Reg Ross
  • 77 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 22, 1932
  • Date of passing: Sep 26, 2010
I will close my eyes here, and open them on the other side

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Reg Ross who was born on December 22, 1932 and passed away on September 26, 2010.

 Reg has been around and a part of all of our lives in “Advertising Specialties” for as long as many can remember. It was not until I personally had the incredible pleasure and honor of working with Reg side-by-side these past few years that I really got to know him…I mean really know him. Wow, why did I wait so long? Long story short, I will deeply miss my dearest friend…a more wise and caring person there may never be. For those of us who knew Reg, he was a quiet and very private man…the man many of us came to know and love was like a saint…and very spiritual. During our many talks on long drives, and those times we hung out just to contemplate “the meaning of life”, Reg often said that “he just felt he had not yet left his gift on life yet and wanted to do something meaningful before he moved on”. Can you imagine that? All I could ever say was… “Reg, everyone I have ever known that knows you says the same thing, that you in some great way affected their lives simply by knowing you, and I think that is the greatest gift you can leave anyone.” Reg touched all of us in a magical kind of way, and although his wishes were for none of us to grieve at his passing, or to honor him with any memorial ceremonies, Stacy & Tony Ross thought that it would be okay if we left this little remembrance page as a place that we could all share something about Reg…and lighten our hearts just a little bit from the ache his loss brings. That said, please share your stories and thoughts here for Reg’s family and friends to remember him by…in celebration of his life, share the gift Reg left for you. I will miss you my friend, but never forget you…Victor
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by robert collins on 22nd December 2017

"Still missed!!!"

This tribute was added by Larry Rallo on 26th September 2015

"Gone over these years but not forgotten by me and the many people I meet in his old territory. He was respect, loved and missed now by all.
Reg was a class act that can never be replaced."

This tribute was added by karin meyer on 26th September 2014

"Reg will be forever missed. Such a nice, caring compassionate man. I do get a smile and a chuckle when I think of Reg and Jim Buescher (who left us this year) playing practical jokes and giving people a hard time. Heaven will never be the same with those two hanging out together. You are both very loved and very missed."

This tribute was added by Victor Macchia on 26th September 2014

"Pop, four years, and not nearly a day goes by that I do not think about you, wondering "What would Reg do?". I could use you here in my life right now more than ever, but when things get tough, I feel your hand resting on my shoulder giving me comfort.

And now my dear friend, I must break a promise I made to you in those final days.  You wanted no pomp, no ceremonies, no remembrances. You thought that people would "just forget", but that would simply be impossible. At J.Charles you will be remembered forever, so please forgive me as we soon present our outstanding Salesperson of the Year with the First Annual "Reg Ross Award for Sales Professionalism" I wish I could say this was my doing, but Barry, Chuck, and Jeff said the award could be named nothing else, and after the man that symbolized true professionalism and class.  The recipient will have very large shoes to fill.

I love you Reg. Mom and I have set a place for you at our Christmas Eve table every year, hoping that somehow you would come join us.  This year I am serving all of you favorites, and your place will be waiting for you.

May God continue to Bless and Keep you...


This tribute was added by Richard DeBiaso on 26th September 2014

"I entered the industry in 1986. Reggie was one of the first people I met. I always looked forward to seeing him for many reasons but the most important reason was simple, he was a very nice man and fun to be around. See you on the other side Reg!"

This tribute was added by Larry Rallo on 26th September 2014

"Reg was a guy that spending time with him was always way too short. Good man and a straight shooter. The perfect model of a classy man."

This tribute was added by Mel Ellis on 26th September 2013

"I loved Reg, and looked up to him as the finest example of a real professional sales person.  He was so kind to me, and so considerate, and he opened himself in surprising ways.  One of my most treasured days in the business was working my booth next to his, where he made me feel great about my own meager, amateur selling talents.  He was great."

This tribute was added by Raymond Morgan on 26th September 2013

"No one will remember who or what is not interesting to him. You will never be forgotten.


