was very peaceful and loving person. Throughout my interaction with her, I never found her violent, seriously angry or harassing anybody.

Mama Ugo was also a very neat woman. She encouraged me eat cassava (fufu) for the very first time, in her house in 1975.

Mama was also a very strong Christian of the Anglican Faith, just like Ugo and Azu, her sons in school at  Onicha Ugbo.

Her death is really a big blow to us that knew her and an end of a glorious era.

I commiserate with my good friends in the family - Ugo, Azu, Big Ben, etc. for the loss of Mama Ugo and pray that The Almighty God will grant her a Mansion in Paradise.

May her good and gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Tribute from:
Eloke Samuel Ajudua."

This tribute was added by EDU ONABU on 18th April 2016

"May the Good Lord be with you Mama, We will really miss you.
I remember does days at Villa, You were so good to my Mother, so kind and Nice. RIP Mama.
May God keep your Children save always and may them live  long . Amen.."

This tribute was added by OBISON Obison on 17th April 2016

"Indeed, she was a wonderful woman. Mama rest in perfect peace Amen..


This tribute was added by Osadebe Chuks on 15th April 2016

"As a little boy then, i still remember how you use to visit and talk with my Dad concerning we the children, indeed you were a real mother. Though you are gone, but you still leave with us, may your gentle soul rest in peace, AMEN"

This tribute was added by Larry Ebom on 15th April 2016

"The Iroko has fallen where will the birds nest? Mama lived a good christian life by loving everybody regardless of whom the person is or where he/she come from. Mama as a matter of fat, we will miiss you but we shall meet again in the Land of peace where there will be sickness, pain and death free. RIP Mama."

This tribute was added by zenibe akunwa on 13th April 2016

"There was magic in mama’s touch,
and sunshine in her smile.
There was love in everything she did
to make our lives worthwhile.
We found both hope and courage
just by looking in her eyes.
Her laughter was a source of joy,
her words warm and wise.
There was a kindness and compassion
found in her embrace,
And shining down from Heaven above
we see the glow of mama’s face."

This tribute was added by zenibe akunwa on 13th April 2016

"MAMA, i will always remember that special smile,
that caring heart, that warm embrace you always gave us.
You being there for all of us through good and bad times, no matter what,We’ll always remember you, because there will never be another one to replace you in our hearts…
and the love we will always have for you."

This tribute was added by akunwa Nkeiruka on 13th April 2016

"Oboli mama, the sacredness in tears is not a mark of weakness, but of strength, that is how the family you left behind feels right now, the air is filled with grief, though grief in itself  is not a disorder or a sign of weakness as well, it is an emotional and spiritual necessity, the price we pay for love. Yes the cure for grief is to grieve, this we have done at the news of your demise, but now comes the time to brace up and do the needful, God helping us all. We look and draw strength from the exemplary life you lived, being the uniting force of late Chief Micheal Akunwa family after papa left us, this legacy will continue God helping us still, for this is a virtue worthy of emulation. We take solace knowing that death is not the extinguishing of light,but the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come. Adieu mama, Adieu ,the womb that  bore seven valiant men, who in turn took for themselves seven virtuous women to continue the family legacy you left behind, Adieu the matriarch of the Akunwa family, Adieu my mother in law, It is well."

This tribute was added by joel afam on 13th April 2016

"Words cannot say how much I love this woman, a mother, a comforter, an inspiring soul for all who came to her. Your home was open to everyone and your hospitality made us feel so important. You are the most loving, humble, compassionate, understanding, family oriented woman and one of the most beautiful soul one could ever meet. You took us all like your children, even though we're not. Mother of all children I'll call you, though I've not seen you in a long time but the memories of you and your good deeds remain in me now and forever more. All the fun things we use to do back then, you always make sure you keep us all in check and when we get back, we heading straight to your kitchen where ofe nsala or bitter leaf soup is waiting for us with heavy poundo. You were more than a mother to us all, we can never say goodbye to you mama because you'll always be there for us all your beautiful children. We'll miss you dearly, love you mama!"

This tribute was added by Chiejine Okpah on 13th April 2016

"Mother of All people, How greatly You Are,you will be greatly missed but We the Entire Family Of Okpah Family Are  happy  that you are in a better place in the Hands Of Almighty God, You have lived a fulfilled life on earth and you have served God in all humility. You are indeed a Jewel of inestimable value. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. You will be forever remembered, Achalo Ugo Nwanyi  Rest In Peace."

This tribute was added by Fadayini Femi on 13th April 2016

"Mama, good night and rest in perfect peace. Despite the fact that I had not opportunity to meet with you during your life time, your exemplary, dedication, diligence and commitment to serious and real life issues you impacted into your children lives is reflected in the life of my friend and brother Mr Benjamin Akunwa. You're a real mother and a symbol of motherhood."

