Shared by Paul Buchanan on December 3, 2010

Reg and I were hired at Barton-Nelson in '91 and after visiting we realized that our birthdays were only a week (and 20 years) apart.

What a wonderful kindred spirit and dear friend he was over the years. Through good times and bad, his thoughtful soul would help you walk any path.

He will be missed. I was blessed to have him as a co-worker, mentor and friend.

Paul (Buck) Buchanan


Shared by Jeff Gidre on November 2, 2010

My favorite Reg story took place at the Oakland office of Jack Nadel in the mid '90's.  Reg came in to make a presentation, but before he began, he had everyone close their eyes and visualize selling a particular product to a customer. I remember peaking out of one eye and seeing 8-10 people with their eyes closed and thinking to myself..."this guy's a kook!"  Turns out he was!  But what other rep could pull that off!  Only Reg.  You are missed sir.

Shared by Karin Meyer on September 29, 2010
Reg and I started at Hazel on the same day back in 1970. He was for me a wonderful friend and mentor over these many years. During the worst of times for me Reg was always there. For those of you that know Reg you understand what "being there" means in Reg's world. He was such a strong spiritual man who believed in the importance of giving and taking care of his friends.
Reg was particularly attached to Charlie Stockwell who was the Hazel of California plant manager. He and Charlie were buddies. They worked hard and they played hard. Their friendship has lasted over 30 years and I was blessed to have lunch with Reg and Charlie 4 weeks ago. As always, we had fun. There was no sadness at this lunch. You never would have known Reg was very sick. At the end of the lunch Reg turned to me and in a whisper simply said..." I am ready to move on to my next life. Please do not worry about me but know I am in a better place. "
I will miss my friend Reg !!
James Buescher
Chief Operating Officer
PromoShop, Inc.
5420 McConnell Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

White Castle Burgers

Shared by Barb & Bob Faux on September 29, 2010

People may not know that having grown up in the midwest, Reggie had a passion for White Castle Burgers.  Whenever we were in that part of the country on NSA, Reggie had to make at least one trip to induge his love of these "original sliders". 

About 3 years ago, when Bob and I were traveling on another show, we were in Detroit and made a pit stop at White Castle.  So we got on the cell phone and called him from the restaurant and told him we were thinking of him with every bite.  We asked him if he wanted us to ship him some burgers, but he promptly informed us that he always has his fill of White Castles because he could buy them at Ralph's in the frozen food section.  We had a good laugh and conversation together while we munched on the burgers.


Hazel Vs. Vitronic

Shared by Rick Greene on September 28, 2010

My favorite Reg Ross story took place in 1986.  I worked for Singleton and put together a sales meeting for my salespeople called Hazel Vs. Vitronic: The Battle Of The Century!  It was an offsite meeting at a hotel in West LA.   Reg, representing Hazel and Cal Wofford of Vitronic came out and shook hands.  I was the ref.  After the coin toss, Reg won and got to go first.  He did something so classy I couldn't believe it... he referenced some of Vitronic's product during his Hazel presentation, even calling Cal up to discuss the Vitronic folders.  When it was Cal's turn, he did the same thing and brought Reg on to compare some Hazel product with his own.  Then they finished the meeting by shaking hands again, turning to the group and put their arms around each other and waved to us like two champions!  I'll have that image of those two competitors with their arms around each other and big smiles on their faces etched into my mind forever.  It was a brilliant way to conduct this sales meeting and it came from the mind of the supreme gentleman, Reg Ross. 

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