Let the memory of Regina be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on September 24, 1964 in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on February 12, 2014 in Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Wife, Mother, Sister, Auntie and Friend, Mrs.Regina Onwukwe Oraegbuna, 49, born on September 24, 1964 and passed away on February 12, 2014.

She will be in our hearts forever.

Funeral Details

Regina Onwukwe Oraegbuna's family,friends and colleagues will gather this evening to remember her at a service songs in praise to God for her life.

Venue: House 16, 1st Avenue, First Generation Estate, Lokogama Abuja
Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Funeral Service will hold tomorrow; Friday 28th February 2014 at the same venue from 8am - 10am. Interment follows shortly after at Gudu Cemetary Abuja.


Posted by Anthonia Okogbenin on 12th February 2019
My sweet snr Reggie, sleep on in the Lord. I pray for your children. I pray for all your loved ones. Your light shines on. I love you so much.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 12th February 2019
It's five years since we lost Auntie Reggie. We truly miss her but console ourselves with the fact that she is in a better place and her kids are doing so well. Auntie Reggie will be proud of them wherever she is. All told, we must continue to thank God who is the owner of us all. Continue to rest in peace auntie.
Posted by Anthonia Okogbenin on 25th September 2018
Sweet Snr Regina. I am thinking of you today. I pray the Lord continues to rest you well and guide and guard your children and loved ones. You live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th September 2018
Aunty Reggie would've been 54 today. The cake would've been awesome. We will always remember her.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 12th February 2017
Its 3 years today since Auntie Reggie left us. We're thankful still for her life and truly grateful to God for keeping those of us she left behind especially David, Daniel and Deborah. Rest on Aunty.
Posted by Ojeisekhoba Angela on 12th February 2017
We miss you but are comforted knowing you are resting I. The Bossom of our Lord. RIP
Posted by Anthonia Okogbenin on 24th September 2016
My ever special senior Regina. My petite, fair-skinned beauty. I pray you are singing and dancing with the angels as I type. I will always miss you.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 12th February 2016
Remembering Auntie Reggie today. Its exactly 2 years ago she passed. We thank God for everything. May she continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Anthonia Okogbenin on 24th September 2015
Sweet senior Regina. Again I am reminded of my loss on the anniversary of your birthday. You will remain ageless in my eyes, heart and mind. May God bless you in His Kingdom. May His hands of love constantly encircle your sons and daughter. May He give peace to your husband and shower all your loved ones with the love you never withheld. God bless you. School daughter, Anthonia.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th September 2015
Auntie Reggie would've been 51 today. Its almost 2 years since we lost her. We remember her always and Honour her memory. Continue to rest in peace Auntie Reggie.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 12th February 2015
It's been one year since we lost Auntie Reggie. We all still miss her and will always have her in our hearts and memories. We give God praise for sustenance and comfort through this time. We thank him for keeping her children and giving us all hope. Despite the sadness and grief of losing her so early, we thank God for the gift of having her in our lives. God is indeed a faithful God.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th September 2014
Auntie Reggie! Thinking of you today especially. Thanking God for your children who are safe and sound with Da Good now..God bless her. Remembering your special chin-chin and dodo and the treats you would've been sure to make for your family today on your birthday. Wondering if you've bent Jesus' ear with gist. And truly thankful for your life. You were a very special woman and we all loved you and miss you very very much. Rest on Auntie.
Posted by Anthonia Okogbenin on 24th September 2014
My pretty faced, petit school mother. You would have been 50 today, same day my second daughter turns 17. Continue to rest well. I miss you and feel blessed to have known you and your love. My darling senior Regina. A candle, a flower, a note, a poem and a song for you.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 28th February 2014
My dear aunty, what fond memories I have of you, memories that I will forever cherish. I remember how we would chat via phone and you'll tell me so many stories about all my funny antics and behaviours as a child. You truly cared for me and often sent me money. I am very grateful for those times. Thank you for being you, for being so kind hearted and loving. I thank God for your life and I know you are resting in heaven. I miss you aunty and always will. Your niece, Damilola Alade.
Posted by Anthonia Okogbenin on 25th February 2014
My darling school mother, senior Regina. It is only my trust in God that will prevent me from asking Him questions. Why you? It was a sad,sad day when I heard that you had passed on. My sweet, gentle school mum. Your non-stop advice for me to work hard and be good will be your children's vision to realise. Oh senior Reggie, I am in pain. The kind I can't share so as to ease it. Your soul will find comfort in my Jesus. Your children will always see your smile and feel your presence. David and Daniel, please take care of Deborah. Protect her with all your might. Don't fight each other, please. Study well and do the right things. I will always pray for you. Dear doc, only God knows the pain you feel in loosing your wife. Please find strength somehow. Our pride in you will now be the outcome of the children. Ladi will be my link to you all. May God bless you all. School daughter, Anthonia.
Posted by Tina Itua Kosoko on 25th February 2014
It is with heavy heart and tears in my eyes i write this tribute! As a sister to my greatest and adorable Aunties (Aty Debbie, Aty Faith, Aty Good and others), you were also my family! Aunty Regie your eyes, your smiles and simplicity is something we will never forget in a hurry... May you all the Onwukwes and the Oraegbunas find comfort and solace in the Lord! Rest in Perfect Peace until we meet to part no more. IT IS WELL!!!
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 25th February 2014
My dear cousin may ur gentle soul rest in perfect Peace Kingsley Nweke
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