This tribute was added by robert collins on 26th September 2013

"You brought light to the dark, and continue to do so!
Thanks for all the lessons that you taught us.  We continue to follow your advice and remember who shared it with us, so we can pass it along to others that were not so fortunate to get it from you first hand!
Keeping your magic alive!!!"

This tribute was added by robert collins on 22nd December 2012

"I know you are doing your "magic" in the next world... Keep up the good work... one of these days we'll be together again... until that time...
keep smiling!  Deb & I love you... Always!"

This tribute was added by Victor Macchia on 22nd December 2012

"Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Pop!  Your place at the Christmas Eve dinner will be set...just show up.  Tell Sal I love and miss him like crazy. I hope you two aren't sharing too many stories.

Miss ya are forever missed."

This tribute was added by barry dyas on 26th September 2012

"Dearest Reg,
Believe it or not, the world has actually gotten a lot crazier since you left us. The world needs your compassion and warmth like never before. Please figure out a way to get back down here. Use your salesmanship and charisma on the Lord and convince him to send you back.
Love ya, man!"

This tribute was added by Victor Macchia on 26th September 2012

"Another year Pop. They go by so quickly now, and yet I do not for a moment forget you. I know you are with me, and that gives me what I have needed to move forward...Thank you Reg, I Love You."

This tribute was added by Victor Macchia on 22nd December 2011

"Happy Birthday "Pop". Thanks for watching over me this past year.  There will be a place set at my Christmas table again for you this year. I Love You!"

This tribute was added by Ron Baron on 22nd December 2011

"Reg was the most compassionate of professionals, putting himself "last," and as a result, put himself "first" in the hearts of those blessed to know him."

This tribute was added by nowell wisch on 26th September 2011

"Reg was one of the funniest guys in my life. I've posted three photos from the NSA show days that are my fondest memories. (Can't post the video of his telling me where to put the camera at 6am in Portland- this site is family rated!)"

This tribute was added by Victor Macchia on 26th September 2011

"Although I know that Reg is happily on his "Other Side" his presence is often's a touch on my shoulder, seeing his grin, and a whisper as he tells me..."You missed a wrinkle there son" I will always be guided through what I learned from The Master. God Bless Reg...V"

This tribute was added by Barbara Hazeltine on 26th September 2011

"A gentle voice, a gentle touch, a gentle man who left behind a legacy. He will always be a part of our lives, gently moving though, shaping our thoughts, guiding our actions.  Thank you Reg -"

This tribute was added by Greg White on 26th September 2011

"I still think of Reg often and miss our lunches together. His thoughtfulness, caring and genuine interest in what I was saying, along with his gentle personality are all traits I dearly miss and will continue to try and emulate in my life."

This tribute was added by Richard DeBiaso on 26th September 2011

"I feel so privilaged & blessed that I can say Reggie was my friend. He was one of the first rep's in our industry that just seemed to want to help everyone, our friendship started back in 1986.
God bless Reggie~ with Love~ Ritch"

This tribute was added by Joan Curtis on 23rd September 2011

"For the past 16 years my very favorite part of attending a trade show was to visit with Reg.  He was a wonderful man, a real gentle-man, an honest man.  There was no better-a class act! His words and hugs were from his heart.  Our industry was blessed!  See you on the other side."

This tribute was added by Greg White on 24th January 2011

"The respect I had for Reg from the beginning of our 24 year friendship was immediate and heartfelt. He was the most gentle gentleman I have ever known.  His wisdom, grace, genuine concern for others, style and thoughtful conversations are what I will always remember.  

I hope Reg knew how much he was loved, respected"

This tribute was added by Darlene Skou on 27th October 2010

"Reg was one of a kind... a true gentleman....a man of truth and goodness.  Never heard him say an unkind word about anyone.  He had a gentle spirit and he shared his love of God with me so openly at a wonderful lunch for just the two of us.  A time that I treasured then and treasure even more today....God Bless him and may we all learn from his life."

