Posted by Laloni Flusher on June 26, 2018
Rebecca. You are every feather I find drifting in the wind! Seasons in the Sun I just played, reminding me of the times we shared! I love and miss you! Give Dad a kiss on the cheek for me!
Posted by Randall McClain on June 27, 2017
This last year has been a blur, mama. We've talked occasionally, you've let me know you're ok, even comforted me at times. I never knew how much I'd miss your hugs, how you were the perfect hugging height. "Footy and a half" i miss you terribly. I love you
Posted by Laloni Flusher on June 26, 2017
My mind is heavy today, the wind is blowing fierce
None of that matters because
In my heart, the memories of you have pierced!
Always loved and missed!
Posted by Laloni Flusher on July 22, 2016 would have been your 52nd birthday today here on earth, now that you are in Heaven, you are dancing on clouds and having a wonderful time! Happy Birthday SOS! Love you, and miss you very much!
Posted by Randall McClain on July 12, 2016
Mama, its lonely here. I couldnt have asked for a better mother, friend, advisor, and team partner in life. You gave everything for me, david, and your grandchildren. You were magic to them..and to us all. I love you more than be expressed. My heart gets heavy sometimes. But you would tell me "buck up" . And i will. I miss you, i love you, and i'll see you again someday.
Posted by Laloni Flusher on July 3, 2016
"One week ago today we held your hand as we saw you slip away to Heaven! Sis and I felt your spirit between us that very morning,
like a feather drifting in the air! As I look in the night sky and the moonbeam kisses my cheek, I will always know it is you and you will always be there, locked in my heart until we meet again!" RIP SOS
Posted by Breanna Seever on July 2, 2016
I love you auntie and I will always have you in my heart. I've planned to get a dreamcatcher tattoo with a teal feather so I remember you're always with me. I always wanted you see you at my future wedding but I know you'll be there in spirit. I miss you and I will continue to miss you but I won't cry. I heard you when you passed away. I was crying the day after and I heard your voice say "Don't cry Breezy". I cried even more but I stopped. I love you so much and Echo will surely cook for us every thanksgiving now that you can't. I promise to try ro help her. You're so beautiful and your soul is even more so. There's so much I want to say. I still have the ruby necklace you gave me. I plan on wearing it to my wedding. Everytime I see something tribal I will remember you and how much you adored that stuff. I hope they play the Native American warrior mourning song at your wake/funeral, I know you'd like that. I love you and I promise to watch over Echo and tell my future children about you and the delicous "freezing butt icecream" you made for our birthday. I miss you auntie. Your memory will live on forever through spirit.
Posted by Steve Seever Sr on July 2, 2016
Well little sister, with your passing now leaves us with no more Females to support that withering SEEVER family tree. However during your all too brief stay, you managed to inspire, uplift, educate, care for, assist, enjoy, support, and most of all be loved by anyone who knew you. Thank you so much for being.......YOU. I wonder are you fishing somewhere with your beloved Brian. Look in on me from time to time, K?     Your loving Brother, Dragon
Posted by Dwen Calderon on July 1, 2016
You will always be my shining light sis. I'll miss you forver.
Posted by Dwen Calderon on July 1, 2016
My best friend and sister you'll forever live in my heart

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