It's hard to believe that you are gone, my sweet, beautiful Aunty. I remember ever so warmly and vividly how you would tease me about my 'Chaculating cat' and 'Noisy Nowa' all names I'd coined my baby book characters. You reminded me many times how I was as a little child with such love and affection but never ever forgot to tell me how I should be as I grew up. I remember you, will always remember you, so full of life and many stories to tell. You were easily the light of a party, hardworking and strove so hard for your success and achievements, and may I add.... A damn good cook too. Death has really done its worst but can never take away the love and affection and fondest memories I have of you, my dear dear Aunty. All I could say was my sweet, sweet beautiful intelligent Aunty is gone. But not without this hope; We part only for a time on earth and meet in the blossom of our dear Lord and saviour, where the hurting and the searing parting of parting will end. Your husband will miss you, your children will miss you, your siblings will miss you and I will miss you too. Nkem Oluchi Imoh - Niece
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
Auntie Reggie! Hmm. What can one say? When I saw you just after Christmas, you were full of life, with hopes and plans for the future – particularly for your children. What happened now? We have no answers – except to thank God for the blessing of having you in our lives. I thank Him for your kindness, for your strength and for the love you brought. The short time you had here, you lived it well. I pray that God himself will take care of your children. Because I know no one can fill the vacuum you have left. Good night Auntie. Until we meet again at the Savior’s feet. Ladi Ekundayo - Niece
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
My love, Regina, who can find a wife of noble character? Yet I found you, my priceless jewel; for those who put their trust in the Lord will never lack any good thing. I had full confidence in you and lacked nothing of value. You were the most generous person I have ever known. You opened your arms to the poor and extended your hands to widows and the needy. Many women do noble things but you surpassed them all. It is indeed a great honor and privilege to be your husband. I love you forever baby. May your loving soul find peace and comfort in the Father. For this I give thanks. And so it is. Husband Dr Goodman Okwudili Oraegbuna
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
Mum, you were the best mother. I call you blessed. You made sure we had the best at all times. You and Dad taught us that the state of abundance, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding is the normal state of life. You taught us to go for excellence in all we do. I will not disappoint you Mum, especially with your husband, my Dad, marking me closely. I will not watch too much TV. I will listen to Dad and help take care of Daniel and Deborah. I love you mum. Your Son, David.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
Mum, thank you for being my mother and friend, you are simply the best I will miss you so much but I will be strong for you. I will study hard and go easy on video games. I will get straight A’s for you as you have always made me and wanted me to. I will listen to my Dad and help take care of my baby sister Deborah. I will not fight with my brother David. I will be a good boy. I love you forever mum. Your Son , Daniel.
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
Chei! Regina Nnem – Reggie Wenge! Only two hours away from your hospital room – you dared to pick a race to the beyond. Unbelievable, hard to accept, painful to think of! As I did not see any sign of death on your face. Then came days of sorrow; quiet surrender to the will of the Almighty and now a sense of huge loss. We have wept, some refuse to eat, some of us are still weeping and one has refused to use his legs for some time. You cannot come back Reggie. How I wish you COULD come, if it was a Boju Boju (hide and seek game). I would order you to stop this one, come back to 1st Avenue, House 16; 1st Generation Estate Lokogoma to stop the tears of your beloved “Dili” and the inevitable mopping looks on Dave and Daniels faces and the action of Deborah who keeps asking for ma – ma as she points at your beautiful picture. You have created a void and we will forever miss you Reggie Nnem Farewell! Adieu! Till we meet again. Mrs. Pauline C. Wagbara., “Sister”
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
Regina Dear, rest in perfect peace. We shall meet at the resurrection morning and our joy will be full. Your Da Faith
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
It is with great sadness but gratitude to Almighty God that we write this eulogy, for our dear sister and aunty Regina. Preparing this message has been difficult, but also very comforting. It allowed us to reflect on all of the time you spent with us and how wonderful a person you were. You will be dearly missed. Regina, rest in perfect peace till we meet again. God bless your soul. Amen. The Alades
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
I shall not forget the shrill in my voice that sad evening, when Aunty Good finally got through to me on the phone. Aunty, what did you say, I can't understand what you are saying. I heard her say, "Regina left us". Where did she go I asked? "Regina is gone", she replied. Was she in an accident? "No" she said. How? When? I screamed. "She died on Wednesday". It can't be true, please tell me this is a joke, I screamed. Reggie, my sweet and caring Reggie, you were a kind, loving and appreciative woman, who would give the only cloak on your back to anybody in need of it. Your love for others had no bounds. You served God with all your heart and might. When I visited a few weeks ago, you were so full of life. You were very happy and hopeful for a very bright future with your beloved family. You were excited to be back home, only little did we know that you had come back to answer our Maker’s call. It is difficult to believe that you are gone. But as a Christian, I am gradually coming in terms with your departure, from this sinful world. You lived a fulfilled life. You have left your footprints in the sands of time. You will be missed. Sleep on my sweet Reggie. May God's Holy Angels guide you home to rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord, our maker. Amen. Mrs. B I Nzimiro - Friend
Posted by Ladi Ekundayo on 24th February 2014
Aunty Weggie, as I would fondly call you, I have fond memories of all the songs you taught me and my siblings, we always looked forward to your visits because we learnt a new song and enjoyed hearing, with wide eyes, stories of your travels. As I grew up into a woman, I valued you more and more because, you made time out of your busy schedule to call me from wherever you were posted to ask about my welfare!!!...I last saw you four years ago in Lagos and you took me to this elaborate dinner (giving me a glimpse into your life in the public ministry). I got married and had two kids, Aunty Weggie, you continued to call me often and encourage me! I spoke to you just 2 weeks before your journey to eternity and I was happy you were back; I wanted you to meet my kids and husband. Alas!!! It was never to be. I am unable to open the wedding gift you sent to me and will always remember you for the caring, loving and extremely funny Aunty you were….My consolation is the promise we have in Christ Jesus, Sun re o. Your loving Twi-twi, Chioma Oluboyo nee Imoh - Niece

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