This tribute was added by Doug Carson on 11th October 2010

"I attended a SAAC show shortly after I lost my wife Albie to cancer, When Reg saw me walking down the isle, he hustled over to me and gave me a loving hug and said I will always be in his thoughts and prayers. Thanks Reg, say hi to Albie for me..... Forever in my heart Reg."

This tribute was added by Kathy Henrickson on 9th October 2010

""I was very blessed to be considered Reg's friend. I met him as a young bride in 1977, and he welcomed me into the industry with a warm and gracious heart. I always looked forward to seeing him at shows, as he always made me feel very special. I miss him, and wish him an everlasting peace.""

This tribute was added by Mark Shinn on 8th October 2010

"I was honored to have known Reg Ross, and call him a friend, over the last 10 years since I started my business. To this day there is a standard set by Reg on the promo show circuit.

A Holiday Dinner event at SAAC, a lunch in Van Nuys, Breakfast in Monterey, are just a couple of fond memories with Reg ~ among many . . .

May we all remember the lessons that Reg shared, in his time here with us."

This tribute was added by Dan Jenne on 8th October 2010

"Reg was one of the first people I met in the industry when I started helping my uncle with the traveling shows in 1997. He was the kindest, gentlest man I had ever met and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He would always listen to what you had to say and when he asked "How are you doing?"...he really cared about the answer. What an unbelievable soul...we love you and I'll miss you Reg!"

This tribute was added by Otis Veteto on 6th October 2010

"What always impressed me about Reg, was his quiet "professionalism", and his gentle, quiet way of talking with everyone. We became friends late in our careers, but every minute with Reg was a lifetime of good memories. We all, in this wonderful industry of ours, now have an angel looking over us.
Otis Veteto"

This tribute was added by Cheryl Landman, MAS on 5th October 2010

"Reading through the many stories and comments, I feel that I indeed now know Reg Ross. He has left a special path of great respect, humility, professionalism and caring.  In his memory, I will work hard to "pay it forward" in his honor.  Also a White Castle fan, he will also come to mind with each mini-burger. Based on the many reviews, the part Reg played on this earthly stage was the lead!"

This tribute was added by Barbara Hazeltine on 4th October 2010

"Thank you Reg for always being the gentle man who touched my heart with your hug.  There was a strength and courage that ran through you and touched so many of us. You quietly taught us life lessons and we are better for having known you.  You will always be a part of my heart..."

This tribute was added by karen kravitz on 4th October 2010

"Reg had many gifts that he shared. He always had an inspirational word that reminded you what was really important. He always remembered what mattered to you in your world, asking about your kids, etc. He was a gentleman who always made me feel like a lady. Integrity, passionate, wise in our industry. He fought the good fight but left these gifts behind. I will miss you, my friend."

This tribute was added by Raul Parra on 3rd October 2010

"Dear Reg,

The times you,Dave and I shared lunch were always spiritual in nature and those times never fail to filled me with hope, faith and a great feeling of having lunch with a prince of a man. We'll see each other later, love you brother!"

This tribute was added by Laura Holt on 3rd October 2010

"I knew instantly when I first met Reg in 1976 that he was a kind and loving man.  Glen invited Reg to join us for a jazz concert at the Arch in St. Louis and although Glen was my date, it was Reg that bought a rose for me.  Doesn't that say it all?  What a gentleman and good friend.  "Laura Kay" (as he always called me) will miss him."

This tribute was added by Raymond Morgan on 1st October 2010

""There shall be showers of blessing" Ezekiel 34:26
Your blessings are as the countless Autumn leaves touching the ground with richness, beauty - falling in heaps.
I thank you, Lord."

This tribute was added by Connie Allen on 1st October 2010

"Reg was a class act!  I have known him for many years and we shared being from Detroit, both cancer survivors, and many spiritual stories.  He was a kind generous person with a beautiful soul.  I will miss him and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Love ya Reg,

This tribute was added by Ed Fabish on 30th September 2010

"I celebrate with joy that all whom have shared how Reg has touched our lives have a common thread, he made us feel good. In recent months Reg & I have had some good hangout time.Many have dubbed Reg "The Silver Fox" very fitting,I will remember him as "Majestic Grace"."

