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  • 70 years old
  • Born on October 16, 1944 .
  • Passed away on February 3, 2015 .

Renee Grant, wife of James Grant, passed away in her home on Tuesday, February 3 after a ten month battle with lung cancer.  She was surrounded by her beloved family which she held dearest to her heart.  She was just 70 years young.

Renee was a lover of life; she worked hard, played hard and cherished every moment. Her number one priority was her family which she fought tirelessly for and guarded fiercely.  Renee had many varied interests and seemed to master them all; whether she was water skiing, snow skiing, golfing, dancing or playing cards, she always made it look easy.  Renee was very well traveled and was fortunate enough to have had the ‘trip of a lifetime’ more than once. She loved to cook and entertain and her home was the gathering spot for holidays, family events and parties with her wonderful circle of friends.

Renee was a long time real estate agent in Simi Valley California and the surrounding communities.  She had a knack for reading people and building relationships which served her well in this career.  She truly loved the joy and happiness brought to her clients when she helped them find and move into their first or forever home.

Renee is survived by her mother Francesca Kersbergen, sister Lora Blanchard and family and devoted husband James Grant to whom she was married 51 years.  She also leaves her children, Greg and Lora Grant; son-in-law Raymond Fritz; eight much adored grandchildren Lacey, Taylor, Charli, Georgi, Gianna, Everett, Wyatt, and Bennett as well as one great-grandchild lovingly referred to as Baby Jack.

The family will be celebrating Renee’s life with a private memorial service.  Everyone who remembers Renee is asked to celebrate her life in their own way; whether by raising a glass, playing a round of golf or singing and dancing to the oldies, Renee would love all of these tributes. 

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in her name to:

