• 50 years old
  • Born on March 29, 1959 .
  • Passed away on September 30, 2009 .

This Memorial is in honor of Rebecca "Beckie" Ann White. She passed away peacefully on Wednesday, Sept. 30 2009.

A beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister and daughter. Beckie has lived in the Linden/Fenton area of Michigan for most of her life. She has shared the past 15 years with her husband Dave and their 2 dogs Poco and Bella.

Beckie has 2 daughters and 1 son, Rose, Brooke and Blake as well as 4 grandsons, Austin, Lucas, Aidan and Noah. She was a loving sister to Terri Englund as well as being a great daughter to Richard and Rachael Englund. Beckie was loved by many.

Beckie fought a long battle with Breast Cancer and just when we thought she had it beat it came back with a vengeance. Beckie will be remembered as a wonderful, loving, fun, and terrific person that will be forever missed.

The viewing will be held from 1-5 p.m. on Sat. Oct 3 at the Sharp Funeral Home in Linden MI.

A Memorial Service will be held at 2 p.m. on Sun. Oct. 4 at the Sharp Funeral Home. A graveside service will immediately follow at the Tyrone Memory Gardens.

Posted by Sandy Burger on October 1, 2018
9 years it has been since you left. Alot has been happening. Your grandkids are adorable. Just seen austin turned 20? Wow i can remember rosemary when she was a baby. I think of you alot and have always wished you were here to enjoy your grandchildren. They are a blessing. It saddens me that they dont have the joy of being with their grandma. Life doesnt seem fair. Miss you dear friend.
Posted by Sandy Burger on March 30, 2015
Still think of you a lot. I hope you can find my sister you and her can rest in peace together. Take care of her for me. Miss you always. Love Sandy
Posted by Patricia Miller on March 29, 2015
Think of you so often, I am sure you will have a great celebration in your home of peace and love. Bless you now and always, Love P
Posted by Sandy Burger on October 1, 2014
ow apartThe years have gone by fast. Sitting here thinking of you at this time of year. I know there were many problems with you and rich but you are both gone now and it makes me sad. We were the best of friends back then. Many many good times and some bad mixed in there. I always wish that we let ourselves grow apart
 Never thought back then that would ever happen. Life goes on but I will never forget you my friend......
Posted by Yukiko Charboneau on September 30, 2014
I can't believe it has been 5 years since you left us. I still see you in a crowd, in a car, I guess someone looks just like you. I miss you.
Posted by Patricia Miller on October 1, 2013
Think of you so often. Miss you and I'll see you again someday, miss your kindness and sense of humor. Love u.
Posted by Kelly Poppe on September 30, 2013
Thinking of you today and always...
Posted by Patricia Miller on March 29, 2013
Think about you so often, such a sweetheart. Miss you. Love and I'll see you and many other friends and family one of these days. I can see your smile as I write this.
Posted by Sandy Burger on March 29, 2013
happy birthday beckie. miss you alot. there are days that i have wished i could call you up and talk like the good ole days. Love Sandy
Posted by Laura Kohsmann on October 1, 2012
Good morning my dear friend. I can't believe three years have come and gone with out you here. I hope you can see and feel how much you are missed each and every day. Love you
Posted by Sandy Burger on October 1, 2012
didn't forget that day couldn't find the words to say anything. we did go by for a visit. took terry with me he hadn't been there before. brought back alot of memories that we won't forget. love watching your kids and grandkids grow see lots of pictures... love sandy
Posted by Dennis Kennedy on September 30, 2012
Miss you!
Posted by Patricia Miller on September 30, 2012
Dear, dear Beckie, I think of you so often. You were so supportive during my daughter Michelle's fight against breast cancer. Miss you
and respect you so much for the loving kind person you were to me and everyone that knew you. Until we meet again, love you.
Posted by Sandy Burger on March 29, 2012
happy birthday,,, you are missed dearly by everyone.
Posted by Blake & Aimee Boan on November 28, 2011
Tis the season. We have all of your 40,000 boxes of different decorations out and split up. Know how much you love this time of year! Love you!
Posted by Sandy Burger on October 1, 2011
Thought of you alot yesterday. Shame on me for being too busy to write you yesterday. I catch myself alot still not believing you are gone. Have alot of memories from days past with you. You are dearly missed. Love Sandy