This tribute was added by les morris on 30th September 2010

"Reg has been a wonderful part of my business career for many years. I always enjoyed our discussions, his insight into the industry, and appreciated his outstanding assistance as a supplier representative.
I and all who knew him well will miss him.
Hope you have many great games of raquetball in the "hereafter""

This tribute was added by Marvin Baida on 30th September 2010

"When Reg walked in a room, it was like a Angel of piece just arrived.  I've know Reg going back to the Hazel day's, which was a great period in my life.  I will miss his warm feeling of love and caring that always came from him.  Sleep Well!"

This tribute was added by Kyle Huffman on 30th September 2010

"I met Reg in 1991 when we both were hired at Barton Nelson. That day changed my life.  We became instant friends and remained so for these past 20 years. He became one of the three mentors I have enjoyed in my life. He was my compass as I grew in this industry.  We talked often and he always treated me like a son rather than a business associate.  I hope he knew how very much I admired him."

This tribute was added by Richard Golden on 30th September 2010

"I was privileged to have known Reg ever since I entered the industry back around 1974.  He was one of about 3-4 people who I always asked for help, guidance and their point of view on various subjects.  We spoke about many things during the last two years.  I was fortunate to sit with him and Ed Fabish in the lobby of the LBCC on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 for about an hour and we spoke at length."

This tribute was added by Larry Baida on 29th September 2010

"Reg is a wonderful man. He always offered friendship, insight, and knowledge of life and lifes lessons. He will be respectfully remembered and missed. Reg has left multiple generations with positive and lasting memories. Thank you."

This tribute was added by David Willingham on 29th September 2010

"Reg’s genuine kindness and wisdom is like no other that I have known.  He had the presence and charisma of a leading man on the big screen.  He was always one to share his wisdom and thoughts as they pertain to a bigger picture.  I will miss you dearly Reg."

This tribute was added by Kimberly Swanson on 29th September 2010

"Reg was like the father I never had. He always offered meaningful advice and words of encouragement. He seemed to know exactly what needed to be said in any situation.  If I seemed down, he picked me up; if I looked overwhelmed, he always put things into perspective. He will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Mary Kellerman on 29th September 2010

"Reg will be greatly missed. It was always a pleasure to see him. He always had a smile to share and hug to give. Reg was a true gentleman, humble, and real. I will miss him. Many blessings to Reg's family. Godspeed my friend, may you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Sean Daley on 29th September 2010

"I was a lucky person to get to know Reg and to count him as a friend. I came into the industry as a young man and was soon after sent to California for the compnay I was with. I met him on the traveling road shows and soon became close to him. He was always there with a open ear and a kind opinion when you needed it. This is a great loss for all of us... I will miss him dearly."

This tribute was added by Bruce Sacks on 29th September 2010

"Words cannot describe the giving nature of Reg. Reg was ALWAYS willing to help weather business or personal. I will miss him."

This tribute was added by Michelle Kajan on 29th September 2010

"It was such a pleasure to know Reg. From the first day I met Reg he welcomed me with a hug and a smile. His smile was always warm,uplifting and will be truly be missed."

This tribute was added by shelly cheshire on 29th September 2010

"Reg was a source of strong spiritual strength during the  24 years we were challenges were faced, Reg would always bring me back to center each time we spoke.  He will leave a hole in many of our hearts as he was truly the 'real deal'.  I am blessed that he & Marty will both me looking after me from above now...xs"

This tribute was added by craig nadel on 29th September 2010

"Reg was a wonderful person and my life was richer for having known him"

This tribute was added by Josh Ebrahemi on 29th September 2010

"Everyone I saw Reg, he was always in a good mood, truly cared about me and wanted to know how everything was going.  He always told me I worked for the best company and everytime he spoke to me, he was always so sincere and thoughtful. Truly one of the nicest people I have ever met.  He was a man of class and he loved people.  I will miss you Reg."