This tribute was added by obuseh faith awele Nee Dike on 13th April 2016

"Nne Oma,  A Diamond mother you are, we will greatly miss you, we take solace in the lord knowing  fully well you lived a good and Christ like life,. Rest in peace mama Ebele."

This tribute was added by Osadebe Chukwuma on 13th April 2016


This tribute was added by Kingsley Ajere on 13th April 2016

"Sweet mummy we will miss you rest in perfect peace MAMA"

This tribute was added by okonji anthony on 12th April 2016

""Mama, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name Amen."

This tribute was added by okocha innocent on 12th April 2016

"I Sincerely Thank God Almighty For His Divine Grace Upon Mama For A Good Life Well Spent To A Glorious End...Adieu Mama Till Christ Wakes You Up Again To Part No More"

This tribute was added by tony ngwolo on 12th April 2016

"Mama, you will be greatly missed,  you are a mother to all, I can't easily forget your sumptuous  meals and kind words of advise  those days when we use to visit ubulunor with our  bosom friend your son CHIEJINE,  Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord MAMA."

This tribute was added by chux okeke on 12th April 2016

"Mama Ugo that's what I call her but she's mother to every one that one that crosses her way.
Very passonate, kind hearted, humble like a lamb. A true Mother to the entire generation of Akunwa family and beyond. We will miss you so much Mama. May you continue to rest in the Arms of the Angels. Good Night. Your son Chux Nwonyigbo"

This tribute was added by joseph oparah on 12th April 2016

"Mama, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name Amen.
Engr. Joseph Oparah & Family."

This tribute was added by Vivian Nwadialo on 12th April 2016

"RIP mama. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Nnamdi Imo on 11th April 2016

"Mama Oboli! Many that had the honour and opportunity to know you will miss you terribly, but I know you are in a better place where you won’t feel any more pain and where you will stay forever young. It’s my humble request to all of your children to keep thanking God for who you were and the indelible mark you must have left in them. I still remember those days of arriving Ubununo from Lagos to meet a well motherly prepared Ofe Nsala and pounded yam. You were so caring to visitors. You took me as a son.  May God in his infinite mercy grant your soul eternal rest in peace! Amen. To you the children, mama has not gone away; she still walks beside you all every day. I say to you all, Ndo but to God be the Glory in Jesus name."

This tribute was added by Austin Ubaka on 11th April 2016

"Mama, it's true u gone 've to be the lord almighty your creator at the ripped age. For this reason we cease to cry any more, but to keep celebrating u knowing that u r truly seated at d right side of the almighty. I pray to GOD for grace n mercy that we live to see d age u saw in good health IJMN Amen. Adieu nne  oma , nne  ora  .ni ne,  ka omesie,   nodi  ofu maa ."

This tribute was added by Nnenna Igwe on 11th April 2016

"Rebe rebe!!! Oboli oo Mama! As I would always fondly call you! I couldn't believe it when I heard you had passed on! You were indeed a peaceful and kind hearted mother, not only to your children but to all around you. Continually rest in the perfect peace of the Lord!  You will forever be greatly missed!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Adaobi Ezelue on 11th April 2016

"Mama Oboli o, what an irony of life that the people we see today will no longer be there tommorrow. Mama you were a kind and loving woman always making your home very comfortable for us to visit and feel at home. The swiftness with which you make food available for us anytime we visit cannot be forgotten. You made it easy for people like us to hang around Ubulu unor like we are from there. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us that met you. Go in peace and continue to rest easy with the Lord. Adieu"

This tribute was added by Comfort Akunwa on 11th April 2016

"Mama di mama!Oboli Oooo....aaah it is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute knowing fully well that you left a great shoe for us all to fill.You were truly an epitome of wisdom,unity and love,you brought up your Sons in a closely knitted bond,a bond that is so strong it's practically unbreakable and we your wives are better for it.
Coming into the Akunwa family to behold a Mother like you is a dream come true,I am blessed and so highly lucky to have crossed your path and be fortunate to have sat under your wise teachings,you mounded me into the woman I am today.You taught me how to apply wisdom in all that I do,how to be loving,accommodating and patient,you also taught me the golden rule of UNITY,this I have applied I to the life of my kids,they are growing each day in togetherness.