Posted by Laura Kohsmann on September 30, 2011
Miss you sugar.
Posted by Dave White on September 30, 2011
together for ever
Posted by Dennis Kennedy on September 30, 2011
Today, we celebrate your life! Miss you...
Posted by Rosemary Boan on September 30, 2011
Love you forever, Miss you for always!
Posted by Sandy Burger on March 24, 2010
Hi, It's that time of the year again when I remember your have a birthday in March. Still have the problem not knowing which day the 27 or 29th. Just a note to tell you I miss you.  Love Sandy
Posted by Sandy Burger on October 11, 2009
Oh how I seem to be thinking of you lately. I wish the best for your family as I know they are missing you terribly. Got some pictures out the other day and wish we could go back. Sandy
Posted by David White on October 4, 2009
Beck, the void in my heart is great, and is only bridged by the fact that I will again hold you in my arms someday. I love you!
Posted by Todd Norwood on October 2, 2009
With sorrow I will remember you as the kind, caring person I've always known you to be; may you rest in peace!
Posted by Bill Leaske on October 2, 2009
Beckie, Your positive spirit and kindness will be missed. God always takes the good one's first.
Posted by Rick Birchen on October 2, 2009
Becky, I will miss your smiling face, and your willingness to help out on a moment's notice.
Now I'm sure you can get a Cadillac with working windows.
Posted by Dave Kerstetter on October 2, 2009
Beckie, Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. We all will miss you.
Posted by Laura Kohsmann on October 1, 2009
Beckie, I will miss you dearly. Rest in Peace sugar. Love you
Posted by Kelly Gifford on October 1, 2009
"Crazy-I miss you! You rest now and we will continue the battle for you! You'll never be forgotten and forever loved. "
Posted by Michiko Ulbrich on October 1, 2009
I will miss you forever....
Posted by Kelly Poppe on October 1, 2009
Beckie, I will always remember you with such a positive attitude and never a harsh word about anyone. We will miss you dearly.
Posted by Dennis Kennedy on October 1, 2009
Beckie, we miss you. Your love of life is part of your legacy. A reminder to us of how much you are loved by your friends. You will always own a piece of our hearts. Be at Peace, dear one.
Posted by Yukiko Charboneau on October 1, 2009
You gave me courage when I was fighting my own battle. You once told me that we are sisters now. Thank you for being there for me. Love you and rest in peace.
Posted by Cindy Sartwell on October 1, 2009
We were seperated by distance, but miles are measured by earthly methods. You are as close to me in my heart as if we were sitting next to each other. Miss you until we meet again old friend.
Posted by Sandy Burger on October 1, 2009
The memories that I have Beckie, we will miss you dearly. You were my best friend, we had our babies together and went through alot of up and downs together. My prayers to you and your family.
Posted by Sherry Brazee on October 1, 2009
Beckie I know you had a hard battle but you were so strong. I did not know you long because I live in Alabama and we talked alot on the phone. But I thought of you often and prayed for you.
Posted by Patricia Miller on October 1, 2009
"You have left the building, but you will be
forever in our hearts. Until we meet again
dear Beckie, God's peace."
Posted by Jeff Raleigh on October 1, 2009
Peace be with you...
Posted by Jeff Nikkila on October 1, 2009
To a good friend and colleague, lots of good memories from the past, until we meet again, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  

you will be missed !!

Jeff Nikkila
Posted by Nikki Hankins on October 1, 2009
Hey Lady! You were such a good friend and I will cherish all of the great times and good conversations we had together. I will miss you so much until we meet again someday. Love you forever!
Posted by Charlotte Wiles on October 1, 2009
Becky,you were such a kind person. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Jaymi Mcelyea on October 1, 2009
Beckie...we have all been blessed to know you. Your smile and laughter will be remembered forever. Thanks for being you!!
Posted by Blake & Aimee Boan on October 1, 2009
To the best mom in the world..... you gave your everything for us. Now we will continue to do the same for each other. We love you always!!
Posted by Rosemary Boan on September 30, 2009
RIP Mom...Love you forever...I will meet you in my dreams tonight and everynight.
Posted by Johnna Burger-Jewell on September 30, 2009
Sending all of my love to you & yours.. you will forever be in our hearts, may you rest at peace now & find comfort

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