Buena Vista Hospice
143 Triunfo Canyon Rd.
Westlake Village, CA 91361


Posted by Mary Woodlief on 16th October 2016
Renee, you are not forgotten. I miss my sis, Barbara, and her best friend. God keep both of you in His hands.
Posted by Chuck Dorr on 5th February 2016
I am very sorry to hear of Rene's passing. I was at her house a lot in Jr High. ( Right down from McMullens.) She came to our house several times in Colorado when she was going to CWC. We had moved to CO.in '62 so we were able to reconnect. Jim and I played ball together for his dad Everett. Many good memories. Although I had no contact after college, Rene was most sweet and thoughtful and was destined to be a wonderful human being. I'll miss her. My thoughts are with her family. Chuck Dorr
Posted by Donna Ferretti on 3rd February 2016
It doesn't seem possible that a year has already passed, but for the family, I am sure it is still difficult to imagine her gone. I think of Renee often and still hold all of her family in my thoughts and prayers and hope that time has made it a little more bearable . I know you will all gather strength from one another and that your support and love for one another is the stepping stone you use to move forward. May Gods love give you all peace.
Posted by Sue Anne Steiger on 3rd February 2016
Thinking of the Grant Family today.
Posted by Donna Ferretti on 16th October 2015
I remember so well what today is and have thought about Renee this last week,as we were only ten days apart. We would always touch base with each other at this time of year to remind each other that we were another year older. We also shared the same anniversary month, which is also October,although Renee was married the year before me. I recall on her 69th birthday I emailed her and she was in Hawaii with Jim and friends and they were going to another Island to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary and I recall saying "oh my gosh,we are getting old" and her response was "we aren't old until next year" and then she said "I am so blessed, I am living the life...living the dream" in looking back, it was a short time later that this horrible disease hit, but I know she was so happy and always felt blessed about her life, her husband, her family and her friends, and today as difficult as it is to imagine her gone, I thank God she was aware of what she had and what was so precious to her.
Posted by Sue Anne Steiger on 16th October 2015
Thinking about you today, Lora...hoping your beautiful memories bring comfort to you and your family.
Posted by Chuck Whitten on 14th June 2015
I wish I had known. I will always remember Renee and Jim. I met them when they first began seeing each other at Northridge Junior High School in Northridge, California. That would have been about 1957. They were the most popular couple at Northridge, and later at Cleveland High School. Jim was the best looking guy at both schools, and Rene was the most beautiful girl. Those were wonderful times and I remember them well. I got to be closer to Jim and Renee for a short time in the early 70s, but lost touch. I only learned of Renee's passing a few minutes ago. I'm writing this on June 14, 2015. The world has lost an angel and I'm sure Jim continues his mourning. God bless Renee and God bless Jim.
Posted by Shaneen Sweeney on 15th March 2015
Renee and Jim were my host family in 1984 during a softball exchange between Australia and USA. I was so blessed to spend more than a month with the Grant Family. I consider Lora my sister and I really felt like part of the family. I have remained in contact with Lora over the years and was lucky enough to visit them all again in 2012. Renee's warmth and calm was what attracted me to her. She was just one of those people who genuinely made your life better just for having known them. My deepest sympathy to Jim , Greg , Lora and families . Please know that your precious Mum touched hearts right across the oceans. Rest in peace, a beautiful soul, Renee. Love Shaneen x
Posted by Bonnie Naddell on 13th March 2015
Renee touched my whole family with her many professional kindnesses. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Posted by Sue Anne Steiger on 23rd February 2015
Some people don't ever realize what an impact they have on others...when I was a little girl I was lucky enough to spend vacation time with the Grant Family. It was on Lake Mead that Mr. and Mrs.Grant taught me to water ski. They not only gave me the confidence and skills to get up on that water, but they gave me a love of the lake that created the beginning of many years of cherished time with my own family and friends! When my now-grown daughter was about 7 years old, I sat in the water with her....I held her in my arms, told her to hold her feet even, keep her knees bent, elbows strong and to just go for it...my daughter got up and glided across the water as I yelled out with total pride!!! At that moment I had Renee in the water with me... It's no coincidence that my daughter's middle name is also Renee...I had always been so touched by her gentle, kind and protective spirit. Thank you, Renee for giving me so much more than you probably ever knew...Thinking about you Lora, Greg and Mr. Grant! Forever in my heart! Sue Anne Steiger-Kaples
Posted by Megan Smith on 18th February 2015
We are extremely sorry for your heavy loss and we hope eventually you will focus on the joys of her life instead of the pain of her passing. We are sending you thoughts of love and gratitude in this hard time. Love - Justin, Megan, and Grey
Posted by Donna Ferretti on 17th February 2015
Although I had not seen Renee in over 40 years, our friendship went back more then 55 years. When I moved away to Colorado, Renee also moved there to attend CWC and we were able to be together in Denver until she returned to California to marry Jim. We wrote many letters to one another, and spoke on the phone often in the early years, and then when we had our families and got busy, there was more time in between our chats and letters, but we always knew we did not need constant correspondence to keep our friendship strong. I was always so honored to be her friend and I was always in awe of her as she was so beautiful. We had so many great memories and we were both so blessed to have our wonderful families and so much to share and be happy about. It certainly was no suprise to me that she accomplished such great things. She was always a person that you knew was going to be great at whatever she did, a great wife, a wonderful and loving mom and grandmother, a successfull business person...you just knew she was going to be at the top of whatever she did. I was devistated to hear of her cancer diagnosis, but thought in my heart if anyone could fight and win this battle, it would be Renee'. My last conversation with her was that she indeed was going to fight it, but also had a peace about her if she would in fact loose this battle. She made it so easy to speak with her, as it is so difficult to know what to say to someone when they are going through something so herific. It was just like her to meet it head-on with courage and dignity and grace. I will miss our long Christmas letters to each other, and because I had not seen her in so many years, it is less painfull to just think we are still just living miles apart. She always spoke so highly of her life, her blessings, her wonderful "Jim" and her incredible family. She would say "I'm living the good life...living the dream" and I know she did. I am so thankful that she had such a wonderful and full life and I am sure that those that love her will gather strength from knowing that. I know she is in a very special place and knows the Glory of God and His Eternal love and I hope that her family will find comfort in knowing how special she was to so many people and what a special place she will hold in all of our hearts. I know my tribute to her will be turning on my oldies but goodies and dancing my feet off, because that is what we did the most when we were together....boy how we loved to dance! I have a special "hully gullly" just for her. Rest in peace my old and dear, dear friend, until we dance together in the Kingdom of God! May God give her family the peace they all need to carry on without her and know that she is indeed in the loving arms of our Lord and watching with great pride over her family. Forever in my memory and heart, Donna
Posted by Mary Woodlief on 16th February 2015
Barbara loved Renee and always considered her her best friend. We admired her and enjoyed her company. I cared for Renee because of how she cared for my sister. Renee, rest I peace -- you were a wonderful woman and friend.
Posted by Ron Roberts on 16th February 2015
I am truly honored and fortunate to have not only known Rene' for over 35 years, but I am extremely happy that I was considered to be one of her boys!! I first met her when I was in high school and became close friends with her son Greg. Back in those days we were always getting in trouble and gaining the wrath of Rene', and believe me, you did not want any part of that!! She was a tough cookie and you didn't mess with her!! lol!! But the great times always outweighed the tough ones. I remember when a bunch of us kids went to the lake house at Nacimiento and stayed for a week. When we got home, I had Rene' and Jim and the gang over for a BBQ to watch the videos that we had taken on our vacation!! All I remember is watching her and Jim laugh so hard and enjoy watching us kids act like drunken fools!! I know that our trip would have been even more fun if they had been there too!! She loved a good laugh and her smile always lit up the room!! As I grew older and grew up (a little) Rene' was always someone that I could talk to. She was a great listener and always had great advise. When I was 27 I put my townhouse up for sale and of course she was my realtor. She took such good care of me and gave me great guidance, she protected me like one of her own! Through the years, as I became a businessman, she would refer me to her friends and clients. I always appreciated how she always thought of me. To play a round of golf with her was to just sign up for an ass kicking!! She was a pro!! I loved to hear her golf stories too. To see her in action as the matriarch of her family was also truly amazing!! She was an awesome grandma!! Holidays or occasions at the Grants were always extra special!! Rene' was the best cook and hostess and we always usually ended up sitting out back late into the night laughing our butts off to old stories and just enjoying the love and togetherness!! As I look back on my life, it seems that Rene' was always there. I looked at her like my other mother. I loved being around her and am going to miss her terribly!! I loved how she would always refer to me as "Roberts" and how she accepted me as one of hers. She was so honest and did not judge, she just loved me without conditions. I always loved to hug her, she was a good hugger!! I am going to miss those hugs!! and like I said, her smile, It was an all time great one!!! The last time I saw her a couple weeks before she went home, I got to see that smile for the last time. It will always warm my heart. It's hard to say goodbye, so I won't. I just say, so long for now. I know that she has just gone ahead of us all and is now in the glorious, loving, arms of her savior Jesus Christ!! She is no longer suffering. She is at peace, probably out on the links of the greatest country club of all tearing it up, or dancing to the oldies with all the angels!! I am so thankful that I was able to know such an amazing woman. I am so blessed by God to have been able to spend time with her. She is part of my family, My wife and children adored her!!! I am so happy to know that someday we will all be reunited with her again in heaven. Though it is sad to not get to hug her again for awhile and to see her light it up with that smile, I get a sense of peace myself knowing that she is home and experiencing joy that we can only imagine!! Words cannot do justice to what an amazing woman Rene' was!! But I tried!! Rene' I love you and Ill see you later on. Thanks for all the love!!! Roberts

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