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Jerrelene Mahone and Sibling (Family Friends) wrote at
2011-03-30 11:34:10To the wonderful family of Chiree be encouraged and strengthened in your faith. Our heart was sadden to hear the loss of Chiree. We going to miss her. But we will say to the family weep not for Chiree. Because chiree is not dead she just move up a lit higher to her heavenly home. With LOVE Jerrelene Mahone and Sibling Destanie Johnson-Copeland, Daughter wrote at
2011-07-27 16:24:54Special thanks to everyone for all your prayers, words of encouragement, love tokens,etc. This is a very hard time for us. However, I understand that she have cried her last tears and God replaced them with a smile. Mama we love you but God LOVES you best. Kenaudia Walker, Daughter wrote at
2011-07-27 16:35:17Hey..I just wanted to say thanks. I didnt even know that this page existed until just now...but im so happy to know that someone took out the time of their day to do something so special. And yes we love you..but god knew what was best. Charity Walker, Daughter wrote at
2011-07-27 16:44:16thanks for the tribute..our mother was a wonderful person that touched so many ppl..we have a angel from heaven..not only was she my mother but more of my best friend..i be sad alot of days but all i can think of so many wonderful loving memories..until we meet again..i love and miss you.. Heaven Copeland, Grand daugther wrote at
2011-07-27 17:15:47thank u for being a great grandma and all the other thing u did for me i miss u so so much i love u wiht all my hreat i wiil see u in heaven i love u Mikel Copeland, Grandson wrote at
2011-07-27 17:25:24i miss you so much and. i wish you we're down he're with're the best grandma ever. i know you're ok up there. Lonnie Parker, Grandson wrote at
2011-07-27 17:32:01I miss you. Everybody miss you.Tell Spirit I said hey.Tell KK I said hey and I love him. Chauncey Bell nephew wrote at
2011-07-28 01:36:03They best Aunt I could ever ask for, rest in peace love you now and forever more<3 Cynthia Barber wrote at
2011-07-28 10:19:28Cynthia Barber, best friend wrote at 07-28-2011.I miss my best friend so very much.
  Deborah (Dee) Leonard sister wrote at
2011-07-28 16:15:09I think about you everyday, and miss you more than words can explain. But we all know God makes no mistakes. All is well, will continue to look out for your children and grandchildren. I'm here if they need me for ANYTHING. Love you sister. Geia Bell Niece wrote at
2011-07-28 21:25:16R.I.P Auntie Chiree I love you. Gone but not forgotten.....

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