I remember with fond memories those days you used to come to lagos for Omugwo,you made the years I was nursing my children to fly by with ease,you were so much of a great help,as I write this I remember fondly when you moved to Ibadan with me when I was in school nursing Chijioke,you made been in school as a nursing mother a walk in a park,I love you mama,thank you for being you.Ooh  Mama,WOWww I'm heartbroken just remembering all these,words can't describe what you meant to us all.You are greatly missed,continue to rest in perfect peace,Adieu Mama"

This tribute was added by Ugo Akunwa on 11th April 2016

"How does one go about the task of making a tribute to a departed sweet mother whose life on earth  was  marked by an array of twinkling rays ? Put in another way , what does one say about the disappearance from the skies of a star whose only contribution whilst in the galaxy was to constantly render a glow of shining illumination in dark moonless nights ?
It will be difficult to describe that star as having fallen , it could only have ascended up a higher realm to receive a crown of glory and Godly commendation for a job well done. My mother is not dead and cannot be dead.
I can draw solace , comfort and inspiration from the kind of life she lived ; an exemplary life , every bit worthy of emulation even to generations yet unborn .
Mama I got basic lessons of life from you. You were an epitome of love and you gave it out freely.
When I saw you lying there lifeless in the hospital I said to myself , "NO" that couldn't be you because the real you who had cheated death in two major surgeries would not be silenced with your eyes closed. That image is etched indelibly in my mind and will remain so for as long as I live in this mortal frame.
Mama I will miss you as long as I live. You did not wait to see a pleasant surprise my wife Nkiru and I packaged for you. But I know you are happy and at peace with your creator. I promise that we your children will keep up the good values you created in us.
I love you mama and in the world to come you will still be my mother. Continue to rest in peace ."

This tribute was added by Gloria ikebukwu on 11th April 2016

"I grew up to know you as NNE EBELE and the few moment l shared with, you are really a loving mother. RIP mama"

This tribute was added by GEORGE OFULUE on 10th April 2016


This tribute was added by Moyo Songonuga on 10th April 2016


This tribute was added by Peter Udjoh on 9th April 2016

"Being a mother is a very important role that the Lord chooses to give to many women. A Christian mother is told to love her children (Titus 2:4-5), in part so that she does not bring reproach on the Lord and on the Savior whose name she bears. Mama, you were as described in the bible. You ever stood strong not only for your biological children but for all that ever passed by you. May your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Mama, we love you and will forever miss you."

This tribute was added by Francis Jedes on 9th April 2016

"I am adding my word to the many tributes being paid to a good woman with a great heart. Her life reminds me of many things in the New Testament regarding the character of a good woman. She was reverent, a meek and a quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price." She will surely have a place among the redeemed. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Victor Anyali on 9th April 2016

"Rest In Peace Mama. May the good Lord grant those you left behind the fortitude to bear your irreplaceable home call."

This tribute was added by pat agbobu on 9th April 2016


This tribute was added by Onyechere Ogechi on 9th April 2016

"I never knew her personally, but as they say by their fruits you shall know them. she has lived a live worthwhile, may her eternal soul rest in perfect peace. Amen"

This tribute was added by Anthony I. Kerry on 9th April 2016

"May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Ogbuefi Martins Okoata on 9th April 2016

"May her sole rest in the Lord. She was a good mother, a true christian and lover of her people of Idumuakwu. Adieu."

This tribute was added by Eboka Dominicans Nig Ltd on 9th April 2016

"My heart goes out to Akunwa’s family and loved ones. She was a gifted mother with a good heart. Rest in Peace Mama"

This tribute was added by Benedict Makolo on 8th April 2016

"Mama,indeed you were a rare Gem.unique in nature & personality.'loving' without bounds.may God Almighty grant you eternal rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Chukwuemeka Micheal on 8th April 2016

"Sweet Mother, you will be greatly missed but I am happy you are in a better place. You have lived a fulfilled life on earth and you have served God in all humility. You are indeed a Jewel of inestimable value. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. You will be forever remembered,"

This tribute was added by nelson david on 8th April 2016

"Goodbyes hurt more than anything, especially when we will  never say "Mama Oboli" again to you. You were such an amazing mother. You will be greatly missed. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu Mama!          
Dave & Lizy."

This tribute was added by Chiscolobito Vic N Vin on 8th April 2016

"Mama  we are consoled with the  fact that you are  in a better  place, may  your soul rest in perfect peace  and  Almighty God  grant  your  family the fortitude  to bear the inreplaceable loss in jesus name! ...... Vincent Chukwuma Atuche and family."

This tribute was added by aloy billy on 8th April 2016

"A city set upon the hill can not be hidden,mama you were indeed a blessing to this generation. Yes we missed you but indeed its a celebration of life well spent in this work. As you rest in the bossom of the lord your eyes are not closed but open to continue showering your blessings to your children and children children in Jesus name amen."

This tribute was added by Uzoh Galaxy on 8th April 2016

"Losing a loving mother is one of the most emotional and difficult situations we will encounter.I thank you Oh Lord for He has called Her faithful servant to his presence without allowing her to suffer in this ailing and sickly body any further. I do participate in your grief over the death of our dear mother and hope that we will see her again when all the saints are called to meet in the air. I pray for all the surviving members of the family that God may console them. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven, a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,a time to embrace and a time to refrain,a time to be silent and a time to speak and most especially a time to love and a time for peace. Continue To Rest In The Bosom Of The Lord."