This tribute was added by Dennis Phillips on 29th September 2010

"The notes of grief at the loss of Reg on the JNI emails started immediately on hearing of the sad news.  All who knew him, learned from him, respected his wisdom and honesty and especially loved him were immediate and heart felt.  He personified "Great Man"  Good bye ole pal."

This tribute was added by Dave Murphy on 29th September 2010

"I knew Reg for most of my 30 years in Sales with Gill Studios.  I had many early morning breakfasts with him and he was so very easy to talk to.  He left the same mark on me as he did with others....he was a "class act!"

As I leave this business at the end of next month, I will always have the memories of good friends, and Reg Ross was definitely one of them!"

This tribute was added by jann jaskol on 29th September 2010

"How fitting that Reg should be in the imprint business.
Some people wave a banner across the sky, others, like Reg reach a million people with countless kindnesses that leave a lasting impression."

This tribute was added by barry dyas on 29th September 2010

"I read the news today, oh boy …

What is it about certain songs that make the hair on my arms tingle? I posed this question to a talented musician and old classmate of mine at a recent high school reunion. “It reaches your soul,” Ed replied, looking amazed I could be 58 and yet to figure this out.

And so it rings with certain people. There is just something about them that reaches the soul. In my case, like so many others, I found Reg to be one of those rare birds. He was totally infectious. He had a way of making you believe in mankind in spite of people flying airplanes into buildings. Reg, the perpetual optimist, sold over a million glasses in his lifetime and everyone was half-full.

I knew Reg for only four years. When I hired him in the summer of 2006, I’m sure there were those who questioned the wisdom of hiring a 74-year-old guy who had survived cancer. When we interviewed, however, I knew in an instant he was my man. It took only minutes to discover a man who possessed qualities in abundance: sincerity, class, integrity, wisdom, compassion, love of life and a fire for his profession. The man who was Hollywood-handsome, ironically, was not capable of putting on an act. Reg was Reg. What you saw was what you got.  

How could I possibly go wrong hiring this guy? Anyone with charisma of this magnitude would surely open doors for J.Charles and Quarry. Plain and simple, I hired Reg for selfish reasons. It was a business decision based on my sense that Reg could bring us orders. And boy did he!

“It might be the fourth quarter, but it’s first down – I want to go out with a bang!” Those were Reg’s exact words when we interviewed.

Well, Reg, it hurts to say; but the game of life has ended. You’re on the other side of the field now. So let me share your optimism and say that it’s now the first quarter and first down. I will miss you terribly. You were a beautiful human being and eternally a beautiful soul. Thank you for reaching mine, old buddy.  

Barry Dyas
J.Charles Crystalworks

This tribute was added by Mike Miller on 29th September 2010

"A true class act"

This tribute was added by Greg Armstrong on 29th September 2010

"A professional in every sense of the word, Reg, you will be missed. He defined class, integrity and dignity in every way he carried and presented himself. God speed Reg."

This tribute was added by Barb & Bob Faux on 29th September 2010

"Reggie was our business associate, but more importantly we were honored to have him as our dear friend.  He had a zest for life that was infectious to everyone who knew him.  A philosophy of life that made the world a better place to live in.  We will miss you Reg but your presence will enrich those souls on the other side."

This tribute was added by Ron Baron on 29th September 2010

"I not only admired the respectfulness that Reg displayed to so many, I remain in awe of the honor he earned from such a wide audience that tended to hover around him wherever he was.  Honor begets honor; what a wonderful lesson Reg taught so many of us in his special, quiet way."

This tribute was added by sam minster on 29th September 2010

"Reg was a very nice person who always seemed to put you at ease. When you talked to him, he would make you feel like nothing else mattered in the world.

Every time I saw him, he would always ask how my family was doing, and remind me that family was the most important thing.

Reg, have fun in your next adventure and please tell Marty that I say hi."