This tribute was added by Master Ozor on 8th April 2016

"Mama .... i miss you so much heart cry i love u mam may ur soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by panny daniel on 8th April 2016

"Mama, you are a mother in isreal and a virteous woman, we will miss you.May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Davis Don on 8th April 2016

"Mama,  may your soul rest in perfect Peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Nelson Akunwa on 7th April 2016

"Mama, it was a terrible shock when I got that news that early morning of 26th Feb 2016 that you have passed on to glory
I was stunned... it was unbelievable. I was not expecting to hear that you are dead. I was not prepared for such news. How could you died when I am not done with the things I planned to do for you. I was expecting that you will still be available for us.
Hmmmm!!!! Mama, why? Why? Why!? This has been the question I kept asking since that day.
I have been with and around you, and never had any clue that you are ready to leave soon.
Oh! I wish you did not go so unexpectedly.  But God knows. He's the only wise God that knows everything

I am happy you were my mother, you are a rare gem, you are a good provider and a strong support to us your children, and a peace maker and a discplinarian
Mama, I can't still believe that you are gone despite the age, I can't even have discussion with people concerning your death without tears rolling out from my eyes.
Where do I start from, you were my mentor, my hero, my protector, the only person that call's me "OGE NWAM" "NELISCO" "NWAIKPAZUM" "NWAMPANAKA"
As a growing child you never allowed me to lack anything that is within your reach to provide
Mama, you are industrius and enterprising woman, as good provider, you made sure that we lack nothing within your control, you worked hard and was very resourceful even as you were advancing in age you try to be the best among your pears, and yes you are the best mama.

Mama, you were a pace maker, you were always ready to bend back wards for peace to reign
you inculcated in us your children the need to always be United together in peace and your doughter in laws a true motherhood, you never allowed us to quarrel. if for any reason you notice misunderstanding among any, you call us together and insisted that peace be restored. you were our unity force, and you taught us that UNITY WE STAND.
Your peace loving and kind nature was not limited to us your children and our wives only, but you extended this quality to others. your generosity and kindness is well known in Delta State and beyond.  you are a mother and a friend to all.

Your charismatic, eloquent and quintessential personality together with your unassuming nature endeared you to people of various cultures creed and walk of life you touched the lives of many positively in one way or the other.
We take solace in the life of care and giving that you lived and those you touched positively. you will continue to be a source of Inspiration to all of us.

My tears of love will never wake you from death, but God Almighty will on the resurrection day.
I miss you more than words can express, because you were my mother and friend that I can in all times confined on, and nothing or nobody can change that.
I will forever cheris your memory.


This tribute was added by amechi akunwa on 5th April 2016

"I just wanted 2 say ur memorial was beautiful, I pray God will continue 2 strengthen u, I hope u can also tke comfort in rev 21:4 "God will wipe out all tears 4rm our eyes, nd death will b no more, d former things av passed away. We all miss u Nne Oma Akunwa ......... 4rm simeon nd family. One luv wit tears dropin down"

This tribute was added by Benjamin Akunwa on 3rd April 2016

"Nne Ebele as she is popularly known.

Your children will miss you greatly
because of the love that you have always shown.

You gave birth to seven great men and a woman
and have accepted our wives as your children
because your love knows no bound.

May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Azu Akunwa on 2nd April 2016

"Mama, Nnem Oma, Nwa Chikwei, Nne Ebele, I remember that afternoon that we met as a family and felt it necessary to move you to another hospital, It never came to my mind that you were gradually saying bye to us, my consolation is that, you lived a good life, you were always there for your children and their wives, your grand children and great grand children, you gave us the opportunity of knowing how a "Good Mother" looks like, you taught us the need to love one another. Mama, your life on earth was indeed a blessing to us all.
Adieu Nnem Oma."

This tribute was added by Stanley Akunwa on 2nd April 2016

"Mama, Nothing will ever fill the huge room you have left behind.
You made a very loving home for us. No fight between your children could end without hugs and kisses.
You were great, too great to describe.
It may sound greedy to want more days with a person who lived so long, but the fact that you were 82 does not diminish,
it only magnifies the enormity of the room whose doors have quietly shut.
Adieu Mama and Continue to rest in perfect Peace!"

This tribute was added by Glory Akunwa on 1st April 2016

"My mother, my teacher...words can't express how much I miss you. I remember your words, your eulogies, your smile..though it hurts that you are no more, I take solace in the fond memories we shared. You lived a selfless and exemplary life, your kind and loving heart will always be remembered by all who came across you..Continue to rest in peace my beloved Mother forever...Adieu Mama till we meet to part no more!"

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