This tribute was added by Mary Dobsch on 29th September 2010

"Reg was a sales rep at Hazel in CA when I worked in Customer Service back in the late 70's.  When Reg spoke to you, he had a way of making you feel you were the most important person in the world. Throughout my career in this industry, Reg has always gone out of his way to be kind. What an example he set.

We are better people because we were lucky to have known him."

This tribute was added by Jim Munkittrick on 29th September 2010

""We move through life, brushing shoulders with many, but when you met Reg, you knew you had met a gentleman."
Thank you for having enriched my life Mr Ross!"

This tribute was added by nowell wisch on 29th September 2010

"Reg has been, what seems, to be a lifelong friend although I only knew him for twenty years. He attended my 60th birthday party this may...
I could count him as a friend."

This tribute was added by Richard DeBiaso on 28th September 2010

"I first met Reggie when I came into the industry in 1986.  I agree with Robert Collins, Reggie told me in one of our first if not our first conversation was: "Kid you can do great things in this industry by being honest and up front with your clients, colleagues and suppliers." Reggie- you were loved very much and will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Dave Stoll on 28th September 2010

"I only worked with Reg for the last three years but it seemed like I knew him for most of my life. He was often the voice of reason, and always a gentleman. That is the highest compiment I can give a man. Although we lived accross the country from  each other we did keep in touch often. It was an honor to know him and I will miss him. As he would say God Bless and we'll meet on the other side. RIP"

This tribute was added by Gary C Armes on 28th September 2010

"Reg was the finest gentlemen I have known in this industry or anyplace else. In my mind I will always see his special smile and the sparkle in his eyes. Handsome as a movie star, humble like a saint.
Such a special man. I will remember you forever Reg."

This tribute was added by Rick Greene on 28th September 2010

"Class.  Sheer, effortless class.  That was Reg.  He loved classic movies and we always discussed them when we saw each other.  A few years back I was Groucho at a sales event with a movie theme and he LOVED it.  Every time I saw him after that, EVERY TIME, he'd say, "Rick, do Groucho for me.  Just one line."  And I always did.  For Reg.  Check out my Reg story on the story page."

This tribute was added by robert collins on 28th September 2010

"Reg was the first to extend his hand to help me when I started in the business. His advice to me was (and I live by it) "Say what you do, and do what you say. Always tell the truth no matter what. Be honest"
He was a gentleman's gentleman. He was a colleague,a mentor and friend. We all will truly miss him."

This tribute was added by Rod Brown on 28th September 2010

"Gentleman Reg, a friend for over 25 years always had that certain style, his clothes, his tie, his manner. He was always soft spoken and well....just stylish. Reg always had a smile, a warm handshake, a good story or two. The Latin origin of Reginald is "rulers' advisor" Reg, here is hoping you give em all in heaven some good advice on how to dress and act a gentleman.  God speed to you Reg."

This tribute was added by Barbara Dail on 28th September 2010

"Reg was one of the first reps I met when I came into the industry twenty years ago. He was then and remained one of the loveliest gentlemen I've ever met. On my desk is a paperweight that says "Behind every successful woman is herself". When he gave that to me he said that he knew I was one of those women. His faith in me meant the world. Godspeed my friend."

This tribute was added by Mike Fey on 28th September 2010

"Truely a class act, a blessing to all that had the pleasure to know  him."

This tribute was added by Dennis Burnham on 28th September 2010

"Reg became my friend in the winter of 1973 when we were classmates in the CAS program at the University of Wisconsin.  Year after year, his authentic, sincere smile was always a reminder of our great mutual respect and admiration.  This is a man who set a standard for professionalism and character that will always come to mind at the mention of his name."

This tribute was added by Larry Rallo on 28th September 2010

"Reg was a classy man who respected everyone he came into contact with and in turn received respect from business associates, friends and any person who was blessed to know him.

He was friend and business associate to me and more importantly he showed me how to live life everyday with vigor right to the end. I will miss you Reg as all of us will."

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